Studio Sky

I’ve been there before
Can I go there again
Explore what’s in my mind
Refresh it as it’s always been
Amazing sky rise views
Alive any point I choose
Please lift my gaze back to
this unique inspiring place
Call this home,
a vacation, a throne
My soul’s seat,
complete and
at ease


Nature of the Journey

My Redeemer’s vision

Of intense provision

Guides my heart to the edge of this world

It takes me to the ledge

And in turn this I grasp

That every beauty has its day

When a sensation of uneasiness blew its way

This is the way of the four corners of this earth

Truly waiting until the day that Everlasting gives birth

So until this day, in my heart I will raise

A petition for praise

And an epic redemption

Laced with the title of completion

The Cave Where Our Spirit Retreats

The Cave Where Our Spirit Retreats

This heaviness holds a key

to free the attachments I’ve created inside of me

If I stand true, emerge and relinquish the bitter seed

the blossoming beauty will overtake my desire of greed

Do not feed the crippling stench

there is absolutely no merit to be quenched

Our calcified vessels will expand and receive

when the choice is made to withstand naivety

Our sight is measured by the quality of sound

the tone of your heart, your inner background

The awakening takes place in the depth of the heat

this is the cave where our spirit retreats

the engraved resting space of our inner deity

In the silence of the storm is where this occurs

while the peace to be won has always been yours


Make your mark in the sand

you never know quite where you’ll land

Look out into the depth of the sea

that is how open, on-going and wide the possibilities may be

It took some time to realize but the choice is mine

to run and hide or dance and sing

the expectancy of what tomorrow may bring

The sea storms come weather or not

life is measured

by the structure of your shelter

your inner fortress

which will shield you from impending forces

Break free and look out into the sea

the options are as endless and vivid as a lucid dream

Father Time Heals All Scars

It is a moment such as this

when I realize all I have missed

Though I kept a straight face

I was dying inside

to tell you how much I hate

What time has done between us

the plea I have to heal this

and our once sisterly bond

the kind only sisters can make

the one we shared all along

If I could go back in time

I would surely rewind

my thoughts, my actions, my speech

though I was under the impression

I had so much to teach

and at the time it seemed so true

to confess what I felt I knew

Yet what I have grasped

now looking back

is that right or wrong

none of us deserved that

The impending judgement

that had hastily been spent

over futile disputes

now our bond has been skewed

I only wish for us both to see

learn and respect

how this dilemma should teach

how to carry on despite of calamity

how to move past the discomfort

of self imposed insanity

Thankfully, Father Time heals all scars

I know one day we will merge our hearts

Dynamic Proportions

There is something mysterious happening inside

As the magic and the wonder and the passion set fire

More than meets the eye if you were to see

More of an inner guide sessioning

I speak of what I know to feel

This type of feel is impressing and real

As I have heard in the Spirit

And claiming that sort of paradox

Is simply too much, I ought to stop

Getting back to my original intention

I long to kneel, fly and kiss the sky

And I sense as though I have just arrived

Ultimate Reality

I am starting to see the beauty of the flow

what really matters and how life is suppose to go

What is important and what is obsolete

what holds true value and what carries ultimate peace

These materialistic items in the way

 remove the heartfelt sense of praise

That is innately intertwined

to our spirits

so divine

That we have forgotten our own birthright

 to this immeasurable beam of light

That is always within and without

 it takes a willingness to arouse

To release this cloud of doubt

this weight of shame

this cold and rainy enigma of pain

It is rare yet attainable and sweet

this dualistic flow of realistic grace

 this taste of a heavenly aim