Get off your high horse. No I’m not

If you’re going to follow me, I’ma need you to be leader.

A plate of efforts. If a Sun rises in the North East.

That was a lucky bounce back.

I am a messenger of God –Man.

I guess what I’m saying is Sky’s the limit –me say.

A band of energetics—It chases her.

Over the woods to grandmother’s house we go. Calamity. You guys have cheetah burgers. Running down your throat at the middle of the night. You can’t do that to us right now, not fair.

It’s almost like the elasticity was facing the other way.

Something between us –Man. ‘Rhythm is a dancer’.

Get off your high horse. No I’m not.

An empty stomach. You the victim or the ____. Desperate. Shut the fuck up. We really really liked it. Reality check. Open to it. It’s a smaller environment not as sound. Long enough set in a cool night.

Crashing from cloud 9’. ‘…Wide awake’.

Fit emotions.

There’s no right and wrong reason.

Man back it up.

Your dreams stay big—your worries stay small’. Send her home. Someone should have taken her back then. It’s never enough. A degree of second chances.

There’s a path in your line “–line in sand”.

You go in the back some. Sometimes when she has to go through the underdog.

Actually not cute any-ways. My view in the South.

A bowl in a China shop – ‘cause we knew him very well.

from March 12th, 2023