And we’ll schedule snuggle because we live here

‘Artemis’ by Arthur Bowen Davies, oil on canvas – 1909

Good I want you to little behave –Mom. Are we up to anything by any means. Me out of body—got pulled back into bed – We work with you there. I was about to yell at husband … . Back into bed—out of body experience my first. Cankersore. Frezno, Dardin—deliver me the angels. Divine information.

I’m pleading with therapy to saw the chains of death.

“Because I listened to her” –on money being dipped—over winter – she had straight—she was him/straight. Wendy’s closed early—struck out. Didn’t need it anyways. Or text only. I don’t want to work private at Anvil. A justice scale. No honesty going on here. [When he herd the word] Herd it artery and a knife. Parent’s living room and hello Anvil. Cute dress to refresh. [I have a channeling ability that I need an]…Prince to help me out… .

The backyard/universe — list of comparisons/metaphors





Being driven in the school bus by black guy. Big, I am feeling convinced to trust. Can’t do alone—everything relies on the Source. It is very rude to the vehicle. Girl who was killed—her parents intervention. …she smelled—but like how she smelled. …And you know what—I like it. One sided search.

You look at God – Why haven’t we been.

Calling them stimulated under origins. And that’s a visual state and I mean that. Exploring human thoughts. That’s the only way it could work because I need so—in 1 at a time. On fame and equality. Who cares about… nobody from our fuckin’ church.

There’s a replacement piece—There’s a perfect example.

Makes 3X the bed you lie in—like I could of cared less than to save my soul – because I couldn’t ego rage—I spirit disintegrated on my own accord – to my own demise. The life ending we partake in when we give sway to the opinions of others…[willingly/unwillingly]. I felt invisible—therefore I saw no way – it wasn’t about my inner strength of relationship—I needed those ego likes to feed me. To validate me. That is the opposite of what is called to do.

Head first—into the monster – the monster is you. …you just deny your part.

I don’t care what you think of me anymore – God knows I know language tangleds. It’s something I can’t do alone–. Does your bag … . I need to be focused to be here. Build electric or electric plumbing.

God connection X3—You have a lot of phone justice.

A hard time expressing my computer based feelings. And we’ll schedule snuggle because we live here. The cow will key out of caring. Save me. Makes on times and packed … . Rescheduling meme of…19 thanking in the sky. Know not … get go. Here, … . I might black, brown and blue next week. Figured no purchase. To load my base comp. all over again. Graduation thinking generally confused. God will wait until then.

Because they theme me messages anyway.

Self sacrifice. You’re in the inspired shot—I’m not. Whoaa!…Trivial pursuit.

Outlaw: A drag-in — A dragon.

I’ll give this to sister though. Reasons to migrate. Ahead of mine and want my walnuts to catch up with me. Let’s be friends –foe friend. Great lakes. Catch your tail waggin’. What do you want us humans to know?: At large.

Balloons, deer or thunder | Artemis Awards | Hunting for the Moon for your personal excitement


Privacy in your eyes again

Det music. Job might be coming up for you real soon. Blank water. Magic burden. Valerie Bertinelli. My back-up is huge. The building permit there. Birthday … . I can’t dismiss this. Soul call. And beyond. Drive!!!…not too fast –husband driving [too many details]. The most personal question I’ve ever ask you in your life—the most courageous too. I like your cut station up there –fingers pointed to where [upfront]. Our west gods.

From destroying it everyday to destroying me—I just want to be home with my baby.

Like to have kids one day. No one’s dogging to listen to me – everyone’s going to fall asleep and die. Little catch is over just as soon as lunch. Every single object hold valuable for me. … When they sent yesterday morning. Very low … . You’re missing one point here – the call’s coming from a person of unrest. Niece, nephew, sister, myself tinting—in convenience store – when turned into hostage [sister was husband] – we knew it was only a matter of time before this and would we make it?…[sheriff’s office right here]…had to locate niece and nephew before. This is the hard help I needed.

When we’re really progressing or even when we’re low on the ladder.

Cover you from this advancement. The devil searches: let you find up guilty. Lay your weary head to rest. One year promise-use [promise-youth] in my night’s sky. To build– … that again. Me telling mother… . I’m there but I like there too much. Wild about you. Fleeted debate.

Or is that the historic line that we’re doing it all night.

Just know that you’re here with me thinking of ya. A constant hello. [I can’t what going into debt brings up].

They had a drama of folding them gods.

Water swimming in lake. I was sent out of my want to be to see again –me to brother -never again. Easy to see her with lighter point. Got to interview my dad. Power tower tonight. Got to interview my dad’s power tonight. Talented pool of existence.

Take away all the pain, all the pleasure that we go through.

It really just isn’t anything that where the Bible is –mom. Of course I saw a cress in the moonlight [across in the moonlight]. Across the pregnant line and into the city. I’m not sure if it’s too sense to taste –CBD.

Look at my interview with a vampire.

All these pieces that we have to do or I’m going to fall out.

Privacy in your eyes again.

You know how things just don’t workout. Rare breed. Tearsday. Debt… wouldn’t that suck if that mutual manifestation… . Stir in my soul. I can give anything too. Improvement statues. You are the processor aren’t you. I’ll order off their install App. One of the most profound things I have ever listened to –Gita. Suppository. I work on this as a … . Help this habitat.

Don’t let the cold shower get in your way.

I can’t believe it—I call you when I get there. … That stone—cattail—cat perched. … anything that does serve the highest good … . I guess I’m always going to feel that way –on bad business move. … [He’s the bachelor] He might be the only one with a shock answer –Blake Moynes. Shock moisture like that.

I’m not claiming to be anything but divine.

I wanted to be with someone like you –Odin. [To] Set the record straight. Not many men around… . Willing to accept their fate. The fate of the gods for those who wait in silence. [Odin speak through me] What is it you want your warriors to do. Have to step up to the plate.

[I have dreams of you] It’s called titanium.

[Odin I am pissed for you]. They just sat around and listened. They got cusswords coming out their mouth. Different reign of supreme. Warrior elite. Valhalla. Tongue in your mouth—holding that much cheek. A couple gates open. Lick my plate a little cleaner. Show me what you see here. Befriend or foe. You could cut it off and cut in…[senses]. So you can clean up your mess over there.

[What would you like] Everyone to sync their review.

You had the feeling that this was going to happen—fit in wise. Black raven near [vision led]. Your attitude says it squares. Please not to push ’em on the side. She needed a thermostat for her granddaughter’s funeral. A band of witches it is. Can I put my cart in the handicap ben. They don’t have what I am looking for.

You gave me a new…to do till my 40th birthday.

So I want to continue dreams filled in.

Make a magic of men. Court cards.

For 1 second…our lives seem strange [fixed-mindset duo]. Think you’re fired. Healed again. 17 years old in my life all the time. No back swingers. To cooperate. Miss Angie’s list enlisted. Off you go to Connecticut. Framing individuals left and right. I need to be protected from his madness. It drives me crazy.

[Enjoy your life] Left side bear [totem] face facing NE.

You came through today. Strengthened my will. Proper dosing. I have a table cloth for you. Necessary in their evolution [parents know]. We move not in time and space but in dignity. Second alarm [rate]. Leave your mark. Odin, is there anything else you want to specifically say to my husband –no. Clueless remark.

My subject’s a little bit uggh than yours.

Thank you for working so hard on our behalf—so technical. The powers that be are above her. Disheveled human being. I like your energy. Ballpark estimate. Highly regarded. Gifts from the spirit—double income. Meatloaf touch you then you disappear. Making it more Insta private.

February 2022
on a midnight snow stroll in 2014


As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other

Nutritional. Dealer’s book. That’s weird to me. …What part? …Everything. That’s weird man. …Devil’s trainee. Decided as a witch at 60—you’re paying for it at 45,000 miles. You really need money that greatly real? …Thank you Lord. Talk about 2 year 10 months ago. …April 14 2012. State like dream trance [vision]. Brain farts—no big deal…[hunched over writing]. Lost summery. Even 10 years ago in my evolution.

Can you read us through the writers.

Watch out for the Moon. A thousand houses. Nero. Willing legend. Guessed on that—3 pictures I took yesterday.

It’s nothing like honesty to make things right.

Kahlil Gibran says the Alchemist. Took my money and run. I finally feel strong enough. For Jesse’s wire and visible brain farts and Marilyn—they got married 2 days ago. You’re allowed to speak your truth. I have the exact same valuable thing.

Natural disaster flood in Louisiana…”Earthquake” cause flood…3 females comply.

2, 50’s—2, 1’s…money flew out of wallet and flew towards drain…me quickly run and grab—caught by wind…the 1’s I grabbed…[the 50’s were safe] from gutter. The youngest master of intuition. He took hit to kill then thought should of coped… -then drop off to see them- His magic was lost moment took hit then was going to drink, held back. Increased dream activity.

When you can’t process someone, you leave a film there.

We got frustrated boxes. Balancing down hill. The automatic country singer die intelic suicide. I don’t know what’s going to happen—let’s see what transpires. I love my life.

You got a hiccup the size of your head.

Show me the way—Intuition guide this journey.

This will be the story – Open spiritual and life [Pregnant vision 1/3rd the way…body facing East].

Nape of Italy. Did any pass an inspection?

Embodied so much I am so.

I wanna work so hard and so good. A lot of work I haven’t experienced throughout the body. As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other. Karma’s what I base my life on.

Metaphysical mindset. An outcast in society ‘cause you can’t conform. Reform-Nation.

The Sermon on the Mount. God incidentally knows. A lifetime of understanding. Hateful motherfucker –foe friend. Everything I do is an example. Copenhagen. Tiring voices. … Where are you at?… I am right here doing all the work I’m supposed to be doing. …You kinda trapped me in a sticky situation—in a hot spot. …Why? [How]… Florida rings. He’s had a difficult time aerating the desert. I want to know…If I don’t see clearly. Just for a second. Multiplys by 1. Channel escape. West sky mountain double. Any news? Voice of table. Ascension ladder. Hollow grave.

Wanna keep it a hard male thing [Astronaut suit].

Facing destruction. What’s wrong with you. Best muscle in there –please. … around too much. We’ll do a check of you never heard of physical paycheck before. Hey move the maybe number – play deer pressure today—it’s not raining. She’s literally like the sharpest tool in the shed. Memories fade.

Keep the elevator running 100%.

From a disadvantage point of view. Do-more – with approaching us around the same time. Elevator noise. Supreme hello. High gravity vibe. Intentional training. Not meaningless no more. Praying for a strong season. Open fire. Impede. [I love you] Yes I love you too –Dad. A king without a crown. You need to get off on Friday.

The most historic iconic rise.

Voice inside. Let me sing to the heavens. Mercy all my days. Which ones have cased about display.

My welcome to casual healing phenomenon [Black bald lady saying to me sitting at desk on upper portion].

Relive it scene. I have failed thus far—Let me not turn back in vain. Relive it again…Speak the truth all over again.

What I am under my influence.

What I’ve come to be. Tainted chi. Align me. New mystical phase. God help me see. Listen and weave. I’m going to chew through this gracefully. So much talking going through you. Turn it on—turn it off. My main date night couldn’t of end this hungry. Salute you till the call.

In the throw zone—Be careful [2 black birds crossing each other looking West and East].

3 minutes—The working class. Ritual experiences –good samaritan. ….. journey. Cool cool that’s what I’m saying. It’s shook me to the core. …The hardest part expenditure.

A bowl in a China shop letter leaf.

Due to these attorneys are winning a loser. They look white—I’ll get you guys miserable for you –Dog’s teeth been brushed. This is profound what you told me—you guys melt in. I got another 10% the rails. I have a very light family over the… .

Greatness and sweetness are filled with things I need –Song melody.

Heralding –Sun king.  And life after death. For all who proceed. Make it worth it. Can not be redone.

Written in the book of life, the akashic records show.

Grind me and dine me perfectly. I know you have high levels of cooperation distinct to your own. How bad I want this done under a kindred spirit. That’s fine with me.

I always remember you. The presence of an angel shows. Heaven knows I need you. For life and eternity. So be it done.

Level of servitude in the divine realm of men.

Holy sacred trend. Do I get patriarchs…Speak to me on that? Take anything seriously—you get what you came for. Camp out traits and villas. Surprised I feel you. But I don’t in genes, I do in seams. The highest one invested in one. Jada Pinkett Smith.

Chris is one of the higher strengths of the country.

There was enough room to play in the country. You respond to our demand. Talking about mom’s running personality –gets gray. Probably doesn’t matter. Depressed you. Indemnity squad. I need your reign. It is attainable. I just don’t believe you –foe friend.

I am a crabtree ornament
[At the movies] I will be fed 13 year old popcorn with an ornament Moon


Your family has eaten that before – that’s all the knowledge from around the world

Slow down please. Can you help us—unhappy evenings. Ego management. Boring—this is very hip. Boring was very hip. Takes you where need to go. Everywhere I go I got to run to. From auditory inner –Windwax fun. High road to succession.

Whoever’s on this side needs to be on your side.

A Jewish location on sale today. You can tell, alls crossed the bridge. And it’s too delicate ….. this ….. situation. Your family has eaten that before – that’s all the knowledge from around the world.

It was too overwhelming –left tank top as evidence I was there waiting.

Sin city. So he did call Monday like my dream, that was because the lights on—you’re going to go out of business. House Kingsmill purchase. No separation so walked with fabric or… . Enterplay. I thought I. To preview or bottom view all holds their perks. Wake me up before I go. Snake charmer—because I don’t watch them.

I smoked with my ghosts.

I spoke to my ghosts.

The work of a saint—A very stressed saint.

I was born in high school. On the porch, you might want to put too much tape on the ground. Fall under love. Hummus—you’re leisurely perfect. On background rental. Commadear. We looked your card yesterday and it was off. … We are all here.



I believe in Angel

I believe in Valentine

My Sun asked me


to be mine

Just everything

You’re his Valentine

Rawest from a Druidist

I did smell like Valentine forever

A Druidess like you

One night for Valentine’s Day

Black on the inside

Romantic work

I still live to tell you

about romance

[We are under]

PDF trains as Valentines


Got that all, the arrows

he’s pointed me out

I was even giving

rice color ~

as in you and Cupid

A romantic interest

in your medicine~

~ Bow arrows at our loves ~

As great in bed

I know you are,

you are my


Court a man with his arrow


∞ on planet stone balls ∞

Under the low influence

of the Valentine’s Day curse

Only to make the vacation

A true separate romance

If I believe someone with

romantic maturity

All of a sudden time flies,

so go ahead

and have a romance~

Busy season,

oh I love romantic season~

I really wanted to embody Curious

{“Curious” = deity like Cupid}

Instrument of perfection


neo pile

in Druidry

Be valid to… Valentine

Fall under love

Embodied so much I am so

What I am under my influence

When we’re really progressing

or even when we’re

low on the ladder

What you don’t know can kill you

What you don’t know can kill you

Under oath. What are you doing here looking all suspicious –Jo. Niagara Falls happening a bunch more |‾* boom |‾* boom. Tapping into. She needs to shove a buckle on her hips. I figured he wouldn’t stay anyway –passion plea. Unbelievably cruel. Respond back to ’em –pottery. It was complex trauma. It really bothered me. Everyone’s making noises but you. Would you like to get your rings cleaned for free!? That happened to me before I knew what happened. Chimp playing flute to the right—side recorder [vision]. Very heavy and clear. Lose your appetite more.

We have nothing against us historically.

Try to play it safe. That’s my woman right there. Child bearing hips—they just sold ’em to you. I want ’em but I want ’em half white—I’m almost ready for them though. Around Fort Eustis – I’m going to try not to hit him or nothing.

Auto-populate of the seers all my life.

Unless I missed the boundaries. It’s a little top secret –3 bachelorettes [vision]. Instagnation. Mouth on Clair and Angel. You really did tell him that he loves me. Living hope church callen when I was talking. $300, no $1200—oh you can afford that [iPhone]. Me get meals for her,… . Leather and lace jackets—do a little better than we do.

We don’t have room to schedule it, we don’t.

We don’t just live in a different country. I can’t blame ’em—one of the wants they round. But I give you what I gave you courage and… I can’t give you much but I’ll give you. … Me crack internet/computer by being drunk and innocently on it. Don’t have room for another Jonny Knocksville. Sister throw electronic. We’re excited to get out the yards Brandy. …And it doesn’t dementia because you didn’t say anything did you. Smells ….. . My life around him—My wife around him –Blackcreek, he’s not here right now. Just haven’t been honest –guilty as charges. Heels don’t ever change our household.

Her theatrical instructions stop there and did the nicest small theme of my life.

Pastry queen –sister. Email off ground. He’s going to kick me out of this house how. Travel far far away… –Right here—rundown. You’re a mom, spiritual children. Because June 1st is actually grateful dead. 2 for 1 of us. Man on the island. Similar in me. Surfacing maturity—A face with no furniture – let me finish off the day… –Call aggressively. [You can afford that] –sister. New age—new era. Beating you crazy.

I love you and the holy spirit.

Laptop: thinking only a dream—this smashed/cracked. Lace and triple suggestions. Not necessarily the other way around. Keep my aura golden. I want to do serious work on my soul. She’s probably been the hippiest one you’ve ever known. Very forgiving. Outpour my life to you. That’s very impressive –fastest [funnel]. Cancer living—a really nice war about it. Peak destitude.

If they could go in the way the Sun hits it all day.

Involves fundraising. I’m here to fix my ID from here –I knew. You had a brand new infant—I just lost my child. Child discovery laws. Second rate. … Offering another raise this week. Starting to feel a little Titan. In the air—It’s gonna be a blamax. I ate inner ’cause we have… clause. Brown rice and such.

Very long beach and he should of just left him on the table.

Generally impaired. Sun tolerance. All the puppies right here. Next time too shall pass. Heart ramifications. Ronnie Wood. A focused meditation book. Cop not politics. Or is it a flat rate fee. Traveling far in life. Extra miles. Suitor’s sake. Not my own fake. I basically love you without meaning. Whirlwind cabbage soup.

The Bhagavad Gita and the Tarot. Delicious combo—so legendary. Listening audible initiation.

There’s some new stuff going on—save our way. Battle he’s facing with losing his co-star. Compare Monday. What you don’t know can kill you. Foglights. Even I do. I miss you and your emotions –To Bear, To Carry. [Devil card] tarot—I wouldn’t doubt it I always thought they feel this way. Loosen up a bit. However this is my call’s giraffe. The only difference is your official mistakes isn’t it. Meta: I want to be. Cut off—read out to the corner. Supporting that one woman’s suspension. [10 of hearts reverse].

Alterations on average pieces invite a master in your life.

And it is hayfield in my head. My voicemail→My mom. Jefferson Township. I would pour your love offering all night. Better watch it – don’t let it go when you get around dad. [A] Holistic view. You were warm.

I am going to combat—At sometimes I battle myself when.

Preacher’s legacy. I am here to serve. Forgetful flavors interest lying. My remote world. Handled with care…And precision. Gift exchange. I’m all yours. Attainment is greatness. You scare me off.

Channel you every night I’m honest.

I fucking hate her –50/50 split—brothers’ voice. [You wanna try] The CBD green tea mixture I have. Oh give ’em to me – my dad, he does wash mailboxes. Floodgates are open if you want to hear. Sensitive tragic. Heart manifestations in gear. I’m just studious. Shock me. Looks like a wound—it’s been inflicted –she flicked.

Human flip board – Reaper texting vision facing West—continuously texting both hands texting you. During rehearsal. I dare not dream.

And I did get my stomach all the time to get the lion king’s sweatshirt.

All over the place. Transfer me your business. Microwave freedom. I frequency that I emit. Likely proven. Your genius escape. On the job training like I said. A European classroom. Julia Micheals explands the finest land in the region. About to make it hot pop. Do you want us in your list. A great robot acts a lot of pressure on it…[And a gun too].

Now’s not a nice time – we must come together—bridge our brother. …That’s what makes me right.

Just like a little pain –me …cure of bending across the rookie. Not netting. Human tracker—my own is safe. Let me down slowly. You know the box under here. Brickshire. Spiritual dinner. Endangered. Caroline. Flowing pink. Jessolite—Public history channel. Nathan comes to the camera. Least likely I’ll ….. . Lead presentations. I knew exactly what … . Taking my guns away from you – I just wanted a day of … .

Mahogany’s going to come out.

I wonder too divine.

She’s really good at her looking –crossroadays. I’ve always wanted a go girl’s sleep. My inner heart country. Needing the world soul to bridge gaps. Instructions on heating can be awkward. Y’all ready to roll, I got your cabin after rooms cabin. Just asked … . Judish. Live longer. The heat might track back on 2. I wonder why it’s not effecting me –CBD. All the games from Virginia though. Chris chose classic. Hi Barbie parts. It doesn’t really matter however. Signing contract and bear breakage. And wakes up and judge. Torch slay read. Can we like look what your balance is. Similar concept.

I hid not your expectant truth.

I need you to survive me—we’re all crazy. Other life tracking device networks. Expecting to not pick up. In a lash before and after party [not invite to]. He got held with kundalini-voice…kundalineez. Most import rate and successful speed. Her daughter and TVs. Be quiet, kiss me—I’ve seen silence too…way too… . Who aren’t these people anyway it… . Leo around the d… . Fairtaker a stake crisper than normal. Naturally to protect.

Once again 100%. Nature’s valley words precise. Hebrew is galvanized for… .

Well they smell like a…construction zone. Highlight red. Why did he resign?…A republican made him do it, he’s a wreck right now. Lyrics spread the love—spread your heart. I am going to be approved by. We all are. Corporating tunnel. You never know. We don’t know here – we are in this world or the next Sam’s order—here I got a tracker for you. It’s getting messy—I felt like I was put in attack -ditto by you –Jealous wife. First Lady, Star Bella. There’s been a lot of years. Little trash cans at out feet.

Second watching for the third invoked.

Morse code and dialect. I don’t think you have what it takes –I’d like to. You come here to channel. Dammit are our sandwiches spelled Jeremiah. Must be. All the days spending to recognize, you just can’t do that for yourself. Slopp moussii and texal… .

‘Cause they got some sage to their hips.

Tell me more. Ugly voices. But I need out so I survive the bounty limitations of life. Bound limits, what bound… . #3 playing ’em through. You mentioned dementia not that perfect –nephew. Looks like a tiger—tiger what exactly that is –Bigger tiger. Fallen extreme.

Your guardian angel and your crystal weave.

I guess that’s how I sleep. So my soul shall keep. Weepy weep. I have never heard someone put it together like that –Bhagavad Gita. Y’all should of just came by. Luxy us. Every opportunity to survive. The plagiarism. Being denied. Angel said a lot.

And welcome back to your destiny.

Thank God. Beatin’ it 4 afternoon. Brick snow shield. 100% over when it was in the building. As fat charms. Your evil situation. Rule of destiny. Chart away—go ‘head. Blasting my career in my fucking spine. All this isn’t cool though—just want to know. Our 1 time lifelong kiss. Julia Roberts. Free paper traits. So if you know the events were funded by the pictures. Half Montreal. How hard is it to get into another country?…An intelligent job. Peak of learn.

Let’s just point it to the very end of those people.

Peace abundance clarity—hope faith, chastity. Would you need to watch some before and after—introduce myself. Taking a whole day for the week. Gots to be a point where halloween starts spinning nightmare visions [reaper looking down on balcony facing East or his left]. Just to dump everything in the water. You’ve never been cool with me leaving. Galvanized crosspipe. Peanut butter and jelly. The kids were only playing undergraduate…based economy. I’ll go away. Prince of all peace I call starts right here.

Someone just called me out on a stairs—big time.

Overcome and ride. That’s our oldes days later. It’s not going to be … . Miss former teen USA. It’s all balance and select identity. Had to do it to get your attention. Me accepting that’s it’s me. 1 long tomorrow. Team blue-haired [… dream] [her court card] [dream on wikipedia]. I almost lost aid like I got stressed in here. ….. preached, She has treated so many—reassures others better the emotion cascading.

I always felt off.

Dropping off a baby boy. Indignity. Premium months are $560. Take a moment leak. Past ….. I couldn’t. I make you ….. with me. It’s making your triple dementia. Beautiful mistakes naw naw naw in my bed naw naw naw in my head. Try not to cozy be with our. She obviously doesn’t like you—she’s progressive in pursuing you. [Dorthea].

The color of Mick Jagger—it was hundreds.

Discourse of dissolution. You got to be willing to override your limitations. Those ones that you see in your shadow. Intimidate me. Mercy may I 1 flat rate.

Or why don’t here in the non-permanent.

Blowing craters. I was really assuming it’s no big deal. Mother may I. Pass the torch. Take advantage of a situation. Tree company. Bro you’re deep. Ramifications. Bleed. Hindered the text. Let’s love we’ll get through it all together.

In Christ is when I owned you a turkey.

Plausible. Love me with a death sentence. The Bhagavad Gita confirmed my mental philosophy. Vapid. A sense of independence. Heebee-geebees. Octopus [totem].

Estes Park, Colorado circa late 1960s — my father as a young boy and his mother pictured — this shared cabin belonged in our family from the 1930s-1980s — my grandmother, Hazel Jean Carlson is of Swedish origin, her grandparents [my second great grandparents] were born [her] in Bro, Västmanland, Sweden, 1876 and [him] in Veramo, Smoland, Sweden, 1858. I am estimated 35% Swedish via


Lyrics spread the love—spread your heart. I am going to be approved by. We all are. Corporating tunnel. You never know. We don’t know here – we are in this world or the next Sam‘s order—here I got a tracker for you. | Sam: [Hebrew שְׁמוּאֵל‎ šəmûʾēl], literallythe one who listens to God” – “name of God“, “God heard“– “to collect, assemble, bring together, gather, join, unite, compose, meet, glean

You come here to channel. Dammit are our sandwiches spelled Jeremiah. Must be. All the days spending to recognize, you just can’t do that for yourself. | Jeremiah: ‘Jeremiah [c. 650c. 570 BC], also called the “weeping prophet”, was one of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible.’ — “Yahweh exalt”, “appointed by God

You protect your life over anything

Embassy suites. Clear in the morning—clear in the day. Let my ashes and beauty fold over you.

Emotional worthness. How I understand. Stainless steel buddy boy. Independent. Think of performance 2 pieces ….. . ‘Mental illness runs in the family’…It’s one of the best things ever healing me. Consumptuous boots. Work on the heart center and the kid’s center. You protect your life over anything. Social disturbance.

Some sort of feeling riding out on me. Ride me. I just wonder am I beyond help.

Impede. A serious coming back to of my start. It doesn’t matter—let it fall to the endless well of tears. That was a glyph –combo sync.