We wait for biology for more of legacy puts into you than takes out of you + After it’s all dissolved it’s basically a jewel

There’s no 10 mins ago, it was 10 years ago.

This dream in here that is spelled so dear to me the formless ones appear when they appear invested and pure I’m on their side.

Tease the brain. There is no confinement. Egos are paper. Jungle J and Aunt B, I brought some clothes for you to change into. The spiritual reflection. Better make these payments right now. Go through a bleak contact. Evolved through space and time.

Still no daemon, there’s no green in heaven.

You as a remedy, sensitive soul. Self endured interest, self cured healing. I didn’t show that long number off my human to show that I’m human. He was sick loving cash flow now in the military. You have kiss and you’re that saturated. So much stuff and all of this stuff were Christmas was junking. Could be a good girl,? desolate?

We wait for biology for more of legacy puts into you than takes out of you.

Whatever is good for the soul, do that. I was walking by to obey another. Haven’t been nice there’s no surprise, why is there so much beef with you. I started compassing when his came in. Died inmate killed himself that morn. You need to rub it in, so much salt in its pain.

This is all there is, you are rooted for me.

Awaken third dimension. I thought my foot was under. I met you and I don’t even know, this scene is forever long.


In the deep asthma. He needs to take the counter out a bit. Plant the ears. Drunken hope wisdom.

Buy sides and get mouth.

Sounds like a good deal breaker. Brother’s diverse child style—Brother’s reverse child style. It seems like a massive playing field. Tell me what you think? World presence. What more can I count for—stop. Skills aren’t do anything for him if he wants his own.

The clearest concise channeling blog.

Complex distractions. 3 weeks can be the longest or the shortest time depending on your… . Sometimes you’re not going to be hearing from me at all. His answers to the outside. How many are you looking for unseen? Flyers are my fingers…

Next I am breaking the funeral with Gabriel.

Counting. Gun stock. 1 creature cleaned her bed. I’m with many nephew and I’m getting physically fit. Hammering his hand –Owner -“suicide” hurt/cut. Now what we need to do is. Love from the heart. You end up taking longer for the full effect. Somebody lake 3 naps. Tidal waters.

You are the breath of Colossians.

Depression– my full heart. Pollen’s yelling at ‘em. I’m never going to forget such a fun time An unexpected time –bye to Anvil/farewell. Human riddles. Who stands in the leads/leagues. Disarm him. 2 people afraid of hope. Hello missing woman –me. Really sold out on himself. I have a message for you –Owner. Fuel your package. Points to California. Precept.

After it’s all dissolved it’s basically a jewel [vision of dissolving around to uncover/show jewel]


|| Amazing how that time gap ||