[This] Hierarchy of angels around me

I need you for a medicine hand

She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman

You saw me do tribal dancing – and you recommend it

When I gave it to Rubys – Ruby used to be a chore line

I’m doing it for Saturn – I don’t mean to sound all death and crazy

Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary

Cherish myself in listening to people

[This] Hierarchy of angels around me

The prince into natural light. Stack was against you. Tuesday. Of a very hard fit in mark.

Mass production – claim to fame.

The start keeps ruling me out.

It felt really naked and afraid to be what they want it to be.

Stimulus – Southern comfort.

Are you reading and believe in.

American pie drawer is in the closet. Okay is it better.

[This] Hierarchy of angels around me.

To makin’ these 2 homes theres to makin’ each home theirs.

–And mentally ill or maybe I just thought it was consuming. Man [or any that forgot to see – I’m busy] 2 people crawl in attic outside below home – snuck in – they want to place weight on for mischief. [Aunt and Uncles]. 

I came to proclaim because I saw.

And helped solve mystery.

Coffee in coffeeshop – nice pick-me-up. A register is locked in the house. That’s just what the energy vibe was. From my perspective it sucks [being lied to] –Man.

Your bankruptcy account.

What he has to beg for and what he has to pay. You don’t put weed in normal people’s mail. What’s up with Morgan. Not with the work required.

You always embody your embodiment.

| Eyesight like it — Where they peck will go further and further even if they lose happiness — And by the way, I’ll let you know when those things wash out — You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream — I could get full on chapsticks—I can get full on my writing — They call us on their worship game — Strange cousins, over there, gloom — To get bad tea going — Siblets of warning: — Temperature has increased — Deer jerky |

Protect your mammals on your temperatures.

It’s a fact of you want money if you get paid. A dread I got stuck and it fell off hair – we still go Friday.

Empress tonight – tint slime up in the sky.

Clearance of the old. Stack curves against you. I don’t even think you’re reading for yourself. What woman –  still ended 6 days ago.

PRN Nurse tool resource/kit.

Fury with friends. Fury – fury with friends.

Of my growth pile. Don’t be a mess girl.

Hi Louise to love! –Woman [Thelma and Louise] –me to woman on man.

I do wish you were here –Spirits lift me to write.

They learned their blessings that it’s just a whole lot different.

We just give attention. Museum work.

413 likes [418] [saw 80 [18] said 30 [13]. They worked hard together [all around the world]. Lack of intelligence –Wife/husband think. Baby it takes 75 for 1 feet.

Life has a very formal way of speaking to people

Never got to apologize for your story.

Ebay. What are y’all doing breaking wood in front of your house. That has so many different words – found someone that loves me –Husband on wife. Custom salted. Unfriend you –Man. 

Ralphie it’s June.

The Emperor 
The Emperor before people is feet is charging


I need you for a medicine hand

Lynx figures you sit on the outside.


Perfect gift – the perfect gift of prophecy.

Wild river.

Never be obstructional anymore

I am man. In the Allen – bob van. New all good about things through Christ. Irate influences. I want to waste and your hours today. Compliments of a stranger. Man, you can’t hear digital art. Parkway freedom. Taco. 3 weeks [7] in. Edgy and shadowy tactics –losing $. Finish user [time] dislike.

You dream to vision.

On how a spending my life in a whisper

How knight ended my goals. 6-22 7-3. Naps in your leash. Napkins on your left. I love your audience. Second sway. Would that name be given? Always in motion. Poetry. Your emotions are getting enough. Something I got to right response too—something I got to fix. Urgent respond to fix. Afternoon on the second sway.

I will get rid of the first –cherry.

Until it won’t get made anymore.

I need you for a medicine hand.

Dad wisdom truth. White lies.

The spiritual pagans – giving something away.

There’s got to be one person that’s completely over the top.

I’m not going to trip – I’m not going to hunt you.

It always comes down to a flying goodness man…an over the top over your head

An Oral’s virtue.

My appetite for desire fell.


You are the aura—You are the shield.

¤ The Star ¤
Very famous pierced star portal


She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman

… . Orange. Childish renovation. I chose to take someone with me. Spirit writing from the energy. He’s on the front cover magazine – exotic dance. 

Someone – come reach your value.

Small whipping post.

Us magical as possible.

As solving a mental picture/mental Woden.

Parts of love. I just want organic chunks. Triggered – a compare warning. Everything is about redemption. Stand in rate @solarfilter.glare. Stand in rate. Mask put all of it on.

Waylon in a Judd.

Violently clean slate them like they’re okay.

Rodent’s valley.

{psychedelic dream} Queen of Cups | {lucid scream} Queen of Swords
Thoughts and emotions –Queens of Swords and Cups
Psychedelic dream—Cosmic thought – tell their secrets to you

Mentally up and better space time.

Myriad of your flowers. Mirror of your flowers.

Any following a cult. My plan purple.

Similar to this on an invoice.

A core of you that hates it too.

All invites had a back 30 days in my head.

I’m never thoughtful because I always feel like an afterthought.

Wrap up service for me.

The next morning I’m just not as enthused –drinking.

She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman.

I see little clips of my Dad.


You saw me do tribal dancing – and you recommend it

That’s intoxicating –The power of the plate [post].

Our strength is our training.

Public arm wrestling.

Myriads from standing – by the door.

The most iconic flagship.

Body, breath, spirit of light.

2 1/2 hour shift scheduled – rude…7:00 to 9:30 – me get ready – old room three colors on wall—brown, purple, green.

Six honeymoons.

I was heading into say farewell—second time quitting. A book around your open store. Dita Von Teese = 13 is her number.

I like it tight in doors though.

Drowning in my observations.

For a collective heart centered medium.

I gave a Elizabeth at Astro News –review on my tinting services –quote lady.

I’m just all silly in the valley of monkeys [balle of].

I got this nice little Tarot possession

Do that for a little bit longer. Always be blessed.

You saw me do tribal dancing – and you recommend it.

What is the lift in the bathroom.

I even look unlimited from… .

Isn’t that still mom’s edibles. Singing chickens.

Woman’s looking all stupid – kingdom here –wow.

Psychic times.

Thank you for giving me a practice with hope.

Elite. Charm. Delay.

You might start understanding greater concepts.

But just mainly a recovering title. My 7 days – out of chose 1 line.

Spiritual processing now. Disease-free. Who won’t value fill up on me. Earlier getting me up with relief. Read it to me man–? With an unsufficient security code.

Maybe I should honey bake it on my own plate.

My size control pens, everything was organically swung

Me hug boy [other boy] till back pop [crack] –Kindergartners. All here upon walking home saw… . Husband/wife in living room Lewis Circle—they got along enough to keep together longer. Baby comes as a waste. Upcoming painful.

Super linear watching today jolt.

With each trance it gets lighter and limited – dust in the wind –concluding session. Nobody’s watching because the air isn’t real. 1 in 1866.

A simple reset is claimed.

[Blue light temple] Another make it happen again.

Speak prophetically.

To award petals crashing on the flower

29 followers not 31. The butterfly goes nowhere. Moving my head and parts today –Woman. We got together totally by chance – love… . Average guy strong of awakening –Man.

When the world black and brown – work tougher and blend.

For more inform on what’s happening with the stars –Pearl. I plan too little—see too late. And I’m still kicking it here six months later. Religious views. Basically bathed.

Brain cells and addictions –additions.

Suffer from your dismay.

The only cloth you’ll wear in the winter.

When she doubled down from divorce of her only husband.

Thoughts and emotions –Queens of Swords and Cups.

This is on its way to completion.

Veg shows win the eyes of all.

Gigantic leap forward.

You just needed the snow to fall off the stairs.

I think I’m pretty organic ~ Jungle words

There’s going to be a lot of shit to save you.

Suddenly beautiful – and we all want something beautiful.

The volunteered person’s homeless.

The concept’s so hot that out there… .

She kinda relies on you –Tarot possession.


When I gave it to Rubys – Ruby used to be a chore line

Get the roots from the seller.

Some tea to function. Critical function. 

Absolutely adoration – John likely…Absolutely enjoy a John – likely together.

To tell them the truth about sum laws.

There’s a measure on Wednesday that the pressure won’t succeed.

People that are paying ghostess.

Husband—Ex-Family—Wife – going out for a joy ride – all mid 30s wisdom and vibe…she nervous us all together. Breath deep – buried in the merits.

Being the like and spiritual aspect. Being the light and spiritual aspect.

They don’t even get in love with themselves.

A woman returning this whole time. Sufficient.

With the direction and the demand [command]. With the direction and a compan___… .

That’s just the spirit being picky.

Just maintaining dignity.

Make accessible – missed that assuring mark.

OMG that sounds like the Gulf of Mexico. Property and principles. Glad I saw a tiger instead of a wolf. Bold sex ring pop off.

Leading the sistance [in that course].

An extra job weighing on you. Where’s my painful person –Husband to wife/not the same? Gout. Legendary book.

Always represents tea when you go to your Guide

My longing was so genuine.

Assembled customers. Stack training.

A stage manufacturer. Start warming up my invoice.

Directly = action ←show you are to the universe and your karma/dharma.

Milks Chris money too. They were only six bucks.

Above and beyond. Clients can tell.

This life is crazy – it is dismantled.

Aww man, it’s dug. At meetings.

Keeping your shit together.

There’s so much Egyptian said.

| Ancient moods — Egyptian moves — Tarot and Pharaoh — I just kinda advanced |

There are certain people that change their mind.

Making a fantasy land.

Vedic principles.

I am fetished –Husband.

[You’re] Standing out.

100 wisdom dollars. Odd Samaritan.

When I gave it to Rubys – Ruby used to be a chore line.

Take out that yellow bag, be chill – don’t make a production out of it.

The blankets in here come from very bland purposes.

High school donation.

No one finds out lifes and cares.

Besides having everything you needed.

He had this done for you.

Again with sorting all our weed.

Move forward into the night.

I’ma follow a drink cultivate of spirit too.

They’re playing with secrets of Shamanism.

A dead remark and then I lost myself.

Living on dreams and spaghettios.

Several care angel.

Can you tell us about shaving for information.

Because we both have a woman to sailboat too

Simply present or not with them –Blackcreek out of your life. Died hands go both ways. I am the vegan who doesn’t workout enough. Output volume – stuff I couldn’t lose. Failed times ahead.

Just move this to chair of begun.

It’s this lack of statement they want to put.

Boy gave me SpongeBob [framed] thought linked with spine pop dream. Because our family wishes you the special.

Dita Von Teese.

I wish we could remember everything you’ve talked about but if you want to start two minutes in. [On both sides]. 

When I must strive when I must strive hard.

That balances and strikes the diet.

For internal or auditory hearing/vision. My life is just ending really suddenly –Husband. Go back to flower. Super weak performance. Knock it out of the park with water. One mutual law.

Karm in reverse – Being stuck in who you are.

Showing less / doing / proving more. Very historic. Anything smaller with the meat? Cruise. A.I. Top dollar at 10. Hatchback – blue locker feature [blue water feature]. Something’s not win with lightment with her.

Prayer until we get home.

The tags between effective – Houdini.

These artists [–to compare].

Sherpa and Sheepa.

Constantly spilling my tea this morning.

Of course I’m thankful. Web of technologies.

Greater access. Older white male.

Pumpkin areas and weeds.

I confined in you all now. I confines it now. Punch and tagline. White blood cells [sells]. Aristocratic – do the math. Came in for a burger one day and left totally surprised –Trances. Oh he didn’t have to do anything or this year –Owner. In the way now…away from you. In the alone now, away from you.

Freemason work [doghound].

Naturally Joey was thinking that but quick time.

Usually Joey was thinking that but part time.

Share made of the internet.

General applications. Conscious living.

Aww thank you, you are the last one –John [on support].

Once she becomes your friend.

I just saw this king apple’s organic ( vision||dream—apples for sale ) | Don’t talk to me about nothing too wind [deer]

Unstoppable degrees. Pearl wisdom.

Wife beyond here—Pagan here too.

Indica. Difficult screaming – old empire. I think it’s bringing these here on earth. Watchful mama –Woman.

How do you feel today and show ’em who you are.

Hey I’m just getting a lot of hours in these closets. And there’s tangible positions and cool things. Lifelong practice. Arstergest stunda and a Sparta. Called Sparthia.

Ah man it’s really snowing out – Olympic blaze.

One last time—one last time like these.

It just felt like a light was on inside me and it shouldn’t go off.

∞ The Moon ∞
Capricorn – intriguing and luring ways

In our mentality to you. Mercene–ality. Rather pack too little than too late –herb. It’s orienting myself with that familiar flavor. Old request fee. Apple on the way. Rhythm wise.

I do not want to play or ride. I have a call on my life.

Leaky boundaries—your parts are just in debt.

If they feel, touch, or bring and pinch –Man.

Proprietary. If we keep the Panterra up every day.

There are kids back there listening to us –Jesse in woods –in woods/kids, as if Jesse looked hush hush.

Another dead tire.  [If] I was up, I was up.

I threw ’em all over the place.

Just got to be chill with the volume.

Corporate villa. Jack sugar meow, SunTek. Those aren’t the same—would of been different if I got them then. [Makes for a] Peaceful sinner.

Too many people are around you.


I’m doing it for Saturn – I don’t mean to sound all death and crazy

Jason is the worst restaurant in the wind.

Cosmic of love.

It was all solutional training –get note of yourself.

Just find wizards too. On truth.

As soul purpose and soul clarity.

With fox as my shaman. Window world.

People were going to blow her and a drug dealer.

My first pagan alarm and saint tree | When I encourage her—when I speak when no one else will

Ice trend. Cold water training—different water takes you different places.

Richard isn’t holding back –Richard Knight.

Expressed genesis = 22.

Expressed genesis has many roads a labyrinth.

Use this very powerful auspicious time.

I’ve been stuck with the tree thing.

When I change, I do often. Polywag.

Because I was supposed to use that on her body.

A shadow’s book and a shadow’s rise | 12 functional coach lips | Clinically…clinical need to be alone

I’m going to give you Tuna, so it’s not so weird today, Crescent.

It’s the moon wisdom and set date closure.

What I been through. Extra choppy details.

I’ma go and feel agate – her Jupiter is established.

I’ma go heal agate – her Jupiter is established.

Work out half as hard – get half as many likes.

Soul flavor. However which chemicals.

Dawning wisdom. It does take a year or two.

Ancient moods. Egyptian moves.

Tarot and Pharaoh. I just kinda advanced.

I’m doing it for Saturn – I don’t mean to sound all death and crazy.

We have to measure the doors too.

I just held a lot of attention.

And real awakening happens.

True is an echo and it twists | World echo—Your morning’s great, you have play kids

I refuse to see anybody. Dynamics changed. That security of the feline. Widower’s fee – $15. Opening practice. Your message point of view. Common stressors. My diet with my Law. I can’t invite anyone in on that level.

Wisdom and love.

Me being snooty. Harddriven/hardwired. He’d rather put her off two weeks than finish the job. Don’t feel profitable because you and I always take forever to do them –Job.

Slam dunk and it echoes eternity | Echoes of angels hanging in | I just can’t talk about normal stuff – normal stuff drives me echo

Beautiful to be this Shaman.

Knowing that I would go talk to her myself –Man.

Mental picture team. Be okay with who I am.

Awkward 9 miles – that we were security and wisdom.

Paying you to have dreams revolutionary.

It does[n’t] look promotional.



Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary

Touting. I’d work on.

He needs to pay attention the whole time he does this.

Spanning across decades. That was fun – silent prayer.

Too much bath turn into therapy time.

I think when you’re pregnant whatever it takes.

Born to die.

Or you were super genuine about your tasks.

Strength in muse. 37 square feet of glass.

It’s like dishes on crack.

A lingo search for his daughter.

Take the back brush off your shoulders then being swept away—swept under the rug.

My apology pleas –Man.

Your front is a bill. The attention award.

Let’s get digital gold. The white dude in the house here.

I’m a nuisance to her. Coalition. A healthy emotional toll.

They’re really not cutting corners here –Restaurant.

Whether or not he’s the panic of death row | Typically looked at by the loyal neighbors from the Panic that were not moving | Emotions are peak like panic

Connected in the best way possible –gLeaf on ‘Burg. That person really hurt themselfs –Student with bike. Peace. Good man throughout this whole reader thing. Vital distraction –Husband. Food overpriced you – cost you priced to leave [well play and classical]. I had feet kicked up over table.

So I read poetry and write Panic | Panic at the night, Night at the disco An Angel’s return

Many, I think they’re embarrassed of their slaves –Owners to workers.

Was the 34 year old without a little isle.

Death comes as pure interactions.

My 17 year old sun –Dad. That moves will follow.

There’s people I just thought about before at highest level.

A forgiveness man. I got to live my passion.

What would make a lifelong great.

When I went to school. Tools, resource, know hows.

Just worldly… .

Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary.

Shaman. I knew what logic says.

Watching from 11 feet away. Soul cycle.

I am a monk owner – Plant base nutrition.

Let it freeze.

I look for you trying to behave negatively.

How often they do. Invite someone.

Beat a job Friday – beat a job I didn’t care.

Self evident – wild herbs, that’s for sure.

Don’t waste your time. Propaganda.

Spiritual invested. Dark.

Hot to trot. My Christian heroes.

Each week has a different theme – Imbew it high.

Childhood linked to imagination. Global search.

I’m sorry to escape your little boat though.

I can’t even lend it if someone steal it back.

My eyes work faster than my ears.

Oah, that makes me listen.

June 2012 ~ age 24

Insufficient funds. I knew how, how am reluctant. Again for the second time. Ware one –Man. Being able to front $30 to get you started. Kinda nasty. That beautiful – income is good.

After treasures of death. Feeling special.

It’s food from 3 days of work.

I won’t ever hand hunt you again.

The decision to leave your man hanging – it’s okay –carrying [long] logs overhead.

Hi, hard of Elvis.

I would be cosmically sinning—all the people who have swiped their energy.

What is in this jar right here – 12 bongs for your back.

Stop hearing ’bout you. Dita’s Von Teese.

I think people can do that – work on goals [privately].

Very low key operation – no it’s aggressive –bong rips surreal.

No we’re at the top of your game.

I guess I’ve been over my body right.

$700 pizza. Intuitive approach. I will put to order it only when you feel loved. You will wake up spiritually eatable. If only women were interested in my work… .

‘Bow and Arrow’, 1945 by Newell Convers Wyeth

I don’t think you really grind it as hard as I on the inside.

Brought us something easier.

Wasn’t that valuable to me –him and I friendship.

Shades that had wanted to work on too – I finally picked a spot…[Lana].

Cryptic dead. God’s checkout.

I’ll never be able to get these big pictures back up.

We still have to hustle there to not be a screw job.

I don’t have too much which doesn’t work.

Psychedelic mindfuck.

Go get plenty of paperwork in tomorrow.

We all be of different legends but of same classmates | We but a fraction of what we’ll become | We wait for biology for more of legacy puts into you than takes out of you


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