If I feel real good I call the prophet

Building a fire orchred. The jealousy juice and what did you drink.

Might have to hit ’em—hit her with a low risk.

Ice blends. Your blend on kitchen sink.

That little girl was so intense –roll up with 3 other females all mistreated before – 60s style so cute—no bra—no shirt – only skirt… have new crew now but obviously cared still, and would basically sell life to be with. You push them from centuries, didn’t mean to learn—You push them from centuries. Can you really feel my heart?…my passion—my drive—100 once getting procedure. Kept sensing understood but really didn’t to depth. Clearing tables/menus, in order with help of close ally – [guide] because I don’t have human friends. Well worth the wait—hidden gem. Boobs huge and nature always revealing yet sincere. –Leonardo da Vinci. At mom/dads’. Bella Hadid. Had the power of 4, rolling up with them.

Reality wants what reality causes.


Clinically depressed and demoted –Man. Towards this story – medicine gets back on track. Living energy. On a friend level for like nutrients. I’m trying to figure – what kind of spell was cast. Still have the tramp and other issues but let’s try to solve without [her] Woman wanted. Halo crooked.

I was so Kelly White.

I should of left my second real job and focus more on you –Man. I trusted you. Needed you. Mutual. Bond. Heartbroken now. Especially with these cookies. I think of her questions out of default.

Sigmund Freud before 16 hundred years. A burst of outbreak around me. Total void

Balance knows equilibrium. Taking test with husband—wife – get scrap paper first as to not jack. Noticed [took off Sundance]. I wanted to be seen without being seen. Naked and afraid. Beside myself in grief. Rehire her.

No he’s not healed – nor believe in God.

Laziness is working out successful business. Psychology major. Paint me a picture. Like pita sandwiches leading the troops home. Too far too fast. Modern girls with how stunning she’s looking these days. Might be jealous of –Mom on daughter –might be jealous—with how shiny. Feelings without the charm.

If I feel real good I call the prophet.

Divine resonance. In what a slave to dive – bed. Japanese princess off advance. How I’m full circle – read me—talk to me. Tracks tinting. Keep the experience … . Listen to your guide. Problem will end up facing financial problems.

I got to work with what I got—”scale” anywhere.

I’ll still give cred, where credit’s due.

I’m okay with having some night visions. Do what you have to do.

A character of deep foldment. A refuse to see any but listen.

Edward Scissorhands psychically means: [I was looking up].

When they got closer [up] to each other –vision up close holding mirror like.

Any type of real position or something.

by Gary Robertson {gifted for birthday this month}

[I look…] And so I won’t stay pretentious I’ll just look real quick. Mad resources. My name’s Ray—it’s not the right name. Bachelor pad. Left in the pantry – you don’t have to show in your pockets.

Sigmund Freud before 16 hundred years.

A burst of outbreak around me. Total void.

…Since I’m probably not going to go [show] on my sweet vacations.

You know what this is Julia Michaels. That’s not how I want it to be easily portrayed though [together]. Part of your gift comes with a $10 struggle. Gift enhancement. I don’t think you understand who you’d be doing this to. I am so comfortable doing yoga. Sweet beautiful earth child.

French composer. That’s the only person I’ve been around.

A new novel that’s put into life.

Other driven to forces – equilibrium… [Aircraft] hands in air.

Duck or mini split. So he’s got a problem [she drinking]. Propaganda. City boys.

A character of deep foldment. A refuse to see any but listen. Edward Scissorhands psychically means: [I was looking up]

Don’t count the counts you tell—count the counts you punch.

It didn’t help if you shoot quickly. Personally because I don’t have the position to come home with. Massive landslide. Tucking yourself into bed. Ostracize. Everyone’s style or preference. It’s as deep as a deep hill. Than a girl I’ll like to spend the rest of my summers with. … . … –lower vibration stamp club. They are the master to my glass.

Devotion ware on.

Good morning sweet and beautiful earth child. Oregon is plenty of oils that… burn the midnight… . Chef loyalty –Man. If I didn’t do anything. Worth the wait –simplify. Your song turns into a melody. Crippling procedure. Whey powder protein. Hot fucking relationship. Making sure I had a better shake.

A band of energentics…captured your audience.


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