The Top Notch Dancers All Spoke Verily In Spirit Form

I got hot in one of my songs so I got naked

This creative imaginative power is as wet as I am wild

Everything tastes so much like a flow

The bears are dancing teddy bear knowledge

As the turtle was sliding in my hand, forming a total epic dance

The wings of portal merged a massive attraction

Of literary definitions, detections and puns

I knew what had begun, as my spirit friends whirled and sung

While dancing to the moonlight and strumming to the drum

12 thoughts on “The Top Notch Dancers All Spoke Verily In Spirit Form

  1. I have known a few dancers in my time in the service. We became good friends and They told me. Must enjoy your work. I like the poem. Good music can take us to better places. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

  2. This is absolute serenity….I feel present as a sufi whirls…as ‘the wings of portal merged a massive attraction’ 🙂
    Just beautiful John!

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