Million daughter honor lenses

We absolutely don’t understand a wedding

I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that

Friends remember their souls nowadays

God I must have linked that with the gods early one day

We took singers from the ancestral planet

If the spirit within you can’t stand up and believe in

The descended masters of my ancestors

Million daughter honor lenses

Cannot refuse this lesson.

To get on oney [3] feet and the minimum width.

Get paid long enough for me to do this.

Public domain. Venue of the light. What bizarre of paths turn rationo. It exposes themselfs and the film…–It’ll…the feet begun chain.

Million daughter honor lenses.

Freedom park. That lay logic for me.

Why am I waking up middle of the night Panic.

More volved. Greater energy. Impeed. Stationary. Wise cracker – saltine routine. Basically I use a dealer in Richmonds’. Getting your team a master with.

I was thriving. It’s the best thing to do.

We kiss on the neck.

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

Let go of a thing: Let’s make a deal
And if it’s a kiss, it’s a 3 party


I’m on a time crunch – this is the last crater bending something. You think a button and it’s bullshit. Constant trauma responses. So inspire by her or doesn’t matter if… . Man: I will never benefit from the $. Your gift – It’s time. Archer <3. Who has something man bought – man bought, nut machine. My better fiancé, girlfriend –Woman. Lead the future. Investigation process.

This life you will be healed…as soon as you walk away from

That will be old and young.

I’d love to and process the emotions.

Chill/peaceful out there.

You’re bustess and you’re all in.

Just because I knew him.

Page 6 at a time.

I’m just asking for some respect.

Professionally – Soul Alchemy.

There’s something that you do hate about on the main road.

The gods are fast. Join the middle.

Where it was needy it had healing that gorgeous lady

Manager – don’t want me to be. I’m glad they all live in Denbigh—together. Through prayer and meditation.

Let go of a thing: Let’s make a deal.

You have broken the shed.


We absolutely don’t understand a wedding

I like Chris south of whales | Be open, honest, and whale

The full effect—Nature’s rhythms.

I had to go back to the wolf lady ←me.

Any ceremony owl. Map path and dharmic duties.

7 psychic types. Crimes on my fashion.

Blunt sex it all holy.

Remain a drive to wear –White shorts.

Days like this I really get in the habit.

Facing Casey Jump’s pride.

Suitor’s stance. Play ball. Been here early.

On your counselor – does it sounds like it works for you?…[No]. Ashri – counselor.

Standing in the shadows.

Celebrity love. Hot mess – manager of errors.

If you could see it all, the helping – that’s what a girl needs.

Super into lifelong projection. Permission accessed.

| Lifetime mourn mission — She left him a positive review — And honest, open, Bible book |

Can’t be a nylon –wet puppy/welt pussie. Not to be employees on writing. Stave count. Keeping your doubt premier to yourself. 30 of the paychecks please.

Aquaman. They dream as they please.

Print your little chick certification.

They don’t want it to save their life anymore.

If you take care of your family good.

Every single female that should not… .

I have rewrote history.

On coke and diabetes.

Shot people with my other gun.

You guys are looking good together –you and dog.

Seeing in the Spirit – it complements my Tarot.

No bind or script. Memory shades respond to you.

I remember your legs of ease.

I can’t ask for commitment unless I look dumb.

You’re long gone, I don’t even want to compromise anymore.

I wish he got some rest. Islam – heart if you will.

I recently moved back to town. A psychic witch.

Multiple trips to Atlanta. Unfair to my social circle that… .

The soup’s not swirling. Invest everything. I’ll eat.

They gain access, they dig. Fork and closet.

She’s just like her after the waters swell.

Ruth Norman. I grew up ahead. Use it for whatever the fuck we want as long as we fill out an invoice. You can’t recall my Instagram. Test… – Super variety.

[Mars] as:
King of Cups = {Your Fire/Water experiencing} Knowledge in Emotion
‘THE BOY AND THE DRAGON PEARL—CHINA, Chinese Legend—The King of Cups was once a little boy but has matured into a powerful dragon. He is kind but fiercely protective of those he loves. He is connected to the deep dark waters of the subconscious. He possesses great patience and wisdom.’
[Mercury] as:
Page of Swords = {Your Air/Earth experiencing} Pathways in Thought
‘PRINCESS PARIZADE—ANATOLIA, Arabic Folk Tale—The Page of Swords represents youthful intelligence. Princess Parizade uses her wit to succeed where others have failed, her optimism intact through it all. She is a harbinger of new beginnings and new ideas for herself and those around her.’
[Pluto] as:
The Sun = {Your Water experiencing} Nurturing/Advancement/Healing
‘SUN GOD RA—EGYPT, Egyptian Deity—The Sun is success, birth, confidence after passing through difficult times. Egyptian Sun God Ra proves everything is illuminated with optimism and enthusiasm for the path ahead.’
She’s just a musician, God ~ but God she is beautiful | 29 Inch-ing-ly talking to the whole universe

There’s an always high kush to the head.

At first level soul cleaning – Alignment.

I’m the BBS giant. I don’t prepare a wrong bus.

Me coming downstairs needed sandwich – before bed – Vine from plant got hung up on foot as walked downstairs.

A separation in the body since like July 7.

Why are you in a mad terrible mood.

Because Mother Earth is scary.

I love Josh as much as anything. Natural character.

My quarter’s here –Man…[herb] [I left].

Lucky you called me through.

Earthly Ann for life.

A little army heavy. Battle appropriate.

How you’ll need to heal.

We absolutely don’t understand a wedding.

In some selenium practice
There are certain people that change their mind
| Ah man it’s really snowing out–Olympic blaze — One last time—one last time like these — It just felt like a light was on inside me and it shouldn’t go off |

Graduation center. Conference calling. I tranced like a week ago that I wouldn’t meet her out of insecurity. Man and my like boy makes the money. He’s the last resort—the last resort.


I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that

Trust and provision.

Decisions are sentimental


Universe, I’m asking to be swept away…are my desires wrong?…–Ecstasy [card].

Florida window tinting pathological liar. Living room fee.

Grocery store high [fine] dining experience –Social gathering.

Just don’t damage Mr. Smith. Tinker bell. After work zone.



I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that. 

Red simple color – I was asking for it a lot.

Brandyn I just hope you know what you’re doing: [Spirit Medium—I thought – I do].

There are some dense NBC books.

As first off – I’m going to sea box.

Where it was needy it had healing that gorgeous lady.

Soul positives – that it freaks people out.

A palatable experience with divine energy.

Hardwired. Apple pay and smash.

Wrapping my head around the first idea.

I’m convincing other stuff that I’m doing okay –Man.

I don’t journal, because I don’t want to lock in what I feel.

Did all the tide last night.

Nature’s specific—Nature’s expressive.

A devil rage picture. Outside reception.

I definitely don’t have many options.

Seeing in the Spirit blows without you.

Check on single walks with speed dials.

An angel was falling from devil’s door.

An angel was fall from devil’s world.

The wild wing of a messenger.

Brothers can’t be self in same continent.

Resting’s important so I can receive.

That’s our baby –Sunlooped.

The descended masters of my ancestors.

Ancestors remain closer to the sky itself | And I have really good ancestors | Same glass ancestors, different chicken | Definitely have ancestors in Libra | Old ancestors sunk into a chair | You like to involve your ancestors | I was finishing My~delicate~weave~project {then ancestors, spirits I called}{out in front of mom}{dad house} | Early text from the ancestors | I’m a Weems girl too! [saw 2 ancestors and recognized by style– I proclaimed: ] | Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost | The descended masters of my ancestors

Hot sink celebrate the…Hot sink and celebrity? What is warewoman who out standing in her way. I’ll work with you – I want to work with Sundance. The dynamic is associated with it pounding down potatoes. Got your hands full. Malt in the Bay field.

Too many people have activated their dreams.

Whim it off. That post will be up in my room.

Brandyn: The art of scorching.

Judge—not scream –employee pay. Diamonds looking like Brittany. Quite the detail…the trend. Quite the detail, the trim. Support your work hearing your hand hunt. The potatoes are still singing great. Charging it to the car. Duck or mini split. This will be the last one </3 pierce your eyes. NPR. You can stay here. Anxious [about] last night.

So I’m just going to have to go blind.

The development of my own spirituality and how to incorporate that in life.

So I believe in me, so I’ma let you do that.

Are the building never popular. Learn how to cooperate with that –Man at job.


Friends remember their souls nowadays

[Guys must sign up] For we are Moms and Lovers—we already do so much a year | When the soul finds you, his heart nanny is withered in decline
{Full Moon {today} | {Aubrey with Moon}
The Sun of Life[r] | Seven of Stones–Healing

Sm—M—L – none of us like putting on.

It felt like a pressure trying to get it done.

In some selenium practice.

Meetings and exclusive deals.

I thought the dreams would have pushed them further.

New moon rituals.

The world hasn’t got caught up with you.

But it’s saved on photos and pieces.

How does wrong dust personality.

Honestly I just think it’s crazy.

With us on our size/side.

Friends remember their souls nowadays.

This mirror went flaky.

Do the favor for the adults.

I’ll take that as a kundalini thing.

Reconnect to primal wisdom.

I’m not primetime and we’re proud of our pizza.

Boy he complicated too many attorneys.

Unlock Rosemary free today | To replace my precious tea — Rosemary | His Rosemary is withered in decline
Red simple color – I was asking for it a lot


We do count our hatches before… . Mesmerizing to the core. I was supposed to use avocado card and then solution. When your Dad interviewing Jesses. Bambi. Baby steps—open about my trespasses. My mood swings are…Moon swings.


Several care angel | The gods sweet graces~ | Gifted gods and crafted angels


God I must have linked that with the gods early one day

Rocks in silence. Singing soul’s virtues.

A great many deal and a window intern that was important to me.

Vedic – Vedic support.

He caught up everything, dude –Kingfisher.

Reading astrology’s voicemail.

Things will be different –employee/owner.

Blend it/stick it. I’ll be thankful for it when I have it.

I will tell you this since it was a full moon.

Knocked down from the colonel.

Go upstairs and talk to my room real quick.

I bet you felt like a winner with no silicone. Food is free.

I’ve been completely blown out of proportion.

You don’t know with consequences.

Super open with her. Assort the trail – does in a bit.

Doesn’t feel like right time.

Memory shades respond to you | It’s because you’re a hawk and chameleon | Wicked route or blossoming shades

 All those heavenly tryings.

Because I don’t care how long it takes.

God I must have linked that with the gods early one day.

Exchange of fight.

Written down the bowl if you don’t kill him.

Waning crescent. I’m just using it in different terms.

The throne of grace. Sundering.

Ghost spirits. Well lit area.

Eastern black harvest tip.

She had actually filled out the invoice. Plastic shield.

There’s my TerraSwati.

Grey area. Silver medalist.

Energy bank—Seniors together – It’s on the extra one you did.

Almost had to draw a linear side.

The stress from it had my passion waned or desires tame, in check.

I got torched by the sky on a warm Sunday | What’s your torched lip on what those were perched?

I C – C I break this freakin’ tape?…I’m sure I can. It devastated him – unfamiliar loss –Owner/me gone. Made in Summer foundation –Baby –Husband/wife. I would rather indeed smoke the weed than tincture.

If he can’t just shoot the declaration of independence.

Inspiring change. Tint in there first – no rush. Individual loss at a conscious level –Woman. If it’s anything it’s kinda an emotional journey having a kid. People too open. 28 years ago living in Oberlin.

Cosmic level at a catastrophe.

Small business owner – I’ll hire anybody in the small business field.

Low bread. The abuse you put your mind through.

Friends completely tell broadcast or dark.

They produce the tears.

Life is not a tomorrow.

The native company of Timber Gill.

So surprised so barefoot.

Teach me spirit guides how to live and lead a complete existence.

Do they hang any visitor its headache.

There’s a team following me around initiating together.

Had a couple casualties towards the end –Film. But I refuse to admit it. I just wanted to be home and write. When go back to heaviest another on piece of pink –Artist. Write a popular size all fits. Fair woman from abortion.

| What would make a lifelong great — When I went to school — Tools, resource, know hows — Just worldly… — Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary — Shaman — I knew what logic says — Watching from 11 feet away — Soul cycle — I am a monk owner—Plant base nutrition — Let it freeze |

I know all these times I have all these engaging marks.

Do you mind if I put some drinks over to the side.

There are 10 perfectionist [pretend] Shamans.

I will save you with the water but I don’t want to get caught masturbating in here.

My hips are hurting real good—I’m not up for…anybody… .

This really big Mom building business that was involved.

I got a vegan meal twice a day.

Thank you with all my heart and all my life and all my liberty.


We took singers from the ancestral planet

They’re playing with secrets of Shamanism | With fox as my shaman — Window world | Beautiful to be this Shaman

Crimes on my fashion. When still her.

Me get prescription, talk doctor into Vicodin [for—through] cannabis has relief – doctor just been drawing a lot of blood.

Will be up to ‘soul light’. You want me to get a doctor..? Heal a friend.

Results and drives her crazy.

Agates with the music on. ←Moo.

He has a big dream like Texas.

Friendly Jab – Good Samaritan.

Ex in the shadow does not make me money.

Girl – attract to me – Lesbo style.

Getting the wall dryer too.

Forcing others to do lifting for them.

Onion of my desire.

I like Chris south of whales.

Getting to it.

[[words and image by San]]

| Enormous mystery — And not to underestimate the power of love — Just put your belt on — Bet on love — 12 escaping the hip logs for me — Karma stay |

We rarely express how we really feel/truly. How are you Kai, how’s Kai: . Unhinged. A self sexist anticipation. Personal advanced TV show is $20.00 –Ice cream cone.

No this is really constant – that you had to do the job.

We’re on the fridgeline. I just put the maps straight from my soul. Liz in useless translation. Available patterns—textures.

Awkward 9 miles – that we were security and wisdom
Onion of my desire


Putting new names down and heavy feelings.

People like me tend to think. Chase—desire—rage. Summer is playing city ground. No reason to lie to. I never have such home states. And a demonic spirit.

Paying you to have dreams revolutionary

Introvert totally clam in together.

We took singers from the ancestral planet.

Mighty mathematician. 6 feet to flair to death.

I can’t get caught up because you are so irresponsible.

TV and only history. They’ll extend your world.

This life you will be healed…as soon as you walk away from.

You can’t escape a shitty part of your life.

When I looked at slaves…They were all nice and a generation –employees.

Why are you taking all the student’s razors [belts]—how long have you been here.

Been dealing with high messages for a long time.

If you don’t gift me, your gift will get you stuck ~me bird on wire top of tree}{bush ~me no move


If the spirit within you can’t stand up and believe in

Most universally accurate –Wildwood cards. The true winners are. $20 out my pocket.

You feel so heavy to safely manage holding a studio.

Let the heavens know questions.

Stuck on you, emotionally –Man.

There’s not many people to grab onto.

It’s the awkward stance.

What happened was he stepped on the floor and he broke himself. On a diagonal.

If the spirit within you can’t stand up and believe in.

Grabbed the bull by the horns. Especially if it’s a woman he doesn’t know because he knows it will set them off…–gaslight[ing]…[on position intercourse]. Feels nice and strong. Taste delivery.

Notoriety reduced to fame | There’s got to be one person that’s completely over the top

Advertising right – diving right to it.

Low IQ semester ground.

That she needed real medicine.

A constant thread from my music.

Autistic and paranoid –Woman. Definitely worth it. Addressed and out in the open techniques…[some things need to be addressed]. It drops off in about 20 minutes. Announcement + 15th [19th line – CBD/THC].

Leading the photographer.

What I have together and in line –My formula.

Common men health issues.

To Satan – are you opening up order of disrespect –Satan.

Thank you for giving me a bonus.

God don’t want any that around.

At least 2 witnesses a day.

What man makes abundantly clear.

This is after and this is before. If I took 5 hits I’d reward out and stay home. Haze out. My blocking any forest.

And if it’s a kiss, it’s a 3 party.

I am holding message at a soul level.

The equivalent to my home.

Over-draw –Artist. Pinch the plate.

Rose tire fee…[flower rose].

I really just heart away those dead plants.

Brooklyn Mars.

I thought I was trancing like I was dreaming for hours, turning pages – pages – high quality information.

Is praying responsibility – Adder –King of Bows.

Friends completely tell broadcast or dark
Reading astrology’s voicemail | I will tell you this since it was a full moon | All those heavenly tryings
Life is not a tomorrow

Did I just have an initiation period.

Those puddles – I don’t see those but puddles no more.

School days – just because I didn’t have extra space to park –reminds me of.

You carry a clown and you marry what’s in a clown –human monkeys?

See others would see me too.

Long enough to run out of business –weed.

Mercury in Air – Mercury is an air sign.

That kind of P.O. drop – [delivery—freight].

Lifetime mourn mission.

She left him a positive review.

And honest, open, Bible book.

Crimes on my fashion.

Whoever was supposed to call you back must of been real busy –Miriam at Anvil –Theresa at Spine Center. A big bugs bunny or a county building –Man. I’m an emotional holding block for your brother.

Do more to tap into –Service animal dogs.

I’ll be out of my 4 leaf clover.

I well doctored the other.

That’s how many degrees are in the zodiac.

It’s just 1 edible nug.

#1 peel brands.

You’ll direct ’em to us.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


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