I can’t speak to my clothes without a professional

Endowed with wisdom. Boondocking it. On the fly. I wrote all peaceful the night before. ‘I want to get – I wanna fly away –yeah’. You do too beautiful of a job –Writing/all? I go weird plastic sometimes. In my lifetime, in my days. Still like Kelly Ripa.

Because my body is really going to want to fall short.

If everyone wouldn’t mind to do the work they can do.

You can put life into a pretty little box. For a second, I would forget this. Identity I am. Rob puzzles him to death. 1 more thing, they wanted to bring Woman who I work with back. We’ll do some shooting next week. Cost too much. We both have a quiet personality – blank like asparagus. A promise child. I’m a lot better now. They are both requesting to be writers. And then we walked in a genie – it’s rob’s deal to.

I can’t speak to my clothes without a professional.

I’m a block of grace. I didn’t feel the passion. And yeah it’s been a lot of those Apps.

Despite the legacy – let it teach you.

My own mystic sage warrior presence.

Someone like you is crazy for not caring about the inherent nature of the divine.

Heretically challenged.

I love ways to accomplish anything.

I’m not joking—It’s not accidental.

‘Like the deserts miss the rain…And I miss you’.

And there’s no other people besides me and you –Man. In some way, shape, or form. Beyond reason.

February 24th, 2023

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