You As A Remedy, Sensitive Soul

The remedy, that remedy thing you do

Explored through writing and in the way that you move

A second parting is how your soul grooves

Whoops, I’m at it again …unprecedented

Oracle hall, open wide mouth diving

Do you resurface to deliver Mine?

It’s apparent you carry the thrill of time!

If anything is present, seize it

The front is present in the agreeable

If you have a phone, please speak!

If there is a curtain open, please reveal!

Precious Pearls of the Other World

I constrict myself when I am defined by these lines

there is nowhere for me to share

all the precious pearls of the other world

when I define with these lines

There is no measure to mine

no restrictions of divisions

more like an open canvas with a vision

a lightning speed mission

a heart enfolded with every provision

Holographic wires….

nothing inseparable is measured in meters

our enclosed memoir is our portion

this is true…

truth measured in moments