Come to this church – The darkest night of the soul

The song of my heart, sing—you’re not done yet. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me –Anvil. This divine God. [There’s a part that’s huge] That’s huge on my Sanskrit and Indian blessings. Bulldog with birthday hat [vision]. Why is your little tiny sand writing. Why is your little tiny flame sandy. Thief of sand. Don’t challenge it, leading—runaway with it. Physical advanceness.

Bed like this so each person get an adequate amount of sleep space –me explain to shared space bed.

Woman of considerate. Rocks the silence. Qualify me with their voices. How they really looked/made you feel. Sitting at my dad’s house [retired]. We loved here, we knew that we wanted to be here –Holly fork. Somethings you just can’t help. Like the Simpson’s movie. How many times for touching an angel. Pay attention to the world around you. I’m always soul dribbin’ ‘em before I leave. Ramifications—heart ramifications. Don’t ever lose. I wanna play soon to the music.

And interioring all other city limits.

It’s like a layer process. It was a god day. Stucco. You’re screaming me child of the dark forces. I just wanted to have a nice little talk manager with her. Her lanes are still closed. Soul searching—said she had a flat tire. The walt land. Cincinnati it. It obviously does get dug out the next day. 45%—I’m just going to take ‘em away from you. I want to officially start over. Sometimes mixed couples never know –Joe/Serena. The house to that I’m in love with. I got to have confidence and results. The build. Everything’s been miserable because of you. …you haven’t loved yourself. Now there’s a relationship here, Pearl jam. Child autonomy credit. Gripping scenes, I wish caught my attention more. Purported income. …come away with me.

That’s why I was late – for doing all my heart and things I wanted to do [bird vision facing East].

Just days that we have to get done – the jurisdiction code. It is too nice now [no fog]. Crying is sensible. Renting space is not—not enough—you are enough—know that. Close enough toward south window. One of my gifts is I can’t lie to myself on love. The plan appropriate. To go somewhere else. Come to this church – The darkest night of the soul. Current weird taste in my mouth. Fish is spot on. On a mentally pregnant note. We were trying to figure out how to close her blinds. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately thinking of my beautiful mistakes. Treated you so well. So alive. Your soulmate. To whom I owe my life and apology.

And I just looped back through listening to an accident [and a date card].

Secret Smoothie. She’s returning glee – something yes that’s good for you—She’s into modeling – she’s just into mom right now –under affiliate. I want you to know. My heart’s here as long as it needs to be – I missed your call, in the fast lane. Before I even painted a name. Thanks you for providing income with my living. Dig your heels in. It’s about to blow up. World soul. Why does it feel naive to me –like a standard punch bag. Various discretions.

Cats out of bag and your heart is safe.

Where did this come from?…The pure soul –Leif Erikson. I’m starting to feel more relaxed about my home life. Clean version of hope dreams—to get feathers for a built in flower proposal. [The holes scare me] Heather Dignity. Jesse—A little halloween good for the spirit. Greg Grippo—not. Such a creeper—whoever was not the case – but I really appreciate. Best bet and Uruguay.

You touching my business.

Sippin’ secretion made of rain and droplets. Reach out for successful plywood. Established we into groups… . Enjoy…  .  …the client. It was so blank stare. All fondest memories. A mercy split—conscious split. Her music doesn’t touch everybody. More in the mood then now. I love using the toilet. We can just walk on there, and nothing happened. Problems now battle for ginger break cookies, and my deed/rat dream 6 months ago. Let me play my ear right. I want to what’s inhabited though. A lifelong snuggler. Cat Stevens on the catwalk. Reminds me of therapy.

We all feel down which is what we want.

Was reflected in the Saturn wisdom.

Bleak contact. I’m Sun and drugs for my maturity. Michelin Angels. Wearing candles out in front of you. Let it come/s until it’s healthy. A frame in the porch on the ladder—daddy would of told me that. She’s not the familiar face is she. We’re always a rock and a solid. Creature thing Address me as such– nobody cares about my soul body. Wisdom of the ages—combat me and judge my heart. Her lace leather back strap. Singing for this only. When you look at me I can’t go totem. Ambassador. Whose are angled up. Her court cards. S shaped dragon silhouette [vision].

Hunting for the moon—Vanguards.

Soul circle. What makes you live for?…What makes you powerful and enthusiastic. Dig your heels in. I can’t stand you. I giant deal with the wild that is half yours. This cardboard smashed therapists. They looked really ugly on $15.00. Was with Brenda – The open master program. Legitimate club closer. My story’s showing—it’s show … save wisdom. A beautiful nomination to these kids, proved perfection. It’s good for your thought. It’s do or die—I write to a well. That’s all I’m into right now. Think clear – worth judging—memories are changing in the medium. You would like to generate 1 thing with. Saxophone—serious tax bidders. I am triggered—country white.

Until everything uses one’s mind and work man power.

I was an oracle man. Reported dreaming as an inner gift. Keep my mouth out of your spirits. Window keepers—book keepers—book covers yours. Transpersodental. Bella road. 3 weeks no return to the ….. and …..—others too muscle. I really sweet want it of your return. Then make 1 desired name chunk. Convertors. I work with the household. It’s solemn dreaming in your legacy: . What a little girl punchline. Gambling at English. Soul impermanent too. A raising of a bar at work. Full descent Peter I. Has she had her …..? Vivekanandous. To unplugged faith, what’s in its: ____. Can of calorie. The engines get warmer.

A strong urge to stay home tonight.

What you deny without it. Infallibles—Came global standup rates. Uncertain ….. the illness and …..: .  ….. you how ….. –Vision’s sky. Jesses’, filter– will cut you conscious living. Always a time—A peck around time. Varsity blues. Midwife as dear. Back in through columbus wood with you [there]. They are in frustrated relationships.

The automatic country singer die intelic suicide.

Thinking only of my heart, model, dignity. This year later she made a 71 year old group… . Whether it’s good weather, I’ll see you soon –Heaven by the sea. The utmost digital respect. The right terms I go through Tuesday. It is dimming my aura [unfortunately I can’t]. I was going to be more revealing—I wasn’t done yet. Those 2 in themselves are their own children [February 8th and 9th writings]. A virgin dialet, a virgin dett, I like that.

Hooked up to the oxygen machine.

For some reason it doesn’t allow me to express myself fully –fog. Key maintain. But I am trying to bridge a deeper energy. Your go-to psychic scientist explorer. Creative healing legacy. What’s the point to do that till I can do this was my justification. Working stauration. You know what’s going on. God wons this place, yeah. The dream field of an enlightened lifetime. Jesse letting him use shower in his personal hotel room. Terpenes. High road to succession. You have to be validated. Finish what you’re telling me again. [He’s] Resistant and blocked to the metaphysical. Excellent trim. My heart has to be aligned with the heart of Buddha—the heart of Christ. That was good God—let me hand that to you. I don’t care how much they like it. No alterations. Insidious you.

I am eager. 

My soul is in an agreement. The modern-endity. Fendi profile. I have had a torturous past 8 years trying to balance what can’t be balanced. A higher hourly rate. I’ll call you Monday. Orthopedic surgeon. If all answers are here – why isn’t my biggest one answered…[Faith] Continue wanting us virgins—we will reveal it to you. I haven’t passed that up yet. The tables have turned –Holly-wood. Angels – they are guiding me to solve my own problem. There’s the miracle. After I’m dead, I wanted my website to live on. It’s leading me to my detriment –self harm.

I wish nothing else but to be landlocked here.

Met with resistance every step of the way. How do I make up that much lost time—the damage is done. Fulfill your contract. Conscious reasoning in her unconscious trances. I can’t believe this is happening to me. …Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Compliments of a stranger. Boo. Obsessed with me not keeping your fingers crossed. Fully explain what you’re going through. Get your receipt further in a street pocket. I’ll take $1000 bucks off. Window soaked. Natural law order—Mistakes can’t be made – Yes they can. So many real ceremonies and dark circles…[to attend]. The Author’s muse. I’ve been in awe since day 1. Miracle’s corner. Mythopoetic maniac. I need you so I don’t survive.

I like you, I’m shocked—you’re something I need to learn from.

Calisthenics. Base training. The way guns used to be. Mentally going through it she couldn’t help it. Arm wresting—there is healing. Spiritual help. Oh I get – get it—she had this psychic ability that was mind blowing. Torn my heart in 2. Please go do you. I’m about to conclude this session. No I’m not. Graduation. Middle finger. Niece would like to pursue a relationship with you. Nephew does too. Yes I am fully entered. Painter’s tape.

Singapore when I hear a ring.

Do whatever you need to do. I want to come out with an email from NBC news every night. If the world soul is unlimited… hear me out. Rapture be warned. Shining on your light again. The light shined on the staff –workers. Crimson and clover. You mean no harm only closure. Self love healing crystals. My mind went blank. And you wrote the story. Whiter than that—consolidate. Going for the caregiver. Wish I could eat some of that. Never ending soul. Truth be told. I’m not playing a role –ultimate goal. Now this is it.

Spirit infused into matter.

The latter [ladder] part. Everyone is. [She’s going to] Finish stronger. Does 1 can flip benefits. A party in that video room. Why me? –Insidious me. Snake charmer needing your soul. I can deflate that. Always a go-getter. You and me. Whatever you want—we’re in agreeance. I could go on forever but I got to get up. Instinct over intent. There’s been no soul rest. Powerful. Be ahead of the current. Biracial. It happened too fast for me to digest.

‘Philosopher in Meditation’ by Rembrandt, 1632


Somethings you just can’t help. Like the Simpson’s movie. How many times for touching an angel. | Simpson: ‘Son of Simme‘ – Simme = ‘One with the mind of a victor

Was with Brenda – The open master program. | Brenda: ‘swordortorch

We all feel down which is what we want. Was reflected in the Saturn wisdom. | Saturn embodies: Gravity, time, discipline, karma, death, birth, lead