One Pluto never groomed to be the next




I have an Answer

to every Question




The Sweetest Gift~





Release Liner

–run that shit


Please get me Retail.


What’d we do

go do this or

I’ll go do that


One Pluto

never groomed to be

the next


Galactic Sage


I think I’m going to


into you




Lose my life for you.






You sound good,

where did you take that?


Would brand 10 times

& wish a full refund


[I went through]

a life thing where I would have got nothing

but a dumb tattoo on me-


It was just sentenced to

a Divorce


Unique blend:

Frog, Earthwork



Going through


in a dream


Viewed as Proof.


That it acknowledges you–

This is Volatile Energy

[Volatile: ‘Middle English {in the sensecreature that flies’, also, as a collective, ‘birds’}: from Old French volatil or Latin volatilis, from volare to fly’.’]



talking about

cutting the Wind~


Power in short

Power in long


We were Tinting

to Window Blonde


Reality TV chick

reprimanded for masterbating-

“Nobody” moved my Heart Figure


Is Charming~


Yeah but it felt like God–

Where is Brandyn


I don’t even know what to do with that

I’m not even looking for

your personal opinion


Jesus’ Face



randomly dump}{dusted from Sky~

Vardr out in backyard to edge of woods

where Deer Pack were~ we called him back up~

Baby Deers nearby bombarded}{attacked~

I had to escort him in∴

∴Then him and youngest Deer were

cuddling on couch~

I made a Photoshoot of cutest of shots~

eyes closed, heads together, yawning,

the most beautiful


Friends don’t be stupid.


Should of send us an Application.


Coincidence happens in the blink of an eye.


But never brought it in because

never told anyone before



when I talked to him


Off Grid Calendars– Anvil

He shared schedule event


—10 Eye Sight—


It’s more like

the humbling experience of your life

Putting out Teachings


I feel like how much more

peaceful we all are

Bachelor in Paradise, no drama

goes for all


[World Columbus Day]


You’re a simple Roll Player~


No seatbelt- mirror behind wheel-

—Firetruck honked at light—

to get my attention and refresh Law-

I at first wrote off- basically offended-

then thanked them sincerely


Craziest dreams of my life–

hey I didn’t

pack no Food


Beautiful art created and gifted by my brother-in-law in ’09


He had calls to talk to

This calls of

his Husband Plan


I feel like “pressure”

but no pressure


I have to figure out–

but I have to

guide people


Want to make

the highest Judgement,

one at Study calls


Baby Talk, Love Talk, Life Talk

Reality Baby –Calls


The Light Commitment

of my Bills


—First Anderson Judge—


If that stuff ever would have built a Fire right up, that Student would of been straight for a long time

If that stuff ever would have built a Fire right up, that Student would of been straight for a long time

Play it back to your safe


Listen to God-Sent.



–To Bear, To Carry

More personal

me][my style

A »–B-o-w→ hit a bar


And I’m connected


Extra Repository.

I will always remain faded,



If he’s changed a lot

[I’m going]

to be surprised

Never. –your husband,

just doubt him

[men shoving wife under RV
to hide][control
wanting to be the more respected]

You are you are now

that I’m actually

thinking about it


Vision Bridge
A Bridge of Visions

Instead of giving her Liberation.

Can I mix this box with this box…


Manual Measurement.

If that stuff ever would

have built a Fire right up,

that Student would of been

straight for a long time

I guess I’ve seen preview

where she Walked

I guess you’ve seen previews

where she Talked


The problem is control the Skull reach.

[This is a Great Collection]

of stunning below

and Mythology


He earned Respect

for the entire Company


Him mad][sad

everyone posted on Insta

after he sent request

We’re all Buyers without remorse.

The Whole World

arranged you



I just want to see

an effort at these Jobs

Looking to get an


Sister][me looked at Brother’s Ivory Bench

Ivory Bench so ornate & expensive

with many large White Candles–

where did he get these][or blew his…

-it came from long way not damaged-

so fragile but complete


He stayed with me first.

Made Time your bitch.

All of a sudden time flies,

so go ahead

and have a Romance~


It’s weird

we have all this stuff going on

but don’t have a schedule-


That your answers

are smart & wise

and they are the right ones

Everyone will talk to a Troop.


Gradual Fitness


Weight Training

I just can’t believe

that you’re like that


It makes both Legs

look more Adorned & Masculine

—Thick Multipatterened Pillar Legs—


Tuesday’s Energy–

Tuesday’s Animal Energy

[Tuesday: Tiwesdæg|Tewesday, meansTīw’s Day“, the day of Tiw or Týr, the god of single combat, law, and justice in Norse mythology. Tiw was equated with Mars. Tuesday was diēs Mārtis, Mars’s Day,” in LatinMars being the Roman god of war. | Mars is embodied through the third chakra, Solar Plexus{ManipuraThe Planet MarsElement:Fire — Metal:Iron — Color:Red]

I have a Soldier

–work on Soldiers

all day

—Dual Reflect—


Something about that picture

that makes me want to cry

{cover photo}

We decided to Transform.

I’m the Mystic

that’s doing real well


Have you guys been caught

that you want her here


She actually Auctions seriously

–[Brother], when I speak in person

‘Fame Bright’s

going to fall



Look at all the things I can’t buy

because I got caught up in…

They amuse me

–’Fame Bright’

You’re going to show me

[Tarot] chores to do


I do Personal & Collective


I look like I have Dreads.

This Family’s

here to help you out



I know never bumping your Nose.

Thank you Brandyn Aubrey

I love you forever


Some of our




Amelia ≈ ‘Work’


Would you mind

starting your own

Thunder Company

God, this isn’t open yet.

That’s the proof pudding there.


Not 1 Song can do it

but a person can

Influence it

Have not seen many

commit to that forward

{E.T. vision}


My heart is wrenching all day

until I work this out

I heard you were him–

that’s scary to me


the most lovable guy

on TV


I still listen to the Song

like I did yesterday

The most powerful thing

as well as the most scary



It was so Dive~ like all the people who had ever bought it before

On Top,


Frezno & Dardin

are with you

{Frezno:’Ash Tree‘ | Dardin:’Dwelling-House‘}

Are you going to be

hearing me

up here Lyrics

My Bible Study

does that


So we’re not worried

about the Mural next week

Umm… we can start it

Then ask them…

No one asked me

to be my friend

Men have it so easy.

Remember how ordering

Tarot to be

Dad, Brother, Husband

~in House, Dad smoke~

there~ Ghosts, Global Pandemic

They brought this


–Protons & Neurons–

A direct hit-

don’t want him

to knock on his Door


Tarot asking for Summer

for Star¤Tarot

where to get

{Will be a time}

Where I do smoke~

& it’s going to be

the right time

It freaks her out

to Paint

a Picture

Small Cottage | Tiny Home

–ours -though alone-

I turned dryer on first thing–


Wren on Porch~

It’s just getting so swolt up

–boxes stacked

to Ceiling

in Garage

of my Writings

Wren on Porch~

You don’t have to-

Oh, I’ll do the Honors

I didn’t want to talk then,

you’re Lucky

~why are you so Lucky

≈Great Responsibility≈

I didn’t fuckin’ say that-

that Stick ain’t gone

& to hold me up

Brother, Husband, me

~Walking Upstairs∼

Husband upset working solo

Draw the Crow–

1000% Comfortable.


a Twist of


People, Nations, License Plates

& Community

I will wear


it’s okay

But that’s the thing,

I’m not friends

with anybody

Wounding Cu†s

‡ Healing Best ‡

John Water calls


John Water Salt’s


Eyes only for you

Had more


that inspired


It was so Dive~

like all the people

who had ever bought it before

Tonight, please watch the Saben Swan


The Book for Alter

Jesus, Father

Art should be made-

one should make

the constant Judgement

I might have good potential.


definitely skipped generations

I want nothing more than this


Lose myself

in something



tap into the power of

the Archangels

Deliver me

It makes

my writing interesting

solo lineup

And the few times

I had a terrible conversation

with her

“Stand up”

Stand up for yourself

I will fucking end it

with a parasite thing though

I’ve been on neck horse,

I’ve been on trouble

…stop at all

We ran through your House

I would never share that

son of abuse


I was insanely moved by that

~April}{To Open

Unique Specimen ¤ Tersa Sphinx Moth


Really in control & I really feel like I’m going to be beaten wherever I go

Really in control & I really feel like I’m going to be beaten wherever I go

From Nobody.


I just had the Courage to do so

to Husband


Not everyone doubted you-

everyone would just doubt you

for one day


Hiding is the worst thing.


She’s a Machine.


Welcome Back

They keep telling me that


Go with the decisions you make.


–Western Tarot–


Me drawin’ Tarot

outside on porch-

must close Door


I may wound up in your Garage.


Since there’s a Baby

on Murder


The Likes


I don’t know

if I’m referencing

someone Famous



made him Feminist

turn Body off


I collected Box Pens.


Will of the Cat.


The Wish of a Cat~


Instead of people who will

Craft her


Instead of people who will

keep her


Former boss [in presence]

—26 Forever—

[me] Forever Young


Lessons of the Soul.


Thank you

it was fun to watch


I could do nothing if time didn’t exist-


A physical condition in a mental world.


This is why people aren’t inspired.


7:22pm September 8th






—The Western World Tarot—


There’s even a grump

in a Wild Read


A surge

of emotions

hit me


Buzzo was on the fuckin’ thing.


You’re not going to change

and rocked & rocked

your Silence


[It’s so weird]

The things I want from you

are the things I want from me


A Reflection

of the internal world





One is Divination with Tongue.


Leading the Troops to Water~


I’m very upset at you

for not taking this



2 ~Angel~ †wins


All for $25


Replace behind Window.


Reading furthers the Energy.


It was quick & easy too



Self Assert.


Really in control

& I really feel like

I’m going to be beaten

wherever I go



[‘Akin to Dionysus’]


On your Toes.


{IX} The Hermit {Native American Tarot} **E.T. ‘The Original Collectables’ was found and given to me today [before card pull] while helping my father organize his garage. Believing was untouched for 20+ years, brand new in packaging though cardboard was severely dilapidated** Uncanny resemblance, this warmed my heart.





Blessed to be–

The Word

really heard


Brand of Healing

Magic ∞ Winter ∞ Necklace


She’s just going to take over &…


Because I’m ready to Hire someone.


I’m putting it out on all levels.


A for Effort ~Tarot

Caveman ~After Tarot


I rocked & rocked the Silence

I truly needed

an Army of Angels

Having some issues with her-

she’s going through 24/7

–’All Sweetness, Honey


Are you Chirping again~

Tried to put this imitator here

and a whole ‘nother thing here

coerced solo lineup][writings

Have you seen

Have you seen

We can’t see

the Bible

Yesterday everything

in the House

is in 20 Shape

[‘20: The keyword is ‘Universal Service.’]

My Family’s past

writing abortion


I’m in love with my Art.

I have compassion for you

To Bear, To Carry

I rocked & rocked

the Silence

That Burnt Paper.

I pray to every force of Good Will


~Heavenly Angels~

Immediate help

I’m trying to be the best version of me

I need help

You’re Divinely Inspired.

Put it in a weird safe matching.

The general we customers.


Only libtards

talk shit about


I didn’t like that forever.

I can’t be who you want me to be

The lack of support and involvement is unreal

it’s like walking this life alone

I commend you.

Very pagan, very sincere.


Jesus dude, that was real.

Everything that you desire, Angels

I desire too


~Dandelion Wish~

I don’t like to fuck with Nature


Mystic Mayhem.

I pray to every force of Good Will.


Me being disingenuous

is doing no service to anyone

Backyard Bliss~



I was defending Angels

He just tasted Medicine
The York River in Virginia~


It is your exact Body; your Price is accurate

The Hearts of who I am ~ Trying to call you out on your bullshit –Mom/Sweetie Pie ~ If you’re honking your Horn ~ This is great Pleasure ~ I agree ~ The blessings of the Oracles ~ Walk bone dry to meet me out of the Woods

Doesn’t to be black, brown or anything, it can be everything ∗ I didn’t want to post anything out of character ∗ September when it comes ∗ Candlewood ∗ Trouble ∗ White Wolf {vision} Deserve the Crown of Death ∗ When people can’t tell you… ∗ We are leaving things at Jerico’s Place

Vital Virgo Energy ~ An Empty Door Category ~ It’s not about me ~ Naturally inclined to go through Hearts of Rage ~ {Do} you have the Tape Measurer on? ~ What’s in my heart- Wisdom closing? ~ Literally slamming into


My piece of advise -she didn’t understand ∗ 2 Million Dollar Homes to do ∗ Why didn’t they get on Facebook Pilates ∗ [I traded] an incredible…without a mask ∗ Sun’s the Sun’s Info ∗ Too far away or irrelevant ∗ A little more creative, way more creative ∗ Live Country ∗ You’ve experienced it

{To} Build your Bricks more metaphorically ~ For our Neighbors to see ~ Like Cops in slow motion {drops} ~ Wonderful opportunity for our House to flourish ~ The Chest is going to be outrageous ~ {The Houses} Upfront ~ Trees ~ A search warrant for your Arrest

A ton of Energy & Love ∗ Measured… people have never stopped caring ∗ I was so happy ∗ Surface level trance ∗ Holy fuck- I’m taking off my Shoes ∗ To grind it and not take selfish needs of breaks


He thinks he’s 3% Alien too ~ {Pig vision} ~ All the Ghosts were so beautiful ~ Can’t fight the dangerous field that I work in ~ My picture made them feel United ~ Machine Gun Kelly {truly so hot}

[Viking vision] ∗ Norse Gods ∗ The Pagan Version ∗ Eavesdropping ∗ As soon as it hit my feelings, it hurt them ∗ Obsidian ∗ Just put your Dress in front of a Sacred Mood ∗ Universal… The Fates are watching

Exalting her strength {turning off Phone when time} ~ I prayed for more readers ~ The end result ~ My messenger, Dog ~ 100% Talk is cheap ~ Moronic ~ {Where you get your ideas} Pandora’s Box ~ There will be a time when I eventually fall asleep ~ Front Daddy wishes some Tale in the Night ~ Fallen Angel


It’s catching up the days [without her] –Anvil ∗ Are you done with today, I want to fuck with my writing [a little more] ∗ Drinking some Milk’s Midnight Fever ∗ Peeling down, you’re still locking the layers

Men at the Crossroads ~ {Look at the Man} It looks just like The Universalist ~ In-graved in this ~ You end up like this ~ I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it a lot- when do these seep in

Angels– be able to have my Cake and eat it too ∗ Never experienced anything like this ∗ Contortionist ∗ To Celebrate Birth of Fantastic Child ∗ A visit in Paradise ∗ One makes a big difference [for me] ∗ And you can tell she’s exhausted a bit [Demi] ∗ Debi’s past ownership ∗ [Why] Opening together it’s wrong for me to


I know he has a Garden up to ~ All you were planning on doing was facing your fears ~ Wish a Bone off Branches ~ Feel like I’ve been fucked up ~ Some being IOU from Computer ~ Non-American buyer ~ Buy Amazon

This is how deep I scrub my shit man [2 forearm faux tattoos, one on each arm done in May, now Summer over, not scrub super soft] ∗ Typical Warning Dove- Message ∗ Fateway. ∗ I’ll go down the sank in mine too ∗ Color, Heart Testimony

A lot of Enginuity coming in, I can see the whole Country in ‘Natomy ~ Apollo ~ It is your exact Body; your Price is accurate ~ CVLS 30 Main ~ I can’t stop looking at it ~ Need to go run deep ~ To shoot for a Morning thing ~ There’s all intensive Metaphorics


I do have Trains but still ∗ Somatic to say Somatic ∗ Morgue & Raw Death rocked and rocked our Silence ∗ Alternative Text ∗ They have to be on my own ∗ Balance with the Universal Mind ∗ Work Tarot ∗ Morgue & Raw Death rocked and rocked our Silence

The rest of things Natural ~ Social Stroll…Justice Freedom ~ As Above, So Below, As Within ~ And I like beat up that are Work Admission ~ Proton & Molecules you can’t relate, you Fine China

To a place you know- Consequence ∗ Then 8 years later the soul suffers ideas… ∗ Lucy- a person who felt for a long or a time… ∗ A person who is coming in Winter ∗ Burning Candles on both ends ∗ Give me some Nicknames/Middle Names for it


Life indeed is meant for standing upon yourself ~ Grab the Door meaningsscattered… ~ We can only help figure ourselves out ~ Clean the House here- but it’s usable ~ I’ma help you get the drip downs after we’re done

I really invite you… Worship Glory ∗ You can keep the Metal on- I want to wash my hands ∗ America- not everyone’s the elite broke ∗ Money issues- there’s no money to be made here


{So Important to me} So much so I got to Sit out in the Sun

If you’re away,

I’m damn choking on it

Husband [when alone with writing]


This House and everywhere’s my Heart

[I’m excited to where them]


Let me be a Pagan…


Tourist are wack–



It strips and quiets me.


The Heat’s feeling

really whipping

out there


Yes, not her–

I just wanted to go get

my Shoes on-




Water from Attic


And if there are


in the background




The leak inside Attic

from downpour outside

-made me think my House was

defective or shoddy



Now once you get Married.


He said if you want to

cut his Drill


This Balancing Act


Be it end

of all things Spiritual


Forensic Evidence was gathering

to take out guest work {guesswork}

and for loved ones


Can I Answer all your questions…


There are realities in life

that you don’t want to see

walk towards you

–’Eagle Wood’



Can’t Cats accent

a Lifetime of Cats


Make my new Home

a very good



[I need]

Civil fucking Freedom


So peacefully

I don’t get Mom



There’s not chilling ‘round me

and I don’t care

–who I am for real


{So Important to me}

So much so I got to

Sit out in the Sun


‘In the image of the King of Pentacles, the King sits on his tree throne. He is flanked by two bears that symbolize the connection to feminine energy of Mother Earth, the goddess energy, introspection, dreamtime, and the intuitive side. The King’s emerald crown embodies focus, healing, wisdom, and intuition. The three golden spirals represent the triple goddess. Two eagle feathers bring expanded vision. The two raven feathers awakens the magic life offers. The sun behind the King’s head portrays the fire of spirit feeding his life force. On the King’s chest the pentacle star, expresses man living on Earth in balance with peace and grace. As green is the color of love and life, his gown signifies growth, harmony, and healing. The stars on his arm and torso reveal all the magical possibilities that life offers. The King holds the World Tree/Tree of Life shield. The World Tree/ Tree of Life is an ancient universal symbol of the interconnectedness between nature, humanity, and the heavens. The Unicorn sitting at the King’s feet caresses the shield, epitomize the spiritual gateway to the higher realms of the Divine. The Unicorn’s magical spirit brings creation to the world of matter.’


Help me know

Make it Al†er

Make better


Put some Chaos on.


Everything I do,

I’m Proud


No anti-Church Job.


Why does the Writing show

the rest of

the Playground Music


You said turning 50 would be huge.

-I wonder if it’s

just another day


I don’t buy myself many Gifts

but when I do…



Truly Amazing Family


{Yoga Mat}

I brought in first

before it faded


Do you have

any Plane Tickets


Let’s just be very clear though.


The Drums just feeling the Guitar

and the Drum’s

a lot today


Once they became my Parents

I didn’t tell anyone


Calling Out

Spirits, Angels, Gods…


It’s your

Window of Opportunity,

it’s your last one


I pay Attention

to the



Beautiful Pyrography on cork gifted on my birthday last year~


Promise to be wise in your Provision



Oklahoma City.

[“Oklahoma [Choctaw] meaning: “honored people“/”brave nation“/”a brave people” | root “oklameansnation“/”group of people“, “hummameanselite“/”brave“]






All the Annual Contracts

included in the first place

they were strongest

not now and never
previous [spirits, threatened]


Her Diplomatical Diploma


Discovery Pattern ← Geo Flowers

—High Brave—

me pour Water in Copper Bottle

and I was not conscious of me

to rest on top of my chick when pouring,

[Write your Name down]

I was nervous I guess


[In Town][so]

You never move

your whole life


You look & feel

like a Million Bucks~


Who cares if they don’t have money,

let them dig their

own grave –family members


Promise to be wise in your Provision.




Are they looking at it

as a Justice metaphor

or a Spiritual metaphor

Court, Supreme


I hear you,

everything she does

seems more complicated

than the next


What’s new in Paradise…


We jam everything Pro-to

[Professional & Pronto]

Mom & Dad packing



Small and she has

Bed for people

who are leaving…


I tested

John Positive

for Perfection




[I really feel]

The Universal Mind

has a mind of its own


Call and ….. your family

but has never been



Riches of the Soul.


Oracles & Pagans.


I can’t ignore history

{& energy}


NATIVE AMERICAN TAROT ~ 7 of Wands: Knife. ‘Instrument of the hunt and sacrifice, it recalls the necessary cruelty of the gods.’ [pulled around 1:00am 9.3.21 after finishing writings titled ‘To help the Knife that he bought his own with’]


This is why

I’ve been hissed-



The god, Thug.


You’re welcome to

Stand 1 Story



It’s going to take Bachelors here

where the Kids aren’t

Prophetable enough


I know these run a little small…

Rainbow Sandals

{Size 7}


Touché, Touché




You don’t know

what might of

Haul that Brush



Comes from Survival

~Tarot Card


Fort Monroe.


[I hope I held]

Held enough

Elmer Fuddy

[“Elmer Fudd’ His famous catchphrase is “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”. Besides this variation in speech, Elmer Fudd is also famous for his iconic laughter.”]


We didn’t want to

cross the Upstairs

to the Hallway

6 legged Garden Spider on back porch


Snakin’ to be Awaken with a Candlewood in my Throat


[“from Latin egregius illustrious’, literallystanding out from the flock’ : “distinguishedoreminent.“]



They can never

touch my meanings

can they



[“a small trunk or storage chest, originally stored at the foot of a bed“]


Loss of appetite ~ I’m not uncomfortable


The stuff

I’ve been hauling away

at your Dad’s House


Proof that the final help

could be Medicine


Snakin’ to be Awaken

with a Candlewood in my Throat

{Lady Calling Out}
{turn 50 this year, needed to
make}{catch up time}


Not the other kind

Keep private, private for

you & me


Without effort to Lift~


Ready~ Sage~ Renown


And you know what

keeps people going–

Random Ass Study


Underwood~ while apparent


Couldn’t hide it if we tried…

Our Solar, his Lunar side



in the Army requires

a Woman Upfront


I’m not all that and a bag of chips.



Situations & People



Us doing a Job for

Solar Filter Company


[You know]

I’ve come to conclusion



‘Cause I’ve been into my ideas,

not Goats…


I won’t suck anything-

Vegan Cord


What do we want in our lives,

but are afraid

to go out and get it


Personal & Collective



Nothing odd-

Words aren’t your thing


Keep losing that Lady

Men at work


And yes it was

{a Wonderer}

an Extension of Color


My Wishes & Categories are…


When someone Underwood

comes to you,

you want to duplicate it…


Forest stroll


Where’s your Knowledge.


It was a

god vibe


My Magic Wi†chcraft

that you’re doubting


The date arrival’s annoying.


A thorn in my side



You can see the Lines reach~




because her




Don’t think

going to end up

in the Skyscraper again