This Award Of Steamy Realms And Time Swells

To find worth in the presence of being alone
A pure soul
All I really wanted was to be alone
And how I told you
Of my passions
How you got to know me personally
I do not open up like that privately
You were granted a rare glimpse in this pearl
This was my world
I welcomed you
How could I be honest and say
I don’t love you
I do
That’s why this has broken me in 2
And while the feelings are real
So are you
I could of held on and not exposed
Though raw emotions realm
Made this steamy
How I was compelled
Towards you
All the thoughts I’ve given you
I should reward you
This award of steamy realms and time swells
Dreams to be laced in symmetry
Oh this sweet memory
Tell me more
Illicit mysteries
So I can tempt you
And tear my soul in 2
Since I’m alone now that I’ve left you
Remember how I made you feel
As I mull over what once was
Forever concealed

She Carried The Dream

She wrote the most beautiful lines in her sleep
Line by line, what is fed is deep
However weird, maladjusted her claims
No one could love her as inside wore a flame
That she set alight in a path so obscure
Not vaguely a memory in truth could allure
Star Dreams will come true in time she assured
This Star in the Voyage of recycled time
she knew the worth
of the most beautiful lines in her sleep
I never questioned the motive
This present I’ll keep
Secure, sacred, my rough diamond of glee
How did you know she carried the Dream?

By Lightning We Shall Fall

The Sundered Oak

Many years ago and this day
A great forest flowered as ever May
Ever enchanted, cursed and blessed
An ancient oak grew strong
A distant wolf alone howled long
One day hot and of wet air
Lone wolf wandered, glazed glare
Weary of the hunting trail
Seeking shade, one tired, one failed
Grove of the Oak he found
Ancient Kings shadow upon the ground
Finding rest
Temporary nest
“Clear mist, wearied wolf,” said Oak
Whisper from above, the ancient one spoke
“The mist is Blinding”, replied Wolf Lone
“My seeds are buried unsown”
Oak stirred “All seeds shall grow in time
For God does not commit such crime.
Why young wolf do you alone sit?
I see scars one cannot not shift
There are many wolves of the forest
Do you not hear their chorus?”
“I hear their wailing cries” Wolf replied
“Do you not hear their spirit died?

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Most People Think Poets Are Trash Blankets, I’m Going To Show Them They Are Witnessing History

Aubrey's Arch

Leaves of grass


shards of sin

They ridicule


highest men






Do they have

any idea


these men

have reached?

Sticky suit’s

a parasite


and I



the rest

see you later


*Mothers of mayhem breed*

*Fathers of free verse teach*


Blasphemous clarity

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