Getting the next couple hundred messages of my vision. Sobriety

[Should be] A self motivated choice –working out.

Hermit stacks in here.

It’s a plus sign—It’s a minus sign—I’m really leaning towards the plus. ‘Cause last time I got invited into your space. Brutal

So evidence we’re tossing this shit soon –candy cigarette. Stoplights.

Girl got pregnancy test by doctors – still needed one from doctor. This truly happened. And other female body parts.

House literally 3 feet from the train tracks that were in disrepair or the other one was used until it got fixed. I lived in this compound where the main house could perfectly see me and everything I did inside – very beautiful courtyard and felt like apartment when you went out → Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine on another baby – them dressing hippie and trendy—boho chic. Candles and incense for new house with shared space or my kitchen at least. Your dad sharing chocolates.

Stand in our courage and love. 

Window opportunity. Maybe your dad indicator that something wrong—X3. All I want to do is be with you right now –Man. Minimum water we have to live in. WATA = 2 females swung their walk/they were together yet feminine. Me sharing Alfredo with Cousin and She-Crab soup with Aunt. Discounted cup items at church I was helping price at $3.99 – first were giveaway—I also think you don’t bring much to the table. –All desserts out and I was throwing away expired desserts from March. 

A rise in commitment.

I also think being sober would be 1 thing to help me get it.

Wrapped up in your finger. I am sober. Cloud 9.

Grandmom’s blue towel in the restroom…[sailboats]. Aunt had … and asked if I still wanted to work. I had enough work for at least 1 day. 

Velvet rider group. Understatement Monet.

Miss them [out of you and a new thunder].

Music everywhere had loving table.

Dies not leaving regret. Taurian. Life and death candy canes. Gentle moo moo stacks.

That’s my hunger—That’s my strife.

It’s never good enough for me – I spoke with last nights vision with Lisa. ← Primordial.

Do you want any work—are you still paying.

THC. Caroma crop. History on repeat. Honoring my energy. Information that’s currently being write is being written in error. We type of honorer. Him on hard trainers. … . … . … .

Bow to heaven’s will. A day in life of.

Moo moo stacks. Second nature. Release. Spanish and quiet food I’d say. My niece should of or wrote: “Back in September” because she had a natural voice → black lady told me in grocery store shopping for seafood. 

Getting the next couple hundred messages of my vision. Sobriety.

We waved to Jim and Connie inside Lewis Circle/because dad/mom met Sister there out of convenience. They had pic frames all out – ones Artist did. They thought it was cool to see us grown up. Kinda a relief—Worker and I were back – just to carry some of the load. Pic of us both looking like brother/sister. Worst nightmare in the world. Couple complete. Cashier mentioned to vegan that ate meatloaf – and occasional milk – vegans need to look healthy.

In/and you show up in your spiritual lesson. Divergence.

It’s a plus sign—It’s a minus sign—I’m really leaning towards the plus.

‘Cause last time I got invited into your space. Brutal.

Getting a little gift here – Mr. Rogers… . [Don’t you and I together work] Dynamic nature. After my houses.

Tanning’s a real twin – If you’re white you stick to your own vibes → round mirror/reflector reblocking the white person from getting tan. In restaurant line [fast food style].

Nothing where you can stick your life astray.

Greasy fire/cannon balls.

Well you never show it—you’re so fucking docile all the time –to Man. Magic eraser. Family ties. The pull of the Moon.

I had to pick Brave up. Did he do okay once he was out there.

A Canadian…Your Mazzy star and. I can’t go back and forth, I live in the present. … above 1 year old. Conscious favor. Further my eyes. Further your eyes. Conscious savior. Milk it for what it’s worth. Time machine. Delay. Leave her alone. Onscreen. Exuberance.

Vision she lost herself—woman almost lost her gun/son/dog.

It’s more difficult than walking a hundred steps. Recharge. Keep your enemies tight and your enemies tighter. Unplug

It’s more difficult than walking a hundred steps. Recharge. Keep your enemies tight and your enemies tighter. Unplug. Sure fall asleep. Oh my lord have mercy.

You can use any type of mediumship you wish.

Headache. Cruel idea. Dumptruck. Megalith. This garden jealousy. 2 hearts beating as 1. Let it be done. Rolling credits. Hamster wheel. Drop kick the bucket. Fatima. Blues clues. So into you. Queen of referrals. A different waiting game.

Closer to you—Closer to me‘. Heaven sprung.

Primitive position. ← You’ll get time.

Opera house. Loaded with intuition.

May 12th, 2023