Listen To The Wildlife

liberation comes and goes
expands, defends, descends within
listen to the beautiful amazement
enchanted drops of pure derangement
a calm melody of peaceful insanity
a broached line of life to dangle
cares and worries no longer strangle
beautiful derangement,
cunning amazement

The Top Notch Dancers All Spoke Verily In Spirit Form

I got hot in one of my songs so I got naked

This creative imaginative power is as wet as I am wild

Everything tastes so much like a flow

The bears are dancing teddy bear knowledge

As the turtle was sliding in my hand, forming a total epic dance

The wings of portal merged a massive attraction

Of literary definitions, detections and puns

I knew what had begun, as my spirit friends whirled and sung

While dancing to the moonlight and strumming to the drum