You’re Bright As Noonday

when did I become my own best friend?
she is funny, pretty and deep…
someone who I’d always longed to meet
her talent and love for life reigns supreme

I run the risk of arrogance, by stating how much I’m friends with this
{{ if I was talking about you, I’d come across humble, huh? }}

but I hope you feel the same about your shadow
and your daily reflection reclaims your hollow

True Beauty, Raw Shadow

My kindness is my weakness, it always has been.

It’s like I couldn’t argue otherwise, my emotions expend.

They let in a raw sensitivity, one too delicate for this jagged world.

I see my place is in the heavens, my heart’s nature concurs.

I let love emerge, while angels allure. I’m far away from

this earthly plane, its physicality seems to be my pain.

As it is the high I who remains lifted, my soul is

gifted, for time’s illusive, my spirit’s insistive.

Judgement Aside

Honestly speaking and I say it all clear

I am going to confess these emotions sincere

Everyday I am humbled from the arrogance and ignorance inside

The scorn and ridicule and the deceitfulness I hide

The greed and the lust and the fear wrapped in one

Surely by now I thought I’d of won

I thought by now I’d have it straight

But I’m only human, I’m sure you relate

Judgement aside is my heart’s innerscape

Lining up with my mortal sense is a task to embrace