A soul is in Uranus

1 bite’s really naked—2 bites are intimidating.

You made people enough on your home. Momentum. Out of the need for a vase of dessels. It is comfortable—It is mans, I don’t take no for an answer. 757. Seven fifty seven.

Place I live → Julia Cookbook—I named all the doors.

Big mom and dad got back together after kids were grown. It’s an easy fix. Phoenix saying something very interesting and important to us [Sister and I] we were listening intently. 

[The realm of the Shaman] That’s my realm when I not winning.

Pic of Man and 2 others in pic frames. 

A soul is in Uranus.


I steps—I laughs—so be with the kid. You don’t judge yourself – you don’t. Motel 6 – travelers … → correction at hotel – I thought I would give advice. Dropped pillow on ground and got a new one and exchanged others. I helped them. More imagination than ever. Yea he sounds like a demon –Man to Man. My gas overflow with gas inside leaking bad—I cleaned up with other female – said I had been driving since I was 16 [one of the first] and never happened. 

Rely anyway with your daughter’s persivbility.

Operator – will you help me sing this song‘. Guile. Without compromise.

In house I was organizing my house – stereo – rooms – glass stacks → Woman and other familiars – people thought I was showing off but I was strangely being myself – at bare minimum actually. [Yoga poses came naturally].

Star person – I like you so much—I love you.

Honestly I one house it to another day –Man [tinting]. The right determination. Detriment to society. Makes all the difference to use life insurance policies. I had been in 6 destinations. To take up the entire unit.

#1 best seller. Ancient wisdom.

May 11th, 2023