Recover from the spiritually licensed community + You might know the movie star now as intelligent + Natural born leaders don’t need headaches

Recover from the spiritually licensed community + You might know the movie star now as intelligent + Natural born leaders don’t need headaches

Short walk from nowhere without trying. I am sincere now. Worked with me during the weekends. Public knowledge. You have to learn to be children. ∴ in your bank account. “Uncommon James”. Splinters. Watch me tumble, watch me fall. Stout.

Ears/eels peeled off the top of my head.

District attorney. Henricus. A lot of moving parts.

[Transition] –Tarot card.

Traditional freedom. Stale crackers –people, common. Visible … . … to pack. That is bullshit.

Do you ever get confused, lonely too.

Greater signs/Alignment at play. Argument with you—cabin purchase –ticket infringement. I hanging in the balance. Organizing pantry. And tortilla chips. Just trying to explain people my point at the well. Spartan.

What are you going to do for your birthday going forward. Man and Woman came over to farmhouse and were cool. Woman drove the Gladiator and should have watched it with the branches. Man in blue truck…[older/shoddy] – Brother and Sister-in-law invited but they never come over. Had incense going and Man’s finishing up dishes. Woman’s birthday – she having some drinks/a glass of wine because had to drive.

Me calling it our yurt – a shelf of incense from gifts to all, stocked.

[Lit 2 or 3 incenses at a time for fresh vibes]. Man came and sat on bed – and then went in bedroom—him looked in the mirror—and doing bicep curls in front of mirror. Me explain don’t use upstairs because dog and hips, older. Me saw Woman’s dad and stepmom…[Artery belly’s genetic]. Woman on porch and me cleaning it up…[Rabbit poop in porch cracks].

From folding blankets—felt so guilty. –them.

Recover from the spiritually licensed community.

Them seeming genuinely interested in getting to know and hanging out.

You might know the movie star now as intelligent.

Any idea what’s revealed about that. Spiritual rants. Don’t have to stay here next year – Place is any official till next week.

Natural born leaders don’t need headaches.

[Rainbow birthday candles] In package and 1 had already been lit but was still new basically*.

[Do you know] truth’s around this place –Place. Put it back on. After 6:00, no ___, no answer –Man.

[I never…] had the most interesting dream of you.

We’re all of the same tribe [soul team tribe] –us leaders.

Sober curious.

Anglosaxton. No you’re not supposed to pick him up. I hate drinking – I don’t want to drink. — you. –Needs to be stronger than that. Have fun riding with your new litter. Triplets. Not going to call you back again. Trust issues. Yeah so once we started limping. Relentless dreamer. Roller coaster ride. Lollipop candy man. Poor girl. Scientific explanation. Do you all have internet everywhere?→Yes.

And I have a deep heart harmony.

Terrible mistake. I hate never being able to feel crazy with you.

I work with simple character flaws.

Statement below to heal Uriel. My light smile as to why.

100% into it. It’s still new to me –my writing. Tribal succession.

I don’t have life or death pressure on my life like you.

Spiritual warning and guard to be alone away from them.

I’d like to go get you some ice cream last night. Can’t believe you’re doing this to me. If I’m ever doing something special [–driving away out of your scope]. Foreign policy exchange. — –them. Not worth it. Ground level zero. Pageant queen.

The floodgates are open.

from October 31st, 2021

April 10th, 2023

I only dream on my coast 1 week out of the year. -2.3.16