By Lightning We Shall Fall

The Sundered Oak

Many years ago and this day
A great forest flowered as ever May
Ever enchanted, cursed and blessed
An ancient oak grew strong
A distant wolf alone howled long
One day hot and of wet air
Lone wolf wandered, glazed glare
Weary of the hunting trail
Seeking shade, one tired, one failed
Grove of the Oak he found
Ancient Kings shadow upon the ground
Finding rest
Temporary nest
“Clear mist, wearied wolf,” said Oak
Whisper from above, the ancient one spoke
“The mist is Blinding”, replied Wolf Lone
“My seeds are buried unsown”
Oak stirred “All seeds shall grow in time
For God does not commit such crime.
Why young wolf do you alone sit?
I see scars one cannot not shift
There are many wolves of the forest
Do you not hear their chorus?”
“I hear their wailing cries” Wolf replied
“Do you not hear their spirit died?

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Most People Think Poets Are Trash Blankets, I’m Going To Show Them They Are Witnessing History

Aubrey's Arch

Leaves of grass


shards of sin

They ridicule


highest men






Do they have

any idea


these men

have reached?

Sticky suit’s

a parasite


and I



the rest

see you later


*Mothers of mayhem breed*

*Fathers of free verse teach*


Blasphemous clarity

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Studio Sky

I’ve been there before
Can I go there again
Explore what’s in my mind
Refresh it as it’s always been
Amazing sky rise views
Alive any point I choose
Please lift my gaze back to
this unique inspiring place
Call this home,
a vacation, a throne
My soul’s seat,
complete and
at ease


Nature of the Journey

My Redeemer’s vision

Of intense provision

Guides my heart to the edge of this world

It takes me to the ledge

And in turn this I grasp

That every beauty has its day

When a sensation of uneasiness blew its way

This is the way of the four corners of this earth

Truly waiting until the day that Everlasting gives birth

So until this day, in my heart I will raise

A petition for praise

And an epic redemption

Laced with the title of completion

The Cave Where Our Spirit Retreats

The Cave Where Our Spirit Retreats

This heaviness holds a key

to free the attachments I’ve created inside of me

If I stand true, emerge and relinquish the bitter seed

the blossoming beauty will overtake my desire of greed

Do not feed the crippling stench

there is absolutely no merit to be quenched

Our calcified vessels will expand and receive

when the choice is made to withstand naivety

Our sight is measured by the quality of sound

the tone of your heart, your inner background

The awakening takes place in the depth of the heat

this is the cave where our spirit retreats

the engraved resting space of our inner deity

In the silence of the storm is where this occurs

while the peace to be won has always been yours