Keep A Sound Whisper Stained So Potently

I am not seeking any sign

Except a clear mind

One far away from this earthy waste

Many layers removed for my mental sake

Shapeshift and return home

Come back my mind is blown

From the clarity and freedom honed

Simplicity is underrated

Everything I need beneath the silence

Wholeness is apparent

Unpolluted my mind is

7 thoughts on “Keep A Sound Whisper Stained So Potently

  1. great story, if you want to ease your worries, check out the picture on my blog, the man in the sky, worth seeing, pass it on, bless you

  2. Awakening can be a difficult path. Many illusions will challenge your spirit, especially when one is trying to find firm ground at a new level. (that’s what I find). I wish you many blessings on your continued journey, and thanks for the inspiring posts!

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