The spinning person operates in a web

Calorie burn in 2000—Calorie burn in 2200. I’m not in a transitory state.

Restoration – The company’s name and assistance.

Man and I were walking up someone’s driveway—I was on the phone with person – he came behind [from left] and I told person we were on our way → once going over bridge – I kept/stabilized him from slipping and I touched his back for stability in hopes to not stain his white shirt with my hands from paint [or dirt].

Account and settings. Man has money, he doesn’t care –me on me with some situation but I still didn’t want to waste it. Solid in the roots. I had a package—I had package box on way in driveway. Lose my hearing. Whatever reason I’m feeling exposed. My name’s not worth it –Man –him on him. It’s not a cat.

Remember the things you will no longer read.

Lonely in his new lover.

Contracts are ready now. Out of the lady and into the next hour of rest. Over the lady and into the next hour to rust. No nothing get guaranteed.

The spinning person operates in a web.

What I dealt with was even stupid yesterday but nobody [deserves] to know. The healthiest fats. What motivates me?…Why am I the way I am. After his left was uncommon and sad –Lionel Richie.

Yes and no—look I’m not arguing with you – we all have a different way of looking at things.

If the look new people are going to want to sit there. There’s intent to reuse.

Out of the blue and into the black…[hey hey my my].

Only on dark days.

New coats would be welcome there –Paint.

February 23rd, 2023

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