I am the Jesus for the whole Bible and it was killer

Atomic bomb. Pretentious as I am. Self-mastery of initiation.

Because I put them out here – I found a creator of the divine will.

I have a team with me this time. Because I’m buzzing so hard I can’t chill.

Face and flexibility—Body and foot →That’s a good idea.

Quiet time before dinner – I just really want to think.

Now scream on instant vows.

Please pick it up with our easy eyes –Energy

Hard like sand only for me in kitchen – up late hanging out soul light.

I am the Jesus for the whole Bible and it was killer –on hair, Williamsburg Christian Academy boys relay through crowd at a distance…Sleep with owner and woman, next to woman, unfair – It was a privilege was there – like wasn’t supposed to have feelings – woman had no space for it. Silent architect. Like it was over and expected to stay around → the second walked could, and didn’t turn back, –early farewell from marginalizing. When was walking uphill away that’s when Williamsburg Christian Academy boys noticed from afar and relayed: [through crowd].

You have an amazing husband. I am awake again.

For portraits [pumpkin] out front door → pictures were snapped as at end of journey.

I don’t know about the grace of the Sun –holy mushroom and… .

Jesus said cover it up, it is holy. And just.

The scoops of coffee in the morning.

Don’t erase your compass anymore—I know it –Mini dream scene-vision

I appreciate you going big boy –Dog peeing without prompt. That’s a 9 year old man – can I – It’s hard not to in the presence/presents –Man—contemptible. Your stuff/energy – is always so familiar, I don’t know why –Man?/Everyone?

Please pick it up with our easy eyes –Energy.

Me getting room straight to sleep 6 in one room –making arrangements and reorganizing furniture—Scheduling/booking mishap in general –me leaving was before this –[planned] – This was my final task to complete and please. [And I kept making excuses to myself] His squandering mind’s going to go away. And you had to say little couple… .

Lion’s mane. How depressed I am –Man…You should be from woman if nothing else. Man up. I’m fully sucked away—I don’t think it looked important. To the point of them reassuring in front of each other ←what’s the point: . To the army that we’re in – I really want to do that. Steeplechase. He doesn’t have much of a reputation—not respectable –Man. Obvious to any.

Self love millionaire

“____”…”____” →The rest of your gifts—we cannot wait to have a beautiful day with you –to husband and wife. With their livestock ←held them hostage. Don’t erase your compass anymore—I know it –Mini dream scene-vision. May refer to more matter –subjugate.

Self love millionaire.

Every 3rd pound is a 4th –dips on body weight.

See your results. Look what we live in. So much clearer.

[The last one is] Epidoric healing.

Can I borrow your stuff for a minute –writing…and a wife. A home picked orange juice. Sonic waves –raising frequency of vibration. Where are you playing from [← I don’t like getting frozen].

7 obstacles.—The silent aligning. Thor’s so dark and radiant

7 obstacles.—The silent aligning.

Thor’s so dark and radiant.

Do you see a … anywhere on the job site. When I climb up my mountain so hi[gh], I find different ones to be. Green energies. Always personal touches. For me to heal. They just asked if I could or not. Recently I had to go.

What is the human nature of the gift giving.

[Wizards and warlocks] So you might not know what you’re looking for.

Anything you do do it with your full hands.

Many thoughts—many left devices –Woman. She’s an edible human being who likes her fold folded over –Woman. That’s copper sex [Man bag love]. Indian and the cupboard.


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