It’s not a past life connection in a way you would think

It’s not a past life connection in a way you would think

Don’t think I’m crazy—reminding myself
of the things to do – Talking to yourself – you sure –Man.
…Reminding myself of what to do. Tarot cards and oracle open in stacks –
someone talk about ‘sleeping pills’ to go to sleep – I was silent –
almost swelled in tears from the thought of not
commenting on ‘sleeping pills’ or my sleep patterns.
Raining outside. Me paranoid him think I’m schizophrenic
but just confirmed I wasn’t.

Last your rib was in me.

Ego–less to do this.

You might go straight in here if you punch with the thunder.

God I must have a linked that early with the gods one day.

These honest—My name is Brandyn Robertson—I am psychic [passing as a] medium. Stop drop and roll. Fire. Hermit stacks in here. Something you’re going to get trained on while you’re going there. Frustrating bitches. Made herself [yourself] her watch—her time is up, her time is done here. I don’t know I’m just relaying what I see. People put on weight. Constant companion. You and not know will ever my safety. Time represents itself.

And I felt like I was really ostracized – reputation ruined years ago—that was the plan with this…[social reputation].

I don’t fuck around…It’s on the bottom of your shoe laces.
If I could love another person I would

March 20th, 2023