With our craft and load – help us virgins

I wish I didn’t do it –Cheslie. Gut trim. Vapid 8. 8.5 months pregnant. Its death is in the details. I tell them what is real and how we completely feel it. Justice for ashes. Gets cooked. Water dice—debilitating mask. The thread of fate. Honor and blues. They might of passed inspection.

Waiting for that heartbreaking 40 news.

Mall—Lightfoot. To Bear, To Carry knows—Rooster. General world specified. Proportionate. Blind times. Rahule. Terrapin. Human Tarot. Favor moving frequently. I envy the change. A mature sense of self. High strategies. Love it all over again even if it sucks. Deluge. Pussy manager. Went to daddys’ found me a little girl. A hard time negotiating that. Crafting deers. So I don’t get chaos—line up. Kim and Kourtney could be such good friends. Esteem whore. Honest bassist.

I would gave your knight out for anything.

Didn’t know anywhere you were with band. Life and retirement. Honestly, if time shows up for me. Not doing anything wrong. Can I dig as deep as you. Wanna start my professional life. Exualized—it was dating. I’m naturally a crawler. Marine time – what time are you meeting him. Those temporarily will bid better. It has taken so much time – schedule appreciation. The 9 of the above. Do our will, hold still.

Agonizing – this has been a separation anxiety.

You wear your ring and I’ll wear mine. The inseparable twin sisters. Gaslighting. More times over than not. Keep my hone—want you to keep your infraction secret. Fame of the famous—you don’t need to be dream to continue. Some indignation. Was sorry at your message at scrutiny. The life and times. I thought several cuts were 3 pieces. Dads’—a good free man. Unwrite written book—sensitive material. The River. Heart of gold. With our craft and load – help us virgins. Communal effort—did not go away. Fully invested. I texted like a monarch. Human remains. Lip service. Handy work. Spirit glue.

This white candle it is magic—everything manifesto.

I was so wrong. Bridge attack. I am doing some terrible work not calling the administration. Seems like it sends off a damage report. I mean they all have their place. Serve me better. The way she did that –High dive [vision]. I’m about 5 containers away from you. Deluge. God forgive me –Jane Roberts. Both animals focusing on yourselves. I’m a different kind of quiet. Breaks ideals. She was an inside thinker –Jane Roberts. She lived in the inside world. Sounds like she was having an epileptic seizure. Detriment to pain. What and accident to prove. The 12 Saint Apostles. I was honestly quite wild by fire.


Rahule: ‘Rahul is a popular male name in India and has a variety of meanings. The earliest meaning found in the Upanishads is “conqueror of all miseries.” Later use of the word is attributed to the Buddha, who named his son Rahula as he felt that family ties could be an obstacle in the path to renunciation and nirvana. Buddha uttered Rahul when he first saw his son and gave a new meaning “relationship” and “bondage” to this name. Rahul means Moon, Able/efficient in Sanskrit and Pali. Rahul also means “Traveler” in Arabic.’