You’re being watched. Neck on my back because who I am. I’ll live with it the rest of my life. Permanent

pYou’re being watched. Neck on my back because who I am. I’ll live with it the rest of my life. Permanent

Cookies…What are you taking so long to get. Really glued into it…Don’t be racist.

Eventually because I get because we all give up. –Vision I read.

∴ Instigate. Personal bad vibes. Conjure up and a spirit → everyone think for themselves → [Responsibility] →Tarot card…vision. Heavy hand of the oppressor. ∴

Chicken/eww – me throw up for a good minute—self induced to get all the fried chicken beak out of mouth → “blood” – … → hands.

Man post comment card with my name and all of a sudden. ‘Check it out → I’m still breathing → check it out → I’m still breathing—I’m still breathing…I’m alive‘.

Heavy hand. I said now great/[perfect I was—she made sure to hide it]. I’m sure you’re going to have to do something to feel better about yourselves. Can see the vessels of truth.

He chose a line from my poem to go with comment card. Maid piped in and said ‘I think given the situation/circumstance’. ‘All went go away…’–to Maid. It is me or her. Work for something for once in your life. Job fair.

Add zephyr. Ageless access. Wisdom beauty. [Endurance] →Tarot card. We are frustrating bitches →them. ‘Check it out – I’m still breathing’. ‘I’m alive’. Heavy hand of the oppressor. ∴

Saw visions of each guests that had wonderful experiences and things to say. [Remote viewing].

Dancing hard. He just chose top quote because so many to choose from micro… . Whoever’s done expecting your work… .

Friends, if you really want to know the truth. A star is born.

I was around—I was different. I saw that and that was split vision on you. Girl Bronco. Knocking him down. Chariot wisdom.

I left under shameless conditions. Laid it all out. My heart.

Heavy hand of the oppressors. Medicine woman. All of a sudden he believed me. 14 – [Temperance R] –Tarot card with vision. ∴

Air into Art—Air into Art—Air into Art.

The Green Woman + Frustration = bust a nut.

You’re being watched. Neck on my back because who I am. I’ll live with it the rest of my life. Permanent.

We were supposed to work it out → your extra eyes and ears.

Scorpionic. Intelligent. Mystified. Blank adventures.

Struggling without you –you too. Social construct.

Fired the wrong person. Magnet attraction. Critical hoe.

Who knows through the grapevine.

I write from a spiritual perspective.

Platonic if you will. Friend on a hill. I’m not mad, I’m not ill.

2 chords beating as 1, Sun of the rising Sun.

After the hammer. Calculated risk. Of honor.

Meddling the parts. Brand new start.

Love needs protection – love needs direction’. ‘Couldn’t be better’. ‘Said I’m giving my love to you baby—you got my love, you got my love’.

Darkest night of the soul. My church.

I have just begun. Lay the hammer down.

Laced with double meaning.

‘Cause I really wanna be here. You know me.

Walking advertisement.

I guess don’t close it again. Spiritual manners. Bi-complete. Same war.

I was so disgusted to eat/that fried chicken part. –Scary and never again. Ever → fully straight lace.

Do you all not work any like it’s an honor for your family.

I didn’t work there – but there was my name on blog and with a quote of mine.

Good harmony—the right trees → the right forest for the trees.

Pregenetic condition. Popular in demand. Getting busy. Getting busy footed.

Radiate. Glow. We gotta go. Would do anything for you – social circle.

Does a roofie knock you, Man ’cause it’s not healthy.

I’m a firm believer of sand. And willowness.

To the extreme – let me dream. Doubt figurine. Glowing stream.

At least she act like the queen/wheel of fortune.

I’m leaving you –Man. If you can combine a Full Moon from the top –Mountain.

Zephyr. Illicit experience.

Zebra in woods/edge looking/noticing me like a unicorn. Flabbergasted.

They’re all shapes –no we make ‘em shapes –pillow/s contour.

Because my parents made my Jesus Christ Nazareth.

Is that your 1 crystal – because my work is fulfilling people so quickly –Large pink missing crystal staff, thick. ←Was hidden in bed and I didn’t recognize it.

Think you’re the best – she’s sloppy yes – initiate my voice and reason and medicine.

We’re doing a side step of November.

So convicted. A need that was on the schedule – the lost gospel. Mark. Attempt to Mark/screw those off.

Social reputation ruined. Strong desire to be alone.

I’m allowed to do what I want to do – I’m allowed to do what I need to do.

The floodgates are open.

Everything’s nice enough without you gone, I’m still trippin’. Family matters.

April 12th, 2023


It’s the Make Love, it’s the Skinny of War

Blessed be

The God to Health


Pre-paralyzing down

his Throat


Freedom to decide.


He was

a †ear

on the



But tireless

are the Opportunities


Evidence is having of wanting.


I ain’t furious

& I ain’t fast

Fast & The Furious


This was very Therapeutic.






I began

Working Out



And may their Heart & Minds


to our Heart & Minds


∞ Race & Times ∞


Just be the Ginny.



The Virgin

Double Ugly


It’s the Make Love,

it’s the Skinny of War


Snatching Brother’s

own behavior,



Poor Kid

won’t be able to breathe

in that


Cernunnos ‘Lord of the Wild’ ~ a mediator of Man and Nature {Art by my husband, 2011}

Because you are Green

& half different

‘The Gundestrup Couldron’ ~ a richly decorated silver vessel dating between 200 BC and 300 AD


Any Fingers,

it’s just so pathetic


Wonder ∞ Sky




In the Wake

of all my Light




Not in my Dreams.


I love drinking Pizza Water.


Sister Station in

The Sun



Look Big.



the day offers you

all it can offer




I slept right out of

bad mood


This is

My Services


Gold Member Direct Monster


Gave ‘em a great tip…

Keep working hard.


I guess I called

the Back-ups


My Little



God will inform Fatal and has

Offering you a full time raise and a Salary.

A bleeding heart

for years~

Aluinum now

Lab Dog {vision}

Those ones are gone.

You got a Job.

You might want to as a Friend.

The Weddings, for instance.


who knows

they may remove

You’re owed too much.

Pulled it down

I didn’t Mark it

It’s Medically true.

Assert the Energy.

Spray ‘em at you.

How did we get there…


Major lookout

for you

Feds to Lizard.

And it was

Bleached in there


Broken Candle.

No one’s stopping you

No one is stopping you

You knew this Contest isn’t over yet.

I might not hang away

because I’m going

to the Parkway~

I swear to God I’ve missed you.

You’re going to

look like an idiot

to school your Uncle

No Brain Color.

…Business man.

No one can keep up with me.

After seeing me in her Booties,

she didn’t know how

I could wear her Trance

You please me.

That is not familiar.





I’m having a break for Lunch.

These Classes are short.

—Mark & Stone—

We got to measure more too.

Has left his Grandmother’s House.

Would you left a Grand Overboard?

They have too many concerns.

Sleep in the Woods

for a minute~

let her ground herself

After you become

~lifted up~

of the Morning

Slippery flavor~

you must need

more Medicine

Runs in the Family.

You got the Key wrestling up there.

Bust out the Thread for him.

The return of Satanic Egypt

The Second Coming]

[Orthodox Christian

What you’d say.

Just open your Eyes.

The Finish 5 Languages


A Breath of Fresh Air~

Change is still coming.

For there’s 3 base.

If we do anything wrong, we do anything wrong.

Not a selling point-

Very interested information

[my paragraph]

Zest is Information.

Can’t believe how big this Toilet is.

You’re in a public domain.

You want me to wait or I’m going inside.

Do you know who She is now?

The work you put in.

Silver Metal & Gold [His]

Letting this Rock Roll~

This Original.

I truly read in the Air

what’s truly

going on

Have zero class America, I don’t know you.

Husband can you walk away,

this is between

my Dad and I

Both of our Parents

are Single Parents

I’m not respectable.

In ease is your Power.

Are you sure you just don’t want it…

These other ones aren’t what they are.

Weekly Ad.

My Life & My Presence.

The Evening of Gifts~

Big Boy & Stevenson.

No one scares me anymore.

God will inform Fatal and has.

If I looked a little stressed or consumed…

Patio for Porches.

Serious spins~


Going to take

a lot of time

to spin}{spill out

Letter earned.

She’s a Richer Artist

than we are


Barefoot Glow.

1 toxic decade.

It’s your Show.

Got me a broke one that he couldn’t fix ~Soul

Me bite on his neck, pinch-

Him say complete waste of time [writings]

I trying to be QT when Brother near-

[I] took his legs out from under him

to fall on his face and bust lip through

“My Lips~ they’ve gone through me.”


Really Candle Intense


[We truly get to see from]

A Single Double Triple Quadplex


Gotta save up for Family.

Require 2 people.


Volumes & Chapters

List the longest.

To an ideal World.

Divine ∞ Matrix

Reaping the benefits

Something you’re Flinting

Recently warm

Butter Shrimp~

Can I not say


Thinking on thighs- tobacco is chilling.

If you don’t

spend any time

off the High Drive

Look it’s me

making Money

Smoking High

I know I’m

the Great Sour

to put on my hours

After we see after dead.

To make it weirder.

To make it better, than it’s going to be a little darker.

The amount of trances, I can’t wrap my head around.

Always have lift as problem~

Your mind and your ego are blocked.

Some pieces

of Salt

in some of

my Hair

Feelings that I cannot put into words myself.

Too many dummest things to do accidentally.

If people don’t bother you, people can’t stand you.

How this makes World distance.

Each Blade of Grass

can put you

in your Nobody

Our Culture

needs to be



is turning onto

Primal Road

I’m looking

for someone

who does my Nails

Peaceful, restful

to talk to

in general

Everyone to see that you’re walking away from.

Full disclosure.

Timbuktu ~screw you.

I haven’t got up there~

Little Cameras

got Folk in it








in our Ear

Look whatever you want to do.






Thank you for doing that.

The Music

of the Spheres


you dear


There’s nothing in there to store anything.

A hundred Wise I could find.

The World is a Stage.