Got a little heart of the dead on everyone

Stay the right person mentally for your door

Did you enjoy a plus version of your enbolden self

If I could write my writings more in my soul more

Meditations of my full block – Arch trance

Please use my card and don’t melt my honor

If we melt with people and an ice trend

Small hearing is good to find and good hearing is small to find

Got a little heart of the dead on everyone

Little vagabond. How’m I doing?…–The Archer.

No more walking, get right to the point.

Do you see the one you are supposed to spend your life with.

‘Maiden’s Song’, acrylic 4’X5′, by Gary Robertson


I don’t not want my prize. Additions shown –Man.

Huge wooden ship—huge waves – Dogs / items / favorite floating in water – I would be freakin’ if that was my dog. Wood ship holding together though taking beating. Huge wave crash right on ship. [dog imaged as cow shape floating/flying in tornado current].

Well, he’s always had to be the keg. What time is always.



What’s your opinion on the right psychics being booked.

American chemists who came up with that Alchemy.

Fixed unfavored waivered for the charm of Leo.

Waiver. Nowhere to nowhere.

Everybody’s been burned. You are the portal.

If we don’t eat we will wither away into nothing.

Serious time—Serious favor.

And I wanted to dangle your energies.

Chris language – 6 honeymoons.

The recovering body – The healthy body – baby—is like baby reborn.

Silk dancer. I cannot un-press it. Spiritual maturity.

When you thought Jason was killed.

Muphet’s long way away from evil studio. Discounting everything on your title. Magnolia enterprises.

Jason trauma.

Take longer than original way. Kiss me. And it doesn’t come out right. Over or under for you. Bold search party. CDC – lifetime original.

You test your own accuracy.

Got a little heart of the dead on everyone.

No use in complaining.

We’re all in a low pray-ability anyway.

Kicked back into whole of whole beast.

Badges. The love stack that message.

Don’t worry pink will go this time.

I was on this cycle since day 1. –Fantasy finance.

Attend in your power.

I’ve got a story to attend to.

In where we are performing big goals/dreams | Primal influences to maximize success

$ barre with Nikki online. True life living in the true life. The bet’s higher –her.

The exorcism of my new love will be Kristen’s [Christian’s] dinner.

An understanding male. Man, he’s my exercise choice. This is the new transmission. I would of gotten that bag for you.

I crave as a desire to stay locked.

Psychedelic dream—Cosmic thought – tell their secrets to you. Conflict – natural conflict –leaving Anvil. And all in store shopping.

In where we are performing big goals/dreams.

Primal influences to maximize success.

I was going to leave it off Instagram. I don’t think he uses Instagram anymore.


Stay the right person mentally for your door

A different offer mentality. Violently cleanse them. The butterfly goes nowhere. 30’s into my second – made even worse.

Someone can lead a healthy trauma filled existence.

Citizens and farmers… .

The endgame – the endgame is near.

Man on a budget – I say that as to not fall in debt.

To the point that he will pursue them.

There are tires in my distance.

And I started honey baking it from details.

And recommend manicures.

Someone can lead a healthy trauma filled existence | I will fight trauma against you—I won’t fight trauma for you | Trauma forced—trauma force bow


Me and man at table – money let me talk then talk things over me. Generational duties – they play into – because some times things change. Live it now. Me across from man at tables – start explaining. Film not adhering. Beach house – snow.

Moon with Jupiter
Let’s you request sad places to sing in | I kept you in my heart | Naked truth
Your breeze is felt all around the world | The “title”—The “oath” | Destiny strikes

I’ll tell that one too that we’re not in the mood for you this morning.

I lock more to the ocean more.

Any guest rehearsal. Theories of pagans.

Come reach your value. Life is being my bitch.

Let’s you request sad places to sing in.

I kept you in my heart. Naked truth.

Your breeze is felt all around the world.

The “title”—The “oath”. Destiny strikes.

The weed shouldn’t be deleted.

Hearing from you. Hard to come through.

Let it go. Battle. Tilting in both the nights.


Did you enjoy a plus version of your enbolden self

Once you’re in your field like you stepped in below.

Men who tolerate and use you.

My learning and global sand/My hearing and global sound.

It’s not all codes and numbers | Lucid thought

She wasn’t supposed to be advancing here anyway –of elderly mom – passed away once got on internet –She was needed on the other side.

I’m not perfect—I’m not organic

You know we’re needed on the other side.

I must stack weed against you.

I am such an idiot right now –Man.

Medicinally – you grow in proportion.

I’m not perfect—I’m not organic.

We just need to blank out here.

Traveling apparent is everything to me.

You just needed the snow to fall off the stairs.

Alright we’re going to cook in 20 minutes – all general provisions accepted.

He lives a loud existence.

At times we’re suddenly awake and fierce.

Did you enjoy a plus version of your enbolden self.

It’s not all codes and numbers. Lucid thought.

It’s not a miracle anymore.

The only reason I did is I want to act like I’m not talking to her. E.S.P.

I told woman, paper plate/mirror on back—measure placing.

Chapsticks. No stone unturned. Prophetic ability.

Gain greater access. Artwork 5 years ending.

Do you think it’s going to be cool in there?…Stone brick/pebble hobbit house with back entrance – should be cool.

Did I just ruin a tint on another piece of film.

Too old to get rid of.

The lack of maturity’s so real on man’s existence.

Little second dialer.

Springsteen’s a lot for a family of 4.

Something I had didn’t have a genuine mark on it.

I lift over the light.

Weird…I just can’t complain.

I know, I’m just reversing what was on the wall.

The essence juice came to me, I can’t believe you’re enjoying it

1–2–3 on me – weight difference. Perennial tasks. I don’t want the banana split. I have the best feature around. Dissociative. Tone position. The first layer of an inch. I know your bag, I know you’re starry.

Can I please have these desires met, [Universe].

The dumb tears turn off her eyes. You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream. Thinking in the same season. Big woman race –Woman. It’s all good – Philosophy.

I know, I’m just reversing what was on the wall

The essence juice came to me, I can’t believe you’re enjoying it.

I like a fly on my back wall. Mother mayhem.

Oprah – about the design team.

There’s a thing called attention to detail.

Any bad wheels about to fall off –Man?


If I could write my writings more in my soul more


My statement on my view on Christianity.

Mother may I.

Ego’s organized in solutions not problems.

It’s your bonus check.

Your ego lined up in the use of power.

Lick more universal swallowing. Universe below. No one’s said anything – I’ve realized… . Detective work. Crimes on my fashion. 30’s.

Attack of the same rib. Here we are.

Won’t interrupt you guys.

Cleans poet. I had no more distractions. It’s media projection. They were mother-bear before they were bear…[barre]. It’s like getting fucked all the time. The power of the wind. Screw this paste.

Holy scream | Nina storm | Nina Simone

The moon vision speaks.

The color of schizophrenia.

What, and me doing business my way.

David and goodman. My little assembly.

It paid to show less and do more.

And it just dried and all is waa waa…[cry].

Earwax theories. Mutual law.

Your message is very clear. Take ’em or lose ’em.

The praises jump out of the castle. Circadian rhythm.

A vital part you’re misunderstanding. Tell me?

Many times it comes faster than others.

I don’t know what it is but I just don’t feel good –Tint slime.

The tools and resources, and hidden fees.

Access for who desires it.

On how spending my life in a whisper – singing my life away.

 So much schools at that training.

Did you do your part – It’s embarrassing when we start to clean –Did you do your part?

I am yours channel Guide.

Elite wisdom. Grandma still in with the twins.

Just thinking I’ve been around the block – you’ve been around the block.

Common wisdom. A failed mission –words last week. A mass wind storm. Connection. They should really get their kitchen done – they decided not to –3M people kitchen window over sink into sunhouse[room].

That have any virtues to speak.

I am at Poquoson till 4.

Is no longer utopia with responsibilities.

You call out on your ununited wisdom.

Gordon even prefers her crazy and dealing with.

If you don’t understand, you don’t understand.

I get 3 rolls a lot from you –The cottonella.

Of course it’s pain free lifetime guarantee.

God damn, it’s my fault – I should of put up the art film.

More mentally human than more mentally divine.

Don’t step on your baby toes.

If I could write my writings more in my soul more.

Nothing’s comfortable on second guess.

Beat up and disguised. No one will share on their space for you. It’s something for the hallway down the road – I don’t know what 5 forks means –sign with ours, not needed?…[in garage].

Smart one – dominates the profile.

It’s hard to read everything – hold everybody’s job up.

Let’s give yourselves a friendly hand event.

It’s red flag when I need it.

Holy scream. Nina storm. Nina Simone.

Now you’re the widower – attempted fate.

Would you hand me a broken back on. Sudan.

A bulletin board of holy divine messages.

Summer in reach?…Trying to figure out discipline your car down there. Getting used to getting up.


Meditations of my full block – Arch trance

Does a man ever have a role where he conks stuff…[chop off bluntly]

Opening the phones slowly with opening the new phones with.

I’ve been over my body right. I’ve been over handed to myself.

Lots of weed to go around.

Meditations of my full block – Arch trance.

Has everybody been that horny.

I put out patron. Endurance.

Exaggeration. Right response to.

Get very serious over you.

She leaves for 3–4 months at a time, instead of lifting weights –Woman.

In the most unconventional way.

Does a man ever have a role where he conks stuff…[chop off bluntly].

Gain own access. Private party.

February under Shannon.

Don’t want to be my brother’s employee –Man.

In the state of addiction. It makes me wonder why.

To be apple’s first saint.

I really didn’t get to ask you that did I, inner-lude.

These eggs are really cheap, cheap going there.

Obsolete. Lies I tell you, lies.

[Do] You know why [what] type of woman, stays there on the fitness.

I need you to believe in her – stop saying that to her.

These savior positions. Too hot to handle.

It’s not about sounding, it’s about making things work.

I do remember a woman as I walked in here before. Fantasy suites. Now man can recycle more. Days not even weeks. That’s it right now –tinting. Cars – the impact for me. Ice trends.

But if the finger accesses it all.

Showing up late…[Receipt]. Ask really important questions. Depth defying. Trying to keep your city open and not judge. Putting on confidence. Empty vessel.

If you got those ancient reform…[stairwells].

My mom watches us directly…[Ruth].

Polished print.

I’ve convinced them = take me out…[Lana] on not her but her] – not her perspective only.

The art creating process is a dying to yourself.

How many moons are here to save you anymore…[moons/balloons]…[vibe].

First and proper line.

You can be nice, you don’t need the gods to… .

Is it out of control – no.

I’ve got my desires set: ready, set, gel.

Polished print | I’ve convinced them = take me out…[Lana] on not her but her] – not her perspective only | The art creating process is a dying to yourself
To be apple’s first saint
These savior positions | Too hot to handle
Great minds or thinks alike
I’m an experience angel | We put it on value and vinegar | Soul pages


Please use my card and don’t melt my honor

Scary orchard. Movement and path pavement.

Bloomed to many blossoming fans.

Spiritual pagan warrior. Pebbles when.

More inform on what’s happening with the stars.

Please use my card and don’t melt my honor.

USA: famous tan lines. We are due to the line.

Extreme sex club. Our rewards are fucking with people.

Scorched by sky. Journey – move your head.

She’s a person you need to burn –Woman.

I have this mailbox called the cat’s meow.

Great minds or thinks alike.

I’m the lump in my throat – I married you.

Some body formation. Eclipse: Paublo of hawk.

Right after God left, I felt the feeling of Jupiter
The things you value does become me [my little red soldier]

Understand everything. Onion of my desire.

You don’t make me happy when…leaked variety.

Web of excuses. 9 of arrows dedication.

Evidence is now coming against you.

Full range. Retardacy.

How many moons are here to save you anymore…[moons/balloons]…[vibe]

I will fight trauma against you—I won’t fight trauma for you.

Rule of thumb. Healing contentment over my life.

Eat, ready to eat, doing field trips or lobby.

The plank in the sky. I like the energy snacks.

I’m an experience angel.

We put it on value and vinegar. Soul pages.

You know when you’re going down what’s up. Demarcation.

I wanna quit the amount of drugs I’m taking.

With me today.

Know that there’s a blossoming in the heart.

My place of surrender. Lucid.

Be seen what you want to 50 in.

That really nice caged cave.

It is rude that I’m complaining. Heavy on studio space.

Just take it out of less money you owe us. My trauma vibe.

Sometimes we want scratch—Sometimes we want legs.

A live trip…to have pictures delivered.

Initiation scene – swallowing.

I set the pounds for you.

Emerson, lake, smalls and palmer.

Stand the test of time. –Tarot human.

Get all my chapsticks together—Self publishing format.

Sole ratio. She knows and it just the damage point.

A peaceful sinner. Asking a stage manager.

Dropping off. A high quality vibe.

And I kept turning pages—I kept turning pages.

This is what the title is – I didn’t even question it.

God I love what we are – what we do.

Being hung – so she can believes.

Get off my high horse and eat it too.

I am celebrating important herder. John 3:16.

Being hung – so she can believes

Lack of support throughout. And the sinceres smelt. Very bad for your back – going to take out. Our parents don’t cook super nutritious or food. Waning crescent. Clean advertisement.

Go to a brand – a ton of papers I catching up on.

What was even worse – my sweet perception…[reception].

Thought for the day?…Bong rip…to the sky.

It’s not that we haven’t slept in the future – we haven’t slept before.

Water gun and bloat. Jarvis. Posting the plate.

Play dead with me and mess up my day as a person.

Total eclipse. You’ve been chasing for a while but you don’t move. As her likely grandmom’s someone’s kids. Midnight Mass. Confessional. I feel like I stink about things and I don’t want to be snooty towards my thing.

Give me your arrow silently—War-like it is coming out

The heart and was a good angle.

Only way to express your service.

Careweb. Web of technologies.

Query me away. This untrying lifestyle.

Worthy unprotection toward dan. Chill of desires.

The more secure—the more you interaction –Man. November meaning. –Gentle reminder. Deadwood spice. Got to cover my butt with insurance –Sundance tinting.

Saving their desires last. As healing roots sets in.

Trauma forced—trauma force bow.

Landscapes too real to be sloppy.

So personally, I complain wrong –Woman.

Leakage struggle…[–Astrologist] [get your life together].

by Matter Folk Ark [Matthew Robertson]
[All he wants to do is] The Red Jupiter

Well man, that’s not the world being paranoid of you. It doesn’t matter if we pay for your gift – you still won’t wrap it –Man. I love y’all cards – you are my favorite I think –Star tarot. Baby Alchemy. About to do drugs for a year and a half.

The moon vision speaks

Being witchy this morning.

Spiritual gains.


If we melt with people and an ice trend

If we melt with people and an ice trend.

Gabriella. I do it to ignore services.

In our creative world, we hope that the sparkles shine.

Light my coffee on fire.

If you can’t comprehend what you did no more. –Brittney.

4 acre action plan. Dead on shot –kinda famous.

Bob Marley—Nice time – Nice time –by Bob.

Wait for me. Be open, honest, and whale.

Similar words. When I listen to morals.

Friends remember their souls nowadays.

You should be extending.

#1 peel brands. Portrait in the middle.

Balance, trust, learn – that clears my intuition.

We did a extra positive review.

Do it for her, do it for him.

Bat spread {vision}

What a gift and a blessing –Black woman’s albino baby with a grey beard – face and cleft lip –noting okay though lifelong—us figure all parts and functions, intact. [mother sitting in passenger seat of car—her mother [the grandmother] holding baby in driver seat—had just returned from doctor visit, car parallel parked city like, just got results].

Judge not, and you shall be judged
Summer 2014

They’re freaking out over insecurity about work –Old men.

Slight piece of stupid.

Putting another load in my system – fully disconnect…tune out/tune in.

Lucky for you.

Her story kinda fascinates me –Man – “channeling since”.

Cosmic intelligence. Your brain has to move slow.

Judge not, and you shall be judged.

Dangerous cotton. Sleeveless.

Please stop … .

Examples or insights don’t change my mind.

I am yours.

Phase – needed…to go through, get out, workout, practice, continue.

Energetically cleanses them –Tarot.

Dude he is dreaming.


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