The content of I she oracle

Naturally you just left. Alright we got to do it that way.

Headed to a doctor’s appointment. Hair looks so dark.

Compliment you on your bravery. Full credit.

I didn’t get a directional piece of paper I guess. Huey, Louie, Dewey, Khloe. Psycho. Or any glue – who fucking gives a fuck. Confidential to advertise. Psychedelic folk artist. Tell the truth. Black sheep—Black pearl.

The content of I she oracle.

Because public is not advanced as a civilization

World invites. The ways of technology. If she’s still hungry – let’s keep her outside. Wilderness scaring Joshua 2 – I thought there was matter. Injustice was served without me serving it –Woman baby. I don’t have any Architectures in my dreams. World support. Apparent. Tries to keep me hungry.

I don’t even know what you lost it on. True and true intellect. My Dad was nice enough to. Bar-none. Constant thread of connection. Get into survival – get into a laziness. Trust me – it is a life seeing process.

How do you sign when somebody’s mutually content.

To be able to record children.

Just another year by 4 demand.

Sudden sense of intuition. I am in Angel warrior.

Owner with worker romantically [why manager go] had no other option and fell in love, talk together long time – code on hand—you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to be that woman/type. [Banana bread saw share with Aunt – in face other way away from—hand feed in mouth] Asked to speak with alone – basically demanded since never was alone [she does his laundry] and woman divorce. Then hug for a long time – Didn’t get to explain sucked at communicating and ego—but said it without saying it. And the months before basically squeezed out. Was a dream to help you. Still married – [no ring] never wore for a decade].

Identify with heaven’s stories. Contract worker.

Might be spicy or makes so much sense [when around these people].

Get in a cupboard would you? Naked. And afraid.

I don’t think the horizon’s ever been more famous

American pride. She has a great personality, “she’s fixed” [no reproduct]. Man’s a jealous girl. I don’t think the horizon’s ever been more famous. Not to go southward with it [dream interpretation]. I just feel maybe I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity [Soleil blanket—blanket gift].

–It is awkward →reading through each and certain trances – It’s supposed to be…[The charm].

Probably heading downstairs in January.

Something his lawyer can’t see –Ahh Ahh—Woman being taken from cornfield resistant as forced.

Nothing to win on – 5–6 shows you where you need love. Measure’s up in the air. When will I ever have time?…Tinting examples. I just don’t want him to see that I tranced him. Maryland RIP. Which upon the arena.

How do you sign when somebody’s mutually content

Find out why. Find out if you want to get by hymn.

End of life suffering. Platonic cruise. Eternal suffering.

How much she needed vs. friend. Role reverse.

I would love to hymn those your brain.

Justice never served sweeter. Ecstatic.

Because public is not advanced as a civilization.

Disseminate. The charm. Artistic in new ways.


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