This Award Of Steamy Realms And Time Swells

To find worth in the presence of being alone
A pure soul
All I really wanted was to be alone
And how I told you
Of my passions
How you got to know me personally
I do not open up like that privately
You were granted a rare glimpse in this pearl
This was my world
I welcomed you
How could I be honest and say
I don’t love you
I do
That’s why this has broken me in 2
And while the feelings are real
So are you
I could of held on and not exposed
Though raw emotions realm
Made this steamy
How I was compelled
Towards you
All the thoughts I’ve given you
I should reward you
This award of steamy realms and time swells
Dreams to be laced in symmetry
Oh this sweet memory
Tell me more
Illicit mysteries
So I can tempt you
And tear my soul in 2
Since I’m alone now that I’ve left you
Remember how I made you feel
As I mull over what once was
Forever concealed