Power To Be In Your Own

i needed to see
what this could of been
without a friend
i longed for this
alone at bliss
can’t help my nature
i love you still
can’t help the fact that
i needed a thrill
to be alone
in colors or reel
i needed the deep water
to see what i feel
what this could be
now i know
love’s a disease
grown free
fighting for the cure
never beside
alone in me
the sentiment
the power
inner siege


This Mountain is a Metaphor

Live your life on a mountain top

However, do not deny love to all or life will forever be lost

I firmly mean to keep a strong distance

Though in that it seems like you’d be the only one listening

Yet in truth we connect to Life’s very source

This mountain is a metaphor

To keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds

Your life is an open book

Delivered from the wellspring of an infinite brook