Warm & Prestige

Her passion is contagious

Her beauty is outrageous

A dime a dozen she is not

She applauds the show

As she innately knows

The source of the force within

The massive love overflowing that extends

The joy of men is her inspiration and friend

Oneness abound, love lit and found

Union, heart of crown


The State Is Hungry For A Son Of Everyone

dimmed my fire by
dimming my light
was held in
my whole life
told not to speak
you just might scare
anyone around you whose
challenge was dared. keep it tame,
you’re a child of God, dogs eat the scraps
of unorthodox laws. the system is flawed,
can’t justify their stance, only by a book
of holy prophet’s trance. a new order
must reclaim, the roots of the elder,
our soul in our veins. speak it as
you see fit, you are no less
than Moses or Nicodemus’s
wish. I will stand up for
this, I care too much
the Powers that be
know it’s just