Saturn sure lingers a while

I knew you’d kiss me like a tattooed woman

Open up your angel and become a folding one –Melody

Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle

Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment

How do we offer luxury of being of late experience

We’ll John Jupiter before play

Saturn sure lingers a while

Strong sympathy. You know the devil—the devil with Mercury.

Maybe it’s the concept I’m wearing.

And Prometheus asked for… .

I’ve been over my body right. Don’t be excruciating.

He’s going to have to stay young, for her –Man. Brant Cochran. Towards the end of your ship. Her arms look like they tire. Proper to have sex. We did it. Danielle wildcard. Made self aware. Because you’re awkward about it. Suitor’s stance. Catching my phrases. NPR. So dangerous for you – meat just pollute your body. Construction zone. And the idea totally morphed because I got inspiration on herb.

Pay attention now or it’s obvious.

Saturn sure lingers a while.

Only human. Reading astrology’s voicemail. We’ve dumped ordering grand into those. The death of drink. Plastic container. Misrepresenting life. The damage struggle. My art’s been stagnant. Everyone knows what I’m doing – doing it well. Shock and awe. Dust collector’s bunny. Flat broke. Because I’m William Richard rich.

Trigger supply warnings. Lifetime with the air conditioner on –”the real pearl”. I’ll get trampled by pigs. People aren’t knocking on your door are they – for a full-time… . Parvati. After Tylenol and genocide.

‘The Moment’, oil on wood panel, 1831, by James Ward

I love you and you know that—Me as my late side. In a low psychic state of shit bomb. I attune my mind to the highest rhythm. Real lasting change. How do I convince people I’m not crazy. Sober resistance. And that’s why we’ve been talking so much. All the 5 cars in your card.

Chief executive. Energy healer. I knew right away the charm. Silence and eptitude. Brittania. Keep sleeping through everything but. Substance abuse problem. Self blame biscuits.

While 3 gusters—we had to listen to them.

We returned our back.

Blunt warriors – that I was always there for you.

Get paid coming through.

We did not understand a superpower.

This is the best selling rod.

Hello, some onion out my desire. And am always happy with their solutions. How I’m winning in home states. And demonic rich. Cycles to declare mine. Primrose.

Purchase order delivery [Mercury]. The psychics seem to like North Carolina more. They lie to a pillow in their room. Point of reference.


I knew you’d kiss me like a tattooed woman

From the stress to the core. Without honor…[no dream recall]. Orthia. The challenge of men. You didn’t give a shit and you didn’t give a damn on what people thought. More ruled technician. Flawless. The collective channel. The personality to tell him the truth –sober.

In the wildest chases ← your stuffing’s changed → I’ma go to history.

Buy the birth certificate wrong – I’m not doing something right.

So many dreams and desires. I want to be more of a force.

I’ve bought 2 suitors in here. Sweeters. My sidereal needs.

What small guacamoles have the plant to talk about.

Pushing all the right buttons—push the quarter zone.

I’ll leave you alone. Far woman from abortion. Wrote about. Mission. The … studio. Where’s your … bullshit. Blunt sex it all holy. Waning crescent. And moved back to town as psychic witch. The measure of security. O.J. on my trial/trail. A dude with a difficult spirit. Fall trail. Marsh pit. Nothing constructive. For me to be powerful enough.

Sharon Stone picked that up. So mad. Why intelligent people lie. I love channeling stuff out in the open. I lost it – it’s a vibe that I carry. It’s what you’re hearing about.

Putting dreams on hold – putting all on the line.

Heart center – your courage peace…[courage piece]. Heaven and ENT help me now—you’re their lunch… . Employees on writing. The stars all the time. In fridge – Ruth’s feelings.

Moonlight bad girl rituals.

New moon bath rituals.

Ceramic pot from youth got wires tangled and stove—toasted/cooked bottom cracking. All burnt and crack at base. Connected to other wires in workout room. I needed a sign to grab onto.

Going into this next button. I’ve been sick so many times and I just want to say shut up Brandyn. Size control pens, organically swung. The power of a clairvoyant. Pleasant awkwardly. Say you will remember me before you leave us alone. Owner’s contentment—Owner’s pride. A very offensive style [woman] not everyone will sees/knows…inside.

You see my camo wiring anything.

Lifelong projection.

Deep river rose. Red river rose.

Whatever you want to fill up quicker.

There were sponsored at their 3 of people.

Like I don’t want to do much more because if you saw me trancing. Let’s bring you back to reality: you do know what you’re doing. You’ve worked off the floor. The victim seems checked out.

Air symbol fire crosses—this is the first relax.

Get me together.

My body responsibility with you.

It’s like a 1 person job –Floating.

Then familiar must be wreckless. Hidden current living outside – 10 years to make aware…Another 10 years to… . Collective bunny dust. Rotate – to inspire change. Enduced you a coma. In the hands of the wrong users, man with tattoo?

Just got all those water to drains from heaven and lesson. Withered in decline. If Mike won’t go through it, Dusty will. That’s some green marinating party shit. Work on woman’s hips more. Extended over my body.


Now inventing lore. Prometheus.

Life with out music – I can’t go there.

Jean cut offs if was mowing…grass –Male wearing flaming shorts → even more to come.

Look to your services more…More classic.

Just that that did not service you this morning. Self control, wisdom, character. All the benefits of a visionary. This buying pride. Casey Jump’s pride. P.O. edition. Can’t give it up after a month or two, stick it to your daily gain. Showing beautiful world order. Lifetime’s great. How to cause and effect.

Work them out to the masters that be.

The day after was grazies’s van…[band].

I’m looking for a sought-after trance.

Are they readily about you and your journey. Catch me if you can. Soul light – mass karma fuel. Have to take 3 years. I knew you’d kiss me like a tattooed woman. Because I understand that it has a quality cannot fuck with.

Something about my life that’s like not working. George Harrison. The grimson effect. Road block – Bob Marley. I’ma sit but listen –thank you. Person with plate of food. Calling all detectives.


Open up your angel and become a folding one –Melody

Saturn entegies free perfume. Start going there again. First post and no body wisdom. The right time to share. It’s just not the same connected on that side.

Open up your angel and become a folding one –Melody.

In traditional Aries similar.

I question…I’m curious for curious reasons.

Tied up with the social spirit [that]… . Could have been a consequence. Constantly looking all in the middle. You know you have been restrictive. How can wrong dust personality. Educated leaked.

All these opinions about fluffy men and mental challenges.

I can’t so just why not [get life together].

Mad kitty friends. Something I meant to tell you – life in transition.

What warewoman out standing in her own way. Arch trance. Sending so much better vibes –the people with low $ quote estimate…[tinting]. Play dead and I’ll paint you a better picture…It’s about warm ups. Since brother will be free.

I need my extra love and support.

Changes in muscular energy.

To see as an artist once in a lifetime comes around.

Command me to do your will. On relieving the country. O.J. Simpson and her daddy ask only questions. It’s the retardacy. As “the great pearl” made a hundred dollars [in her pocket]. The dreams are visionary purposes. Looking good, that’s not in the way.

Endolphins and the rainbow. [Endolphins] It requires more commitment.

I just can’t do all-things through Christ who strengthens.

It’s hard to provide for those helmens –180. Raise more demands. If I fall into you. Anvil wrestles black street boys. Why is that hard song a popular… . When your confidence usher.

What do people do in the middle when their mind’s challenged.

You’re jacked me into plumbing water.

Experience of thought—Experience of thought reverse.

That is totally calculatable [–needing time]. Nothing makes me promise. Immense servitude. Having the courage to do so. Channel whore. Something new to break even. Tickle my ailment. Gaining patches on ’em.

These questions are polar opposite.

Dreams come true.

New York and I don’t know what question is.

The last hour to put that bitch together and we’re still not even done. Prometheus sound. Norman fucking Rockwell. Prospect. Eulogy. I have to adapt and accept and I’m so uncomfortable. Is that your favorite way to trip or does that old shit.

Mediums don’t cover him—he is a large –dog.

High school blanket kinda rain white [nut] sheets.

The universal one minded G|god –wink[ed].

[That looks like some] Cool fun—you got to watch your back [camping]. Pack – you only have life. Don’t know what finger to clear. Falling out of order. Not disoriented better. I need to be healed right now – I accept healing over my life. Peel back the layers. [It’s like] Going to direct TV smart center when got something to rose. You go first –Owner.

It is for the next generation…[Deodorant].

One size fits all.

Qualia mind –Astrologist.


Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle

Eleonora. Kinda makes me nervous. Chaperone. That Minnesota bullshit –fighting hands/head overhead. Their house and their spot. Or the laughter of mosquitoes.

Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle.

The biggest, brightest version of you, God.

Scream for me—scream for me—scream for me every day.

Capital landing road. Nothing new – nothing new.

Ahh aaaa haha haaa yah. Make eye contact –Rainbow baboon.

The power of our musicbility.

Did you want to park. Last they grew pine forest –arranged it good. AA a piece of…50? Because I ever listening too –Woman on words –owy [aww]. Chunks waves [at your ass]. Anticipation. Regulation. The english dictionary. Woman saying listening – loves study the rainbow [more]. Pagan pathways. Page 6 at a time. In positive review. Any tight with your shed.

It is everything you’re doing – just feeling it a little more.

Second dial. Come to resistance court.

Highlighted venue use. Because he lives mental message.

You don’t own me and welcome to the same rib.

Complete transformation. We made a deal.

‘Pearl’, ‘Gawain Poet [fl. c.1375–1400], manuscript painting [as the father in Pearl]…[The Dreamer stands on the other side of the stream from the Pearl-maiden]’

It just makes his loser ass fall longer –Man. I remember this out of someone’s reasons. No bind or script. Winning without you. They’re odd to their karaoke vibe through the year. To violently cleanse them. I’m tired of putting words in your mouth. Well in season – off season gift. Being friends after the fun’s over. Wall split warrior. Stonewall. That improves. Pot bell big. Artillery. It’s what they look at and it’s what they want. So low it’s hard to feel. –Emotions –Middle war zone.

I could relate. Start vitaling my parts. Choose my woman their—Choice notification. Power, originality and stress –Astrologist. More like a Leo connection. That spill over my door and my home. Why don’t you just sell time of the year. Words of focus not wisdom.

Secretly doubled you. The 7 steps to workouts. Discipline your car down there. Step back into the time of coaching. Understanding the root of backstabbing women. Do you have an open dance. This is the strangest long winded post.

Can’t handle my little dreams of desire.

You see that transparent invite on your life.

I am very much an accident.

Violently cleanse them. The current’s healer. I’ll get the word done. Nonn-ering my back mentorship. New all thought. Where you are out of hope. Any path could of been yours. Healed after a pattern of opening. They’re really nice if you don’t tighten them up.

What a one sided situation I can never get away from –Woman –Country/folk. Crimeless—Strangeless…bumpin’ on a…–Lana. Brandyn—your heart flame – can you encourage it –to man. Trapeze –posting. Protect herself –Woman. Brant Cochran –the tire all the time. Cast member –tinting? Unalarming desires. Smelly and wet spaghettio. Completely tuned into my music.

Oh that’s what you look like getting rid of child –after flab hard to lose.

Such awesome pictures, such a vital thing.

Looking for such a student attempt.


Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment

The way investigators do that. Calm, Mr. approach. There’s a linked tree on your block.

Gods on the other side—This is my reef.

Liberation’s his pride. Mine is eating order to put on muscles. Addition to being good at notebooks. I support your clear message. Heart centered approach. I could sport a bitch so hard. Normally I can start success in business without.

Trauma around Rahu – big boy Saturn.

Jupiter – Capricorn – Pluto. A lot of soul pages.

A powerful heart centered medium.

Full permission the body – Access. It’s later than I thought.

Art, dreaming, writing. Grasshopper – you sleeping.

Not reading sharp when reading folkly.

She’s a prostitute – the lady we saw today – she’s a prostitute. Insta wants to let people know. My skin’s been that great. I make it uncomfortable for your ____ to flip. Unique photos of bed and breakfast. Furry encounter. If a storytelling. Making it onto when it’s not. Regrets towards Thomas [Phoenix] how could you not –Man. Letting you get low to your work.

Money moms against Raphael.

‘Archangel Raphael’, [‘to heal’], ‘The angel of the spirits of men’/Angel of healing, protecter of pilgrims and travelers
No more keeping that together and then other room. Dolphins – dolphins get stuck – they’ll get it in. Normal state of frequency. Prana killings. That’s why it inspires me so much. Greater wisdom. Hi Cassidy, turning headphones for an hour and a half.

The enigma for me – it’s a super big spiritual concern.

Jyotish chart.

Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment.

6 feet flair to death. She really does not support you for look at what you’ve done to –both ways –Astrologist. It was connected to July about a month. To know your husband –tinting? That Carolot Bank of America. From God’s will over my life – I don’t know if I want that […] because shifts personality.

A great degree threatened just by the second afterthought –Astrologist. Making you crunch a red flag –herb. For the first time I curious –without. Need drastic shift overall! Six month retreat. Get stronger. Vampuric presence –me to Man. People are like really cheap, that’s the thing –Astrologist. Yes they are! –me. It’s a luxury service.

Play my sausages warm. Teardrops on my guitar. You can get back on track very easily. Like this pestering voice – you never really paid attention to it. Mind split. Old stairs in the bedroom.

[Vampuric] Yes, I am – energy healer.

Can’t be rollerskating. Ain’t no Benji Sheik. Do you have any other margins. You should have left inheritance money. Broke. Bought your stupid magazine to make everybody happy –Woman/man –Man to woman. $300 yesterday.

Nature’s woman. Tight spaces around the heart.

Took pictures of their architectures.

The real nice young man who works there.

Left person or drill sergeant.

[Fans said] He’s no deer astronaut.

$10,000 check written as bonus surprise for tinting service. Can’t face my broken promise. And I wonder how it would have been – [the rest of my life] –clear. How does it always feel being an auto respondent. I’m a drugged up beauty queen. This isn’t about your use…certainly one man’s… .

Even if it’s what I don’t want to hear, I want to hear it.

At least you are good at driving. I was just trying to get a hit where it was taking –Man. I’m not ever going to get in touch with you again –Astrologist. Carve out/colored one with heat in the middle. I don’t have to be gifted. Do you want to be a grand designer –Wha… . Clean experiment. Then all the work it takes me months goes away –when shifts.

Spiritual women—You know there’s a priority – Main gift.

Got off this chain you were stuck in.

War like you can handle it.

It is a bottomless function –Healing.

Widespread notoriety.


How do we offer luxury of being of late experience

Attempted fate. Fully in his men. … –Man. Emotion site sometime for – pretty watered down – love to lifetime access. It’s been 3 or 40. Channel: both guides. I situation made a struggle co-gentle.

Nuts about it –Justice.

Her is an ancestral love sunk in. The great abortion. I’m 60 fuckin’ 7 –Black guy at job showing clock in type – know how…But for your purpose I am driven…[my short shorts noticeable]. We have to yield. The word love goes a long way.

And still educate children and have fun.

Soul Jordan techniques.

Lucid dreaming. Soul tasks.

Transmute fear. The holocaust is—It took ____ minutes to have the holocaust come [helicopter]. Security in Air.

I need and respect where my spirit and soul are going to go.

Life history. I’ve tried 2/twice to align with the Divine Will over past year and countless over the 6.5 years – face it hard – you won’t be sorry with it – of spirit it wakens you. It is a soul trap.

I can’t watch someone’s video if I don’t feel invited. Plenty of red flags today. I just did a picture like this [measure you want to see].

The set 12 goals out of 20. Breaking down the world dynamics –Man, not supporting energetically. It’s not a proven subject. As the south of a guest – I’m asking for some support. Trauma and manipulation. Derision. Stimulants, narcotics, circadian rhythm. Clearing out old debts. Advanced notification. What I’m going through it might help another person.

What did you have planned for today?

I am a soul bambi.

I’ll deal with his customers –Glass in foot?…me?

Haven’t been able to mentally comprehend what was going on. Unlawfully. What he is going to do next. I wanted to get everything away from you. Give me one reason to stay here?…–Patreon/all. She was quiet. I’ll just take my own nights –to husband.

Original used original like always.

Head microwave. Tremendous healing? Silly woman –…[Woman thought]. Ruler and healer of the world. Mixed emotions. Took me some garden squash potatoes. Stand the test of time. Having a joke job pussy. –Dead mouse [me to Seth]. Slide the door open. It’s like you need to be on top of your game. Your brain has to move slower.

Princer of masterglass –Glass in foot –second sign.

We’re just about how you feel. Greenman.

Rest on me—figure out evenly.

It’s kinning the future –Cobble/vibe hallway of his –second baby. It’s that in a way to represent art—less I promise you. You are such an intimate being. Soul cracks. You are such an intimate being –soul tracks –soul talks. Prostitute and uses crisis. My Mother’s protein gift. Soul work. Be alright with your destiny if you keep taking on shit. If you keep taking ship. I fill in spot and linger.

‘The Allegory of the Cave is a story from Book VII in the Greek philosopher Plato’s masterpiece “The Republic,” written around B.C.E. 375. It is probably Plato’s best-known story, and its placement in “The Republic” is significant. “The Republic” is the centerpiece of Plato’s philosophy, centrally concerned with how people acquire knowledge about beauty, justice, and good. The Allegory of the Cave uses the metaphor of prisoners chained in the dark to explain the difficulties of reaching and sustaining a just and intellectual spirit.’

1987. No say to no compromises. I look at everything is everything – …Skip the ad. It kinda effected me so so bad I couldn’t get on the right track. Does he look like David Bowie’s cousin. Unplug the smelly internet. Keen these silvers on the doors. Direct message, harnesses tools. Body below the lines—at least they test it all out. A form of protection. Inner harmonious. I’ll be free one day but will that day ever be here.

This group is filled –sorry song writers –soul writers.

I’ve recalled my Jupiter dream baby.

Park bench denied of being me.

Yes I have to hear from you or your own thoughts. How do we offer luxury of being of late experience. Brant Cochran. And everything in that woman’s life is uncreative –Astrologist. But you’re supposed to be happy with your song distantancy yourself –Astrologist.

Window flight use selenium.

15% destination increase. Pulled my wife. High energy vibe what I need so bad –Astrologist. They’ve got aluminum foil, AARP. And I want her to rise up to the top –Astrologist/me to her. Mercury. A single down payment.

Kinda scared about Lord Karma.

Always living in a wild fantasy.

Let’s start working good.

Here we are: the best of the worst times.

Power soul this to. Different reactions.

The theme degrees, critical expressions. I am reliefed in Pine with all courage. After backing up dog days. Neil Armstrong. Got to go through at this point. Stepping up… . Folks really want messages rollin’ in.

You going to paint that?…Adventurous siding.

I’m so sick of the sales pitch.

That is why they’re lossing everytime they’re losing.

We’ll do the judgment thing –in family [Man]. Kicked and never supported. With this afternoon obsession… . We gotta bend for. It’s been no mature since he was the first born –Man. Channeling creative fire. It doesn’t say it even if it says it.

I love you but it’s been a long time –Divine gracing.

You did this to me now.

Where’d your tent guys get a job –people sanded hoodrat creepin’ near churches near home –Me run inside as real and no dream but we’re still in dream.

That baby bump bumpin’ into character.

That’s the fact of the Sunshine world, I feel so full.

Thanks to adhere my call. Deep underground knowledge –Man. This design intersection. Needed for the people. We sat outside on addition to the ashes burnt. Glad I’m running you a minute – not her to judge you.


We’ll John Jupiter before play

Look like harper…down the road, look like Harper.

The universe is responding, specific requests.

I loved hearing the waivers in those first scratch.

The body’s listening. Longer coaching energy –feet crossed ankle twist.

Brother, brother, sister – Brother take giant grad pic –me [walking to see/hug them as they walk in]. Finally the recipe for disaster. I do have a sacred relationship – test who that is. [Got to be honest] With your nature specifically. And that bitch. Understand a prison. Because I’m William Richard broke rich. Because we both know what it’s like to succeed –Artistic writers.

This word way together put world back.

They must have been over me. Have 2000 eyes.

Different throat sauces. Ritual support.

I’ma make a quick shower. There’s no lack of power—There’s no lack of wisdom. At one side I’m gratbed-eth him. Making hush puppies. What confidence is all about. Before they leave – whip these up.

Long reception. We’ll John Jupiter before play.

Thinking about our marriage, made you a happy person.

I don’t have the heart or the honor to tell her.

Your Mother Grey classes –”the great pearl”.

The only turnover –Silhouette vision of 2 people shaking hands standing.

The way I’ve been drinking away the pain. Turn key. Let me reel myself poking in. I do want to take the next 6 years to incorporate my life. To say no to the wild at life. Pools of blood. They were supposed to go back to hand sanitizer today. I’m going to put flood/eye…shit?

All for her benefit and enjoyment.

Their beautiful Dad celebration—we see them working hard throughout the year.

The way your encouragement and stuff polluted.

Put 4 million dollars down and I didn’t.

Some gasps and some breaths here [I do want to take].

You want time to be anywhere else but me.

The first impression rose. I don’t even care about life – don’t feel like … . International channeling. Short lesson: what’s okay. That believe in the issues there.

If she’s the next Mormon prophet—This is our daughter…other wage [on function of] –Mom/dad.

I just died looking good.

Have a up spiritual permit. Owe more on the lines of $20,000 –Man. Energy took a need tested. Let me ask anything out of myself. No way was just happening – was going to get a taken out. The star away. To I told must use simple math—no one would acknowledge.

Sith –me dropping out total chop. Man, woman together on couch like sitting/laying— wanting to be together and trying to find a way back – and to kick/end current woman/wanting help with the process of escape.


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