Death is the retirement of harm; everyone comes out of the closet of Nirvana

It always comes down to a flying goodness man… an over the top over your head.

When the soul finds you, his heart nanny is withered in decline.

Favor’s been touched by an angel.

I pushed mountains with the thought of my mind.

True boldness isn’t shy.

With those pumps, you are sure on God’s tour!

Forget about his invitation, you’ve convinced me.

Doctors say yes when attention of love of birds.

The ghost will keep being better than the past.

[TV on in restroom alone] We want to eventually wear you out [Small orb entity in dressing room/restroom who knocked/ me alone /me singing In the Arms of the Angels]

[You] don’t forget the people you meet but you forget the book.

Trinda and Sophia — the three of us.

I’m provey to be known significant, worthy to held accountable.

Death is the retirement of harm; everyone comes out of the closet of Nirvana.

Don’t touch or possess me, never forget losing me.

Acceptance [on mug from father]

Oh they huge forget to set up just like a restlest restlency.

[You drink a lot of [team] people] I take 20 of forget the world.

Ghosts are definitely permanent… but can you hand me the right one?

When I’m preserved it’s going to be so weird. [Saw casket being dollied Just came from West Point Beach, beautiful, sans factory Like we were ready if used to, didn’t know if ever would say goodbye [Spirit walked through our car by hood]

Ghosts tell true stories.

Our endless make our own heart restless.

In few years/later in life, he’s going to be an orphan. –Lady ‘Why’d you tell me that? –Little boy’ That’s my honesty, that’s my droven fear when I didn’t forget nothing. –Lady [to little boy telling friend of little boy who [[she left me alone today]] boy who wouldn’t be left alone from voices [Lady] [before] on TV show when other kids [friends with him] asked for something it was permanent [it happened] [tone changed] [from color to non-colored] they were kept/wish granted even if they were playing [joking] wish

Since it never ends, all this work is semi-permanent.

Vasted in critical boots education. Hold your story or don’t get your rope. Doesn’t knows who performance that is. Insanity creek. For Queen Cynthia and Thorny. Get this book in your wallet. The human generation 5 generations back. Vast her vast eyes.

The Kings I watch understand this.

[This is a great collection] of stunning below and Mythology.

The moment you asked me to get these– I’ll haunt you forever.

Job of the referrer. Facing enough situations that I’m related. To make unnecessary claims– I wanted to dump you. I want people to feel a deep part of me. I’m such a joy blessing. Because people just don’t understand you, they unique need you. Rena and Renee. Culturally big and openly slowly.

Share what I started with you.

You’ve become a residential.

My true life saving story.

Trident and Truent.

If you’re not sure just need some help– I’m sure Matthew’s going to be around.

It wasn’t so much about her honor situation at all.

Otherwise this would be a permanent plan.