They can only get firm with sweet people

The spiritual pagans – giving something away

Why do I have to roll with death in reverse?

Makes me want to turn my head—makes me be vulnerable

What sink and catching all these blankets up there

He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis

I’ma spend some more time in Saturn’s moonholes if you don’t mind

Good game covering an amazing trouble

They can only get firm with sweet people

Rules and regulations are this hard.

Open to receiving heaven’s stars.

It’s taken that long to get back in tune with them.

Small whipping post.

Basically I just wanted to preserve my memory.

It’s a good gordita option when we just want to get home.

Intuitive – dance club. Oasis. I am more moved with ___ and SPCA. On Mom’s head—soft wood. Worthy of our own values. Sometime’s slavery. I’m just the barbaric that loves the chicken. You keep dividing stuff up. Seems that you can’t able to find your path.

They’re going to look like it’s on vacation…[they’re on] vacation.

Don’t forget your teeth tucked in.

The element of peace. Pema Chakren.

I’ll let ’em know if we need other help.

Join the kids out in high school.

World famous. Sparky’s reputation.

Any kind of choice Medium.

The best cut job possible –Film… .

And saved it to Informations.

Blunt sex. I know it’s all holy.

I’m looking for those deep answers.

Gets you enough as a business owner.

To be less lazy. In the name of a rested mind.

Water cover’s not real. Have a great day but somebody does. It did span over 3 decades—it didn’t feel like that –Man 70s-80s-90s. Suspect –Man.

{Currents of generational Crone~Mother~Maiden}
Four of Arrows·Rest{r}~Four of Stones·Protection{r}~Four of Bows·Celebration

If the divine spirit believes I can hold it right. Soul power. I’ma build capital as I build [no] [help] –Artist. Fire ready to start a car [fire]. Wolf tap into. Concert shell.

Property and we’re proud of this neighborhood –Husband/wife.

Still wish they had gone West.

[How to] Maintain a constant flow of connection.

Declaration of independence. Disorganization. Value most the time. Taking a toll. Degree means nothing. These ladies here really suck at old cars/used cars. You know what Smithfield is right. Copied yourself. 

You’re making all this stuff down here then it goes right back to the staff.

School for modern people and color.

That is time [I did all that by myself and [mom not].

To secure a connection. [It’s taken me that long].

I gave him or the Angel coming a call

Blew everything out of the water. Angelica.

We just can’t let ’em get any sea built up.

They can only get firm with sweet people.

I have so much work to do. I’m so glad… .

Couches and potatoes.


The spiritual pagans – giving something away

But that’s a big outdoor dumpster. I love to sleep places and I love those pages. Steam roller. Any bored or sicky—crappy agepartment –Man. A heavy smoker of its worker.

Heart of the deads.

Genesis – it’s one of the best things healing me


Doctorate. What a friend may lose. Slitting my throw↓.

Everybody’s their own forcefield.

Brandyn special lecturer. Asking me for a paycheck. He should always have a minimal effect. Beautiful trauma. It gets garden because I can’t see it. The measure of security. Our thin was fine. Double delay. Nasty guide.

A question more of your fate.

Tapping into worlds that work…[words that].

The most sensitive interview.

And I got to be extra careful because I have that extra body type.

It has to do with the weight on my shoulders.

Because our features don’t care.

Gifts just died in your head like a ___ .

Dressing on the top shelf where it’s confused.

A prophet’s wake.

There wasn’t enough ceremony.

Think in silence.

Forget who you are because it’s not a choice of brethren. [soul light].

I can make an effort.

I put dads I awake. I put dads my awake.

Would only need to borrow that money –last resort.

The spiritual pagans – giving something away.

Soul connection is soul connection.

To dance with the death and roll with intuition

Last week was the first week. Popping off. Just came on tour once a month. It’s this mail right?…Mail-code. Your mom’s so selfish everyone has to grow like her –Man. The faces of reassurance.

Those terpenes were just raging.

You and me set the pace. Very very nice one—nice one –that’s Jesses. General positive information. Getting a mule. A guy or a girl. 8 years ago at brother’s graduation…[9] putting myself well out.

A prayer focused.

Actually engage me—It’ll feed me.

I’m just change my last name.

Figuring out your own work like crazy.

I’m just going to test the idea.

That wildchair – sleeps on the couch.

Varying degrees.

I think I should of kept my star on.

Take on Author or 3.

I want to trance till my lungs fall off.

She kept complaining about her dignity.

I’m not a very good psychic or medium.

Thank you for raising your critical voice.

I might start a family—finish my off week timing –Woman.

Your muscle’s wife.

Stonehouse done deal. You cut into my film.

This is an end game. Flair to death.

Then never came back to me – no pleasant point.

Sacred internal work.

Occupied your time at my lawyer’s office.

Add it up – I didn’t know anything about you.

[What we’d buy] A pair of crocks and… .

We go into the kitchen—1 table not even 10.

This is our fighting and you promised me you wouldn’t tell.

Not traditional night dancing – swing dancing.

Kanye West dressed as Prince William. Please pardon the delay – we are right around the corner –Man. He fathers no one.

Whatever you could of been – you got what you got.

Hot gaming life. This shit from Toano can’t even fit me into the box. Got your job at Chesterfield done – touch it –basic training.

You make people look good –fair/dignity.

Your sandwich isn’t tied over here.

Friendly jab. Good Samaritan.

I am putting that star track in the middle of it.

God has to do something to get our attention
Complex is one thing that’s always out of nature


Why do I have to roll with death in reverse?

But every shot was dangerous. The ghostbuster’s been lost with no point. Very arch sunrise service. Very early sunrise service. Don’t play ball. Thoughts on your coffee table 1/12.

Whow does that happen when you’re 35.

I’m a little nerve damaged.

Talking extra large on with you.

I’m on a swing at WSBN to see you WSBN. Pushed in gigantic slide with people at bottom cleaning water [cleared] still no feet to touch. Skeeve now [or forever hold your peace].

I noticed when he was a child with a lot of feeling.

Took up the Medium.

[Summer glam] anything goes I guess.

Next weekend of over-singing.

Just to prove if not you can own it.

Then I liberated to do Shakespeare.

Breathe in times of rejection.

A mind art that you choose to do every day of your life.

Bernadine –two sides. Time for Xavier Rudd. Expresses her super and your super. Super and your support. For the second pouring out … . Mathematician.

{Energy right now…I’m looking for you to be honest with me~6:06pm/6.28.22}
Eight of Vessels~Rebirth{r}
{Infinity of Orchestration}

The courtesy of the lungs.

Why do I have to roll with death in reverse?

Adult women I love, we blink our eyes to. Loyal –Man.

Ready to sleep my soul.

It took me five minutes not getting it done. Rebel.

They gain it in: I am pours.

Oh clear – casually on the moon – you should keep things very clear – the moon you keep very clear.

Advantage to getting… .

Self simmer—self control. Self center—self control.

The gods are wild.

Backing it up against you.

Too little too late.

Unmotivated and classy.

After work information.

I’m looking for those deep answers
I’ma pursue a deep cultivation of spirit

I think my West dentist inside. Boy is out of the water. Price gone up. A little shark tank. Disloyal. [Sit down like this] A red hot alone. I’m into working out and fitness –Husband.

Chills clears – cleans season.

Isolated from them. My film training.

Eco systems on the rise. Echo systems on the rise.

Where is your copy machine.

Turning this into a nuclear functional death.

The NY in me learned. I couldn’t tell if Christian dead or not –Kristen. Nice cracker. Super unique video of you –Black girl twerkin’ entertainment front of Drake – with best friend.

The keys we keep.

Dead to me and move in silence.

I’ll think today – you should move back from your parents. He left her because he had unresolved business of trust and trickery. D.C. present/recommendation. Storefront.

We have our heads wrapped around the excellent idea.

She’s sick from scratch. Value partnership.

Famous legs. My own troubled region.

[The arena town] Acosely Mass. I’m out of ammo.

The cats knew worship world.

Were those brand new once? Me wearing hat at Anvil – couldn’t be universal as custom fit to hair. Tinting looked good. Too much to gain access to. Unmotivated by you. Cut the umbilical cord.


Makes me want to turn my head—makes me be vulnerable

Going to save the best for last.

Heal your friend.

The hands of a sinner. From the internet.

During my 60 day pressure –Brothers. Flagship – spiritual weather is the only worthy after 2. Balance of the right words.

Nature is her habit – wanting to do stuff.

I think I caused you a mistake.

My heart won’t sing jobs –Astrologist.

Threads of fate—Wills of nodes.

Holy venison.

Chucchi west. If you have 5 – 2 and 1 left. But I really want the goods or a while –in mind. I know what I know.

Cradle our words [sometime enough].

Angel was sitting well.

That’s how it started.

Messianic –Messiah thing.

You’re pregnant now –Man. Relapse too. How much margins I need to make money. My whole adult life thinking I’ll be sued. None of him messes you up –Person. His roommate’s roommate. Are you fucking listening!

Not that many bold people to be afraid of.

It has a moderate beak count.

Wanna have more than 2 options –3rd bank going in next to 2 in Norge shopping center by old Farm Fresh.

You want an experience with black country.

Whatever it takes. Considered to be gruesome.

It felt really naked and afraid to be what they want it to be

What kind of clothes are you wearing?

This isn’t just the turning point –Session.

Money is not an issue.

Money is not additional income.

Makes me want to turn my head—makes me be vulnerable.

But cord is indeed clear.

All the problems we have are solutional.

[I like to] Channel the horrific details.

Made safe without you.

My personal rollercoaster of emotions.

Asparagus blender.

A soul call plea at highest level.

God is digging really deeply hard for you.

You know what that means – that will be your calling.

Mental health sufferer.

Good afternoon –Mark and gummies.

Crimes on my fashion.

I lost him –employee/owner.

Just what I’ve taught as an ethereal practice.

Well I don’t think it’s still there anymore –the hype.

It’s how you project yourself.

People, that’s it. Cross over. No, you’d see me.

Bold sex ring pop off.

I felt very accepted. Honored.

A conscious pot smoker.

And the winner’s portion will be: O O O ←3 plates/dishes to choose.

No I’m not going to—A health and beauty decision. Don’t fate make sense. [Rexy] I’m glad I called you up. Mix with regular drink—Fire-starter –half and half blend recommended at Panera.

To tell you the truth every day of my life I need to write or I’m overwhelmed.

Chris Green looks like an insult to me.

I’m sorry I talk about it—I’m sorry I woke up.

You see the Frankenstein we speak of.

Vegan marshmallow accident/incident.

Name of the game – Stress challenge.

World employment applications.

Thank god you have some poverty ridden spirits.

Who’s actually working because I’m working really hard at something –to owner.

Significant damage to the new paint here –wooden bunny/cat figurine [fading] –figurine in restroom mom wanted repair.

What can I do?…Hanging out there too much—Extreme family caution.

Supporting that one woman’s suspension…[10 of hearts reverse]

I knew responsibility.

Bright ideas.

I go through varying trips –Legions.

Let me hear your voice – mine gave clippers I know that. The voice.

Her with baby. [I could see them having a kid and him being unhappy]. That thing’s so cheap [might have to change the oil].


What sink and catching all these blankets up there

God, will you wait for me. One of the hardest things ever gone through in his life—It devastated him. Flow and rhythm. Together again. Dreams miles apart. Appointed me –Owner.

My needs are so great and I don’t mean to be dramatic.

Get on your knees and pray. Together again one day soon. Straight hair business woman – short dress—straight – sexy corporate—exec –It’s lunchtime. Evolvist energy. Brain child. Acronym. Food is big—Food is bigger. Advised not to say that.

As a healing practice worth every penny.

I’m looking for the lines to cross. Television wires. 101 dalmatians. Graduation level. The world stacked ‘gainst you. Body, mind, and Cancer. So you see the cross breeze. Punish the mind. [I’m] okay – sense of humor. Our energy play roads –brother/dad. I’m like fire. Haunted growth.

Pressure will end up causing beauty scars | God of all things is pure in vacuum

Working with your whole heart in spirituality –scary.

But will never find out the life of their employee.

Get to work – just doing what I can do when I saw the cats done drug.

I hid not your expectant truth.

Endo-crannabinoid system.

How to go about and enjoy as a drug dealer – Natural medicine.

You care for me – I care for you.

With heaven in the mix.

Fix some of your debts.

My daddy was practicing people last night.

Plus she needs to huddle with her mindset.

The knives are stuck. Tough ventilation system.

I probably can’t break her knife –Wife/husband –Husband thought.

I give a fuck – I give so many fucks, God.  Launch –Dad.

Individual loss at a conscious level –Person.

–One wish in with party favors.

Human errors.

The 10th commandment.

You’re killing things. Artisan. Does not walk.

He believes every single thing he thinks –Person.

A number in his head. I’m stuck on pages.

Blue templed.

What sink and catching all these blankets up there.

Take me home to land of the living.

It’s bodybuilding –Sales. Desperation – the only weak card. False records of lives. I will make it up to you, God. Foreign drafts. Basically the writer. Hidden cost fee. Aligned decisions.

The concrete book – even if I’m eating emotional holding block.

They were hurt and wanted to hurt us hence lack response. Self preservation technique.

They say this will happen over and over again in your lifetime –Feelings
I’m not coping and this is growth


He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis

It was a little difficult to not scratch the lenses. Doubleized force –eggshell –posting now.

The blanket on your shoulders.

My bond got closer to the earth and the heavens.

Me tatted up in healing energy. This mountain together.

We pressed accident like it wasn’t really tomorrow.

So I recognize this as very familiar speech.

Dynamic side.

Just taste the higher wisdom.

To induce coma.

Strike with the energies here to work with.

Me know what I’m talking about psychometry wise, it’s pretty cool

Hey grasshopper – did you lose your squirrel.

Loan throwing contest—hate throwing contest. Fish valid. Found the warehouse. It’s nice just sitting there and nothing happening –Man not tweaking out. New, cheap value.

As great as our country singer are at time to time, they don’t make fun of each other.

Your man’s like I’m generous—I’m helpful…[not]. So fucking dank. We definitely have putties – we might have glue—we definitely have putty. Cease-boy. Artistic rendering.

The power of the plate [post].

I’ll be a sobbet passion –Man. [Sob + hobbet]

This is going to be the breath that mourns –Sobbet passion.

Happy birthday specifically.

How dictate answers the soul | I must do readings for someone because I was sick

A silent mediator.

Really good communing between souls.

Best advice: straight … .

I am just my will’s relic. Live action shot.

I just want these heavy buck –Man.

The monk raises her voice.

I got this nice little Tarot possession.

We have to break our own self down first.

Dreams—Healing work. Crimes on my fashion.

Rather than ride it this cheaply.

Healing miracle.

If it doesn’t feel real, I don’t invite it into my life.

Is that afterlife?…It is a pure breed turtle.

Full disposition.

It’s true for your face and your smile.

It’s completely taken us on the career thing.

Queen bee sat around—the other thing real straight to get needy.

He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis.

Throwing away everything not keeping enough.

A divine miracle healer.

I’m doing my weight training.

I still eat it, I said I didn’t like it.

Karmic path and dharmic duty.

They want to all front about something. [So isolate in terms].

If you have all your stage and ash pieces | Still wish dharma was served free | You may dharma because she has to be sick

My psychic candy. Bringing it home.

You look like someone’s mom.

Justin Cramer—you look like someone’s mom.

I get number 50/50 all the time.

Don’t have it in your mirror. Earwax theories.

Gas week sets off.

I actually think there’s power in building those texts.

Never be obstructional anymore.

Sold at the 69 unit price.

Schout for my weave.

I’ma go and cancel her friend request and see what happens –Astrologist. Always the land of the pumpkin – Pumpkin –Vine growing/I took up to walk by in hands. I still feel bad about this one job in August done with you…[August 2020]…Lanc[aster] beachhouse.

Do you guys have a mental piece.

My little footprint—The group I need to share with my staff.

They’re going to go proactive on us –Husband/wife.


I’ma spend some more time in Saturn’s moonholes if you don’t mind


Universe [I’m asking] Challenge me.

That’s pushing it. Blow jobs in heaven. Cleaner the measurements. Dumbummer. What the fuck. Super humiliating. Eye to eye. Pineal gland. There’s actions in your words –Husband. Total eclipse thank you. They bit off more than they can chew right now. 

Continue to be inspired –Owner.

So peaceful. You know what I mean knowing that the same fuchsia. Microdermabrasion—failed neck ahead. Once we get to the hair and birthday club.

She understands the ways of the wild, the ways of the shark tank –Family.

Blank event – their bedroom have fire after them.

Message like bottom.

Brother – kinda loose on that empty bottle.

My true arthritis opinion so would you.

Get ahead of me a couple knives and a couple motorhomes too please. Don’t look back. Jealousy. Total loss of insecurity. Lawsuit the numbers aren’t here.

A lot around this and me feels like the even and the cross breeze feels like.

About you scaring someone. As soon as I disconnect from my energy projection… .

Me raising my work. Karmatic wisdom.

Clean gun shot wounds.

And wouldn’t touch the sky.

Rock pop off is amazing. Reunion of souls.

Align the doorbell. My Catholic fault finding is true. Drive some black. Didn’t feel like mind was going stuck.

I was walking by to obey another | Sounds like a folk charm now that I covered her offenses | All the problems we have are solutional

It’s unhappy we left ’em –Dark haired male looking off into distance—black straight hair.

Boredom is like a real thing in the spirit world.

Are you not tired of the rat race –Man.

Wisdom and gravity.

The red, he’s going to come and deal with me.

When I do, it’s not Klotzes, it’s someone above me.

I’m looking in my eyeball.

You put your daughter around a negative person ←do it on purpose…[plan].

We’d be divorced by now.

Gucci projection. Heightened awareness.

{Sunshine{is to}Moonshine}
Ace of Bows~Spark of Life

Pull forward with the veteran label.

That was a painful process –register with the state med card.

Is anything echoing and everything.

Moving parts. We had to let someone loose.

Everything’s impossible. The great awakening.

I’ma spend some more time in Saturn’s moonholes if you don’t mind.

[Show in me] The number of truths in your hand.

Karmic path and dharmic duty | Alterations on average pieces invite a master in your life | I am going to combat—At sometimes I battle myself when

I’m mean of car—he’s not homeless –Man. I guess I’m confused. It does feel like a trend doesn’t it. We’re in charge. Loads of festivities without oil and us until then. Pie in the sky. Beautiful memories.

Indebted to you – Do you need anything else from me?

No seriously universe, after a million years.

It needs to go on blast again.

Principles of our students.

Givings’ your last name.

You know all the girls – I don’t know what type of girls are they. Brother’s in agony. Loophole. Universe, make up my decision. No that’s my birthday. If you’re not listening to me yet.

Once upon a time there were three sisters. The first sister was smart, articulate, and knowledgeable about a great many subjects. She was an avid reader and could carry on intellectual discussions about philosophy, politics, and economics with true acumen.
The second sister was an actress, given to intense drama both on stage and in her own life. She could produce tears at the drop of a hat or just as quickly burst out laughing at nothing at all. A touch psychic, she somehow always knew what was going to happen next.
And the third sister was a real whirlwind of activity, given to adventure and the rough-and-tumble of life. It was said that she never sat still.
Now, it so happened that all three sisters fell in love with the same man, a mysterious man whose past was a well-kept secret. He gave each of them equal attention and took turns dating them. This caused the sisters to fight and quarrel bitterly among themselves.
And one day the mystery man disappeared, leaving the three without any warning. The intellectual sister buried herself in books. The emotional sister boo-hooed and carried on in a frightening fashion. The adventurous sister lost her self in endless activity. The sisters quarreled again, each saying that their way of dealing with the loss was best.
Finally the three sisters went to see a wise old woman they had heard about with the hope that she could tell them where the mystery man had gone. The wise old woman listened to each of them separately and then gathered them together and asked them one by one, “If there were a fire in your house, what would you do first?” The first sister said, “I would figure out where the fire was coming from and then I would call the fire department.” The second sister said, “I would know that a fire was coming and I would scream so the others would be warned.” The third sister said, “I would grab some sheets, tie them together, and get myself and the others down the rope to safety.” “So who is right?” asked the old woman gently. Each sister again argued that her way was best.
The old woman smiled. “Each of your approaches is needed and each is incomplete without the others. Together you make an effective team.” The sisters then asked, “But what of our mystery man?” The old woman spoke again. “He was a part of yourselves looking for one whole woman, not three quarreling parts. But he did get you to reflect on your different styles and approaches. You are each very talented. But you have not worked together. He will return when you can work as one. Now go.” The old woman smiled knowingly to herself.
The Sacred Marriage: Discovering Balance, Secrets of Shamanism’


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