I carve mental and cave painting

He is Harry Houdini and he is glad he’s here

We work with real influences

Rock on on Mr. Father’s good friends

I think I got the ceases on my side

I carve mental and cave painting

Other people have say in your artistic projection

Even if it’s rocky…a few signs

People’s real conversations flood me

The crowd of education. Dual feathers.

Brother selling vinegar. … just needs to check his ego.
She comes as alter after an artist. Feels like wall here to go to waste.
If you could really break civic union.
Do you think I’m biting at the bit to wear this sweater?…I just don’t want it to go to waste –client’s used sweatshirt left—me refreshed on policy of procedure…but we wait a sec. to give back after hold…[older blue color].
Feeling a real slave to the workouts here.
Wow and I need something so bad to be reinvented.
Different reasons for doing this –Owner and I tint.
Answer to bring your question.

People moving round booing around.

The deaths of an interest. The deaths of an Empress.

People’s real conversations flood me.

Art is reality happy at work.
New advise.
I died of a pull up last year.

I apologize for the missing heart.

This whole city drama.
Lost his Dad –Ikea. Windows on the outside.
Want to keep it even and chill. The hand heart.
Making payments now.
We bought it before the price is right –chicken.
Transaction fees. So I left the Hampton Roads area.
When it would rain, it poured.
Painter’s tape grams of fertility.
Self defense readily made.
Which my parents which I sun him dress –Dancing evil spirity.

I play with justice in my soul.

Cans of baking soda flipped his mood. Flips his moves.
Clear intuition—Aries rising.
The good show – The papa of kindness.
Brother hanging out here with us a lot—making himself
at home…chillin’ back.

It’s only going to take the inner work that you show –dedication.

I wanted to feel your life, Zodiac.
Always make sure the Summer’s unlocked.
The ex limit of changer’s game.

Stress Mom may eat Earth alive.

Solid dictators –Husband/wife.
So sweet to know her voice and exists –Janis.
Brother cooking here hanging out.
Are looking at the Sun down here.
Dug into it – Influenced medicine.
We only want for your body. Great promotion.
World view going against you.

He is Harry Houdini and he is glad he’s here.

A suppressed fair.
So important to Justin –face.
Showcase—Sensitive. Help me manifest this vision.
Not to ask the owner curtzes [courtesy].
Alone a little more lonely.
His independent check was personal –Husband.
I play with justice in my soul
The deaths of an interest. The deaths of an Empress

The Earth prophet –Wotan.

Man, I got too much __ work to do.
Global partners. Worthy our sand.
Music for her [Lecture]. Freely finding you … .
Yes the number of people that can live an atom.

Now he just has some type of family credit.

7 angel spirits. Lay the film on the picture.

He took the story of our life.
 Afternoon on the second sway.
Bio-field—it’s a decade.
Brave warrior light up sky – light up static

The internet of the passion.

Feeling crazy wisdom again.

Bravery. If that ever did have a spot.

You have no idea the natural… .

Hard to react that E presence.

I was too late to pick up food on.
I think you back it up with science.
Phycological condish. person.
An interest for Art.
We are both 3. Smoothly riding out.
I’d add my dog in their Friday and he got spayed.

They really reek like their odor –Husband/wife –Wife and I,

We work with real influences.

Hurry hurry—liberated, get the phone –door stopper at store.
Continue to focus on the week paths.
Call out day before – no good ’cause then off exit.

The truth within you gets you high.

Seattle Washington. Great Seattle. 
If you want me to I will—If you don’t want me to I won’t.
Sierra Hall – 7 minutes.
A person works in 3 sins like that.
Half naked specimen –learn more.
Civil commandments. The artist is the early way.
You can’t do really hard clothes like this – you get dirty fast.
Southern charms.
Sorry we were very focused for our … healthy.
But the void for deck-in-hole has him disguised in it.
It was that important to me—It’s that important to me.
After the dead of winter.
Where’s he…to pinfalls and blisters.
The stay home comfort it would bring her and I both…[in].

I don’t like to stay too high in creation.

Something that Casey Jump and his friends made.
Warfhill. I knew we took a little shortcut to where
you’re getting your meat.
We can walk off with any clue after desire.
I just received Granddad’s letter now.

The Sun’s waves.

I have to drop this to close to do to…Do you have a suggestion?
Well it’s cool to be different—no cookie cutter.
Mama’s interest in sorcery.
If we can’t do readings.
It feels like it’s been 44 days ago –Full Moon.
Broken down from misery.
We just want to find a better way to live and I think it cost you.
Continue to focus on the week paths
You have to be humble to be extra hard
Auto-populate of the seers all my life | They’ll be the ones that made it in the message | Mental dosage [ decisions ] | That’s lantern—I’ve got your flood right here
Reproductive fire.
Black 30 December.
5 ounces of character.
Our messaging center.
All days were booked—locked out from tinting. Cease-on-fire.
Who shoot by revere.
Dance on a hill—Channeled energies.
The way that karmatic moms do their thing.
Till he balled to the ground with stone.
Should be determined at the end of the year as a paycheck.

Rock on on Mr. Father’s good friends.

The couch and the Moon.

The most intense oblique emotions.
Can you adapt the other children.
No one’s ever perfect.

Freakin’ up or freakin’ down—Exhausted by a pattern of hate.

We might have some legacy room.

Little raises bump up between the movies.

Looked into the visions of the future.
Nothing new—Nothing new but under the Sun.
Red pepper and red wolf.
Never going to stay…[the same].

You have to be humble to be extra hard.

Weaving together worlds that work

Week carving. These figures figured to ask.

Not like the proper medicine.
Can I just send it to make it accurately clear.
It’s awfesome…[awful + awesome].
Self protection multiple albums.
The most meat you’ll ever have –last week blog.
Exchange of the times.
Don’t need to come home early. Leaving alone empty handed.
Emotional in a good way…haven’t felt emotions… .
Scribe. Her dread recognition.

Luminary. Lifetime interview.

I’ve done urgent bravery.

Obsessed with encouraging negativity.
Slip witch gypsy.
Use it 3X longer than usual.
It is what it is—I can’t tell you what it is.
Making money for artistic desperation.
I’m allowed to pick up noise. The sea has no kids across it.
With grace and assurance to live out this path accordance.

Till the Sunlight comes through again.

Weaving together worlds that work.

Didn’t give a — about his faculty and his farm.
Lovely dances. You’re in heaven.
Everything/Everyday operations—we think what we know.
I’m still in the complete elementary… –worker tinting.
Websites hidden gems. As office manager.
Falling asleep in the car.

The gift of prophecy –esophagus.

Held regard in your work.

The above therapy room. Historic shifts.

Respite = soothe comfort.

I like the narrative of my life. Makes me want to live there
Now getting towards me –miles on Jeep.
… book for free. A doctor’s note.
Brought tears to myself last year. 

Why wouldn’t you want to appreciate your whole life much more.

Doing okay on the clothes department.
Leave ’em to do credit for last.
Assurance at the time. Black and filthy. 
56 of the crow invite. My ritual value support.

Spirit friends roped into.

Kindness is a new notion I don’t understand.

The clasp of the truth that’s already on him –Dad/Marilyn Manson.
That he fell down the stairs one day.
Hers is coming. I trust spirit.
5th grade adition—he is obsessed about heroes –little black boy seen.
Quiet the timing. If I light a candle it should control.
Operating brother – having a meltdown.
For the vision and the hearing impaired.
You do get a modifying cash flow. To become a “legacy”.
Caught the attention of my soul – fluid moment.
Temple Medium. Covering it up.

Only the virtues of the spirit get me off.

I’m not trying to explain here.
Positive aggression. Store-house in heaven.
No, he is negative. Black and white princess.
Refreshing bong rips. I’m really enjoying these chips.
Languish. Stop having problems.
Commit to a wood carving – a better risk. Gather the wood.
Bill Graham, I stand that we have to go – You coin different—Get on different sides.
So people would carve out their pasts and thinks it’s respectful.

Honestly, you’re a fucking slave to religion: work.

Word listing, if I degrade my project.
Your brain’s nationwide. Paper moon.
Rosie’s has taken 1 week every thousand weeks.
Hello Jess, this is history. Dislaw. The sphere is not perfect.
Painter’s tape. Astronaut world.

Doesn’t matter what you say online – join the living and the dead –deadliest artwork.

Walrus spirit. Feel apart.
Channel it to record—channel it to record it.
Cycling a destination. No more bullshit.
[The money’s not worth it]. It’s like paper money.

I’m just a pagan and align your soul.

A constant battle of maintaining my energy.
Appear unique.
Then we got a lead from the Exxon station.
We won’t commit suicide. 
Science – you left on the driveway.

I’m excited about the piece is overwhelming.

Like a kid who has something lost.
Multi mechanic.

Someone else is doing it for you.

Would that be easier for you, lighter.

Given away the phone stuff—it’s under the public.
7.9 that is the diameter…of all the wonders, huh.
Their extra view.

I think I got the ceases on my side.

My seniority was kinda breaking me
I’m riding death, money, sun
Death¤The Chariot¤The Sun
Our week and couple checks.
Liar with my protection –Names/carousel.

Voyage – check yourself out at the end of the day.

Separation anxiety.

My nails – looking up to see if clean – my dreads I explained – why offended – natural normal growth.
Getting anxious about you not being here—Getting anxious about you not being here. Got on the deceit train.
13 the Notebook. We’re not going to do better.
It’s in several photos buts it’s really iconic.

Lost with the moves but he has plenty.

OK, I’m clearing my life now.
I don’t want to go down strongly.
You have to do something about it. I will guide us.
For the next step if we can do that.

I must of put it in upside-down last night.

Him and I want a new year at life.
And if we need it—good luck we have it –ladder.
Depends on the sound. Intuitive apex.
It doesn’t take 2 person to get that. Love and respect.

My seniority was kinda breaking me.

When a mindset wasn’t shared anymore.

I hope that bitch was shockingly each really run by you.
And it took me a while to cat too.
Sky prophecies. Magical growth. Building this together.
Famous last words. Building this letter –Famous last words.
I always tell me out cheek medicine.
I don’t think we all really have to talk about what’s going anymore.
It’s going everywhere.
Be liberated without your prophey aura.
And it was silly for my Dad to even ask about.
Let’s go make this literally together.
Many are account that job. Bury you.

Whether I went to a concert or a movie… .

Simple truth refreshing us back.
Open your eyes – you see that your own angel pop out.
When you asked me I would always turn.
Hamstring incident.

It is dressed up as a drag.

Natural light in … –would you. SX 80 –lockdown.
Film inventory: you have to go to prison.
A smaller one on the eldest. They’re all going to die.
This is why I’m here – to hand hunt.
Haunts our future –Bay.
What a pregnant life within.
Trauma comes at last when you least expect it.
‘Cause these aren’t really good to get over seed limits.

I carve mental and cave painting.

Because Sallie put words in my mouth.

Brave warrior light up sky – light up static.

I never knew enough green children.
Trying to keep me in Lalalaland away from my focus.
That’s how it appeals. Continuously.

Get the best out of every situation –Candle.

General sky says you should summon booth.
This is a new mom pregnant.
This will look to you and find your soul – Florida, not really Southwest.
All those parents aren’t going to drive there.
Mentally fire you. Walls kicking in.
Already had ’em in the locker room. 
Get the best out of every situation –Candle | It’s called pitch dark {candle}{lantern vision}{tea handle holder} | You’ll receive messages soothe {straight} from my soul | Message in a mad room, dark room… | The rocks and the oil fox sometime | By the light who settles By the oil who runs

This is silverware—This isn’t reading –Astrologist.

Pies open. Weapon till we die.
That’s more of a stand up job don’t you think.
Charming in his words –Jesus daily.
I was honeying going through.

Nazi will not be a personal manifesto of thought.

It looks like yours reaching back at standup.
Reaching back—thin your project.
It’s there for a reason. Crypto currency.

Benevolent and big – you don’t want to control each other’s mind.

Does the dragon sound good?

I’m just going to skirt a little bit unless you need it now.
Guilty past the knife. Bitches need to wear western for clothes.
Perfecting 2 Geppettos.
Next level for next level artwork –including us.
Jessa Earla Oinna. She have to join somebody assure/legendary.

Other people have say in your artistic projection.

1 + 20 have brought for you. The last talk at the bedroom.
Just hand hunt. Touting. Born in the wrong century.
We haven’t even re-stored the antiques. Mild approaches.
Get out and live your life. But also handle that barre girl too.
Could do live FB for 1 hour.
I just want to disease what I’m trying to teach my children.
Baby general whipping action.
At least you’re back to normal wages.
I need to eat more of today –Blackcreek.

Today is make more money hanging in.

A sand through struck’s painting.

It was income to my body.
Squad and indemnity squad.
The micro conscious of a layered soul.
Demensous Airirus.
Got your number in the price of your hand.

How much longer do I wait, Lord?

Everything I did was respectable and kind.

Love oriented.

Having a years worth of paperwork to do.
I am explaining. The legend of Holly Fork [vision near farm].
She’s pretty and you came back –Ex-lover.
Rather than let’s go change his clients/I’m rather over them –Brother.
Until I know, she doesn’t show up –Owner.
Most iconic brand.
Maybe it’s amazing what really won’t win.
Benevolent and big – you don’t want to control each other’s mind
That tongue – that makes us grind our own teeth and water someone’s flower

Best seller investments.

Is this your highest opinion?

If I’m communications manager. Feeling for you.
The delivery of all things … . No … pregnancy … .
Bold licenses. Show in Acts. I … and reward.
We work with certain influences and … .
I can’t out my tyrant.

With the moon blast. It’s an adaptive flow.

Ready to rot my aura.
We’ll come back to ya if we need you.
Nature is fine and chill.
In fact I feel this for you. Small sense of value.
Wild reading. Explosiveness.
He was preparing his installation services.
A very accurate account –Rosie’s to me.
[I’m riding] Death, money, sun.
Even faith position. Easy access to the modern world.

Slam art –Art that’s not serious.

Healthier/stable to walk.
For the single parents’ rages.
I may not spark if anyone.

Even if it’s rocky…a few signs.

Rocoin 18th. You are the house rules no matter what you do.
You left that bitch for others. I’m terrified for you.
Being heavy rippen the air.

That tongue – that makes us grind our own teeth and water someone’s flower.

Because of her increase on faith.
Apparently y’all are 2 sides to the same story –Dad and I.
My son-in-law can do it.
God will love you at stand up.

Happy as an individual with dust [brick] –collective slice. …Brother’s kids getting these.

You can help me with the first half of the day.
Coldstone creamery.
I mean trust me—I knew we were going to be okay.
Stay wild and read. Trusted hidden fate.
Janis eats. Vaggie boys sent her.
Duplicity. The greatest blessing and curse.
The family…the family’s health [spend it on]. Demetrius.
You act like, our brain can function in there.

Sharing fine space – static space.

Advantage to the king’s daughter.

Into the song whisper. Make something happen.
I acted like the projection of my food.
All was sure as it appears.
School for modern people and color.
Weighing down by my human mind.
Ablurt. The art exception.

To help support me support those around it.

No one’s getting sick of your ears.

June 12th-June 18th

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