Out of my body and my memory 100 years ago

Stylized air. What’s healthy news for you. New company policy. Eerie. Out there. He is demanding it all – this week. Lonely discourse. Mental ladle.

You felt peaceful coming in.

Superman with zero zero tolerance – is sore.

So big – go lucky – go home.

The next title of cancer. Class act. Many are tapped into. Cebratoral vibration. We all want good source. Increase actual range of tone.

They’ve been welcome, the dragon people.

Thunder – right being in the middle of Winter.

Coffee… . Lying ideas. Gosh good to know – weird –Trader Joe’s closing and opening nearby in shopping center. Antics. I can go feeding the hungry. The anxiety of the outlet cover was long enough. [No] Personal crisises or truth.

Out of my body and my memory 100 years ago.

We look okay. Spiritual host.

It is an expression.

Would like you to channel through me.

In the right groove locket.

We are encouraging a plant based lifestyle. You can help me even more. It doesn’t require thinking.

Whatever I can give forth as gift. Counter sway.

Most people don’t show who they really are. Problematic.

Does that include Denbigh. Different address.

February 22nd, 2023

Thanks to 2 very older,

stronger Vikings

who kept rowing

to get where needed


[Viking vision] ∗ Norse gods ∗ The pagan version ∗ Eavesdropping ∗ As soon as it hit my feelings, it hurt them ∗ Obsidian ∗ Just put your dress in front of a sacred mood ∗ Universal… The Fates are watching


Fiery Shift Of Goddess

At 12
there is the
dragon people
…it speaks out to me
So you like my dragon
that’s ok, we can share
That’s a unique squint to bear
Come wear spherical tresses
The Soul of my dreams wanted
to raise my own bar for you


My Dresses Are Very Mythological

Encircle something ~ like a myth or a tale

Breathe Life into chaos ~ see what follows is sweet

A warrior emerges ~ free stricken and elite


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