I am the Jesus for the whole Bible and it was killer

Atomic bomb. Pretentious as I am. Self-mastery of initiation.

Because I put them out here – I found a creator of the divine will.

I have a team with me this time. Because I’m buzzing so hard I can’t chill.

Face and flexibility—Body and foot →That’s a good idea.

Quiet time before dinner – I just really want to think.

Now scream on instant vows.

Please pick it up with our easy eyes –Energy

Hard like sand only for me in kitchen – up late hanging out soul light.

I am the Jesus for the whole Bible and it was killer –on hair, Williamsburg Christian Academy boys relay through crowd at a distance…Sleep with owner and woman, next to woman, unfair – It was a privilege was there – like wasn’t supposed to have feelings – woman had no space for it. Silent architect. Like it was over and expected to stay around → the second walked could, and didn’t turn back, –early farewell from marginalizing. When was walking uphill away that’s when Williamsburg Christian Academy boys noticed from afar and relayed: [through crowd].

You have an amazing husband. I am awake again.

For portraits [pumpkin] out front door → pictures were snapped as at end of journey.

I don’t know about the grace of the Sun –holy mushroom and… .

Jesus said cover it up, it is holy. And just.

The scoops of coffee in the morning.

Don’t erase your compass anymore—I know it –Mini dream scene-vision

I appreciate you going big boy –Dog peeing without prompt. That’s a 9 year old man – can I – It’s hard not to in the presence/presents –Man—contemptible. Your stuff/energy – is always so familiar, I don’t know why –Man?/Everyone?

Please pick it up with our easy eyes –Energy.

Me getting room straight to sleep 6 in one room –making arrangements and reorganizing furniture—Scheduling/booking mishap in general –me leaving was before this –[planned] – This was my final task to complete and please. [And I kept making excuses to myself] His squandering mind’s going to go away. And you had to say little couple… .

Lion’s mane. How depressed I am –Man…You should be from woman if nothing else. Man up. I’m fully sucked away—I don’t think it looked important. To the point of them reassuring in front of each other ←what’s the point: . To the army that we’re in – I really want to do that. Steeplechase. He doesn’t have much of a reputation—not respectable –Man. Obvious to any.

Self love millionaire

“____”…”____” →The rest of your gifts—we cannot wait to have a beautiful day with you –to husband and wife. With their livestock ←held them hostage. Don’t erase your compass anymore—I know it –Mini dream scene-vision. May refer to more matter –subjugate.

Self love millionaire.

Every 3rd pound is a 4th –dips on body weight.

See your results. Look what we live in. So much clearer.

[The last one is] Epidoric healing.

Can I borrow your stuff for a minute –writing…and a wife. A home picked orange juice. Sonic waves –raising frequency of vibration. Where are you playing from [← I don’t like getting frozen].

7 obstacles.—The silent aligning. Thor’s so dark and radiant

7 obstacles.—The silent aligning.

Thor’s so dark and radiant.

Do you see a … anywhere on the job site. When I climb up my mountain so hi[gh], I find different ones to be. Green energies. Always personal touches. For me to heal. They just asked if I could or not. Recently I had to go.

What is the human nature of the gift giving.

[Wizards and warlocks] So you might not know what you’re looking for.

Anything you do do it with your full hands.

Many thoughts—many left devices –Woman. She’s an edible human being who likes her fold folded over –Woman. That’s copper sex [Man bag love]. Indian and the cupboard.


The content of I she oracle

The content of I she oracle

Naturally you just left. Alright we got to do it that way.

Headed to a doctor’s appointment. Hair looks so dark.

Compliment you on your bravery. Full credit.

I didn’t get a directional piece of paper I guess. Huey, Louie, Dewey, Khloe. Psycho. Or any glue – who fucking gives a fuck. Confidential to advertise. Psychedelic folk artist. Tell the truth. Black sheep—Black pearl.

The content of I she oracle.

Because public is not advanced as a civilization

World invites. The ways of technology. If she’s still hungry – let’s keep her outside. Wilderness scaring Joshua 2 – I thought there was matter. Injustice was served without me serving it –Woman baby. I don’t have any Architectures in my dreams. World support. Apparent. Tries to keep me hungry.

I don’t even know what you lost it on. True and true intellect. My Dad was nice enough to. Bar-none. Constant thread of connection. Get into survival – get into a laziness. Trust me – it is a life seeing process.

How do you sign when somebody’s mutually content.

To be able to record children.

Just another year by 4 demand.

Sudden sense of intuition. I am in Angel warrior.

Owner with worker romantically [why manager go] had no other option and fell in love, talk together long time – code on hand—you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to be that woman/type. [Banana bread saw share with Aunt – in face other way away from—hand feed in mouth] Asked to speak with alone – basically demanded since never was alone [she does his laundry] and woman divorce. Then hug for a long time – Didn’t get to explain sucked at communicating and ego—but said it without saying it. And the months before basically squeezed out. Was a dream to help you. Still married – [no ring] never wore for a decade].

Identify with heaven’s stories. Contract worker.

Might be spicy or makes so much sense [when around these people].

Get in a cupboard would you? Naked. And afraid.

I don’t think the horizon’s ever been more famous

American pride. She has a great personality, “she’s fixed” [no reproduct]. Man’s a jealous girl. I don’t think the horizon’s ever been more famous. Not to go southward with it [dream interpretation]. I just feel maybe I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity [Soleil blanket—blanket gift].

–It is awkward →reading through each and certain trances – It’s supposed to be…[The charm].

Probably heading downstairs in January.

Something his lawyer can’t see –Ahh Ahh—Woman being taken from cornfield resistant as forced.

Nothing to win on – 5–6 shows you where you need love. Measure’s up in the air. When will I ever have time?…Tinting examples. I just don’t want him to see that I tranced him. Maryland RIP. Which upon the arena.

How do you sign when somebody’s mutually content

Find out why. Find out if you want to get by hymn.

End of life suffering. Platonic cruise. Eternal suffering.

How much she needed vs. friend. Role reverse.

I would love to hymn those your brain.

Justice never served sweeter. Ecstatic.

Because public is not advanced as a civilization.

Disseminate. The charm. Artistic in new ways.


The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

Authority called you and the vision center

Just choose how God handles and wicked good vibes

Legal access using a hub expressing it

Apocalyptic glow would capture an emotion

Read on or read the stars

Really really want these heavy dark crystals. If you have a moon system or a post system. Hours back to back

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative

All dictator was transaction. Runner – your neck. Silent show changing directions. Ex screen disney.

Thor’s finally the deliverance

Aushra. –Figuring last 3 trances [childhood friend there, man, other man]. Artists do exchange for work…Artists – do or have other people. Native man – and artists did work for people – and the people did their work as an ambassador – because artists weren’t accepted typically. Packing blanket knife sharp – use caution. And it fits who I am completely – a native artist, an indigenous soul. Me, man, other man—tinting investment – poor ideas. Accept?…Cancer?

Use in $2000—use me to forget you. Exchange rate. Create for enough people that it does something. Exchange rate. Shuttling cars in my bad sport. Insensitive branding.

The busiest year of the year, we’re from here. Natural trust.

Passage support – lack of throughout.

Patient has been reflected in court dates.

You need time to do that today – Scarecrow.

Rate of exchange. You did work for the mat home or crafts and they went out to work on your behalf. Dropping sexy in my. Tinting lead with a mortgage payment and it’s gone already. That’s okay that smells like gnocchi. All this is talking about money –Man.

You don’t own me and welcome to the same rib

Seahorse vision ♥. Welcome to the same rib – push the button 1 more time.

Leaf proof, she reads a lot of challenges… that… . That she’s appearing gorgeous.

The power of my skin—I was going to catch it for you.

The soul knows spirit good.

Although it’s 41 – this is what the baptist should look like –Sign of policies on white cut out board hanging—dropped/snipped →new rule.

Well I’ma ’bout cancel Panera. No white teeth without you. It pays to tint. Summer Sunshine: the food critic. Vegan twisting thing.

My mind’s responsible for all things Christ and all things negative.

You can’t freak out if I leave you woman, you’re basically just giving me a ticket. Its technique’s fascinating to me and it is always accurate [Woman’s face saying]. Everything’s cool that you love. Exchange rate. You’re not supposed to post things like that – 2 days after Instagram. I forget – Just ask me.

Kinda reminds me of a hunting tower, a typhoon.

Bonds website –Truffle. This angering’s showing a madness in me. My suicidal thoughts. Do not lend my strength to poor girl. Pic of wavy dollar in field to take shot of.

A different way of looking at things. I’m about to do it again – backwards thought—backwards thought reversed [afterthought heard]. No head dressing. I am a vital man. The resurrection. Calming quote feeling that ship. Singer at odds with soul [in me].

Thor’s finally the deliverance.

6 of Pentacles || endurance in earth realm ||

Here I need help placing an order. They make me feel good –Bread and milk. Harmonious –me to man on me. I’m feeling like uber passionate again.

She does exits as good water should do –Fingers in water glass –Glass of water cleansing.

I’ma pursue a job. Unidentify her. Pure masturbation. From coaching coach subscriber honey bun. Is this swati from. His disaster, his struggle. You know the workshop with a listening audience. When insane has to have a body. I do not like this. Have to open off this.


Stay rough for a minute – leaving time.

He counts every single one we do historic

You have always taught this is a cool time of year. Black fox outback window –me tell Jesse, he see as well – took trotting, couple then stop. He counts every single one we do historic. The life unimagined. Man regrets healing ministry –her face sigh. A true blocked energetic being. I was asking for the best of the best.

It was the end of alike. Who your neighbors chose to look like. Don’t want to be too open on Facebook, might die. Incentive – work sheet – workshop. And I pierce my chest open. A controversial artform. 100% zoom out your medicinens. I can do it all alone –procedure.

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows

Ripples hold you current in the spot of history

With your Malibu’s’. Monet. And sublime because of the pickles. Old cases – need solving…Alec →unsolved mysteries. You need to get “in” to yourself more. I need time – I can’t do everything all at once. But it’s on on the Jamestown River.

Unplug – no upper windows. [Arch]. Human being – it resistance issue. So lovely and generous –Man? End of Maple tree caught on fire. Doing something evil in the spite of hates me. Cello. Once you play the game. Wildcard read. I got this word: blunt sex it all holy.

Holy – me telling Jesse’s’. Mentally to woman—she hates you – Don’t blame her—jealous of you. Some sort of blot out energy. Let her go –Man. How ’bout supreme court cases –Jesse. Let it anxious time – you forget life.

Soul watchful people.

Why did it end this way –Water gun shooting in mom and dads’ once opened/cracked because they never lock it.

Ripples hold you current in the spot of history.

Me looking out back – Moon—at night/middle – pics I took – I sent dad a voicemail and had creepy me-like trance at end/which was naturally whispered. –Me hear bones of farmhouse creak and inner working when rejuvenating. Disarm me = … to man –woman has no interest in man?

Written with Lee Ann Womack – I hope you dance. Backyard – Jeep down in the woods. Me wailing sung with my heart out crazy so where I owe my fingers to learn 3 and started insync. Brilliant.

Be wiser not to look at. Referred to 10 months ago time for man and was night/day on fun/times/money. I’m … until I dance. Anything can be done with it. Telling them I read words aloud in dreams. Rest must become essential. May have to go to England after this.

Us gave Phoenix 3 books but being privileged has its downfalls.

Refuse to reflect [why let go]. Woman note on if she wasn’t interested or thought not up one’s alley – but he got ice cream later. I don’t even know how much I break. Me as my late side. …, …, …, etc.—Any arch will insure you to move. The bill’s real tight – for everyone. Don’t want my Instagram to blow up. Sign up warewoman –who you have just enough to get by. Man used it relentlessly.

But let me tell you – the moment came alive. Make me feel outdone.

Any bad luck for you? Mapping our better world inside out.

Talk to me and let me listen.

If I am challenging, go be a Christian. Same signals.

My Dad was walking too. Blue light star award. World renown.

Current surfer. Right back at you, woman. Solidary.

Like the voice was carrying me through. It lead me—did not overpower each other.

Man better keep all bets to himself. Really just pre-world goodbyes –to Grandmom. I honestly need a security system. Another piece of the pie. I smoked –Man. Shitty pony out your pocket –Man. 2 foot foundation.

[Covering it up] I knew it has to do with our mighty different [little] cultures.

Slavery and addiction – addiction to all things holy.

Mad functioning woman. [Owl sight/vision].

Life of luxury and rye.

Way back when I was younger man/woman [could of worked]. I was woman’s special dude for a while. Stay out – make an effort by example on personal unless asked.

Give it a spark and an obstacle and a library.

Then when I sweat it heals. Controls to belittle me. Security net as long as you can afford it. Grace west. Neapolitan. Your parents recognized your voice so much.

The shade cannot be sung without light nor without shadows.

Eating clean for a urinary track infection –meme on Insta. Preempt. I’m not hating and I’m really happy about the truck. I want to write for other people to help with suggestions. Altruistic. Is that fried chicken?…to man we only bath the… .

Vastly, it had to be dramatic –me sing through mirror hugging someone—me seeing through mirror hugging someone.

Real spiritual commitment – don’t feel pressured. Because I wasn’t ready. Because I wasn’t intuitive approach

Always a dead fantasy. Wild ones. Habitat [raccoon saw].

A lot of pressured things powerful – accurate.

I looked fuckin’ fucked up. You look soft.

Hearing aids – you’re not perfect.

Pictures of her half moon – hourly rate [employee].

Revered it so much it paralyzed.

Concentrated effort. The quiet/highest I can be without the option of counting. I guess she’s blue television [–deer outside]. If somebody knows what they’re going –dried flowers. Got to her shoulder and the heart –dried flowers –Grandmom.

Formulate the migraines all the better –blender loud.

Some things are fate – trust—believe –I only trust if I keep up—If not, I don’t trust myself  = no civic union.

I was due for another deck. It used to be so amazing – and now it’s just the status quo. Distracting that stupid bitch. Is he chewing at the … . [Kindergartens … ].

Please apply or online separately. With our spiritual warrior.

Genie, Carly’s mother.

How built I build a curse around it.

26.88 if you’re fine –Man. Energetic attunement – I have some notes. Business that surrounds. Holy sears part. We’re making the money with the caravan this week.

Well those primal hands 2 people have to build.

Real spiritual commitment – don’t feel pressured.

Because I wasn’t ready. Because I wasn’t intuitive approach.

Buddhist monks… always trying to look like me.

I’m talking to the person whose information will be sending.

I am an Angel warrior. Wave down hand split, it was wrong.

They’ve been married 2 years, broke up almost 3 –Khloe/Tristan. I’m like freaking out as a woman –Woman. I will this year or next year – stop embarrassing me –Pete.

The lordship – An energetic resonance.

Authority called you and the vision center

Just ’cause people are bitches. Don’t want to slow down weight. Just the boundaries of your next post. I’m slightly mortified. Instructional training. It makes so much sense, it pushes you forward. Screen mineraling.

I love your ____ channeling—the good is good. I love your influence, perspective, energies/information. –Man—woman—husband, me – them thought we were negative like… you don’t see what the people saw—see in those pictures.

College estimate kids and Samurai.

There’s some taking over today.

Justice for life.

Correct faulting instruction. Man trying to do mate energy by buckin’ at my choice and the one word nutrition.

Authority called you and the vision center.

I have to humble myself every day. Wall split warrior. In the most pretentious look at me look at me post. My Mom sucked and crushed relationship/s.

You’re destined to do this hallucinating hour.

It’s a detail that I’m going to overcome without you –Man. Make sure luxury service that account. A conscious dissolving/solving. Or else you partner with Granddad. Best finds – seriously throughout. Man promised money on your shoulders.

The Moon[r] || full moon August 11th inner alignment ||

10 more visions to keep me sane.

It’s your own color that you do your thing.

[Your…Are doing great –Husband] Says who says competition.

I would of loved to have this figure the next day [shadow working].

See the extra full men from above the sky.

[Swati’s texted us about stuff] Lonely in the backwoods. 3 females strike. It’s weird, it’s unbelievable. No one could shoot some candy with me *Insta*. Please don’t leave me alone until I get there. Mom, just like a Jesse, –Authority yet peace. A big question of your fate here. Some people hold on to their seat too soon. Just making sure she’s alive. I just the divine letter that. … .

Your son 1 sun. Disarming. Ear, nose, and throat doctor.

First pronounced it dead – dive into it Brandyn.

Orphic hymn. Only healing trash ←diving.

Anytime I want to mentally deteriorate.

Not 2 happy wisemen. Dousing.

Elite or ground to anything. 2 meals a day then I’m still not eating enough. Relaxing shower. If Michael won’t do it, Dusty will. […] Really thinks that: with like no husband.

Please be under these influences.

Singer – window producer.

1% percent crafted fun. Spiritual market.

If correction moves past his hands.


Just choose how God handles and wicked good vibes

Once it hits it’s all good. I think the karma intwined.

We’re in the name of the moment.

Elevation. T hours work daily. What’s my hereditary – I just wrote hereditary. Does not test them – does not one mission. This is it. We knew it was going to fuck with us.

The highlight of my dreams.

I would of not had the spirit to do so –cloudy.

Higher vibration crystal.

The co-founder of my life and creation

Been overcast –Dad…with mom. [Man’s like] I can’t hear me. Man, I wouldn’t tour the space if I didn’t need it. The dementia –Astrologist. Social change. She can’t wear the underhand –Gabby Petito’s mom suing when she knew.

Try not to go inside the building –AC temp different/drastic when acclimated to sweating outside.

Big mamas—I think there’s only a fat daddy solution. Big daddy–.

Age always brings heartache.

Then I get a lot more done in Wednesday. David Bowie [on blast]. Rebirth–waves–sound. Cosmic aligning. You preoccupied yourself with how you’re doing. When man dumped your fuckin’ ass. I have way too much county menu.

Let’s not devolved to her as a friend [root awakening]. Micro soft conscious connection. That’s my side – that you just take your lunch break on. Breakdown by humans. Completely fucked fucked.

Just choose how God handles and wicked good vibes.

I was so fucked up a long time ago—I’ve been fucked up for a long time. Sliding scale – and me. Hot as shit in here. I felt very comfortable. It’s time to find a cervix a cancer. You’re like the dumbest white dance –just … on Karen/’s to all. From the hands of the wrong users. Alignment.

The co-founder of my life and creation.

Woman’s dirty dishes –Woman. I should… I feel vibration. Woman, body the … – what is right with standing with her. Problem solving deep emotional contentment. Heightened clutter.

The seat of the Sun.—The afterlife.

I can go back and get another 1.

Grief explained.

I highly suggested art and neo-pagnism.

Having the opportunity to receive the call. An open invite to: I [still] love you – I would take you back. I can fit more stuff into my shake now. It will level out. I trust my heart. Fallopian tubes. [I’m just going to put it] on the side of the woods.

Happy hour’s the root of awakening

I wish I knew how he felt: “Holy fuck”. And she wears deodorant the next day. In Jamaica. James City County preacher isn’t it. Happy hour’s the root of awakening. Off screening – one screening. Pack southern comfort foods –… .

Cosmic quick shot.

Moving pictures with word and numbers.

The way my mind works it just rolls.

If you know me you know you don’t do that. Funeral challenges. Such a big butt that you have this lateral stretch. I’ll take this at night now because I go and leave it for you. Divine oracle wisdom. Lucid trances. Withdrawals. Fresh cosmic vital flash. My final step for you to not be alone.

Auctioneer. Tell me how I was doing. Hired you again. How are you available to people—how close are you going to be. [Restricted on bed rest] When I got home she was paralyzed. I should have to wait around for you. Stop moving behind the scenes –come out and play. Dark or weakest sex.

An acoustic guitar crystal –gem. His trance clubs.

See what’s up. Lose interest in you –Man.

This started off with the world dream.

Hey baby boomers. The devotion to who you are.

And I know when I’m getting that sleepy.

The challenge of men. Orphic hymn.

Sorry explain my past tires. So healed – though she was healed. 3–6 months – go to California for a test [no]. The opposite is true cancer. I am so glad for it being in office. It really bothers when we don’t notice except going out. Expungement. Tone dial. Meditate/naps as they do. Radiant being. Loopy – like a rundown obstacle of herself –fat rolls. When it can be too good and don’t put it down. Outside walls.

I like shadow tribes.

Multi-level perceptions. Show the body one that works.

Resonance. Actions speak louder than words.

For this book to be written [in the stars].

But maybe it will make you more present.

At the contest of any male. When you’re there, woman – look at all the summer. I’ve been through a transition. Implications of dried candy – implications of … . Other creek – Artist-wishlist. Rooster crow.

Mercury binges within Gemini.

The only structure me now. Divine resonance. I’m going to make myself start tying myself. Some sky prophecy. A sure connection. Sign on road leaning – directing this way to veer.

A heart, ear, nose, and throat = interpret myself.

When I decided to just forget about the stove. No one circle… that talks to readily open spirits. Warrior in the sky.

I see the writing as no difference than influencers. Sacred relationship.

Organically grown. But I know the house is kinda older.

[I know everyone’s thinking] Am I pregnant right now.

So people wouldn’t have to find their divine footing.

Sight out of misery. Maybe I’m overcompensating to equal my bill.

You spelt my name wrong. Different user.

Really really want these heavy dark crystals.

If you have a moon system or a post system. Hours back to back.

He was away in the garage closed –Man. I asked you for permission last time I did that. “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”. Cross those bridges—get real fast. Energetic resonance.

You see the Frankenstein we speak of

The one on the corner right where you think it is →Frankenstein Street –Vision sign of multiples [streets] but this we familiar.

I just can’t have him deal with that – disrupt my mental flow. Heart guides your intuition. The bare minimum of what a natural convenience would be. They weren’t going to help us out.

A spiritual teardrop in heaven’s discussion.

Never imagine what I’m going to do on a treadmill.

Legal access using a hub expressing it

Pretty deep and sideways. Need an audience – starve emotionless. That I stayed for more engagement. He wants you to come home still. My mind just doesn’t work like that. Energetic resonance. She was pretty nervous and pretty tickled.

Donkey knows. Required taste in your mouth.

Prove in devotion – Inner light.

Me black dress on back porch – Man and I argue about texting woman back [being DGAF] I said mans. Got on our knees and sucked on our blood for the weekend. Man goin’ – I back chair up as me no underwear—horny.

I think you need Sun in Aries in your chart – The planet of expansion.

Empty this at the yard sale, so we reimburse the balance. Kiss and tell.

I had to go through that in modeling a baby –Mistreatment

Legal access using a hub expressing it –mentality on police – Centerville Road—man coming up with off the wall – long winded scheme – not going to work—”for hire” to watch your baby when mom gone or doesn’t know me [Napoleon] dangerous because would be alone – just bizarre reasoning – not thought out logic. That’s when on a bench – we talking herb and bust – but I’m no bust—fully legal. Man/woman moving down to Virginia to be legal and hey – we have extra overflow hook up to give.

Very fulfilled. Speak easy. Ka’Chava: Quick strange recipe. All these brutal seasons.

We bought new stove and used the word Sams down there.

I had to go through that in modeling a baby –Mistreatment.

But there was something I grabbed from it and it wasn’t free [selling rod].

I don’t like the look – but I like it on you –Man. Then your body has to go back through it –Assaulting your mind. Energetic resonance. She’s an Aries moon –Woman.

If I want an open gift I want it open. Proud and grounded. The width of your height.

I got a private Instagram and a political belief.

Someone was always against me though I wasn’t against them –that’s exactly what we’re looking for – I would do—but not… . Raven on its back, laid out. Move the heart center – they wouldn’t hangman. Took 3 naps so I’m well rested—Just how my mind works.

Whenever spirituality gets confusing I rely on my native heart to search still and listen.

It’s August and I’m pale – I am like super pale—super of the superest.

Everything’s tougher for you.

Softball and the Aries –Swati. Powered by the wake of our time. Look what I cracked, mom – eggs in carton. Offer me to a free healer. Jesse, do you think you’d like coffee plateau? This row of assistance.

It’s August and I’m pale – I am like super pale—super of the superest

Microwave technology and body –Hand sprayer [akin to sink one] spraying on babies cheeks.

Be there to harass me –Woman. One of Denver’s’, the most iconnous names to boot. Us being flirtatious –super pregnant. Man: what’s wrong with you. Evidence is wanting of having.

All spiritual fantasies… .

Or you full moon a god water.

It’s a long journey to wellings. Today’s day was pretty good until the end of this –in our shadows—in our flaws. Is seen: super going there …ville. Hug healed – hug was healing. I don’t mean to bother you – but what’s a […]. Then you free … . Aggressive, hard, workweek . .

I’m cultivating a scientific way of looking at things.

My body does help me work. In the wildest chases the stuffing’s changed.

Apocalyptic glow would capture an emotion

A real learning experience. Rhinestones… .

It kinda won him over though and vice-versa.

I am knocking at your door –After vision of man with white hair towards left side [of scene][his right side].

Didn’t start off dash at any moment. It felt like it was trying to tell me something. Conscious personal decisions. = That’s their freewill. The feel of something being in the room –The tapping. Feline vision –…Silhouette. Where you were 2 days ago. Why didn’t he get everything done in the afternoon like […promised]. Sexy butt female business suit. If this was a chance get off the game –Man.

In my waking – I am awake to all suggestions of life positive and what makes real flow challenging?

Everyone can do what they want and still be unaligned –The great equalizer.

Everyone has to be active –Dream community. My color purple. My plan purple. Astro. The beauty of the other winds. You must have a easy job Jesse – And you must have energy to be Jesse –I’m tired. Just to talk myself 1 on 1 and to … and to have … there. Special … –Woman. It wasn’t lockdown. And he needs to go in the homepage for that –Man. Man thinking… would be believable.

There is nothing wrong with Christianity. And if you get sick of it too.

Deer source… . Be kind – show love to yourself. Jesus [clampt vision] Unreal at this point. I don’t know what you want from me with this – I don’t know what I’m going to do –Man.

Apocalyptic glow would capture an emotion.

I love that word – by any means necessary

Huge lung power. Woman—man – love me –likes on social. Man/woman laying down bed with me and they don’t do that. There’s plentiful cracks. Hi Southern ←This lion: –pitch was unique and … sound. Brad and Angelina. Do I give him what he wants or do I give him what he needs. Unreal. Sad. Never dismissive. He already is –Man.

You’re probably going to do that groove, man, what a torque I am.

Man what a miracle I am.

Groove general person clean up didn’t … . Clean delusion. I was having a good time – I wasn’t going to down mean.

Rain and mystery in ditch with rain coming through—me had covering –Mom uncovered overall well being. She came up and hugged – me too—can you imagine 5 years. Old today – assuming same relationship. Me and woman on … – mimicking why so serious together? –Man. Movements flow – Why so serious together –Man…Life is so serious –me, man, woman, on bed watching life movie of now. When she carried that legal year –daughter not listening to mom on safety of riding with blind man in rain – Mom had warning dream as did I to be vigilant, now power source without.

Negative self spiritual talks every day – It’s called maturity –foreseeing into your concept.

It’s darker – It’s 5.

Me explain it to woman/man on workout – 20–60 – save my life – struggle for them to listen though. –Woman and I hugged a long time on bed. The ladies subject. We hug on bed –Man. I’ll be ready when you need one –me to Man. And your dad has them hostage all year –Man/woman.

Assault pushups – they sometimes hurt and they carryover.

This is like a weapon: wow, watching weapons.

If God tells you that’s right…it’s time to start talking about jeopardy.

Understand this enact to activate the good ‘ole news. I walk with you. I don’t think we’re going to work it out –relationship. No reason for that –trapped me. You’re almost being arrogant to the forces that be. Mine –Man on woman. Luxury. Williams-Sonoma. Is talked about a lot. Healed myself.

Listening [big blister from sky]. The only way out is in.

True soul dates [within]. Experimental phase.

Oops, I do have a long workout in my room.

If God tells you that’s right…it’s time to start talking about jeopardy

Sierra mist. Who knows what set drama reacted. I’m not 12 ray—I’m not crazy. Austere—do we proceed. Give my man courage and strength, wisdom, honor. Concerts are our way of putting that out in the world. Crisscross – Masterclass. Beating again –Wild fantasy. Could of like slept alone. I need your make up – without it I’m closed. Paying bills – losing skills.

I’m going to take huge images on camera roll – if that suits you.

A complete circle, An oracle’s virtue. Y’all are pretty much shutting off until the weather.

7 of stones—healer. She’ll need work.

In my waking – I am awake to all suggestions of life positive and what makes real flow challenging?

Better earned—an Aries in Leo. Something to share though maybe uncomfortable for Man. Are you bay’s daughter –Man?

As long as you move your feet…You shouldn’t be ashamed of your body and your life.

A great opportunity to work on agreements.

Such a surprise turn around that I had to do something like this.

I love that word – by any means necessary.

I had peanut butter under mouth—dribbling out = he thinks I’m nuts but I’m not – just misrepresented—misunderstood. Grand cross. I was about to explain my push-up—plank daily routine – inspiring lasting change with a few minutes a day.

Because other people are testing and watching me. Viola! Delegate. [Inspiring hope] In healthy relation with yourself, money, and life. It’s not like it’s not. Not embarrassing.

You’ll be safe in pregnancy okay.

I’ve been a desire. Other kids relationship.

You move around more hunk.

Wanna start on the other side of things – things that can help my clients.

Worth your weight in gold.

I’m not going to shave off my head just for a mammogram. White goat in and out behind Northern lights that remain –what a compliment. A contest with plenty of room and you like blew it [like a bozo]. Let him die tomorrow [I don’t want him in pain anymore]. He was doing this for weeks – taking loss out.

Beyond any doubt. Sorry kept messin’ with a rusted spirit [a crushed mind]. ‘Cause gabby runs away from everything [son/father = same human spirit]. Can’t face life real and head on – always evading – lacking maturity and wisdom to their detriment – they suffer but they see no other way and they’re not sorry. But I’m so glad we found you guys.

Solo-trine. Then he fell in love – love on strike the enemy. Clean experiment. Product knowledged. All captivity. Butt load of activity.

This may be a business card main interview.

My back’s turned on.

Powerfully and uncover-fully reveal those objects.

I’m very offended –Man to dishing out money? This sucks it makes me so sad just looking at it –storefront. Did it to get away. Never away.

So damn broad range that it might be abstract.

March to the beat of my own drum. Yeah I think so whether I like it or not. An interaction was … . What could of been –Man. The artist born in me—The artist born free. Deeply reverses in sleep child. Devoted in you—I want to coming out. Me type force body type. A lot of people are going to notice it’s your gun. A psychic bandana. Where were we.

White goat in and out behind Northern lights that remain –what a compliment

You need the best of both worlds –Man…alter/inner. And we lived an hour away from there –beach. If mom’s doing good about time to grab you up there –Maryland. It’s not that difficult to figure out. People have that flow going with it [Studio]. She dumped him—He dumped her – it was mutual –Kim/Pete…Nothing in common.

He won’t make it happen for us even if he could. The academy’s going to want to know if house dogs are trusted or respected. With aggression to her back and spine. Currently. I figured I’d lash in knot at a handicap student.

A lot of sweet energy for the Panic.

Your fault pretty much pick up the Panic voicemail.

We came off force. Diagnosed with complete cancer. All–waking phase.

True wealth is not dependent on a paycheck but how you treat other people.

The tears come as artists these days.

Introspective flow. 21 year old … players. I’ll get cancer if I have … or not. 2012—2022 … . 50″ X 73″. … tinting—that’s what moms do best. Cuba may attach to its whole spirit. Yes I get it but there is a soft hair stylist out there. The rat enough I chose to marry.

Read on or read the stars

[I had a dream that many “white witches” were in a room and they all said as one that “we will fill this room with light” with their arms in the air as it was growing brighter. It was about you.]
Shepherd’s sheek—Energetic cense. Read on or read the stars. Planning and attracting me when I didn’t even need one –Fridge. They’re not going to be writing just my portraits.

Step into the ring. So clarity—Soul light. I would’a rather go ride aviator. Wild images wild as you are. Rohand. I’m not helping you rescue money, man. Down Richmond Road –Woman.

We really need the angel’s presence. Full weather-proof.

Frezno, Dardin, Winslo, Uriel, Raphael. I am asking/invoking help on this next phase of journey.

It’s the word I think I’m going to use.

Purchase your light attendant ←get over base human emotions

Like a naïve little bitch. Jessica, it’s Cornelius. New does someone like me. Purchase your light attendant ←get over base human emotions. When did this become a cool thing?…She’s all trying to cover it up. Me not want to check on your blood pap test. Your back ones I never check.

Dear cosmic friends. Joshua tree.

On the divine will [–graphics↑].

And not just the food in front of me to feel full. Play it cool. It’s easy to tell – to hang over in there. I trusted out of fear. Vanquish. Soul collective—Soul areas. We’re together as … . Making it into something it’s not.

3AM moonlight on August 13th

The doctor wasn’t wrong – what the doctor discovered.

I stole a portrait of your love –Melody.

How ’bout theory. Isn’t trophies better than Jesus?…–Trophies on spirit song. Baby don’t get us shit if anything. Man being crazy on turning lane. Put your devotion ware on.

I’m hearing but where do I see?…Projection on wall in room from energetic intellectual beings—Leader asking if want to see that…That’s when I looked around, hear but did not see, where the projection was visually showing.

Impounding truth – Jesse, that’s dream I had when I was 10—generation to constantly break. Did you grow up in that dark bar [it’s coming out].

Ace your friends and they can take that for me –Melody.

Hardest part? I’m selecting my charm tomorrow.

The wind and the drought. A young strength. [Airline Ceasar tickets]. Woman $20,000 truck cab with flames – looked cool but would of broke down soon or cost mass repair. Flawed … . Loosen up my load. Chess presses knocking on the door. Gifts to you – there’s no gifts to me. No stubborn link. Couldn’t get over the virus anymore. 

Is that a totem or a freak of nature? –Whale, fat pictured with woman.

I know the rangers are coming back down that day. It’s been a nightmare with you gone of depression. Different energy completely pissing the street. I wanted to talk on side – but he in upper foyer to have witnesses as he didn’t trust himself alone with me.

She had better hunger control with her diet [she rounded].

[…] Turn the other cheek. That was my right oatmeal: playing my flute under bodhi tree –flute—but on right side –dedication. No one ever does that. He’s having a break on his soul. He feels love for Mom.

Death is the natural stand.

Really sturdy, really backs up well. The 2 – not even 3. Breast stroke. So you still love him too—you don’t hate ’em. Random by choice. Messy alterations.

I’m calling a trance once you feline.

Your spirit will save what’s yours.

Predicament. Never going to see you again, I’m sorry fucking hamsterwheel. Charlie accident and Charlie’s antiques. Close are we to the time being relayed tomorrow. From a place of ease not destruction.

Death is the natural stand

Protime track. Believe and receive. Another lead came through [solar filter company]. If I lift being your father, I lift being a friend of the situation. Man’s going to be working six days a week –Man…Ahhhhhh in the face. Allergies towards the end of the leadership position. My silence is useless.

My deserving my food and water……Stressful. Woman’s never responsible for them. On a psycho-spiritual level. Using your man to get a family. So many reasons why Ka’Chava is the best.

[What the fuck!]…–Voice scream loud deep echo. A professional team building around you. Maintenance is not a quote. Map around soul initiators. The clockwork is tilting. Let me face reality. Can’t hurt me –by myself. Playing dress up.

August 7th-13th, 2022

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress

Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything

Who genie had interesting wisdom

Little time to death and commandments

Open heart dangerous—why is it so so cold for me now

Look, God, we’ve had a great shadow relationship

I just need to call the doctor and find out what Phoenix is in

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress

Deep contentment in your eyes –Astrologist.

Garlic breath [←me vamp]. Soul collars.

“The great pearl” asking questions in or with me…Look forward to seeing nutritionist – Me say this isn’t our relationship together—this isn’t our friendship together – Me explain: work, eat, sleep. That wants to rage on sinister music. Low income – Low worth it.

Eat my peace or it was going to take fire.

Relentless. Multiple times a day – woman’s needs.

Yeah you would deepen [wouldn’t you]—I’m just that deeper bunny mystery.

Some sexist karm. bitch tonight. 50 weeks which isn’t… by any means. Saw/went in farmhouse on corner. [But to tell you the truth] Your moon destiny. Stairs very bust – larger weight guy ahead of me enjoying/viewing first. Blunt sex it all holy. If I don’t heal my body, I will never get the results I want. Ritual support donation. Maybe another day you were able to see it clearer. Xylelyn gum.

Spiritual gifts are worth more then you ever guide.

On the other hand. Switching degrees. It’s going to take longer to heal than it is to fix. Inner author of my world. Park bench theories. Honestly I don’t – but I do have some jobs for you –Owner on crap.

[When speaking with these people] Lord Karma is their debt.

Creeper –Astrologist. To secure, to secure, to be secure. It will help heal the world. Recordings stories. All he did was help a dent, a friend. Dynamic outreached – Group facilitator. [Being] Something that you’re not –Astrologist –Wife –on woman thread. Stick it outside – derailment.

With a deep attribution to Cancer.

If we drive – we all get a feeling. Maybe you can get both or something dis-similar. Coaching energy. Deep throat connection. The voice of the gods. Early day. Fatalism –Astrologist approach. Let’s just be quiet and work through our drama. In both these energy things –Earwax theories. Collins. I’ve never been strong enough until now.

The spiritual warriors called every day spiritual progress.

In route to final destination.

We become so much more opportune.

California coming in. In our truly gifted fashion.

More dedicated – more loving.

The truth of validation that bothers me.

To dig a little deeper so it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Hard to do?…We’re going to do it quickly –Roof job. I’m talking about a constant thread of connection.

After being sucked on – need to be sucked off.

Thistle. Legal names in business.

Leave it on—on with times wondering mind.

It’s not really a mentor[ship] →survival now. Physical bodies fade. When it’s impervious to barre a car too hard. As problems leak to the surface. Did you go out with my camera and find it? →Moon pic beautiful.

[But to tell you the truth] Your moon destiny
Astrology of voicemails. Stay until as late as you want. Over hanged yourself. Liberation. They like to walk for each other and they don’t rely on them fucking. Well I don’t know battle services when they come here. Lorado.


Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything

Loyalty. Character of derision –Woman. The outside of her skin crawl –Woman. Sweet dreams, woman. [Get away from her?]. Turcell –your only hope. Ant –worker ants vision. Divine interaction to witness. Trances prepare by another pussy.

Ruth her size so pack in numbers.

Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything.

Life is crazy yours. Extreme fun and love.

I follow my dreams like I follow astrology.

Rough times ahead.

The faces of Astrology –Women readers…[West coast/Midwest/East coast].

Where did I speak unknowingly. Because there’s women there’s backlash. It’s a big step backin’ up. Her spirit with hungry eyes. Man: like what am I doing here? Learning extreme. And I didn’t like the sweaty mom. It’s held up my heart.

Leonardo da Vinci, ‘A Bear Walking’, early to mid 1480s

It’s like a privilege to come in. Especially us. You go by bar dial – I’ll go by mine. I’ll live love off Texas. What are you doing – Daddy asked me multiple times. …Sound.—Original status quo. The sweetness in your.

Seeing Cassie Randolph when she was Coltons’—”that time”. Late December early October. Totally unite my creative goals. No one ever offended. Tribal council the other day. Her mother didn’t call in black and white.

I’m going to everybody—can you just please help me –Bear totem.

Mercury phase. I do love when said hello. Hasting money on make-up tags. Specific requests. I am emotionally available. Being calm these days. Bambi/Jedi Magazine. Not any of it lit—2 pages long.

Making ecstatic changes in your life because it is a display case.

Mad at Egypt. We have a huge collection from a gigantic stack.

Tomorrow’s a good day. They have the ocean in the view.

Power, originality, stress –Freuding experience.

Waste your energy as a time healer.

They cut that way ’cause they’re receivable. The first star. Iconic. Progression. Drains central –Mario. Your stranger cheated on him. And I needed some technique.

Kinetics and genetics. Turning another cheek.

Straight down or middle in the back.

A woman who’s working behind the words. Soul clarity and light.

If I had all the money in the world, right now I’d collect bees –Wax figurines [vision].

I am not and who again. It’s a job area town.

So many people were trespassers. Creative force over the divine will of my life. I know what you mean I’m taking left turns. His heart, just blown up off the ground again –Man. Not a safe, happy place –your dictator circle. Of different spirit.

Waste your energy as a time healer


Who genie had interesting wisdom

It’s okay to be smart. [Snake vision]. Like a banjo accident. Mount Vernon. You really think I’ma go through it like that –Beyoncé/Jay Z [cheat]. Everything about this planet rejects your story every day. We … shut down and we fight each other. Complicated things more than money. The furniture –Maine. You wouldn’t rather be free and live on the coast.

Listening and listening—My own inner wisdom.

Brush strokes from good banks.

Fuck you taking damage from you.

Wizard warlock. I police programs. Mint mixture – walking in there at night with group – kept trying – white shirt – midriff/shirt flipped revealing – me put shirt down when we sit down – I do not look or acknowledge the eyes – just proceed…[group of 4].

Who genie had interesting wisdom.

I’m prayin’ towards enemy – praying default.

Hand up to intervene.

I have never wanted more done that I can get done.

Turning lane – guy sleeping – other people cross paths. I’ve really been taking turns inside my head. Keep my stored fridges in the fridgite. Daughter dumpster diving.

Do you know how many funerals could of happened this year.

Competition – we thought everyone was alive but half dead.

–Daughter and sister wives founder. For a position at T.Mobile. Give me the Warhhouse in here…[Warhol]. Stories after decades. I’m not like as tall as that one, oh we will. Suppressant and stimulant free. Stay this beautiful painting. Poor gabby.

Is it over your head in your third eye.

No extra freewill –”the great pearl”. It’s like a toenail clipper. The one you wanted in person but all value is the same. Is it a green folding one? Chaos juice in the morning. My real personal phenomenon –Entrepreneur. Can post come off a little easier than that.

If I had all the money in the world, right now I’d collect bees –Wax figurines [vision]
I’m not living with him anymore –Man. Something regulate in my body – let time pass. Protected to belittle us. Divine force of will. I just need to turn the TV off and accept a little change. It’s never a lucky day for himself –Man. He’s got a cool thing going on –Artist.

Enough property value added. I’m pleased but if that how that works. Do you want to get the lord free of. If truly ever meant anything. Ready to unite union. The great molester –”the great pearl”. Fascinating –Owner. Harpoon.



Where do I write my mythology at?…[someone questioned].

Agree here close to the arches.

How to feel exclusive –Woman. Technique and they didn’t help me either. River running to a constant flow of steady stream. Choose your card wisely. The silent educator –Woman to me. I love this portrait this portrait is everything –Wildwood.

Ask a question if they ask. 12 weeks journey in reverse. I’ma leave my ____ right here, we have plenty of bold faith in the car. I’m more than happy to come and play –Owner. The ego of the millennium –”the great pearl”.

I know what you heard about it –Money legacy.

There is no way we can undo plenty. Spiritual call.

This is when the collector in me comes out –Man/woman.

To a drive and put right foot. I understand life can regenerate life.

If you re-hollute your homebase and you just keep getting numbers.

And I feel good that I am right though. It’s a master’s adorable.

Agree here close to the arches

Just to beak of these joints or 6 digits. What you’re going to do is go home just for you –Woman. When people are trying to overcome ritual thinking –”the great pearl”. Returned restrict pound of $26. Pounding fathers. Need to wash yourself before you leave.

She [he] wants to play with teachers.

All guest services please – tip safely. His #1 tingling fear.

Pictures who produces professional words.

I’m sovereign – I didn’t sign up for this –Claustrophobic class. Sitting in a smoke spot and I’m in a really bad leg. Direct me to the root of healing. Get off my man post –Woman to me. Not a damn thing – so they’re to be respected like… . I belittle big people –Big dog fluffy [really, old rich woman]. This blended resort.


Little time to death and commandments

Beautiful fame off bracelets.

The human spirit is where I want to go with these.

Nothing’s comfortable on second guess. Inevitable.

Turned to the price of flesh – inner resistance.

In one and other boats [–John]…Going into water where flipped under/over – son freak out about water safety and sucking slugs…father out of sight for good moment but then never was [out of sight/lost].

I repressive colds. Too ardisitic.

The power of minerals and. Taking over. At least three times a day. World tree. Air is limited—Air is pure. I think we should do all corners of the globe.

Because Doctor lukewarm is chopping the wood.

Your husband’s bright and gold

Energy healer that… . The dreams – like a connection. It’s more mildew than you think – I don’t mind –any virtues. Another various tip, trip. Responsibility. I did that as the title. Anonymous –me.

Little time to death and commandments.

I’ll be there soon. Money moms against Raphael.

Later brother Astrial. They’re worse as parents.

The micro cosmos around you. I am born again.

Other database information. And look at him, he’s not losing weight, he’s stagnant. It is a privilege, I am so honored. All the years if you pass ’em by – went in chunks. Before I dominate. Completely leave protected. Figuring this won’t work unless I work. If I personally don’t have any details it’s not like you do.

It’s been stuck in people’s psyche –pain.

The answer is no –…? –…?. … – would disrupt my flow. Create it to work – with partner <3. Story books can be written. That must be 100% accurate then. Savings with my 70 grand –Man. Distracting guests – I’m just going to distract myself.

When we first walking we used to do that a bit – gotta do that more often. Very sports line girls cheat on you. You can’t sleep here you have the situation as the substance abuser. Start acting like a real devil.



You’ll be supported since your strong hands notice the rest of the world.

Teach Brandyn something strict. Staying in the middle.

Had a dream you and Mom were watching a story of Frankenstein.

The 18 day straightening talk.

To the point where it’s a weather-war.

I threw away an empty bottle. We believe in your Fluoride.

Look I’m trying to state out in my homework. Galactic center. Soul dancer.

But you don’t have to be soft to be pretty. Trance-like escape.

I missed you clearly – I missed you a lot –Owner.

Head to toe. Draw a circle around the heart. He’s super pot –Rock star.

Over simplification—over-complicated about the truth. Agencies.

Talking ’bout Chris and they were winning about Chris.

The need to go. Security night and camera. Limit candles. Frank Ocean. Rachel and da duh do…[Blue light saw]. As a case member of my former true being. Empty ____ license plate by 6 take bike out if parking at Walmart.

I’m not going to be your peers because of the knowledge I’m making.

You will surprise yourself. I’m so rounded, I’m so round and I didn’t tight. No for an answer on toxic discussion. She loves you so much, she hates you. Not allowed to have any energy on your résumé. Yeah you’re right, I should push you more Brandyn –Owner. …ing in Air [vehicle].

Dedication to me not turning the man house. A hierarchy of transparent men. An emotional vegan in spread picture –Lady standing with sign flanked between. I have been suffering from depression. Then maintenance kinda became chop liver because he is –Campground [my point exactly].

You’ll be supported since your strong hands notice the rest of the world

Super county aware of everybody. Just an egotistical internet. Providing courage for you. And sometimes the checks wrote into a positive account. 80 – until you’re ready to take them over. World renowned trance channeler lest it come to life – lest it be written in the stars. And why Johnson film. [I wanted to] Exalt your business and you want to act like it doesn’t exist.


Open heart dangerous—why is it so so cold for me now

Look at your overbrand. Manipulation. We’re becoming ours now.

Lovesick typhoon. Giving some people some soul world bambi.

The film support me and you to support people. Famed existence.

I died in 30s—I … die. It’s not fault to. You keep coming back for more –poisoned yourself with. Carve out/heat in the middle – first been there. All the angels above the… . Sorry on chiefs – I ate ’em all. It features a love story. Man…Tremendous healing, ringing. Our map, our school. Helps in the body’s ability to heal itself. Goose buying lunch.

Jupiter. Just have the courage to do so.

Katrina’s just a taco bell in French. Thank you for saving me God. Alright/okay [so] I don’t have to lose my mind anymore. Hydrolyze – neutralize [everything]. Or playboy [Franch]…high off pitch [Franch].

Have no Indians so no story about them.

How about afterlife? Same fingers that bounce back communicate.

A kiss goodnight. Take a detox break – kind of dangerous to catch up –Man [when return]. Small table – functioning table. Frankly, the little people –Woman thought. Tapping on the fence. It wasn’t time to say goodbye. Man’s a little boy who doesn’t need to grow up. I’m just always sincere all the time –Man.

Spray it right here –Man spray bug spray in car—me no breathe/or knew I wouldn’t be able to. No coppermoon bottles are aloof/missing. No you just don’t pick it up real quick. Structurally sound. Lupe. Karmic’s fucking you. Keep hearing voices in head – it looks like you –Man to me.

Re-institute. All this work and it goes to my waist. Trance traveler.

The stones would have been something for you to put in for –Woman [on giving crystals].

Rush, no rush.

10,000—we’re not going to lose it. In the nicest part of theatre banks…[Sound side] first peninsula. Dr. Kramer. My biggest regret for blackcreek has got to be the foot. There were certain people that were going down –Facebook people/old acquaintances.

How about afterlife? Same fingers that bounce back communicate.

Everybody who I like sucks –Astrologist, etc. I don’t know – I think it was cheese-milk [eaten by spectator]. Ain’t my peaches –Man flicked a low hanging fruit. Hence [hints] if they were real sales in competition. Leo connection. Vasquez – The connection of resources you need. End game picking up. Measuring poisons smelly. And I’m sure they got those things in life. I lost my check.

THE WILDLING {sovereign/primal influence of aligned divine}

Open heart dangerous—why is it so so cold for me now.

My hunger’s remorseless [physical now].

I’ll be tempted every time a healer.

Road to recovery, woah. For poor care I learned a lesson. ‘Cause I don’t really enjoy doing it by myself and I don’t want to do it. Working with the entegies that be. I just don’t think I can handle all this chemical … . It’s like so disarming anymore –Man. I’ma take one of these group texts.

Again and again and again—It might never end.

How do people close their eyes when you remember something.

Completely used to sharing time with people.

#1 rejected on the collum.

Maybe this is our way to kinda give back.

I’ve created my own fucking madness – I’ll be the isolator. Man handing box [put money cash out for us not to see] then gave box through driver’s seat car.

If it doesn’t leave a medicinal harvest.

The quality of split is timeless.

Obviously I’ve got a room, got a heart, got a mind.

Occupied and nutrient spirit [side].

I really wanted naturally to take the world by storm.

The mouse is dead – on counter – I picked up with pinched fingers, threw, away, wondered about diseases. I think I would do good too. Because and they have like the biggest transformation ever.

And it makes your future a little more challenging. Sandtonio Banderas. Record in 6 week try. And for your message – I have no words to say. Is Jamestowne ignoring you live at the grocery store. I have been terrified to receive and reluctant to give.

Why has there been a drop in temperature like this –Moon.

We’re going to build your own practice.

Saturn, you show me what it takes and you make me what it makes. For me to get out of my own way for me to do my own job.


Look, God, we’ve had a great shadow relationship

The other ground isn’t working. Donkey [Eeyore style]. Show me where to apply pressure—Show me where to relieve. Why do my screams mean nothing to him.

My serious life story – my karma ripened

Universe, thank you for this miracle of my new life.

Let me try another cold pressing. Just want to rip them out.

Create a stable environment. We’ll get by.

Your husband’s bright and gold.

Object of my affection –dreams.

I don’t want to see your outcoming now towards beef. Addresses a Hill. Thinking weavely. And am that much big-boner—look to mind. Uncomfortable phase. Nero. Very easy track to get on track. Operational. Mom’s AAA/lack of plans is losing your family.

Grow out of number of proportion.

Ever says a weed of lie to – you moving on. Sleeps hut. ←What ever you did. Saw woman come to field while man and I were… woman’s daughter, had hugs. One of the best days of my life or had such a shrinking brain –Woman [daily drinker]. Candle at both ends. I want to restore my family. 6 a day and know my limit –pull ups. It’s serious but sophisticated –bong. So rich.

My only agreement – I will drive until we work this out/we will drive until I work this out.

My serious life story – my karma ripened.

Ability to distinguish what’s right.

Look, I’m not trying to do anything out of time, but I believe it’s time.

Everything just, everything, right[eous], fair, honor, dignity, holy, life rejuvenating.

Bat shits crazy –Man [on me]. Correct me, correct me universe. Rain down justice – divine will do your will. Look, God, we’ve had a great shadow relationship. My spirit writing’s about correction. My truth—my messages are about correction, universal truth, my … is sick and toxic to me … skeevy – God, help me.

Look, please give me a sign – is this a challenging painful lesson of circumstance? Because I feel I haven’t been treated fairly—God I am jumping out of my fucking skin – help me physically move directions – my intent to … !!! What is the plan, I am sorry I am curious—help me, guide my efforts clear and straight –reverse me.

Nadia. We don’t do things out of nature, God.

It’s like I can’t live another day with your strength. Rob Taylor. All these were free? Messes the word butter and that’s out –Mom. Shaman vision/wildwood. These people are just pinky dicked.

It’s just kinda a blunt warrior. Living everyday truth.

What’s the cafe?…Monstreal. Before the information hit. I did that when I was living with my own parents, never been a kid before. She died yesterday –Mom?

Is a structure near you that’s going to break you. Clear intuition.

Don’t get caught up in it – you’re too close to the edge.

3 or 4 fingers just isn’t right – slow down.

If you need to order with Dad, no rush with anything.

Put your devotion ware on.

Charlie’s talking too much. Lady McBeth. … Play with … . 1788 in great history. Baby born the other way.

On shore with … rocks –Man on horse with me and I tell him stop as about to hit a wall – ramp up into air [from dirt hill/natural earth]. User identity F. And you didn’t and you saw nothing but the truth. ←We while trotting on shore – saw trailers/construction/dirt/land piles, you thinking of working near but not ripe/ready? All of us man, woman, me, man – in group text liking things and reacting—woman saying things – me.

Enduced you a coma. I had to there was no other way. Tinting. I was perfect to talk to. I am writing but I’m not. In the wildest chases. Resurrect.

I work with the forces of creation.

Collective unfolding. Deep –Man. Evened your playing scores.

Work it out to the masters that be.


I just need to call the doctor and find out what Phoenix is in

You just don’t care about people, good job. I need money to catch up on –Man. Coffee and take a little break, relax. He got canceled at 45 years old –Sir Richard Branson.

I am the natural one.

Trance seem under control – nice and quiet these days.

I think if you were him but you’re not.

The horse can fly. Losing daylight. Tomorrow’s probably nicer than Saturday. $7000 check—it’s me and cluster fuck. Understand if you’re shipping gear to the house –Woman/[in] man’s eyes. As above so below.

I just need to call the doctor and find out what Phoenix is in.

Not a look at me look at me girl – woman’s like me neither am I…[I hate you]…Something that lives here. Write me a check – I just need a check in the bank. Everyday suitcase. Ruled the underworld. Neo sports. Sing with your hands. Mental midget. Ooh I know one thing – I’m about to jump in something. Workshop. Magic life.

Always have the encouragement – open your mind. Throwing 12 stones.

Makes sense to me now. Divine energy.

Says no thank you. Idol extreme.

Evidence rolling in. Kinetic energy.

We aren’t worth a backhand. Spiritual market. Tranquil.

Man and I had done it before? Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles’ eyes. Cashmere. –Man freaked on intensive life real. Knowledge was a destitute. I am in a depression because of it. Feelings hard to let go. Student of the guides.

Like sooner, better, look at me –Woman. I kinda had to do the sad thing but it’s unfortunate for us. Heavy retail involved –prior format. We can go to Walmart and get one together. In traditional Aries similar.

The moment I promise you [on a bridge]

I write/run for our reason—I write for a meaning.


This isn’t even worth it, you can tell this thing is real.

We knew it was warranty repair work –AC guys other day. [Pressing out] When you get home. You have to keep packing blankets outside your box. It is a privilege to remember the dreams. I’ve never liked noon – as a morning/breakfast routine.

I was writing a long paragraph. O.J. milk. [When people]…$1,000—man released authority. It’s okay man, show up with that nutrition problem. Urging and inviting correction. It seems a little less than free –my writings [$/money].

Realize my soul nightmare’s wish.

I can’t tell you why –Eagles.

In the coaching business, yeah. I am in a better shape now than I need to be.

That 24 engineeral dance [that we’re going to].

It was a challenge in my/your headspace every day –blasted with money hungry news in the name of spirit development.

The moment I promise you [on a bridge].

I knew cutting my hair would be a bad idea –Man? [So I can rely on yours] It’s not going to keep selling us all the time –Man. [I don’t even care] Who she is, what she is, who she does it with –Astrologist.

Narrative to the blood flow. Beautiful and young and have your eyes closed.

It was a musical getting started.

[Don’t want disappointment for you] That way seller can grow some margins.

I wonder what it’s like to be rainmaker – superhero.

If you look for your accuracy there [the teachings].

I’ve been collum’s back and forth too clearly.

No compromise – going to have to wait till you’re dry. Hard the windows for the people around you. My measure with pain. Check imbalances. I’ma be a nobody – a bum and a Buddhist monk. Sound Grey Mom “the great pearl”. That if a hundred people want them, they would buy them.

I follow my dreams like I follow astrology. Rough times ahead

[Was that] The traveling exorciser.

I wish the real world would just stop hassling me. Confusing what progress and production is. Witches link. Every time I went to Ross – never fit you right. It’s to make her look like she carries that within –Woman –Spiritual depth. Asking alive these questions of rape that a 15 year old’s going through.

He got willing to turn around. Mom and her yardstick. It looks meal Turkey diplomished. Hey, I’m sorry I’m not interested in that kind of shit –Man on Footlocker. More of a bronzer shade than a neutral shade.

If I carry cash rewards.

Don’t let darkness upon your soul. Immediate implications.

You don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to be a popstar – you can get fucking creative.

River rose.


Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle

Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle

Saturn sure lingers a while

I knew you’d kiss me like a tattooed woman

Open up your angel and become a folding one –Melody

Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle

Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment

How do we offer luxury of being of late experience

We’ll John Jupiter before play

Saturn sure lingers a while

Strong sympathy. You know the devil—the devil with Mercury.

Maybe it’s the concept I’m wearing.

And Prometheus asked for… .

I’ve been over my body right. Don’t be excruciating.

He’s going to have to stay young, for her –Man. Brant Cochran. Towards the end of your ship. Her arms look like they tire. Proper to have sex. We did it. Danielle wildcard. Made self aware. Because you’re awkward about it. Suitor’s stance. Catching my phrases. NPR. So dangerous for you – meat just pollute your body. Construction zone. And the idea totally morphed because I got inspiration on herb.

Pay attention now or it’s obvious.

Saturn sure lingers a while.

Only human. Reading astrology’s voicemail. We’ve dumped ordering grand into those. The death of drink. Plastic container. Misrepresenting life. The damage struggle. My art’s been stagnant. Everyone knows what I’m doing – doing it well. Shock and awe. Dust collector’s bunny. Flat broke. Because I’m William Richard rich.

Trigger supply warnings. Lifetime with the air conditioner on –”the real pearl”. I’ll get trampled by pigs. People aren’t knocking on your door are they – for a full-time… . Parvati. After Tylenol and genocide.

‘The Moment’, oil on wood panel, 1831, by James Ward

I love you and you know that—Me as my late side. In a low psychic state of shit bomb. I attune my mind to the highest rhythm. Real lasting change. How do I convince people I’m not crazy. Sober resistance. And that’s why we’ve been talking so much. All the 5 cars in your card.

Chief executive. Energy healer. I knew right away the charm. Silence and eptitude. Brittania. Keep sleeping through everything but. Substance abuse problem. Self blame biscuits.

While 3 gusters—we had to listen to them.

We returned our back.

Blunt warriors – that I was always there for you.

Get paid coming through.

We did not understand a superpower.

This is the best selling rod.

Hello, some onion out my desire. And am always happy with their solutions. How I’m winning in home states. And demonic rich. Cycles to declare mine. Primrose.

Purchase order delivery [Mercury]. The psychics seem to like North Carolina more. They lie to a pillow in their room. Point of reference.


I knew you’d kiss me like a tattooed woman

From the stress to the core. Without honor…[no dream recall]. Orthia. The challenge of men. You didn’t give a shit and you didn’t give a damn on what people thought. More ruled technician. Flawless. The collective channel. The personality to tell him the truth –sober.

In the wildest chases ← your stuffing’s changed → I’ma go to history.

Buy the birth certificate wrong – I’m not doing something right.

So many dreams and desires. I want to be more of a force.

I’ve bought 2 suitors in here. Sweeters. My sidereal needs.

What small guacamoles have the plant to talk about.

Pushing all the right buttons—push the quarter zone.

I’ll leave you alone. Far woman from abortion. Wrote about. Mission. The … studio. Where’s your … bullshit. Blunt sex it all holy. Waning crescent. And moved back to town as psychic witch. The measure of security. O.J. on my trial/trail. A dude with a difficult spirit. Fall trail. Marsh pit. Nothing constructive. For me to be powerful enough.

Sharon Stone picked that up. So mad. Why intelligent people lie. I love channeling stuff out in the open. I lost it – it’s a vibe that I carry. It’s what you’re hearing about.

Putting dreams on hold – putting all on the line.

Heart center – your courage peace…[courage piece]. Heaven and ENT help me now—you’re their lunch… . Employees on writing. The stars all the time. In fridge – Ruth’s feelings.

Moonlight bad girl rituals.

New moon bath rituals.

Ceramic pot from youth got wires tangled and stove—toasted/cooked bottom cracking. All burnt and crack at base. Connected to other wires in workout room. I needed a sign to grab onto.

Going into this next button. I’ve been sick so many times and I just want to say shut up Brandyn. Size control pens, organically swung. The power of a clairvoyant. Pleasant awkwardly. Say you will remember me before you leave us alone. Owner’s contentment—Owner’s pride. A very offensive style [woman] not everyone will sees/knows…inside.

You see my camo wiring anything.

Lifelong projection.

Deep river rose. Red river rose.

Whatever you want to fill up quicker.

There were sponsored at their 3 of people.

Like I don’t want to do much more because if you saw me trancing. Let’s bring you back to reality: you do know what you’re doing. You’ve worked off the floor. The victim seems checked out.

Air symbol fire crosses—this is the first relax.

Get me together.

My body responsibility with you.

It’s like a 1 person job –Floating.

Then familiar must be wreckless. Hidden current living outside – 10 years to make aware…Another 10 years to… . Collective bunny dust. Rotate – to inspire change. Enduced you a coma. In the hands of the wrong users, man with tattoo?

Just got all those water to drains from heaven and lesson. Withered in decline. If Mike won’t go through it, Dusty will. That’s some green marinating party shit. Work on woman’s hips more. Extended over my body.


Now inventing lore. Prometheus.

Life with out music – I can’t go there.

Jean cut offs if was mowing…grass –Male wearing flaming shorts → even more to come.

Look to your services more…More classic.

Just that that did not service you this morning. Self control, wisdom, character. All the benefits of a visionary. This buying pride. Casey Jump’s pride. P.O. edition. Can’t give it up after a month or two, stick it to your daily gain. Showing beautiful world order. Lifetime’s great. How to cause and effect.

Work them out to the masters that be.

The day after was grazies’s van…[band].

I’m looking for a sought-after trance.

Are they readily about you and your journey. Catch me if you can. Soul light – mass karma fuel. Have to take 3 years. I knew you’d kiss me like a tattooed woman. Because I understand that it has a quality cannot fuck with.

Something about my life that’s like not working. George Harrison. The grimson effect. Road block – Bob Marley. I’ma sit but listen –thank you. Person with plate of food. Calling all detectives.


Open up your angel and become a folding one –Melody

Saturn entegies free perfume. Start going there again. First post and no body wisdom. The right time to share. It’s just not the same connected on that side.

Open up your angel and become a folding one –Melody.

In traditional Aries similar.

I question…I’m curious for curious reasons.

Tied up with the social spirit [that]… . Could have been a consequence. Constantly looking all in the middle. You know you have been restrictive. How can wrong dust personality. Educated leaked.

All these opinions about fluffy men and mental challenges.

I can’t so just why not [get life together].

Mad kitty friends. Something I meant to tell you – life in transition.

What warewoman out standing in her own way. Arch trance. Sending so much better vibes –the people with low $ quote estimate…[tinting]. Play dead and I’ll paint you a better picture…It’s about warm ups. Since brother will be free.

I need my extra love and support.

Changes in muscular energy.

To see as an artist once in a lifetime comes around.

Command me to do your will. On relieving the country. O.J. Simpson and her daddy ask only questions. It’s the retardacy. As “the great pearl” made a hundred dollars [in her pocket]. The dreams are visionary purposes. Looking good, that’s not in the way.

Endolphins and the rainbow. [Endolphins] It requires more commitment.

I just can’t do all-things through Christ who strengthens.

It’s hard to provide for those helmens –180. Raise more demands. If I fall into you. Anvil wrestles black street boys. Why is that hard song a popular… . When your confidence usher.

What do people do in the middle when their mind’s challenged.

You’re jacked me into plumbing water.

Experience of thought—Experience of thought reverse.

That is totally calculatable [–needing time]. Nothing makes me promise. Immense servitude. Having the courage to do so. Channel whore. Something new to break even. Tickle my ailment. Gaining patches on ’em.

These questions are polar opposite.

Dreams come true.

New York and I don’t know what question is.

The last hour to put that bitch together and we’re still not even done. Prometheus sound. Norman fucking Rockwell. Prospect. Eulogy. I have to adapt and accept and I’m so uncomfortable. Is that your favorite way to trip or does that old shit.

Mediums don’t cover him—he is a large –dog.

High school blanket kinda rain white [nut] sheets.

The universal one minded G|god –wink[ed].

[That looks like some] Cool fun—you got to watch your back [camping]. Pack – you only have life. Don’t know what finger to clear. Falling out of order. Not disoriented better. I need to be healed right now – I accept healing over my life. Peel back the layers. [It’s like] Going to direct TV smart center when got something to rose. You go first –Owner.

It is for the next generation…[Deodorant].

One size fits all.

Qualia mind –Astrologist.


Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle

Eleonora. Kinda makes me nervous. Chaperone. That Minnesota bullshit –fighting hands/head overhead. Their house and their spot. Or the laughter of mosquitoes.

Jones dust from da Vinci’s cradle.

The biggest, brightest version of you, God.

Scream for me—scream for me—scream for me every day.

Capital landing road. Nothing new – nothing new.

Ahh aaaa haha haaa yah. Make eye contact –Rainbow baboon.

The power of our musicbility.

Did you want to park. Last they grew pine forest –arranged it good. AA a piece of…50? Because I ever listening too –Woman on words –owy [aww]. Chunks waves [at your ass]. Anticipation. Regulation. The english dictionary. Woman saying listening – loves study the rainbow [more]. Pagan pathways. Page 6 at a time. In positive review. Any tight with your shed.

It is everything you’re doing – just feeling it a little more.

Second dial. Come to resistance court.

Highlighted venue use. Because he lives mental message.

You don’t own me and welcome to the same rib.

Complete transformation. We made a deal.

‘Pearl’, ‘Gawain Poet [fl. c.1375–1400], manuscript painting [as the father in Pearl]…[The Dreamer stands on the other side of the stream from the Pearl-maiden]’

It just makes his loser ass fall longer –Man. I remember this out of someone’s reasons. No bind or script. Winning without you. They’re odd to their karaoke vibe through the year. To violently cleanse them. I’m tired of putting words in your mouth. Well in season – off season gift. Being friends after the fun’s over. Wall split warrior. Stonewall. That improves. Pot bell big. Artillery. It’s what they look at and it’s what they want. So low it’s hard to feel. –Emotions –Middle war zone.

I could relate. Start vitaling my parts. Choose my woman their—Choice notification. Power, originality and stress –Astrologist. More like a Leo connection. That spill over my door and my home. Why don’t you just sell time of the year. Words of focus not wisdom.

Secretly doubled you. The 7 steps to workouts. Discipline your car down there. Step back into the time of coaching. Understanding the root of backstabbing women. Do you have an open dance. This is the strangest long winded post.

Can’t handle my little dreams of desire.

You see that transparent invite on your life.

I am very much an accident.

Violently cleanse them. The current’s healer. I’ll get the word done. Nonn-ering my back mentorship. New all thought. Where you are out of hope. Any path could of been yours. Healed after a pattern of opening. They’re really nice if you don’t tighten them up.

What a one sided situation I can never get away from –Woman –Country/folk. Crimeless—Strangeless…bumpin’ on a…–Lana. Brandyn—your heart flame – can you encourage it –to man. Trapeze –posting. Protect herself –Woman. Brant Cochran –the tire all the time. Cast member –tinting? Unalarming desires. Smelly and wet spaghettio. Completely tuned into my music.

Oh that’s what you look like getting rid of child –after flab hard to lose.

Such awesome pictures, such a vital thing.

Looking for such a student attempt.


Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment

The way investigators do that. Calm, Mr. approach. There’s a linked tree on your block.

Gods on the other side—This is my reef.

Liberation’s his pride. Mine is eating order to put on muscles. Addition to being good at notebooks. I support your clear message. Heart centered approach. I could sport a bitch so hard. Normally I can start success in business without.

Trauma around Rahu – big boy Saturn.

Jupiter – Capricorn – Pluto. A lot of soul pages.

A powerful heart centered medium.

Full permission the body – Access. It’s later than I thought.

Art, dreaming, writing. Grasshopper – you sleeping.

Not reading sharp when reading folkly.

She’s a prostitute – the lady we saw today – she’s a prostitute. Insta wants to let people know. My skin’s been that great. I make it uncomfortable for your ____ to flip. Unique photos of bed and breakfast. Furry encounter. If a storytelling. Making it onto when it’s not. Regrets towards Thomas [Phoenix] how could you not –Man. Letting you get low to your work.

Money moms against Raphael.

‘Archangel Raphael’, [‘to heal’], ‘The angel of the spirits of men’/Angel of healing, protecter of pilgrims and travelers
No more keeping that together and then other room. Dolphins – dolphins get stuck – they’ll get it in. Normal state of frequency. Prana killings. That’s why it inspires me so much. Greater wisdom. Hi Cassidy, turning headphones for an hour and a half.

The enigma for me – it’s a super big spiritual concern.

Jyotish chart.

Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment.

6 feet flair to death. She really does not support you for look at what you’ve done to –both ways –Astrologist. It was connected to July about a month. To know your husband –tinting? That Carolot Bank of America. From God’s will over my life – I don’t know if I want that […] because shifts personality.

A great degree threatened just by the second afterthought –Astrologist. Making you crunch a red flag –herb. For the first time I curious –without. Need drastic shift overall! Six month retreat. Get stronger. Vampuric presence –me to Man. People are like really cheap, that’s the thing –Astrologist. Yes they are! –me. It’s a luxury service.

Play my sausages warm. Teardrops on my guitar. You can get back on track very easily. Like this pestering voice – you never really paid attention to it. Mind split. Old stairs in the bedroom.

[Vampuric] Yes, I am – energy healer.

Can’t be rollerskating. Ain’t no Benji Sheik. Do you have any other margins. You should have left inheritance money. Broke. Bought your stupid magazine to make everybody happy –Woman/man –Man to woman. $300 yesterday.

Nature’s woman. Tight spaces around the heart.

Took pictures of their architectures.

The real nice young man who works there.

Left person or drill sergeant.

[Fans said] He’s no deer astronaut.

$10,000 check written as bonus surprise for tinting service. Can’t face my broken promise. And I wonder how it would have been – [the rest of my life] –clear. How does it always feel being an auto respondent. I’m a drugged up beauty queen. This isn’t about your use…certainly one man’s… .

Even if it’s what I don’t want to hear, I want to hear it.

At least you are good at driving. I was just trying to get a hit where it was taking –Man. I’m not ever going to get in touch with you again –Astrologist. Carve out/colored one with heat in the middle. I don’t have to be gifted. Do you want to be a grand designer –Wha… . Clean experiment. Then all the work it takes me months goes away –when shifts.

Spiritual women—You know there’s a priority – Main gift.

Got off this chain you were stuck in.

War like you can handle it.

It is a bottomless function –Healing.

Widespread notoriety.


How do we offer luxury of being of late experience

Attempted fate. Fully in his men. … –Man. Emotion site sometime for – pretty watered down – love to lifetime access. It’s been 3 or 40. Channel: both guides. I situation made a struggle co-gentle.

Nuts about it –Justice.

Her is an ancestral love sunk in. The great abortion. I’m 60 fuckin’ 7 –Black guy at job showing clock in type – know how…But for your purpose I am driven…[my short shorts noticeable]. We have to yield. The word love goes a long way.

And still educate children and have fun.

Soul Jordan techniques.

Lucid dreaming. Soul tasks.

Transmute fear. The holocaust is—It took ____ minutes to have the holocaust come [helicopter]. Security in Air.

I need and respect where my spirit and soul are going to go.

Life history. I’ve tried 2/twice to align with the Divine Will over past year and countless over the 6.5 years – face it hard – you won’t be sorry with it – of spirit it wakens you. It is a soul trap.

I can’t watch someone’s video if I don’t feel invited. Plenty of red flags today. I just did a picture like this [measure you want to see].

The set 12 goals out of 20. Breaking down the world dynamics –Man, not supporting energetically. It’s not a proven subject. As the south of a guest – I’m asking for some support. Trauma and manipulation. Derision. Stimulants, narcotics, circadian rhythm. Clearing out old debts. Advanced notification. What I’m going through it might help another person.

What did you have planned for today?

I am a soul bambi.

I’ll deal with his customers –Glass in foot?…me?

Haven’t been able to mentally comprehend what was going on. Unlawfully. What he is going to do next. I wanted to get everything away from you. Give me one reason to stay here?…–Patreon/all. She was quiet. I’ll just take my own nights –to husband.

Original used original like always.

Head microwave. Tremendous healing? Silly woman –…[Woman thought]. Ruler and healer of the world. Mixed emotions. Took me some garden squash potatoes. Stand the test of time. Having a joke job pussy. –Dead mouse [me to Seth]. Slide the door open. It’s like you need to be on top of your game. Your brain has to move slower.

Princer of masterglass –Glass in foot –second sign.

We’re just about how you feel. Greenman.

Rest on me—figure out evenly.

It’s kinning the future –Cobble/vibe hallway of his –second baby. It’s that in a way to represent art—less I promise you. You are such an intimate being. Soul cracks. You are such an intimate being –soul tracks –soul talks. Prostitute and uses crisis. My Mother’s protein gift. Soul work. Be alright with your destiny if you keep taking on shit. If you keep taking ship. I fill in spot and linger.

‘The Allegory of the Cave is a story from Book VII in the Greek philosopher Plato’s masterpiece “The Republic,” written around B.C.E. 375. It is probably Plato’s best-known story, and its placement in “The Republic” is significant. “The Republic” is the centerpiece of Plato’s philosophy, centrally concerned with how people acquire knowledge about beauty, justice, and good. The Allegory of the Cave uses the metaphor of prisoners chained in the dark to explain the difficulties of reaching and sustaining a just and intellectual spirit.’

1987. No say to no compromises. I look at everything is everything – …Skip the ad. It kinda effected me so so bad I couldn’t get on the right track. Does he look like David Bowie’s cousin. Unplug the smelly internet. Keen these silvers on the doors. Direct message, harnesses tools. Body below the lines—at least they test it all out. A form of protection. Inner harmonious. I’ll be free one day but will that day ever be here.

This group is filled –sorry song writers –soul writers.

I’ve recalled my Jupiter dream baby.

Park bench denied of being me.

Yes I have to hear from you or your own thoughts. How do we offer luxury of being of late experience. Brant Cochran. And everything in that woman’s life is uncreative –Astrologist. But you’re supposed to be happy with your song distantancy yourself –Astrologist.

Window flight use selenium.

15% destination increase. Pulled my wife. High energy vibe what I need so bad –Astrologist. They’ve got aluminum foil, AARP. And I want her to rise up to the top –Astrologist/me to her. Mercury. A single down payment.

Kinda scared about Lord Karma.

Always living in a wild fantasy.

Let’s start working good.

Here we are: the best of the worst times.

Power soul this to. Different reactions.

The theme degrees, critical expressions. I am reliefed in Pine with all courage. After backing up dog days. Neil Armstrong. Got to go through at this point. Stepping up… . Folks really want messages rollin’ in.

You going to paint that?…Adventurous siding.

I’m so sick of the sales pitch.

That is why they’re lossing everytime they’re losing.

We’ll do the judgment thing –in family [Man]. Kicked and never supported. With this afternoon obsession… . We gotta bend for. It’s been no mature since he was the first born –Man. Channeling creative fire. It doesn’t say it even if it says it.

I love you but it’s been a long time –Divine gracing.

You did this to me now.

Where’d your tent guys get a job –people sanded hoodrat creepin’ near churches near home –Me run inside as real and no dream but we’re still in dream.

That baby bump bumpin’ into character.

That’s the fact of the Sunshine world, I feel so full.

Thanks to adhere my call. Deep underground knowledge –Man. This design intersection. Needed for the people. We sat outside on addition to the ashes burnt. Glad I’m running you a minute – not her to judge you.


We’ll John Jupiter before play

Look like harper…down the road, look like Harper.

The universe is responding, specific requests.

I loved hearing the waivers in those first scratch.

The body’s listening. Longer coaching energy –feet crossed ankle twist.

Brother, brother, sister – Brother take giant grad pic –me [walking to see/hug them as they walk in]. Finally the recipe for disaster. I do have a sacred relationship – test who that is. [Got to be honest] With your nature specifically. And that bitch. Understand a prison. Because I’m William Richard broke rich. Because we both know what it’s like to succeed –Artistic writers.

This word way together put world back.

They must have been over me. Have 2000 eyes.

Different throat sauces. Ritual support.

I’ma make a quick shower. There’s no lack of power—There’s no lack of wisdom. At one side I’m gratbed-eth him. Making hush puppies. What confidence is all about. Before they leave – whip these up.

Long reception. We’ll John Jupiter before play.

Thinking about our marriage, made you a happy person.

I don’t have the heart or the honor to tell her.

Your Mother Grey classes –”the great pearl”.

The only turnover –Silhouette vision of 2 people shaking hands standing.

The way I’ve been drinking away the pain. Turn key. Let me reel myself poking in. I do want to take the next 6 years to incorporate my life. To say no to the wild at life. Pools of blood. They were supposed to go back to hand sanitizer today. I’m going to put flood/eye…shit?

All for her benefit and enjoyment.

Their beautiful Dad celebration—we see them working hard throughout the year.

The way your encouragement and stuff polluted.

Put 4 million dollars down and I didn’t.

Some gasps and some breaths here [I do want to take].

You want time to be anywhere else but me.

The first impression rose. I don’t even care about life – don’t feel like … . International channeling. Short lesson: what’s okay. That believe in the issues there.

If she’s the next Mormon prophet—This is our daughter…other wage [on function of] –Mom/dad.

I just died looking good.

Have a up spiritual permit. Owe more on the lines of $20,000 –Man. Energy took a need tested. Let me ask anything out of myself. No way was just happening – was going to get a taken out. The star away. To I told must use simple math—no one would acknowledge.

Sith –me dropping out total chop. Man, woman together on couch like sitting/laying— wanting to be together and trying to find a way back – and to kick/end current woman/wanting help with the process of escape.


Please use my card and don’t melt my honor

Please use my card and don’t melt my honor

Got a little heart of the dead on everyone

Stay the right person mentally for your door

Did you enjoy a plus version of your enbolden self

If I could write my writings more in my soul more

Meditations of my full block – Arch trance

Please use my card and don’t melt my honor

If we melt with people and an ice trend

Small hearing is good to find and good hearing is small to find

Got a little heart of the dead on everyone

Little vagabond. How’m I doing?…–The Archer.

No more walking, get right to the point.

Do you see the one you are supposed to spend your life with.

‘Maiden’s Song’, acrylic 4’X5′, by Gary Robertson


I don’t not want my prize. Additions shown –Man.

Huge wooden ship—huge waves – Dogs / items / favorite floating in water – I would be freakin’ if that was my dog. Wood ship holding together though taking beating. Huge wave crash right on ship. [dog imaged as cow shape floating/flying in tornado current].

Well, he’s always had to be the keg. What time is always.



What’s your opinion on the right psychics being booked.

American chemists who came up with that Alchemy.

Fixed unfavored waivered for the charm of Leo.

Waiver. Nowhere to nowhere.

Everybody’s been burned. You are the portal.

If we don’t eat we will wither away into nothing.

Serious time—Serious favor.

And I wanted to dangle your energies.

Chris language – 6 honeymoons.

The recovering body – The healthy body – baby—is like baby reborn.

Silk dancer. I cannot un-press it. Spiritual maturity.

When you thought Jason was killed.

Muphet’s long way away from evil studio. Discounting everything on your title. Magnolia enterprises.

Jason trauma.

Take longer than original way. Kiss me. And it doesn’t come out right. Over or under for you. Bold search party. CDC – lifetime original.

You test your own accuracy.

Got a little heart of the dead on everyone.

No use in complaining.

We’re all in a low pray-ability anyway.

Kicked back into whole of whole beast.

Badges. The love stack that message.

Don’t worry pink will go this time.

I was on this cycle since day 1. –Fantasy finance.

Attend in your power.

I’ve got a story to attend to.

In where we are performing big goals/dreams | Primal influences to maximize success

$ barre with Nikki online. True life living in the true life. The bet’s higher –her.

The exorcism of my new love will be Kristen’s [Christian’s] dinner.

An understanding male. Man, he’s my exercise choice. This is the new transmission. I would of gotten that bag for you.

I crave as a desire to stay locked.

Psychedelic dream—Cosmic thought – tell their secrets to you. Conflict – natural conflict –leaving Anvil. And all in store shopping.

In where we are performing big goals/dreams.

Primal influences to maximize success.

I was going to leave it off Instagram. I don’t think he uses Instagram anymore.


Stay the right person mentally for your door

A different offer mentality. Violently cleanse them. The butterfly goes nowhere. 30’s into my second – made even worse.

Someone can lead a healthy trauma filled existence.

Citizens and farmers… .

The endgame – the endgame is near.

Man on a budget – I say that as to not fall in debt.

To the point that he will pursue them.

There are tires in my distance.

And I started honey baking it from details.

And recommend manicures.

Someone can lead a healthy trauma filled existence | I will fight trauma against you—I won’t fight trauma for you | Trauma forced—trauma force bow


Me and man at table – money let me talk then talk things over me. Generational duties – they play into – because some times things change. Live it now. Me across from man at tables – start explaining. Film not adhering. Beach house – snow.

Moon with Jupiter
Let’s you request sad places to sing in | I kept you in my heart | Naked truth
Your breeze is felt all around the world | The “title”—The “oath” | Destiny strikes

I’ll tell that one too that we’re not in the mood for you this morning.

I lock more to the ocean more.

Any guest rehearsal. Theories of pagans.

Come reach your value. Life is being my bitch.

Let’s you request sad places to sing in.

I kept you in my heart. Naked truth.

Your breeze is felt all around the world.

The “title”—The “oath”. Destiny strikes.

The weed shouldn’t be deleted.

Hearing from you. Hard to come through.

Let it go. Battle. Tilting in both the nights.


Did you enjoy a plus version of your enbolden self

Once you’re in your field like you stepped in below.

Men who tolerate and use you.

My learning and global sand/My hearing and global sound.

It’s not all codes and numbers | Lucid thought

She wasn’t supposed to be advancing here anyway –of elderly mom – passed away once got on internet –She was needed on the other side.

I’m not perfect—I’m not organic

You know we’re needed on the other side.

I must stack weed against you.

I am such an idiot right now –Man.

Medicinally – you grow in proportion.

I’m not perfect—I’m not organic.

We just need to blank out here.

Traveling apparent is everything to me.

You just needed the snow to fall off the stairs.

Alright we’re going to cook in 20 minutes – all general provisions accepted.

He lives a loud existence.

At times we’re suddenly awake and fierce.

Did you enjoy a plus version of your enbolden self.

It’s not all codes and numbers. Lucid thought.

It’s not a miracle anymore.

The only reason I did is I want to act like I’m not talking to her. E.S.P.

I told woman, paper plate/mirror on back—measure placing.

Chapsticks. No stone unturned. Prophetic ability.

Gain greater access. Artwork 5 years ending.

Do you think it’s going to be cool in there?…Stone brick/pebble hobbit house with back entrance – should be cool.

Did I just ruin a tint on another piece of film.

Too old to get rid of.

The lack of maturity’s so real on man’s existence.

Little second dialer.

Springsteen’s a lot for a family of 4.

Something I had didn’t have a genuine mark on it.

I lift over the light.

Weird…I just can’t complain.

I know, I’m just reversing what was on the wall.

The essence juice came to me, I can’t believe you’re enjoying it

1–2–3 on me – weight difference. Perennial tasks. I don’t want the banana split. I have the best feature around. Dissociative. Tone position. The first layer of an inch. I know your bag, I know you’re starry.

Can I please have these desires met, [Universe].

The dumb tears turn off her eyes. You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream. Thinking in the same season. Big woman race –Woman. It’s all good – Philosophy.

I know, I’m just reversing what was on the wall

The essence juice came to me, I can’t believe you’re enjoying it.

I like a fly on my back wall. Mother mayhem.

Oprah – about the design team.

There’s a thing called attention to detail.

Any bad wheels about to fall off –Man?


If I could write my writings more in my soul more


My statement on my view on Christianity.

Mother may I.

Ego’s organized in solutions not problems.

It’s your bonus check.

Your ego lined up in the use of power.

Lick more universal swallowing. Universe below. No one’s said anything – I’ve realized… . Detective work. Crimes on my fashion. 30’s.

Attack of the same rib. Here we are.

Won’t interrupt you guys.

Cleans poet. I had no more distractions. It’s media projection. They were mother-bear before they were bear…[barre]. It’s like getting fucked all the time. The power of the wind. Screw this paste.

Holy scream | Nina storm | Nina Simone

The moon vision speaks.

The color of schizophrenia.

What, and me doing business my way.

David and goodman. My little assembly.

It paid to show less and do more.

And it just dried and all is waa waa…[cry].

Earwax theories. Mutual law.

Your message is very clear. Take ’em or lose ’em.

The praises jump out of the castle. Circadian rhythm.

A vital part you’re misunderstanding. Tell me?

Many times it comes faster than others.

I don’t know what it is but I just don’t feel good –Tint slime.

The tools and resources, and hidden fees.

Access for who desires it.

On how spending my life in a whisper – singing my life away.

 So much schools at that training.

Did you do your part – It’s embarrassing when we start to clean –Did you do your part?

I am yours channel Guide.

Elite wisdom. Grandma still in with the twins.

Just thinking I’ve been around the block – you’ve been around the block.

Common wisdom. A failed mission –words last week. A mass wind storm. Connection. They should really get their kitchen done – they decided not to –3M people kitchen window over sink into sunhouse[room].

That have any virtues to speak.

I am at Poquoson till 4.

Is no longer utopia with responsibilities.

You call out on your ununited wisdom.

Gordon even prefers her crazy and dealing with.

If you don’t understand, you don’t understand.

I get 3 rolls a lot from you –The cottonella.

Of course it’s pain free lifetime guarantee.

God damn, it’s my fault – I should of put up the art film.

More mentally human than more mentally divine.

Don’t step on your baby toes.

If I could write my writings more in my soul more.

Nothing’s comfortable on second guess.

Beat up and disguised. No one will share on their space for you. It’s something for the hallway down the road – I don’t know what 5 forks means –sign with ours, not needed?…[in garage].

Smart one – dominates the profile.

It’s hard to read everything – hold everybody’s job up.

Let’s give yourselves a friendly hand event.

It’s red flag when I need it.

Holy scream. Nina storm. Nina Simone.

Now you’re the widower – attempted fate.

Would you hand me a broken back on. Sudan.

A bulletin board of holy divine messages.

Summer in reach?…Trying to figure out discipline your car down there. Getting used to getting up.


Meditations of my full block – Arch trance

Does a man ever have a role where he conks stuff…[chop off bluntly]

Opening the phones slowly with opening the new phones with.

I’ve been over my body right. I’ve been over handed to myself.

Lots of weed to go around.

Meditations of my full block – Arch trance.

Has everybody been that horny.

I put out patron. Endurance.

Exaggeration. Right response to.

Get very serious over you.

She leaves for 3–4 months at a time, instead of lifting weights –Woman.

In the most unconventional way.

Does a man ever have a role where he conks stuff…[chop off bluntly].

Gain own access. Private party.

February under Shannon.

Don’t want to be my brother’s employee –Man.

In the state of addiction. It makes me wonder why.

To be apple’s first saint.

I really didn’t get to ask you that did I, inner-lude.

These eggs are really cheap, cheap going there.

Obsolete. Lies I tell you, lies.

[Do] You know why [what] type of woman, stays there on the fitness.

I need you to believe in her – stop saying that to her.

These savior positions. Too hot to handle.

It’s not about sounding, it’s about making things work.

I do remember a woman as I walked in here before. Fantasy suites. Now man can recycle more. Days not even weeks. That’s it right now –tinting. Cars – the impact for me. Ice trends.

But if the finger accesses it all.

Showing up late…[Receipt]. Ask really important questions. Depth defying. Trying to keep your city open and not judge. Putting on confidence. Empty vessel.

If you got those ancient reform…[stairwells].

My mom watches us directly…[Ruth].

Polished print.

I’ve convinced them = take me out…[Lana] on not her but her] – not her perspective only.

The art creating process is a dying to yourself.

How many moons are here to save you anymore…[moons/balloons]…[vibe].

First and proper line.

You can be nice, you don’t need the gods to… .

Is it out of control – no.

I’ve got my desires set: ready, set, gel.

Polished print | I’ve convinced them = take me out…[Lana] on not her but her] – not her perspective only | The art creating process is a dying to yourself
To be apple’s first saint
These savior positions | Too hot to handle
Great minds or thinks alike
I’m an experience angel | We put it on value and vinegar | Soul pages


Please use my card and don’t melt my honor

Scary orchard. Movement and path pavement.

Bloomed to many blossoming fans.

Spiritual pagan warrior. Pebbles when.

More inform on what’s happening with the stars.

Please use my card and don’t melt my honor.

USA: famous tan lines. We are due to the line.

Extreme sex club. Our rewards are fucking with people.

Scorched by sky. Journey – move your head.

She’s a person you need to burn –Woman.

I have this mailbox called the cat’s meow.

Great minds or thinks alike.

I’m the lump in my throat – I married you.

Some body formation. Eclipse: Paublo of hawk.

Right after God left, I felt the feeling of Jupiter
The things you value does become me [my little red soldier]

Understand everything. Onion of my desire.

You don’t make me happy when…leaked variety.

Web of excuses. 9 of arrows dedication.

Evidence is now coming against you.

Full range. Retardacy.

How many moons are here to save you anymore…[moons/balloons]…[vibe]

I will fight trauma against you—I won’t fight trauma for you.

Rule of thumb. Healing contentment over my life.

Eat, ready to eat, doing field trips or lobby.

The plank in the sky. I like the energy snacks.

I’m an experience angel.

We put it on value and vinegar. Soul pages.

You know when you’re going down what’s up. Demarcation.

I wanna quit the amount of drugs I’m taking.

With me today.

Know that there’s a blossoming in the heart.

My place of surrender. Lucid.

Be seen what you want to 50 in.

That really nice caged cave.

It is rude that I’m complaining. Heavy on studio space.

Just take it out of less money you owe us. My trauma vibe.

Sometimes we want scratch—Sometimes we want legs.

A live trip…to have pictures delivered.

Initiation scene – swallowing.

I set the pounds for you.

Emerson, lake, smalls and palmer.

Stand the test of time. –Tarot human.

Get all my chapsticks together—Self publishing format.

Sole ratio. She knows and it just the damage point.

A peaceful sinner. Asking a stage manager.

Dropping off. A high quality vibe.

And I kept turning pages—I kept turning pages.

This is what the title is – I didn’t even question it.

God I love what we are – what we do.

Being hung – so she can believes.

Get off my high horse and eat it too.

I am celebrating important herder. John 3:16.

Being hung – so she can believes

Lack of support throughout. And the sinceres smelt. Very bad for your back – going to take out. Our parents don’t cook super nutritious or food. Waning crescent. Clean advertisement.

Go to a brand – a ton of papers I catching up on.

What was even worse – my sweet perception…[reception].

Thought for the day?…Bong rip…to the sky.

It’s not that we haven’t slept in the future – we haven’t slept before.

Water gun and bloat. Jarvis. Posting the plate.

Play dead with me and mess up my day as a person.

Total eclipse. You’ve been chasing for a while but you don’t move. As her likely grandmom’s someone’s kids. Midnight Mass. Confessional. I feel like I stink about things and I don’t want to be snooty towards my thing.

Give me your arrow silently—War-like it is coming out

The heart and was a good angle.

Only way to express your service.

Careweb. Web of technologies.

Query me away. This untrying lifestyle.

Worthy unprotection toward dan. Chill of desires.

The more secure—the more you interaction –Man. November meaning. –Gentle reminder. Deadwood spice. Got to cover my butt with insurance –Sundance tinting.

Saving their desires last. As healing roots sets in.

Trauma forced—trauma force bow.

Landscapes too real to be sloppy.

So personally, I complain wrong –Woman.

Leakage struggle…[–Astrologist] [get your life together].

by Matter Folk Ark [Matthew Robertson]
[All he wants to do is] The Red Jupiter

Well man, that’s not the world being paranoid of you. It doesn’t matter if we pay for your gift – you still won’t wrap it –Man. I love y’all cards – you are my favorite I think –Star tarot. Baby Alchemy. About to do drugs for a year and a half.

The moon vision speaks

Being witchy this morning.

Spiritual gains.


If we melt with people and an ice trend

If we melt with people and an ice trend.

Gabriella. I do it to ignore services.

In our creative world, we hope that the sparkles shine.

Light my coffee on fire.

If you can’t comprehend what you did no more. –Brittney.

4 acre action plan. Dead on shot –kinda famous.

Bob Marley—Nice time – Nice time –by Bob.

Wait for me. Be open, honest, and whale.

Similar words. When I listen to morals.

Friends remember their souls nowadays.

You should be extending.

#1 peel brands. Portrait in the middle.

Balance, trust, learn – that clears my intuition.

We did a extra positive review.

Do it for her, do it for him.

Bat spread {vision}

What a gift and a blessing –Black woman’s albino baby with a grey beard – face and cleft lip –noting okay though lifelong—us figure all parts and functions, intact. [mother sitting in passenger seat of car—her mother [the grandmother] holding baby in driver seat—had just returned from doctor visit, car parallel parked city like, just got results].

Judge not, and you shall be judged
Summer 2014

They’re freaking out over insecurity about work –Old men.

Slight piece of stupid.

Putting another load in my system – fully disconnect…tune out/tune in.

Lucky for you.

Her story kinda fascinates me –Man – “channeling since”.

Cosmic intelligence. Your brain has to move slow.

Judge not, and you shall be judged.

Dangerous cotton. Sleeveless.

Please stop … .

Examples or insights don’t change my mind.

I am yours.

Phase – needed…to go through, get out, workout, practice, continue.

Energetically cleanses them –Tarot.

Dude he is dreaming.


God I must have linked that with the gods early one day

God I must have linked that with the gods early one day

Million daughter honor lenses

We absolutely don’t understand a wedding

I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that

Friends remember their souls nowadays

God I must have linked that with the gods early one day

We took singers from the ancestral planet

If the spirit within you can’t stand up and believe in

The descended masters of my ancestors

Million daughter honor lenses

Cannot refuse this lesson.

To get on oney [3] feet and the minimum width.

Get paid long enough for me to do this.

Public domain. Venue of the light. What bizarre of paths turn rationo. It exposes themselfs and the film…–It’ll…the feet begun chain.

Million daughter honor lenses.

Freedom park. That lay logic for me.

Why am I waking up middle of the night Panic.

More volved. Greater energy. Impeed. Stationary. Wise cracker – saltine routine. Basically I use a dealer in Richmonds’. Getting your team a master with.

I was thriving. It’s the best thing to do.

We kiss on the neck.

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.

Let go of a thing: Let’s make a deal
And if it’s a kiss, it’s a 3 party


I’m on a time crunch – this is the last crater bending something. You think a button and it’s bullshit. Constant trauma responses. So inspire by her or doesn’t matter if… . Man: I will never benefit from the $. Your gift – It’s time. Archer <3. Who has something man bought – man bought, nut machine. My better fiancé, girlfriend –Woman. Lead the future. Investigation process.

This life you will be healed…as soon as you walk away from

That will be old and young.

I’d love to and process the emotions.

Chill/peaceful out there.

You’re bustess and you’re all in.

Just because I knew him.

Page 6 at a time.

I’m just asking for some respect.

Professionally – Soul Alchemy.

There’s something that you do hate about on the main road.

The gods are fast. Join the middle.

Where it was needy it had healing that gorgeous lady

Manager – don’t want me to be. I’m glad they all live in Denbigh—together. Through prayer and meditation.

Let go of a thing: Let’s make a deal.

You have broken the shed.


We absolutely don’t understand a wedding

I like Chris south of whales | Be open, honest, and whale

The full effect—Nature’s rhythms.

I had to go back to the wolf lady ←me.

Any ceremony owl. Map path and dharmic duties.

7 psychic types. Crimes on my fashion.

Blunt sex it all holy.

Remain a drive to wear –White shorts.

Days like this I really get in the habit.

Facing Casey Jump’s pride.

Suitor’s stance. Play ball. Been here early.

On your counselor – does it sounds like it works for you?…[No]. Ashri – counselor.

Standing in the shadows.

Celebrity love. Hot mess – manager of errors.

If you could see it all, the helping – that’s what a girl needs.

Super into lifelong projection. Permission accessed.

| Lifetime mourn mission — She left him a positive review — And honest, open, Bible book |

Can’t be a nylon –wet puppy/welt pussie. Not to be employees on writing. Stave count. Keeping your doubt premier to yourself. 30 of the paychecks please.

Aquaman. They dream as they please.

Print your little chick certification.

They don’t want it to save their life anymore.

If you take care of your family good.

Every single female that should not… .

I have rewrote history.

On coke and diabetes.

Shot people with my other gun.

You guys are looking good together –you and dog.

Seeing in the Spirit – it complements my Tarot.

No bind or script. Memory shades respond to you.

I remember your legs of ease.

I can’t ask for commitment unless I look dumb.

You’re long gone, I don’t even want to compromise anymore.

I wish he got some rest. Islam – heart if you will.

I recently moved back to town. A psychic witch.

Multiple trips to Atlanta. Unfair to my social circle that… .

The soup’s not swirling. Invest everything. I’ll eat.

They gain access, they dig. Fork and closet.

She’s just like her after the waters swell.

Ruth Norman. I grew up ahead. Use it for whatever the fuck we want as long as we fill out an invoice. You can’t recall my Instagram. Test… – Super variety.

[Mars] as:
King of Cups = {Your Fire/Water experiencing} Knowledge in Emotion
‘THE BOY AND THE DRAGON PEARL—CHINA, Chinese Legend—The King of Cups was once a little boy but has matured into a powerful dragon. He is kind but fiercely protective of those he loves. He is connected to the deep dark waters of the subconscious. He possesses great patience and wisdom.’
[Mercury] as:
Page of Swords = {Your Air/Earth experiencing} Pathways in Thought
‘PRINCESS PARIZADE—ANATOLIA, Arabic Folk Tale—The Page of Swords represents youthful intelligence. Princess Parizade uses her wit to succeed where others have failed, her optimism intact through it all. She is a harbinger of new beginnings and new ideas for herself and those around her.’
[Pluto] as:
The Sun = {Your Water experiencing} Nurturing/Advancement/Healing
‘SUN GOD RA—EGYPT, Egyptian Deity—The Sun is success, birth, confidence after passing through difficult times. Egyptian Sun God Ra proves everything is illuminated with optimism and enthusiasm for the path ahead.’
She’s just a musician, God ~ but God she is beautiful | 29 Inch-ing-ly talking to the whole universe

There’s an always high kush to the head.

At first level soul cleaning – Alignment.

I’m the BBS giant. I don’t prepare a wrong bus.

Me coming downstairs needed sandwich – before bed – Vine from plant got hung up on foot as walked downstairs.

A separation in the body since like July 7.

Why are you in a mad terrible mood.

Because Mother Earth is scary.

I love Josh as much as anything. Natural character.

My quarter’s here –Man…[herb] [I left].

Lucky you called me through.

Earthly Ann for life.

A little army heavy. Battle appropriate.

How you’ll need to heal.

We absolutely don’t understand a wedding.

In some selenium practice
There are certain people that change their mind
| Ah man it’s really snowing out–Olympic blaze — One last time—one last time like these — It just felt like a light was on inside me and it shouldn’t go off |

Graduation center. Conference calling. I tranced like a week ago that I wouldn’t meet her out of insecurity. Man and my like boy makes the money. He’s the last resort—the last resort.


I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that

Trust and provision.

Decisions are sentimental


Universe, I’m asking to be swept away…are my desires wrong?…–Ecstasy [card].

Florida window tinting pathological liar. Living room fee.

Grocery store high [fine] dining experience –Social gathering.

Just don’t damage Mr. Smith. Tinker bell. After work zone.



I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that. 

Red simple color – I was asking for it a lot.

Brandyn I just hope you know what you’re doing: [Spirit Medium—I thought – I do].

There are some dense NBC books.

As first off – I’m going to sea box.

Where it was needy it had healing that gorgeous lady.

Soul positives – that it freaks people out.

A palatable experience with divine energy.

Hardwired. Apple pay and smash.

Wrapping my head around the first idea.

I’m convincing other stuff that I’m doing okay –Man.

I don’t journal, because I don’t want to lock in what I feel.

Did all the tide last night.

Nature’s specific—Nature’s expressive.

A devil rage picture. Outside reception.

I definitely don’t have many options.

Seeing in the Spirit blows without you.

Check on single walks with speed dials.

An angel was falling from devil’s door.

An angel was fall from devil’s world.

The wild wing of a messenger.

Brothers can’t be self in same continent.

Resting’s important so I can receive.

That’s our baby –Sunlooped.

The descended masters of my ancestors.

Ancestors remain closer to the sky itself | And I have really good ancestors | Same glass ancestors, different chicken | Definitely have ancestors in Libra | Old ancestors sunk into a chair | You like to involve your ancestors | I was finishing My~delicate~weave~project {then ancestors, spirits I called}{out in front of mom}{dad house} | Early text from the ancestors | I’m a Weems girl too! [saw 2 ancestors and recognized by style– I proclaimed: ] | Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost | The descended masters of my ancestors

Hot sink celebrate the…Hot sink and celebrity? What is warewoman who out standing in her way. I’ll work with you – I want to work with Sundance. The dynamic is associated with it pounding down potatoes. Got your hands full. Malt in the Bay field.

Too many people have activated their dreams.

Whim it off. That post will be up in my room.

Brandyn: The art of scorching.

Judge—not scream –employee pay. Diamonds looking like Brittany. Quite the detail…the trend. Quite the detail, the trim. Support your work hearing your hand hunt. The potatoes are still singing great. Charging it to the car. Duck or mini split. This will be the last one </3 pierce your eyes. NPR. You can stay here. Anxious [about] last night.

So I’m just going to have to go blind.

The development of my own spirituality and how to incorporate that in life.

So I believe in me, so I’ma let you do that.

Are the building never popular. Learn how to cooperate with that –Man at job.


Friends remember their souls nowadays

[Guys must sign up] For we are Moms and Lovers—we already do so much a year | When the soul finds you, his heart nanny is withered in decline
{Full Moon {today} | {Aubrey with Moon}
The Sun of Life[r] | Seven of Stones–Healing

Sm—M—L – none of us like putting on.

It felt like a pressure trying to get it done.

In some selenium practice.

Meetings and exclusive deals.

I thought the dreams would have pushed them further.

New moon rituals.

The world hasn’t got caught up with you.

But it’s saved on photos and pieces.

How does wrong dust personality.

Honestly I just think it’s crazy.

With us on our size/side.

Friends remember their souls nowadays.

This mirror went flaky.

Do the favor for the adults.

I’ll take that as a kundalini thing.

Reconnect to primal wisdom.

I’m not primetime and we’re proud of our pizza.

Boy he complicated too many attorneys.

Unlock Rosemary free today | To replace my precious tea — Rosemary | His Rosemary is withered in decline
Red simple color – I was asking for it a lot


We do count our hatches before… . Mesmerizing to the core. I was supposed to use avocado card and then solution. When your Dad interviewing Jesses. Bambi. Baby steps—open about my trespasses. My mood swings are…Moon swings.


Several care angel | The gods sweet graces~ | Gifted gods and crafted angels


God I must have linked that with the gods early one day

Rocks in silence. Singing soul’s virtues.

A great many deal and a window intern that was important to me.

Vedic – Vedic support.

He caught up everything, dude –Kingfisher.

Reading astrology’s voicemail.

Things will be different –employee/owner.

Blend it/stick it. I’ll be thankful for it when I have it.

I will tell you this since it was a full moon.

Knocked down from the colonel.

Go upstairs and talk to my room real quick.

I bet you felt like a winner with no silicone. Food is free.

I’ve been completely blown out of proportion.

You don’t know with consequences.

Super open with her. Assort the trail – does in a bit.

Doesn’t feel like right time.

Memory shades respond to you | It’s because you’re a hawk and chameleon | Wicked route or blossoming shades

 All those heavenly tryings.

Because I don’t care how long it takes.

God I must have linked that with the gods early one day.

Exchange of fight.

Written down the bowl if you don’t kill him.

Waning crescent. I’m just using it in different terms.

The throne of grace. Sundering.

Ghost spirits. Well lit area.

Eastern black harvest tip.

She had actually filled out the invoice. Plastic shield.

There’s my TerraSwati.

Grey area. Silver medalist.

Energy bank—Seniors together – It’s on the extra one you did.

Almost had to draw a linear side.

The stress from it had my passion waned or desires tame, in check.

I got torched by the sky on a warm Sunday | What’s your torched lip on what those were perched?

I C – C I break this freakin’ tape?…I’m sure I can. It devastated him – unfamiliar loss –Owner/me gone. Made in Summer foundation –Baby –Husband/wife. I would rather indeed smoke the weed than tincture.

If he can’t just shoot the declaration of independence.

Inspiring change. Tint in there first – no rush. Individual loss at a conscious level –Woman. If it’s anything it’s kinda an emotional journey having a kid. People too open. 28 years ago living in Oberlin.

Cosmic level at a catastrophe.

Small business owner – I’ll hire anybody in the small business field.

Low bread. The abuse you put your mind through.

Friends completely tell broadcast or dark.

They produce the tears.

Life is not a tomorrow.

The native company of Timber Gill.

So surprised so barefoot.

Teach me spirit guides how to live and lead a complete existence.

Do they hang any visitor its headache.

There’s a team following me around initiating together.

Had a couple casualties towards the end –Film. But I refuse to admit it. I just wanted to be home and write. When go back to heaviest another on piece of pink –Artist. Write a popular size all fits. Fair woman from abortion.

| What would make a lifelong great — When I went to school — Tools, resource, know hows — Just worldly… — Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary — Shaman — I knew what logic says — Watching from 11 feet away — Soul cycle — I am a monk owner—Plant base nutrition — Let it freeze |

I know all these times I have all these engaging marks.

Do you mind if I put some drinks over to the side.

There are 10 perfectionist [pretend] Shamans.

I will save you with the water but I don’t want to get caught masturbating in here.

My hips are hurting real good—I’m not up for…anybody… .

This really big Mom building business that was involved.

I got a vegan meal twice a day.

Thank you with all my heart and all my life and all my liberty.


We took singers from the ancestral planet

They’re playing with secrets of Shamanism | With fox as my shaman — Window world | Beautiful to be this Shaman

Crimes on my fashion. When still her.

Me get prescription, talk doctor into Vicodin [for—through] cannabis has relief – doctor just been drawing a lot of blood.

Will be up to ‘soul light’. You want me to get a doctor..? Heal a friend.

Results and drives her crazy.

Agates with the music on. ←Moo.

He has a big dream like Texas.

Friendly Jab – Good Samaritan.

Ex in the shadow does not make me money.

Girl – attract to me – Lesbo style.

Getting the wall dryer too.

Forcing others to do lifting for them.

Onion of my desire.

I like Chris south of whales.

Getting to it.

[[words and image by San]]

| Enormous mystery — And not to underestimate the power of love — Just put your belt on — Bet on love — 12 escaping the hip logs for me — Karma stay |

We rarely express how we really feel/truly. How are you Kai, how’s Kai: . Unhinged. A self sexist anticipation. Personal advanced TV show is $20.00 –Ice cream cone.

No this is really constant – that you had to do the job.

We’re on the fridgeline. I just put the maps straight from my soul. Liz in useless translation. Available patterns—textures.

Awkward 9 miles – that we were security and wisdom
Onion of my desire


Putting new names down and heavy feelings.

People like me tend to think. Chase—desire—rage. Summer is playing city ground. No reason to lie to. I never have such home states. And a demonic spirit.

Paying you to have dreams revolutionary

Introvert totally clam in together.

We took singers from the ancestral planet.

Mighty mathematician. 6 feet to flair to death.

I can’t get caught up because you are so irresponsible.

TV and only history. They’ll extend your world.

This life you will be healed…as soon as you walk away from.

You can’t escape a shitty part of your life.

When I looked at slaves…They were all nice and a generation –employees.

Why are you taking all the student’s razors [belts]—how long have you been here.

Been dealing with high messages for a long time.

If you don’t gift me, your gift will get you stuck ~me bird on wire top of tree}{bush ~me no move


If the spirit within you can’t stand up and believe in

Most universally accurate –Wildwood cards. The true winners are. $20 out my pocket.

You feel so heavy to safely manage holding a studio.

Let the heavens know questions.

Stuck on you, emotionally –Man.

There’s not many people to grab onto.

It’s the awkward stance.

What happened was he stepped on the floor and he broke himself. On a diagonal.

If the spirit within you can’t stand up and believe in.

Grabbed the bull by the horns. Especially if it’s a woman he doesn’t know because he knows it will set them off…–gaslight[ing]…[on position intercourse]. Feels nice and strong. Taste delivery.

Notoriety reduced to fame | There’s got to be one person that’s completely over the top

Advertising right – diving right to it.

Low IQ semester ground.

That she needed real medicine.

A constant thread from my music.

Autistic and paranoid –Woman. Definitely worth it. Addressed and out in the open techniques…[some things need to be addressed]. It drops off in about 20 minutes. Announcement + 15th [19th line – CBD/THC].

Leading the photographer.

What I have together and in line –My formula.

Common men health issues.

To Satan – are you opening up order of disrespect –Satan.

Thank you for giving me a bonus.

God don’t want any that around.

At least 2 witnesses a day.

What man makes abundantly clear.

This is after and this is before. If I took 5 hits I’d reward out and stay home. Haze out. My blocking any forest.

And if it’s a kiss, it’s a 3 party.

I am holding message at a soul level.

The equivalent to my home.

Over-draw –Artist. Pinch the plate.

Rose tire fee…[flower rose].

I really just heart away those dead plants.

Brooklyn Mars.

I thought I was trancing like I was dreaming for hours, turning pages – pages – high quality information.

Is praying responsibility – Adder –King of Bows.

Friends completely tell broadcast or dark
Reading astrology’s voicemail | I will tell you this since it was a full moon | All those heavenly tryings
Life is not a tomorrow

Did I just have an initiation period.

Those puddles – I don’t see those but puddles no more.

School days – just because I didn’t have extra space to park –reminds me of.

You carry a clown and you marry what’s in a clown –human monkeys?

See others would see me too.

Long enough to run out of business –weed.

Mercury in Air – Mercury is an air sign.

That kind of P.O. drop – [delivery—freight].

Lifetime mourn mission.

She left him a positive review.

And honest, open, Bible book.

Crimes on my fashion.

Whoever was supposed to call you back must of been real busy –Miriam at Anvil –Theresa at Spine Center. A big bugs bunny or a county building –Man. I’m an emotional holding block for your brother.

Do more to tap into –Service animal dogs.

I’ll be out of my 4 leaf clover.

I well doctored the other.

That’s how many degrees are in the zodiac.

It’s just 1 edible nug.

#1 peel brands.

You’ll direct ’em to us.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman

She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman

[This] Hierarchy of angels around me

I need you for a medicine hand

She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman

You saw me do tribal dancing – and you recommend it

When I gave it to Rubys – Ruby used to be a chore line

I’m doing it for Saturn – I don’t mean to sound all death and crazy

Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary

Cherish myself in listening to people

[This] Hierarchy of angels around me

The prince into natural light. Stack was against you. Tuesday. Of a very hard fit in mark.

Mass production – claim to fame.

The start keeps ruling me out.

It felt really naked and afraid to be what they want it to be.

Stimulus – Southern comfort.

Are you reading and believe in.

American pie drawer is in the closet. Okay is it better.

[This] Hierarchy of angels around me.

To makin’ these 2 homes theres to makin’ each home theirs.

–And mentally ill or maybe I just thought it was consuming. Man [or any that forgot to see – I’m busy] 2 people crawl in attic outside below home – snuck in – they want to place weight on for mischief. [Aunt and Uncles]. 

I came to proclaim because I saw.

And helped solve mystery.

Coffee in coffeeshop – nice pick-me-up. A register is locked in the house. That’s just what the energy vibe was. From my perspective it sucks [being lied to] –Man.

Your bankruptcy account.

What he has to beg for and what he has to pay. You don’t put weed in normal people’s mail. What’s up with Morgan. Not with the work required.

You always embody your embodiment.

| Eyesight like it — Where they peck will go further and further even if they lose happiness — And by the way, I’ll let you know when those things wash out — You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream — I could get full on chapsticks—I can get full on my writing — They call us on their worship game — Strange cousins, over there, gloom — To get bad tea going — Siblets of warning: — Temperature has increased — Deer jerky |

Protect your mammals on your temperatures.

It’s a fact of you want money if you get paid. A dread I got stuck and it fell off hair – we still go Friday.

Empress tonight – tint slime up in the sky.

Clearance of the old. Stack curves against you. I don’t even think you’re reading for yourself. What woman –  still ended 6 days ago.

PRN Nurse tool resource/kit.

Fury with friends. Fury – fury with friends.

Of my growth pile. Don’t be a mess girl.

Hi Louise to love! –Woman [Thelma and Louise] –me to woman on man.

I do wish you were here –Spirits lift me to write.

They learned their blessings that it’s just a whole lot different.

We just give attention. Museum work.

413 likes [418] [saw 80 [18] said 30 [13]. They worked hard together [all around the world]. Lack of intelligence –Wife/husband think. Baby it takes 75 for 1 feet.

Life has a very formal way of speaking to people

Never got to apologize for your story.

Ebay. What are y’all doing breaking wood in front of your house. That has so many different words – found someone that loves me –Husband on wife. Custom salted. Unfriend you –Man. 

Ralphie it’s June.

The Emperor 
The Emperor before people is feet is charging


I need you for a medicine hand

Lynx figures you sit on the outside.


Perfect gift – the perfect gift of prophecy.

Wild river.

Never be obstructional anymore

I am man. In the Allen – bob van. New all good about things through Christ. Irate influences. I want to waste and your hours today. Compliments of a stranger. Man, you can’t hear digital art. Parkway freedom. Taco. 3 weeks [7] in. Edgy and shadowy tactics –losing $. Finish user [time] dislike.

You dream to vision.

On how a spending my life in a whisper

How knight ended my goals. 6-22 7-3. Naps in your leash. Napkins on your left. I love your audience. Second sway. Would that name be given? Always in motion. Poetry. Your emotions are getting enough. Something I got to right response too—something I got to fix. Urgent respond to fix. Afternoon on the second sway.

I will get rid of the first –cherry.

Until it won’t get made anymore.

I need you for a medicine hand.

Dad wisdom truth. White lies.

The spiritual pagans – giving something away.

There’s got to be one person that’s completely over the top.

I’m not going to trip – I’m not going to hunt you.

It always comes down to a flying goodness man…an over the top over your head

An Oral’s virtue.

My appetite for desire fell.


You are the aura—You are the shield.

¤ The Star ¤
Very famous pierced star portal


She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman

… . Orange. Childish renovation. I chose to take someone with me. Spirit writing from the energy. He’s on the front cover magazine – exotic dance. 

Someone – come reach your value.

Small whipping post.

Us magical as possible.

As solving a mental picture/mental Woden.

Parts of love. I just want organic chunks. Triggered – a compare warning. Everything is about redemption. Stand in rate @solarfilter.glare. Stand in rate. Mask put all of it on.

Waylon in a Judd.

Violently clean slate them like they’re okay.

Rodent’s valley.

{psychedelic dream} Queen of Cups | {lucid scream} Queen of Swords
Thoughts and emotions –Queens of Swords and Cups
Psychedelic dream—Cosmic thought – tell their secrets to you

Mentally up and better space time.

Myriad of your flowers. Mirror of your flowers.

Any following a cult. My plan purple.

Similar to this on an invoice.

A core of you that hates it too.

All invites had a back 30 days in my head.

I’m never thoughtful because I always feel like an afterthought.

Wrap up service for me.

The next morning I’m just not as enthused –drinking.

She’s had her biological functions carry her through and she is a warewoman.

I see little clips of my Dad.


You saw me do tribal dancing – and you recommend it

That’s intoxicating –The power of the plate [post].

Our strength is our training.

Public arm wrestling.

Myriads from standing – by the door.

The most iconic flagship.

Body, breath, spirit of light.

2 1/2 hour shift scheduled – rude…7:00 to 9:30 – me get ready – old room three colors on wall—brown, purple, green.

Six honeymoons.

I was heading into say farewell—second time quitting. A book around your open store. Dita Von Teese = 13 is her number.

I like it tight in doors though.

Drowning in my observations.

For a collective heart centered medium.

I gave a Elizabeth at Astro News –review on my tinting services –quote lady.

I’m just all silly in the valley of monkeys [balle of].

I got this nice little Tarot possession

Do that for a little bit longer. Always be blessed.

You saw me do tribal dancing – and you recommend it.

What is the lift in the bathroom.

I even look unlimited from… .

Isn’t that still mom’s edibles. Singing chickens.

Woman’s looking all stupid – kingdom here –wow.

Psychic times.

Thank you for giving me a practice with hope.

Elite. Charm. Delay.

You might start understanding greater concepts.

But just mainly a recovering title. My 7 days – out of chose 1 line.

Spiritual processing now. Disease-free. Who won’t value fill up on me. Earlier getting me up with relief. Read it to me man–? With an unsufficient security code.

Maybe I should honey bake it on my own plate.

My size control pens, everything was organically swung

Me hug boy [other boy] till back pop [crack] –Kindergartners. All here upon walking home saw… . Husband/wife in living room Lewis Circle—they got along enough to keep together longer. Baby comes as a waste. Upcoming painful.

Super linear watching today jolt.

With each trance it gets lighter and limited – dust in the wind –concluding session. Nobody’s watching because the air isn’t real. 1 in 1866.

A simple reset is claimed.

[Blue light temple] Another make it happen again.

Speak prophetically.

To award petals crashing on the flower

29 followers not 31. The butterfly goes nowhere. Moving my head and parts today –Woman. We got together totally by chance – love… . Average guy strong of awakening –Man.

When the world black and brown – work tougher and blend.

For more inform on what’s happening with the stars –Pearl. I plan too little—see too late. And I’m still kicking it here six months later. Religious views. Basically bathed.

Brain cells and addictions –additions.

Suffer from your dismay.

The only cloth you’ll wear in the winter.

When she doubled down from divorce of her only husband.

Thoughts and emotions –Queens of Swords and Cups.

This is on its way to completion.

Veg shows win the eyes of all.

Gigantic leap forward.

You just needed the snow to fall off the stairs.

I think I’m pretty organic ~ Jungle words

There’s going to be a lot of shit to save you.

Suddenly beautiful – and we all want something beautiful.

The volunteered person’s homeless.

The concept’s so hot that out there… .

She kinda relies on you –Tarot possession.


When I gave it to Rubys – Ruby used to be a chore line

Get the roots from the seller.

Some tea to function. Critical function. 

Absolutely adoration – John likely…Absolutely enjoy a John – likely together.

To tell them the truth about sum laws.

There’s a measure on Wednesday that the pressure won’t succeed.

People that are paying ghostess.

Husband—Ex-Family—Wife – going out for a joy ride – all mid 30s wisdom and vibe…she nervous us all together. Breath deep – buried in the merits.

Being the like and spiritual aspect. Being the light and spiritual aspect.

They don’t even get in love with themselves.

A woman returning this whole time. Sufficient.

With the direction and the demand [command]. With the direction and a compan___… .

That’s just the spirit being picky.

Just maintaining dignity.

Make accessible – missed that assuring mark.

OMG that sounds like the Gulf of Mexico. Property and principles. Glad I saw a tiger instead of a wolf. Bold sex ring pop off.

Leading the sistance [in that course].

An extra job weighing on you. Where’s my painful person –Husband to wife/not the same? Gout. Legendary book.

Always represents tea when you go to your Guide

My longing was so genuine.

Assembled customers. Stack training.

A stage manufacturer. Start warming up my invoice.

Directly = action ←show you are to the universe and your karma/dharma.

Milks Chris money too. They were only six bucks.

Above and beyond. Clients can tell.

This life is crazy – it is dismantled.

Aww man, it’s dug. At meetings.

Keeping your shit together.

There’s so much Egyptian said.

| Ancient moods — Egyptian moves — Tarot and Pharaoh — I just kinda advanced |

There are certain people that change their mind.

Making a fantasy land.

Vedic principles.

I am fetished –Husband.

[You’re] Standing out.

100 wisdom dollars. Odd Samaritan.

When I gave it to Rubys – Ruby used to be a chore line.

Take out that yellow bag, be chill – don’t make a production out of it.

The blankets in here come from very bland purposes.

High school donation.

No one finds out lifes and cares.

Besides having everything you needed.

He had this done for you.

Again with sorting all our weed.

Move forward into the night.

I’ma follow a drink cultivate of spirit too.

They’re playing with secrets of Shamanism.

A dead remark and then I lost myself.

Living on dreams and spaghettios.

Several care angel.

Can you tell us about shaving for information.

Because we both have a woman to sailboat too

Simply present or not with them –Blackcreek out of your life. Died hands go both ways. I am the vegan who doesn’t workout enough. Output volume – stuff I couldn’t lose. Failed times ahead.

Just move this to chair of begun.

It’s this lack of statement they want to put.

Boy gave me SpongeBob [framed] thought linked with spine pop dream. Because our family wishes you the special.

Dita Von Teese.

I wish we could remember everything you’ve talked about but if you want to start two minutes in. [On both sides]. 

When I must strive when I must strive hard.

That balances and strikes the diet.

For internal or auditory hearing/vision. My life is just ending really suddenly –Husband. Go back to flower. Super weak performance. Knock it out of the park with water. One mutual law.

Karm in reverse – Being stuck in who you are.

Showing less / doing / proving more. Very historic. Anything smaller with the meat? Cruise. A.I. Top dollar at 10. Hatchback – blue locker feature [blue water feature]. Something’s not win with lightment with her.

Prayer until we get home.

The tags between effective – Houdini.

These artists [–to compare].

Sherpa and Sheepa.

Constantly spilling my tea this morning.

Of course I’m thankful. Web of technologies.

Greater access. Older white male.

Pumpkin areas and weeds.

I confined in you all now. I confines it now. Punch and tagline. White blood cells [sells]. Aristocratic – do the math. Came in for a burger one day and left totally surprised –Trances. Oh he didn’t have to do anything or this year –Owner. In the way now…away from you. In the alone now, away from you.

Freemason work [doghound].

Naturally Joey was thinking that but quick time.

Usually Joey was thinking that but part time.

Share made of the internet.

General applications. Conscious living.

Aww thank you, you are the last one –John [on support].

Once she becomes your friend.

I just saw this king apple’s organic ( vision||dream—apples for sale ) | Don’t talk to me about nothing too wind [deer]

Unstoppable degrees. Pearl wisdom.

Wife beyond here—Pagan here too.

Indica. Difficult screaming – old empire. I think it’s bringing these here on earth. Watchful mama –Woman.

How do you feel today and show ’em who you are.

Hey I’m just getting a lot of hours in these closets. And there’s tangible positions and cool things. Lifelong practice. Arstergest stunda and a Sparta. Called Sparthia.

Ah man it’s really snowing out – Olympic blaze.

One last time—one last time like these.

It just felt like a light was on inside me and it shouldn’t go off.

∞ The Moon ∞
Capricorn – intriguing and luring ways

In our mentality to you. Mercene–ality. Rather pack too little than too late –herb. It’s orienting myself with that familiar flavor. Old request fee. Apple on the way. Rhythm wise.

I do not want to play or ride. I have a call on my life.

Leaky boundaries—your parts are just in debt.

If they feel, touch, or bring and pinch –Man.

Proprietary. If we keep the Panterra up every day.

There are kids back there listening to us –Jesse in woods –in woods/kids, as if Jesse looked hush hush.

Another dead tire.  [If] I was up, I was up.

I threw ’em all over the place.

Just got to be chill with the volume.

Corporate villa. Jack sugar meow, SunTek. Those aren’t the same—would of been different if I got them then. [Makes for a] Peaceful sinner.

Too many people are around you.


I’m doing it for Saturn – I don’t mean to sound all death and crazy

Jason is the worst restaurant in the wind.

Cosmic of love.

It was all solutional training –get note of yourself.

Just find wizards too. On truth.

As soul purpose and soul clarity.

With fox as my shaman. Window world.

People were going to blow her and a drug dealer.

My first pagan alarm and saint tree | When I encourage her—when I speak when no one else will

Ice trend. Cold water training—different water takes you different places.

Richard isn’t holding back –Richard Knight.

Expressed genesis = 22.

Expressed genesis has many roads a labyrinth.

Use this very powerful auspicious time.

I’ve been stuck with the tree thing.

When I change, I do often. Polywag.

Because I was supposed to use that on her body.

A shadow’s book and a shadow’s rise | 12 functional coach lips | Clinically…clinical need to be alone

I’m going to give you Tuna, so it’s not so weird today, Crescent.

It’s the moon wisdom and set date closure.

What I been through. Extra choppy details.

I’ma go and feel agate – her Jupiter is established.

I’ma go heal agate – her Jupiter is established.

Work out half as hard – get half as many likes.

Soul flavor. However which chemicals.

Dawning wisdom. It does take a year or two.

Ancient moods. Egyptian moves.

Tarot and Pharaoh. I just kinda advanced.

I’m doing it for Saturn – I don’t mean to sound all death and crazy.

We have to measure the doors too.

I just held a lot of attention.

And real awakening happens.

True is an echo and it twists | World echo—Your morning’s great, you have play kids

I refuse to see anybody. Dynamics changed. That security of the feline. Widower’s fee – $15. Opening practice. Your message point of view. Common stressors. My diet with my Law. I can’t invite anyone in on that level.

Wisdom and love.

Me being snooty. Harddriven/hardwired. He’d rather put her off two weeks than finish the job. Don’t feel profitable because you and I always take forever to do them –Job.

Slam dunk and it echoes eternity | Echoes of angels hanging in | I just can’t talk about normal stuff – normal stuff drives me echo

Beautiful to be this Shaman.

Knowing that I would go talk to her myself –Man.

Mental picture team. Be okay with who I am.

Awkward 9 miles – that we were security and wisdom.

Paying you to have dreams revolutionary.

It does[n’t] look promotional.



Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary

Touting. I’d work on.

He needs to pay attention the whole time he does this.

Spanning across decades. That was fun – silent prayer.

Too much bath turn into therapy time.

I think when you’re pregnant whatever it takes.

Born to die.

Or you were super genuine about your tasks.

Strength in muse. 37 square feet of glass.

It’s like dishes on crack.

A lingo search for his daughter.

Take the back brush off your shoulders then being swept away—swept under the rug.

My apology pleas –Man.

Your front is a bill. The attention award.

Let’s get digital gold. The white dude in the house here.

I’m a nuisance to her. Coalition. A healthy emotional toll.

They’re really not cutting corners here –Restaurant.

Whether or not he’s the panic of death row | Typically looked at by the loyal neighbors from the Panic that were not moving | Emotions are peak like panic

Connected in the best way possible –gLeaf on ‘Burg. That person really hurt themselfs –Student with bike. Peace. Good man throughout this whole reader thing. Vital distraction –Husband. Food overpriced you – cost you priced to leave [well play and classical]. I had feet kicked up over table.

So I read poetry and write Panic | Panic at the night, Night at the disco An Angel’s return

Many, I think they’re embarrassed of their slaves –Owners to workers.

Was the 34 year old without a little isle.

Death comes as pure interactions.

My 17 year old sun –Dad. That moves will follow.

There’s people I just thought about before at highest level.

A forgiveness man. I got to live my passion.

What would make a lifelong great.

When I went to school. Tools, resource, know hows.

Just worldly… .

Screaming too much for me…Revolutionary.

Shaman. I knew what logic says.

Watching from 11 feet away. Soul cycle.

I am a monk owner – Plant base nutrition.

Let it freeze.

I look for you trying to behave negatively.

How often they do. Invite someone.

Beat a job Friday – beat a job I didn’t care.

Self evident – wild herbs, that’s for sure.

Don’t waste your time. Propaganda.

Spiritual invested. Dark.

Hot to trot. My Christian heroes.

Each week has a different theme – Imbew it high.

Childhood linked to imagination. Global search.

I’m sorry to escape your little boat though.

I can’t even lend it if someone steal it back.

My eyes work faster than my ears.

Oah, that makes me listen.

June 2012 ~ age 24

Insufficient funds. I knew how, how am reluctant. Again for the second time. Ware one –Man. Being able to front $30 to get you started. Kinda nasty. That beautiful – income is good.

After treasures of death. Feeling special.

It’s food from 3 days of work.

I won’t ever hand hunt you again.

The decision to leave your man hanging – it’s okay –carrying [long] logs overhead.

Hi, hard of Elvis.

I would be cosmically sinning—all the people who have swiped their energy.

What is in this jar right here – 12 bongs for your back.

Stop hearing ’bout you. Dita’s Von Teese.

I think people can do that – work on goals [privately].

Very low key operation – no it’s aggressive –bong rips surreal.

No we’re at the top of your game.

I guess I’ve been over my body right.

$700 pizza. Intuitive approach. I will put to order it only when you feel loved. You will wake up spiritually eatable. If only women were interested in my work… .

‘Bow and Arrow’, 1945 by Newell Convers Wyeth

I don’t think you really grind it as hard as I on the inside.

Brought us something easier.

Wasn’t that valuable to me –him and I friendship.

Shades that had wanted to work on too – I finally picked a spot…[Lana].

Cryptic dead. God’s checkout.

I’ll never be able to get these big pictures back up.

We still have to hustle there to not be a screw job.

I don’t have too much which doesn’t work.

Psychedelic mindfuck.

Go get plenty of paperwork in tomorrow.

We all be of different legends but of same classmates | We but a fraction of what we’ll become | We wait for biology for more of legacy puts into you than takes out of you


He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis

He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis

They can only get firm with sweet people

The spiritual pagans – giving something away

Why do I have to roll with death in reverse?

Makes me want to turn my head—makes me be vulnerable

What sink and catching all these blankets up there

He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis

I’ma spend some more time in Saturn’s moonholes if you don’t mind

Good game covering an amazing trouble

They can only get firm with sweet people

Rules and regulations are this hard.

Open to receiving heaven’s stars.

It’s taken that long to get back in tune with them.

Small whipping post.

Basically I just wanted to preserve my memory.

It’s a good gordita option when we just want to get home.

Intuitive – dance club. Oasis. I am more moved with ___ and SPCA. On Mom’s head—soft wood. Worthy of our own values. Sometime’s slavery. I’m just the barbaric that loves the chicken. You keep dividing stuff up. Seems that you can’t able to find your path.

They’re going to look like it’s on vacation…[they’re on] vacation.

Don’t forget your teeth tucked in.

The element of peace. Pema Chakren.

I’ll let ’em know if we need other help.

Join the kids out in high school.

World famous. Sparky’s reputation.

Any kind of choice Medium.

The best cut job possible –Film… .

And saved it to Informations.

Blunt sex. I know it’s all holy.

I’m looking for those deep answers.

Gets you enough as a business owner.

To be less lazy. In the name of a rested mind.

Water cover’s not real. Have a great day but somebody does. It did span over 3 decades—it didn’t feel like that –Man 70s-80s-90s. Suspect –Man.

{Currents of generational Crone~Mother~Maiden}
Four of Arrows·Rest{r}~Four of Stones·Protection{r}~Four of Bows·Celebration

If the divine spirit believes I can hold it right. Soul power. I’ma build capital as I build [no] [help] –Artist. Fire ready to start a car [fire]. Wolf tap into. Concert shell.

Property and we’re proud of this neighborhood –Husband/wife.

Still wish they had gone West.

[How to] Maintain a constant flow of connection.

Declaration of independence. Disorganization. Value most the time. Taking a toll. Degree means nothing. These ladies here really suck at old cars/used cars. You know what Smithfield is right. Copied yourself. 

You’re making all this stuff down here then it goes right back to the staff.

School for modern people and color.

That is time [I did all that by myself and [mom not].

To secure a connection. [It’s taken me that long].

I gave him or the Angel coming a call

Blew everything out of the water. Angelica.

We just can’t let ’em get any sea built up.

They can only get firm with sweet people.

I have so much work to do. I’m so glad… .

Couches and potatoes.


The spiritual pagans – giving something away

But that’s a big outdoor dumpster. I love to sleep places and I love those pages. Steam roller. Any bored or sicky—crappy agepartment –Man. A heavy smoker of its worker.

Heart of the deads.

Genesis – it’s one of the best things healing me


Doctorate. What a friend may lose. Slitting my throw↓.

Everybody’s their own forcefield.

Brandyn special lecturer. Asking me for a paycheck. He should always have a minimal effect. Beautiful trauma. It gets garden because I can’t see it. The measure of security. Our thin was fine. Double delay. Nasty guide.

A question more of your fate.

Tapping into worlds that work…[words that].

The most sensitive interview.

And I got to be extra careful because I have that extra body type.

It has to do with the weight on my shoulders.

Because our features don’t care.

Gifts just died in your head like a ___ .

Dressing on the top shelf where it’s confused.

A prophet’s wake.

There wasn’t enough ceremony.

Think in silence.

Forget who you are because it’s not a choice of brethren. [soul light].

I can make an effort.

I put dads I awake. I put dads my awake.

Would only need to borrow that money –last resort.

The spiritual pagans – giving something away.

Soul connection is soul connection.

To dance with the death and roll with intuition

Last week was the first week. Popping off. Just came on tour once a month. It’s this mail right?…Mail-code. Your mom’s so selfish everyone has to grow like her –Man. The faces of reassurance.

Those terpenes were just raging.

You and me set the pace. Very very nice one—nice one –that’s Jesses. General positive information. Getting a mule. A guy or a girl. 8 years ago at brother’s graduation…[9] putting myself well out.

A prayer focused.

Actually engage me—It’ll feed me.

I’m just change my last name.

Figuring out your own work like crazy.

I’m just going to test the idea.

That wildchair – sleeps on the couch.

Varying degrees.

I think I should of kept my star on.

Take on Author or 3.

I want to trance till my lungs fall off.

She kept complaining about her dignity.

I’m not a very good psychic or medium.

Thank you for raising your critical voice.

I might start a family—finish my off week timing –Woman.

Your muscle’s wife.

Stonehouse done deal. You cut into my film.

This is an end game. Flair to death.

Then never came back to me – no pleasant point.

Sacred internal work.

Occupied your time at my lawyer’s office.

Add it up – I didn’t know anything about you.

[What we’d buy] A pair of crocks and… .

We go into the kitchen—1 table not even 10.

This is our fighting and you promised me you wouldn’t tell.

Not traditional night dancing – swing dancing.

Kanye West dressed as Prince William. Please pardon the delay – we are right around the corner –Man. He fathers no one.

Whatever you could of been – you got what you got.

Hot gaming life. This shit from Toano can’t even fit me into the box. Got your job at Chesterfield done – touch it –basic training.

You make people look good –fair/dignity.

Your sandwich isn’t tied over here.

Friendly jab. Good Samaritan.

I am putting that star track in the middle of it.

God has to do something to get our attention
Complex is one thing that’s always out of nature


Why do I have to roll with death in reverse?

But every shot was dangerous. The ghostbuster’s been lost with no point. Very arch sunrise service. Very early sunrise service. Don’t play ball. Thoughts on your coffee table 1/12.

Whow does that happen when you’re 35.

I’m a little nerve damaged.

Talking extra large on with you.

I’m on a swing at WSBN to see you WSBN. Pushed in gigantic slide with people at bottom cleaning water [cleared] still no feet to touch. Skeeve now [or forever hold your peace].

I noticed when he was a child with a lot of feeling.

Took up the Medium.

[Summer glam] anything goes I guess.

Next weekend of over-singing.

Just to prove if not you can own it.

Then I liberated to do Shakespeare.

Breathe in times of rejection.

A mind art that you choose to do every day of your life.

Bernadine –two sides. Time for Xavier Rudd. Expresses her super and your super. Super and your support. For the second pouring out … . Mathematician.

{Energy right now…I’m looking for you to be honest with me~6:06pm/6.28.22}
Eight of Vessels~Rebirth{r}
{Infinity of Orchestration}

The courtesy of the lungs.

Why do I have to roll with death in reverse?

Adult women I love, we blink our eyes to. Loyal –Man.

Ready to sleep my soul.

It took me five minutes not getting it done. Rebel.

They gain it in: I am pours.

Oh clear – casually on the moon – you should keep things very clear – the moon you keep very clear.

Advantage to getting… .

Self simmer—self control. Self center—self control.

The gods are wild.

Backing it up against you.

Too little too late.

Unmotivated and classy.

After work information.

I’m looking for those deep answers
I’ma pursue a deep cultivation of spirit

I think my West dentist inside. Boy is out of the water. Price gone up. A little shark tank. Disloyal. [Sit down like this] A red hot alone. I’m into working out and fitness –Husband.

Chills clears – cleans season.

Isolated from them. My film training.

Eco systems on the rise. Echo systems on the rise.

Where is your copy machine.

Turning this into a nuclear functional death.

The NY in me learned. I couldn’t tell if Christian dead or not –Kristen. Nice cracker. Super unique video of you –Black girl twerkin’ entertainment front of Drake – with best friend.

The keys we keep.

Dead to me and move in silence.

I’ll think today – you should move back from your parents. He left her because he had unresolved business of trust and trickery. D.C. present/recommendation. Storefront.

We have our heads wrapped around the excellent idea.

She’s sick from scratch. Value partnership.

Famous legs. My own troubled region.

[The arena town] Acosely Mass. I’m out of ammo.

The cats knew worship world.

Were those brand new once? Me wearing hat at Anvil – couldn’t be universal as custom fit to hair. Tinting looked good. Too much to gain access to. Unmotivated by you. Cut the umbilical cord.


Makes me want to turn my head—makes me be vulnerable

Going to save the best for last.

Heal your friend.

The hands of a sinner. From the internet.

During my 60 day pressure –Brothers. Flagship – spiritual weather is the only worthy after 2. Balance of the right words.

Nature is her habit – wanting to do stuff.

I think I caused you a mistake.

My heart won’t sing jobs –Astrologist.

Threads of fate—Wills of nodes.

Holy venison.

Chucchi west. If you have 5 – 2 and 1 left. But I really want the goods or a while –in mind. I know what I know.

Cradle our words [sometime enough].

Angel was sitting well.

That’s how it started.

Messianic –Messiah thing.

You’re pregnant now –Man. Relapse too. How much margins I need to make money. My whole adult life thinking I’ll be sued. None of him messes you up –Person. His roommate’s roommate. Are you fucking listening!

Not that many bold people to be afraid of.

It has a moderate beak count.

Wanna have more than 2 options –3rd bank going in next to 2 in Norge shopping center by old Farm Fresh.

You want an experience with black country.

Whatever it takes. Considered to be gruesome.

It felt really naked and afraid to be what they want it to be

What kind of clothes are you wearing?

This isn’t just the turning point –Session.

Money is not an issue.

Money is not additional income.

Makes me want to turn my head—makes me be vulnerable.

But cord is indeed clear.

All the problems we have are solutional.

[I like to] Channel the horrific details.

Made safe without you.

My personal rollercoaster of emotions.

Asparagus blender.

A soul call plea at highest level.

God is digging really deeply hard for you.

You know what that means – that will be your calling.

Mental health sufferer.

Good afternoon –Mark and gummies.

Crimes on my fashion.

I lost him –employee/owner.

Just what I’ve taught as an ethereal practice.

Well I don’t think it’s still there anymore –the hype.

It’s how you project yourself.

People, that’s it. Cross over. No, you’d see me.

Bold sex ring pop off.

I felt very accepted. Honored.

A conscious pot smoker.

And the winner’s portion will be: O O O ←3 plates/dishes to choose.

No I’m not going to—A health and beauty decision. Don’t fate make sense. [Rexy] I’m glad I called you up. Mix with regular drink—Fire-starter –half and half blend recommended at Panera.

To tell you the truth every day of my life I need to write or I’m overwhelmed.

Chris Green looks like an insult to me.

I’m sorry I talk about it—I’m sorry I woke up.

You see the Frankenstein we speak of.

Vegan marshmallow accident/incident.

Name of the game – Stress challenge.

World employment applications.

Thank god you have some poverty ridden spirits.

Who’s actually working because I’m working really hard at something –to owner.

Significant damage to the new paint here –wooden bunny/cat figurine [fading] –figurine in restroom mom wanted repair.

What can I do?…Hanging out there too much—Extreme family caution.

Supporting that one woman’s suspension…[10 of hearts reverse]

I knew responsibility.

Bright ideas.

I go through varying trips –Legions.

Let me hear your voice – mine gave clippers I know that. The voice.

Her with baby. [I could see them having a kid and him being unhappy]. That thing’s so cheap [might have to change the oil].


What sink and catching all these blankets up there

God, will you wait for me. One of the hardest things ever gone through in his life—It devastated him. Flow and rhythm. Together again. Dreams miles apart. Appointed me –Owner.

My needs are so great and I don’t mean to be dramatic.

Get on your knees and pray. Together again one day soon. Straight hair business woman – short dress—straight – sexy corporate—exec –It’s lunchtime. Evolvist energy. Brain child. Acronym. Food is big—Food is bigger. Advised not to say that.

As a healing practice worth every penny.

I’m looking for the lines to cross. Television wires. 101 dalmatians. Graduation level. The world stacked ‘gainst you. Body, mind, and Cancer. So you see the cross breeze. Punish the mind. [I’m] okay – sense of humor. Our energy play roads –brother/dad. I’m like fire. Haunted growth.

Pressure will end up causing beauty scars | God of all things is pure in vacuum

Working with your whole heart in spirituality –scary.

But will never find out the life of their employee.

Get to work – just doing what I can do when I saw the cats done drug.

I hid not your expectant truth.

Endo-crannabinoid system.

How to go about and enjoy as a drug dealer – Natural medicine.

You care for me – I care for you.

With heaven in the mix.

Fix some of your debts.

My daddy was practicing people last night.

Plus she needs to huddle with her mindset.

The knives are stuck. Tough ventilation system.

I probably can’t break her knife –Wife/husband –Husband thought.

I give a fuck – I give so many fucks, God.  Launch –Dad.

Individual loss at a conscious level –Person.

–One wish in with party favors.

Human errors.

The 10th commandment.

You’re killing things. Artisan. Does not walk.

He believes every single thing he thinks –Person.

A number in his head. I’m stuck on pages.

Blue templed.

What sink and catching all these blankets up there.

Take me home to land of the living.

It’s bodybuilding –Sales. Desperation – the only weak card. False records of lives. I will make it up to you, God. Foreign drafts. Basically the writer. Hidden cost fee. Aligned decisions.

The concrete book – even if I’m eating emotional holding block.

They were hurt and wanted to hurt us hence lack response. Self preservation technique.

They say this will happen over and over again in your lifetime –Feelings
I’m not coping and this is growth


He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis

It was a little difficult to not scratch the lenses. Doubleized force –eggshell –posting now.

The blanket on your shoulders.

My bond got closer to the earth and the heavens.

Me tatted up in healing energy. This mountain together.

We pressed accident like it wasn’t really tomorrow.

So I recognize this as very familiar speech.

Dynamic side.

Just taste the higher wisdom.

To induce coma.

Strike with the energies here to work with.

Me know what I’m talking about psychometry wise, it’s pretty cool

Hey grasshopper – did you lose your squirrel.

Loan throwing contest—hate throwing contest. Fish valid. Found the warehouse. It’s nice just sitting there and nothing happening –Man not tweaking out. New, cheap value.

As great as our country singer are at time to time, they don’t make fun of each other.

Your man’s like I’m generous—I’m helpful…[not]. So fucking dank. We definitely have putties – we might have glue—we definitely have putty. Cease-boy. Artistic rendering.

The power of the plate [post].

I’ll be a sobbet passion –Man. [Sob + hobbet]

This is going to be the breath that mourns –Sobbet passion.

Happy birthday specifically.

How dictate answers the soul | I must do readings for someone because I was sick

A silent mediator.

Really good communing between souls.

Best advice: straight … .

I am just my will’s relic. Live action shot.

I just want these heavy buck –Man.

The monk raises her voice.

I got this nice little Tarot possession.

We have to break our own self down first.

Dreams—Healing work. Crimes on my fashion.

Rather than ride it this cheaply.

Healing miracle.

If it doesn’t feel real, I don’t invite it into my life.

Is that afterlife?…It is a pure breed turtle.

Full disposition.

It’s true for your face and your smile.

It’s completely taken us on the career thing.

Queen bee sat around—the other thing real straight to get needy.

He text you first to threat you personal degrees of genesis.

Throwing away everything not keeping enough.

A divine miracle healer.

I’m doing my weight training.

I still eat it, I said I didn’t like it.

Karmic path and dharmic duty.

They want to all front about something. [So isolate in terms].

If you have all your stage and ash pieces | Still wish dharma was served free | You may dharma because she has to be sick

My psychic candy. Bringing it home.

You look like someone’s mom.

Justin Cramer—you look like someone’s mom.

I get number 50/50 all the time.

Don’t have it in your mirror. Earwax theories.

Gas week sets off.

I actually think there’s power in building those texts.

Never be obstructional anymore.

Sold at the 69 unit price.

Schout for my weave.

I’ma go and cancel her friend request and see what happens –Astrologist. Always the land of the pumpkin – Pumpkin –Vine growing/I took up to walk by in hands. I still feel bad about this one job in August done with you…[August 2020]…Lanc[aster] beachhouse.

Do you guys have a mental piece.

My little footprint—The group I need to share with my staff.

They’re going to go proactive on us –Husband/wife.


I’ma spend some more time in Saturn’s moonholes if you don’t mind


Universe [I’m asking] Challenge me.

That’s pushing it. Blow jobs in heaven. Cleaner the measurements. Dumbummer. What the fuck. Super humiliating. Eye to eye. Pineal gland. There’s actions in your words –Husband. Total eclipse thank you. They bit off more than they can chew right now. 

Continue to be inspired –Owner.

So peaceful. You know what I mean knowing that the same fuchsia. Microdermabrasion—failed neck ahead. Once we get to the hair and birthday club.

She understands the ways of the wild, the ways of the shark tank –Family.

Blank event – their bedroom have fire after them.

Message like bottom.

Brother – kinda loose on that empty bottle.

My true arthritis opinion so would you.

Get ahead of me a couple knives and a couple motorhomes too please. Don’t look back. Jealousy. Total loss of insecurity. Lawsuit the numbers aren’t here.

A lot around this and me feels like the even and the cross breeze feels like.

About you scaring someone. As soon as I disconnect from my energy projection… .

Me raising my work. Karmatic wisdom.

Clean gun shot wounds.

And wouldn’t touch the sky.

Rock pop off is amazing. Reunion of souls.

Align the doorbell. My Catholic fault finding is true. Drive some black. Didn’t feel like mind was going stuck.

I was walking by to obey another | Sounds like a folk charm now that I covered her offenses | All the problems we have are solutional

It’s unhappy we left ’em –Dark haired male looking off into distance—black straight hair.

Boredom is like a real thing in the spirit world.

Are you not tired of the rat race –Man.

Wisdom and gravity.

The red, he’s going to come and deal with me.

When I do, it’s not Klotzes, it’s someone above me.

I’m looking in my eyeball.

You put your daughter around a negative person ←do it on purpose…[plan].

We’d be divorced by now.

Gucci projection. Heightened awareness.

{Sunshine{is to}Moonshine}
Ace of Bows~Spark of Life

Pull forward with the veteran label.

That was a painful process –register with the state med card.

Is anything echoing and everything.

Moving parts. We had to let someone loose.

Everything’s impossible. The great awakening.

I’ma spend some more time in Saturn’s moonholes if you don’t mind.

[Show in me] The number of truths in your hand.

Karmic path and dharmic duty | Alterations on average pieces invite a master in your life | I am going to combat—At sometimes I battle myself when

I’m mean of car—he’s not homeless –Man. I guess I’m confused. It does feel like a trend doesn’t it. We’re in charge. Loads of festivities without oil and us until then. Pie in the sky. Beautiful memories.

Indebted to you – Do you need anything else from me?

No seriously universe, after a million years.

It needs to go on blast again.

Principles of our students.

Givings’ your last name.

You know all the girls – I don’t know what type of girls are they. Brother’s in agony. Loophole. Universe, make up my decision. No that’s my birthday. If you’re not listening to me yet.

Once upon a time there were three sisters. The first sister was smart, articulate, and knowledgeable about a great many subjects. She was an avid reader and could carry on intellectual discussions about philosophy, politics, and economics with true acumen.
The second sister was an actress, given to intense drama both on stage and in her own life. She could produce tears at the drop of a hat or just as quickly burst out laughing at nothing at all. A touch psychic, she somehow always knew what was going to happen next.
And the third sister was a real whirlwind of activity, given to adventure and the rough-and-tumble of life. It was said that she never sat still.
Now, it so happened that all three sisters fell in love with the same man, a mysterious man whose past was a well-kept secret. He gave each of them equal attention and took turns dating them. This caused the sisters to fight and quarrel bitterly among themselves.
And one day the mystery man disappeared, leaving the three without any warning. The intellectual sister buried herself in books. The emotional sister boo-hooed and carried on in a frightening fashion. The adventurous sister lost her self in endless activity. The sisters quarreled again, each saying that their way of dealing with the loss was best.
Finally the three sisters went to see a wise old woman they had heard about with the hope that she could tell them where the mystery man had gone. The wise old woman listened to each of them separately and then gathered them together and asked them one by one, “If there were a fire in your house, what would you do first?” The first sister said, “I would figure out where the fire was coming from and then I would call the fire department.” The second sister said, “I would know that a fire was coming and I would scream so the others would be warned.” The third sister said, “I would grab some sheets, tie them together, and get myself and the others down the rope to safety.” “So who is right?” asked the old woman gently. Each sister again argued that her way was best.
The old woman smiled. “Each of your approaches is needed and each is incomplete without the others. Together you make an effective team.” The sisters then asked, “But what of our mystery man?” The old woman spoke again. “He was a part of yourselves looking for one whole woman, not three quarreling parts. But he did get you to reflect on your different styles and approaches. You are each very talented. But you have not worked together. He will return when you can work as one. Now go.” The old woman smiled knowingly to herself.
The Sacred Marriage: Discovering Balance, Secrets of Shamanism’


Here is your honeymoon—I am your Saturn

Here is your honeymoon—I am your Saturn

Let the Magician and his after candle be his call

You touch the earth with heaven’s gaze

Missing Ketu experiencing Rahu

It’s very near your empty Artist phase

Mountain ongoing…beautiful when Shakespeare

Did not and fully support the team

Here is your honeymoon—I am your Saturn

My vibe isolating—I fox as I sing | Lonewolf –Fox – Shaman
How you don’t think I’m easier and listen to the universe – Lots of rest Mom said – Healing technique – Cross breeze – So you need to come through in terms of witch

 Just stand there doggy style.

Impossible to lie to. God’s fun.

–pyrite. Names – I have to ask names. Civil engagement. That’s early attachment.

Son of Manuel. Sacred hair preparation.

Sure in the Airincarknota.

You’re living and dead at an Art.

Homeland security. $1.00 = me – Maintenance worker = $2.00—end of year bonus for hours worked – Maintenance worker more.

I just can’t talk about normal stuff – normal stuff drives me echo.

But we kinda got the lungs Maxwelled
Thank god you’re gone. I have had the most tedious job I’ve ever, brother. The way I typically sleep. I’m going to layout here so much. Me asking him – job profit as he broke. Be down just at something.

Expanding angels.

‘Cause he lost a little bit of blood.

Put your money where your mouth is. I’m not sure what rate we’re going to go with the youngest –Son. How often we bounce looking good feeling stupid. Mathematician.

See/Sea as my teacher – this is what you get.

I’ll miss that employee forever –dread or me.

The tiders of bringers.

Low purpose ladder. Nautical.

I’ll meet you to the ground running.

Mind and craft go in certain places. Why does he think that his shit doesn’t stink today. 


She shared hand food.

Made it easier. Aristocratic. Mathematician. I think if yours are milk can represent bleeding. Me and her cooling it off – we’ll do fine together –Sister and I.

With an over-absorber collection.

His whole life he rode Providence Forge.

They are the similar people – they are the Wowotan.

Leave my house, come home and clean, you know how it is.

We were young and grey and expertise.

To hold your twinning light in the flame.

It’s like a dragon queen.

Let the internet speak.

A very expensive gift –your heart.

Voice and minerals.

This isn’t going too well –tinting.

Let the Magician and his after candle be his call.

Sister came up to me thinked/knew it took time – you only have 4 days on this – I work through the week as energy allows. Owner saw me share quesadilla boy really wanted with minestrone – I brought it to him after left with me – owner thought my nature was sweet.
We were young and grey and expertise | To hold your twinning light in the flame

I’ve just been dragging this down so hard.

King of Jane.

Flat spots. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Heist. So as Jason inflated—he remained inflated. (Jason: ‘Healer’)

Swimmer’s swimmers playing to join.

I’ve got a really high tolerance.

Partnered with Air.

Star employee.

Brother, there at 7.35 over – they’re just not taking it –his wage/rate still not sustainable. My boss here is borrowing his young kids in Kentucky.

I heard your sex ring pop off.

Convinced everybody. Bold and hysterical.

But we kinda got the lungs Maxwelled.

I dream beautiful things for you.

Horse boons, and tiggies, and brain cells. I’ll watch it over dinner with Jesse. It’s like growing free money –herb.


You touch the earth with heaven’s gaze

A task session.

Sister –escape artist. Sweet potatoes = died gas.

Got it turned with a delivery.

A smart ready wise … . Want to know. Anti-potent life even life it doesn’t shock you. Baby I used to. Ready to keep the … out of the same display … .

Historic rendering.

Carol apple pics. My vibe isolating—I fox as I sing. Focus on attention span beautiful gifts. But I’m getting pregnant too. Ventriloquist. For me to see. 

God has manner on plan on project.

Dad has manner on plan on project.

I’ve been rooted for 10 years. Grapefruit. You did it. I’m changing my attitude. I can’t love the house anymore—I can’t love the house anymore.

My magic will continue.

I got the movie shame.

You touch the earth with heaven’s gaze.

Exact cookie.

Eight of Bows∗Hearthfire {A Complete Circle of Union}{Jupiter} ~ Page of Stones∗Lynx {Native ways of Ancient}{Mercury} ~ The Moon on Water {Raw Emotion Cancer}{Neptune is the Moon}{The Moon protect her}
They get me off without putting an end to my family reunion ~ They changes like they see hearts from the heavens

Headless horseman – buff male lifting head with both hands…[vision].

Corrine Bailey Rea. Lone the way. Bitcoin. Clear rat race. Stagnant stream. They go on.

Fully launch [to lead that] personality.

Apex. Be taught a year at the light. Follow me the leader. Star presence. Feeding these … armpits. Memorial service.

That’s how caring happens.

Buy and selling a house.

We will not be back Brandyn – ours was lost and found.

They should be full of drama to be better.

Growing 1 boy’s enough.

Eating and drinking but who wouldn’t.

Any white soul… .

It’s a little bit virtual assistance.


Missing Ketu experiencing Rahu

Reshrouding a schedule.

The ocean it divides together.

Gain access or slow enough understanding.

Plagued by my mosquito.

Open magicus.

The crimes on your sort of protection.

Looks up silences. –chicken.

More of a morning thing—A strong glass held within –Astrologist

Little white out construction paper.

Missing Ketu experiencing Rahu.

[Lowhood]. My heart is so lonesome.

When was the last time you honey-mooned someone

Little cradle manger.

Do I smell? In that keyboard business.

Place all care meds.

She had the hard fit in mark –2 years.

Birthing them—Nesting them.

[And they’ve become] Price essential.

More of a morning thing—A strong glass held within –Astrologist.


It’s very near your empty Artist phase

There is something in the air –Healing art | In the twinning light {daughter} Men in forces caused others to think | A bed that unlocks Plato

A bed that you can unlock for free. Chadwick.

Candles at the longest—stack curves against you.

People like him—$30 bucks to go out to eat.

Worthy is our benefit and our job.

Love me so I love you.

Open his eyes to heaven.

One more chance to become what they’ll be
New people, new things. Soul judgement. Next level aware. On a afternoon of my soul level. Build children. If you can’t back it up with proper medicine. I’ve got an earth re-cap too. Dixie calling out nationwide.

It’s very near your empty Artist phase.

I plan for retirement. Sort by: terpenes.

You’ll have your time. The bar likes getting high.

Hidden messages able to share.

One more chance to become what they’ll be.

Star manager at Disney. Epic is too close.

The short videos and depressed shadows.

I am not my will’s relic.

Couch on the P.O. will be reversed.

And had by religion. Work goals.

Your beauty goes unnoticed.

Love that job because it mentally fire you.

How do you keep heaven alive.

I love his car in his concert.

Are you like to sad it’s dinner. Sad named on my post. You’ve convinced me selling parts. Queen on the inside 14 days to taste it.

Something Sunrise about your service.

This is the flare that I was anticipating last year

I am in the mad mood for practice.

Heralding alter the Sun. Permissible –Dad gifts. I’m not trying to be emotionally exasperated from last year’s drain. The crowd of education. Uphill channeled energies. Keep it charitable in your portions. Prop: 65 warning harm.

In a way I never had knives.

The augment of Christ through—fundamentally I can’t come through.


But what I do want to show y’all.

Waylon right in the middle.

Lost with the moves but he has plenty.

If we can start to think how to go on deeper in the ocean.

Heroes of the high one. It’s been stressful.

Washington – Nothing new under the Sun.

Make sure you’re gracious.

I post every week even if I have to get my nerves up.

This is the flare that I was anticipating last year.

Jesus clear frame/pics/etched with each child’s name at mom’s computer desk.

[So who has] The feeding duties.

Horribly lazy to become a singer.

The gods work on that.

Feel connected to Eve and Jay for about an hour.

You might forget to epically take them. Travel band.

Our team – Our family. Bound hands on napkin’s Father.

Then our image will have a reputation.

Our team – Our family | Bound hands on napkin’s Father | Then our image will have a reputation
King of Chalices {Developed Oasis} | REUNION OF SOULS


Mountain ongoing…beautiful when Shakespeare

Redesign your values.

Ritual value support.

Mental pictures—Mental Houdini.

Held within Justice.

If we group mine, we continue over this life.

Most iconic love – more delivery.

A lot of reasons why you can’t go.

Utilize his time well, to move forward in stride.

Along my incredible fairytale.

Changer’s game.

Really losing those sounds. You gotta do what’s right for yourself. I’ll trip on my paws. The boss I graduationed on. 5 months of training. Some slavery from Canada from Williamsburg.

Mountain ongoing…beautiful when Shakespeare.

A lot of wrist pain.

Naked and afraid. Cut verse my virtues.

A total feeling that you’re aware of.

Green juice. god will have a choice.

Complete detailed. Property self and maintain.