The amount of tongue rolls. Tells you how much attention goes out the windows

Refixing area for WP – repaint for blank slate—Trying to get it right.

We already concentrate one’s being to be a frequent resident.

Some punching bag get taken care of. … as the lie as it could only be excepted as a lie. He had this look of going to return back –Painting/mission. Crystal Gayle. Make … for the thousands of pictures.

Yeah if we aren’t getting pockets of air.

…To bring this up at this point…But yeah it was of age –on pay and Man/all. To finish the one who… . Crystal Gayle.

Start over with no strings attached.

’I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell’. Teeny character decisions. Before they run a bathroom check. I should … myself. The ability to hear like everyone else. Maybe merit to it. ‘These little wonders still remain’.

They can sleep how they want to sleep –conscience clear, me.

As random as it was to speak the other things.

Fat blind person –Woman. Oah double chlorine. Mental ladle. ‘Go’on take your money and run’.

Your Winter splinter months.

Get you before the offering.

Spiritual is just a not negative person. And we found it rest in there. It will be underbid. Extra $500.00 situation next week –damage of property. In the end trying to save money. Wait due to the time and meat. Chance and approval for solar filter film.

I feel more magically connected without. I’ve seen value on.

Got these people that are always the heat.

If you want your discounted tickets. Peaceful that made you something. Whoopi Goldberg young age. You leave it in such danger.

The amount of tongue rolls.

Tells you how much attention goes out the windows.

[$7 BBQ chicken]. A couple times tried calling you yesterday.

February 25th, 2023

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