What I’m going through – it cannot be underdressed

Is there anyway I can comfort you on your bravery. Christopher Lewis Billy Jean.

Me and halfs are having fun about mediums.

When they say that they are blue collar. The baggage train. I’m just trying to be a decent human being. But her name’s West. His bodybuilding technique. Build what last forever. Snooty wood. Manager discretion.

To the name’s character.

If it’s not for me it’s no longer here.

Sage advice.

To the reservation that didn’t go successful. How do you even stay put. New color lasted.

Jesus is kind of an extremely bitchy person.

Your car’s your minimum return.

The whole shaded thing. Shaded sung.

I find comfort in my depression.

Words of focus not wisdom. Half the folds you criticize. There’s a bunch of kids in there, that’s all. First getting wild. A legacy. When I first fell asleep on the stones. Super quick and female principles. You were looking for gallons of paint. I couldn’t be myself in front of an audience. Recrimination.

The Northern Neck in general.

Me on phone – with group and me sound stoned…Man pick up on. Presuppose. Co–defy. God I’m asking you to help me like you’ve never helped me before. Incriminating evidence. The psychological pain was immense.

What I’m going through – it cannot be underdressed.

Man – me telling him he saved the day. ‘Tone voices Jones’—talked about in dream. And another line too. Like minded—we’re the chosen people group –church goers. A peddling car thief. Trust everybody—Stylished coat. Strata. Why do you have to be restless like that. Me tell it straight shoot it—Woman moving out – look what she’s done. Black lady with art.

Twist the rainbow. Class act.

Female actor there – my family loved you.

Just don’t want to be on my period or on my rocker.

Highlight extreme. Cabin tried bouncing us back.

Porcelain. Extra protection.

My message to the Moon.

Hi-Fi. ‘Dirtiest jokes on me – and at every table – I’ll save you a seat…Lover’. You’re never really are too safe are you. Starbucks, Virginia. Has it not been as fancy to do it. Mellow mushroom.

Don’t make me contagious and start using coffee.

Lift to the upper room.

You’re allowed to touch it – half dead.

We need a quiet place.

Over half your thoughts were prayers.

Neil Diamond. A very rested person. If you were putting it on the ground. Skin and teeth. I gotta read the vibe too. Baby deer. We wanna split somebody in the general store. A lot of good reasons.

Public dome.

Anti-fame. A glass of water.


I am stepping up looking stupid. Believe me I try. The right energy for Cap.


February 21st, 2023

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative. –2022

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows. –2022

I am not a teacher, I am a sage—Well sage everything is sober. –2017

How often we bounce looking good feeling stupid. –2015

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