Let the Magician and his after candle be his call

You touch the earth with heaven’s gaze

Missing Ketu experiencing Rahu

It’s very near your empty Artist phase

Mountain ongoing…beautiful when Shakespeare

Did not and fully support the team

Here is your honeymoon—I am your Saturn

My vibe isolating—I fox as I sing | Lonewolf –Fox – Shaman
How you don’t think I’m easier and listen to the universe – Lots of rest Mom said – Healing technique – Cross breeze – So you need to come through in terms of witch

 Just stand there doggy style.

Impossible to lie to. God’s fun.

–pyrite. Names – I have to ask names. Civil engagement. That’s early attachment.

Son of Manuel. Sacred hair preparation.

Sure in the Airincarknota.

You’re living and dead at an Art.

Homeland security. $1.00 = me – Maintenance worker = $2.00—end of year bonus for hours worked – Maintenance worker more.

I just can’t talk about normal stuff – normal stuff drives me echo.

But we kinda got the lungs Maxwelled
Thank god you’re gone. I have had the most tedious job I’ve ever, brother. The way I typically sleep. I’m going to layout here so much. Me asking him – job profit as he broke. Be down just at something.

Expanding angels.

‘Cause he lost a little bit of blood.

Put your money where your mouth is. I’m not sure what rate we’re going to go with the youngest –Son. How often we bounce looking good feeling stupid. Mathematician.

See/Sea as my teacher – this is what you get.

I’ll miss that employee forever –dread or me.

The tiders of bringers.

Low purpose ladder. Nautical.

I’ll meet you to the ground running.

Mind and craft go in certain places. Why does he think that his shit doesn’t stink today. 


She shared hand food.

Made it easier. Aristocratic. Mathematician. I think if yours are milk can represent bleeding. Me and her cooling it off – we’ll do fine together –Sister and I.

With an over-absorber collection.

His whole life he rode Providence Forge.

They are the similar people – they are the Wowotan.

Leave my house, come home and clean, you know how it is.

We were young and grey and expertise.

To hold your twinning light in the flame.

It’s like a dragon queen.

Let the internet speak.

A very expensive gift –your heart.

Voice and minerals.

This isn’t going too well –tinting.

Let the Magician and his after candle be his call.

Sister came up to me thinked/knew it took time – you only have 4 days on this – I work through the week as energy allows. Owner saw me share quesadilla boy really wanted with minestrone – I brought it to him after left with me – owner thought my nature was sweet.
We were young and grey and expertise | To hold your twinning light in the flame

I’ve just been dragging this down so hard.

King of Jane.

Flat spots. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Heist. So as Jason inflated—he remained inflated. (Jason: ‘Healer’)

Swimmer’s swimmers playing to join.

I’ve got a really high tolerance.

Partnered with Air.

Star employee.

Brother, there at 7.35 over – they’re just not taking it –his wage/rate still not sustainable. My boss here is borrowing his young kids in Kentucky.

I heard your sex ring pop off.

Convinced everybody. Bold and hysterical.

But we kinda got the lungs Maxwelled.

I dream beautiful things for you.

Horse boons, and tiggies, and brain cells. I’ll watch it over dinner with Jesse. It’s like growing free money –herb.


You touch the earth with heaven’s gaze

A task session.

Sister –escape artist. Sweet potatoes = died gas.

Got it turned with a delivery.

A smart ready wise … . Want to know. Anti-potent life even life it doesn’t shock you. Baby I used to. Ready to keep the … out of the same display … .

Historic rendering.

Carol apple pics. My vibe isolating—I fox as I sing. Focus on attention span beautiful gifts. But I’m getting pregnant too. Ventriloquist. For me to see. 

God has manner on plan on project.

Dad has manner on plan on project.

I’ve been rooted for 10 years. Grapefruit. You did it. I’m changing my attitude. I can’t love the house anymore—I can’t love the house anymore.

My magic will continue.

I got the movie shame.

You touch the earth with heaven’s gaze.

Exact cookie.

Eight of Bows∗Hearthfire {A Complete Circle of Union}{Jupiter} ~ Page of Stones∗Lynx {Native ways of Ancient}{Mercury} ~ The Moon on Water {Raw Emotion Cancer}{Neptune is the Moon}{The Moon protect her}
They get me off without putting an end to my family reunion ~ They changes like they see hearts from the heavens

Headless horseman – buff male lifting head with both hands…[vision].

Corrine Bailey Rea. Lone the way. Bitcoin. Clear rat race. Stagnant stream. They go on.

Fully launch [to lead that] personality.

Apex. Be taught a year at the light. Follow me the leader. Star presence. Feeding these … armpits. Memorial service.

That’s how caring happens.

Buy and selling a house.

We will not be back Brandyn – ours was lost and found.

They should be full of drama to be better.

Growing 1 boy’s enough.

Eating and drinking but who wouldn’t.

Any white soul… .

It’s a little bit virtual assistance.


Missing Ketu experiencing Rahu

Reshrouding a schedule.

The ocean it divides together.

Gain access or slow enough understanding.

Plagued by my mosquito.

Open magicus.

The crimes on your sort of protection.

Looks up silences. –chicken.

More of a morning thing—A strong glass held within –Astrologist

Little white out construction paper.

Missing Ketu experiencing Rahu.

[Lowhood]. My heart is so lonesome.

When was the last time you honey-mooned someone

Little cradle manger.

Do I smell? In that keyboard business.

Place all care meds.

She had the hard fit in mark –2 years.

Birthing them—Nesting them.

[And they’ve become] Price essential.

More of a morning thing—A strong glass held within –Astrologist.


It’s very near your empty Artist phase

There is something in the air –Healing art | In the twinning light {daughter} Men in forces caused others to think | A bed that unlocks Plato

A bed that you can unlock for free. Chadwick.

Candles at the longest—stack curves against you.

People like him—$30 bucks to go out to eat.

Worthy is our benefit and our job.

Love me so I love you.

Open his eyes to heaven.

One more chance to become what they’ll be
New people, new things. Soul judgement. Next level aware. On a afternoon of my soul level. Build children. If you can’t back it up with proper medicine. I’ve got an earth re-cap too. Dixie calling out nationwide.

It’s very near your empty Artist phase.

I plan for retirement. Sort by: terpenes.

You’ll have your time. The bar likes getting high.

Hidden messages able to share.

One more chance to become what they’ll be.

Star manager at Disney. Epic is too close.

The short videos and depressed shadows.

I am not my will’s relic.

Couch on the P.O. will be reversed.

And had by religion. Work goals.

Your beauty goes unnoticed.

Love that job because it mentally fire you.

How do you keep heaven alive.

I love his car in his concert.

Are you like to sad it’s dinner. Sad named on my post. You’ve convinced me selling parts. Queen on the inside 14 days to taste it.

Something Sunrise about your service.

This is the flare that I was anticipating last year

I am in the mad mood for practice.

Heralding alter the Sun. Permissible –Dad gifts. I’m not trying to be emotionally exasperated from last year’s drain. The crowd of education. Uphill channeled energies. Keep it charitable in your portions. Prop: 65 warning harm.

In a way I never had knives.

The augment of Christ through—fundamentally I can’t come through.


But what I do want to show y’all.

Waylon right in the middle.

Lost with the moves but he has plenty.

If we can start to think how to go on deeper in the ocean.

Heroes of the high one. It’s been stressful.

Washington – Nothing new under the Sun.

Make sure you’re gracious.

I post every week even if I have to get my nerves up.

This is the flare that I was anticipating last year.

Jesus clear frame/pics/etched with each child’s name at mom’s computer desk.

[So who has] The feeding duties.

Horribly lazy to become a singer.

The gods work on that.

Feel connected to Eve and Jay for about an hour.

You might forget to epically take them. Travel band.

Our team – Our family. Bound hands on napkin’s Father.

Then our image will have a reputation.

Our team – Our family | Bound hands on napkin’s Father | Then our image will have a reputation
King of Chalices {Developed Oasis} | REUNION OF SOULS


Mountain ongoing…beautiful when Shakespeare

Redesign your values.

Ritual value support.

Mental pictures—Mental Houdini.

Held within Justice.

If we group mine, we continue over this life.

Most iconic love – more delivery.

A lot of reasons why you can’t go.

Utilize his time well, to move forward in stride.

Along my incredible fairytale.

Changer’s game.

Really losing those sounds. You gotta do what’s right for yourself. I’ll trip on my paws. The boss I graduationed on. 5 months of training. Some slavery from Canada from Williamsburg.

Mountain ongoing…beautiful when Shakespeare.

A lot of wrist pain.

Naked and afraid. Cut verse my virtues.

A total feeling that you’re aware of.

Green juice. god will have a choice.

Complete detailed. Property self and maintain.

They herd you. Especially what is pouring from.

Hey you don’t need to get show – you can call me whenever.

The birth canal. That you did that right by us.

You have the dumbest athletic performance.

Dita Von Teese – smokin’—on shaper robe – Me with dad but through Dita – other 2 woman at home. With in and out. Complete – destroyed a career. I gave it to the rest of the public. Yin. Be—17 – Be specific this month. A natural light in. What happened to it. Painter’s tape.

Can you live with that body that name.

Officers sucked too!

Upgrade your story.

Lonewolf –Fox. Shaman.

Celebrating your dreams. Clap back.

Mental pictures—Mental Houdini | Don’t worry about thickness anymore – death will come | Accents [Axes] don’t let die
I would reach out to any bird. Can you give us on unusual. The rueban knife. Cool down.

Annually and mentally.

Entrance in the forbidden.

Evidence evidence shows. Sometimes you just can’t let go. An audio version. House rhythms with anything. Sobbing quite sobbing. No one’s laughing in the locker room –sorcery. Malt Sinclair. Beat it as a teenager. Chariot—Joust. Maybe it’s just me and my projection. 

Don’t worry about thickness anymore – death will come.


Channel you every night I’m honest.

Pick on up setting up. A bulk for your brains.

Accents [Axes] don’t let die.

Just in time – Magic watch.

The urgent home says they’re probably looking for… . Republican.

I would be my mind’s alley.

Dark and scary.


Did not and fully support the team

Climb up in my dark whole and get something out of my rabbit | Rabbit hole find lucky patch | Unique rabbit hole- unique– I like unique | My heart’s tender rabbit

Rabbit/s vision. Cats are allowed. The above critical weed. Long before the dinosaur. I both felt stolen from. You back it up with science. Our furniture disease is awful. You get any songs that might delay. Memory – delay 44.

I don’t think you’re getting [hitting] your focus though.

If it’s just a silicon sleeve. Well and deserved main course. Most iconic brand. Such a long ways away from doing it right. Be one in line [online] and crazy thoughts. 18th or 16-sixteenth.

That is terribly the right thing to do.

You’re in denial.

Edgar Allen, the prophet.

They only have a bunch of the same stuff.

Got on the deceit train.

Simple truth move words.

Yeah I need a little extra help.

Evidence I really can’t hide.

It would have been too much—exhausted by fear.

Did not and fully support the team.

Always about principles and values.

For my nightmare starting –brother. For his nightmare stacking –brother. This is where he begs for forgiveness –brother.

Holding on – floating around –words.

Simple truth move words | Keep it charitable in your portions


Here is your honeymoon—I am your Saturn

Veg hound. The most followed by the rules.

I had my tables locked here, you had it branded.

Stiff cookie.

Stop making this the government table.

I want to support the vision while supporting me.

Lifting others stuff. Mind bullied war zone. Heaven’s gate. Urgent trauma. I do not understand. Do they think all breath were created equally? –chicken.
Candles at the longest—stack curves against you

But I’ve been so right in my projection.

Feelings of the end results near.

The layer of a micro-conscious. Coral reef.

My appetite for desire fell.

Life is: who we are. Personal value.

God, I’m asking to be your mentor.

Don’t do it for protein, do it for nutrition. Our cookies cuttered [out]. Able to spark a relationship with her –Owner. Directions both ways. Style world turning. So much book from within. I was sober for 1 day… . Value prime minister.

Here is your honeymoon—I am your Saturn.

Next week $10 a week for a year. 90 wood. I work with non-lily plants. Lucky doesn’t matter…[when]. Compliments of a stranger.

Greedy like Shakespeare.

Unmotivated and classy.

How you don’t think I’m easier and listen to the universe.

Lots of rest Mom said.

Healing technique. Cross breeze.

So you need to come through in terms of witch.

Give me your best shot.

Pure resources. Advise from kids.

Glimmering world.

Combination of the 2 of you –you and Saturn.

Rules in the bedroom.

I think it’s time to figure out how you got there.

Turn over without looking.

Combination of the 2 of you –you and Saturn
Part of our family’s history –Wife. Gone mad is her –Wife. What’s wrong with them: “fuck ’em fuck ’em fuck ’em” –Husband and wife. Lost my brother –Brother. Till that’s for sure. I am almost there and I am learning to pick up from you. Good man –thought his girl’s going to look like this –Husband. Hereditary. Drived the wall black. Fix it change it. Dump truck a little extra.

Instead of being active – spiritually passive.

The rodents smell/stink.

Shamanic growth and healing.

That’s what we’re here for—to listen to each other –Astrologist.

Holy-vension…[invention, etc.]

Doorbell was too open for me –Owner. Thinking in obstacles now –Owner. Fall forward – measure back. Populated that same area –Wife common chick.
That’s what we’re here for—to listen to each other –Astrologist

It’s Witchamataw…it’s what we want it to be.

Family business.

You guys notice that’s that’s okay.

Life may break me and if it did… .

Shamanic growth and healing | The world of ceremony/tradition

You’re just never smart – I’d let it go.

With all his property managers.

The world of ceremony/tradition.

A hazelnut mochaccino. Yesterday’s not even an excuse. My forearm just died to me. Lost and confused. Deeper trail.

It’s the one feeling that I do know.

Lost in space.

8 of Swords {Arch in Conscious Light} | HEALING ENERGY


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