Your Elephant’s House

I just met Buddha

incarnated on the 7th degree

No seriously, my soul has come and gone before

We’ve met like we’ve been on tour

And simply stated, this connection is related

to every dynasty in history

I reckon all is in the fall

of humanities down played

masquerade ball



Love’s The Spoken Language No One’s Heard Of

I had a christian ask me if I was a believer
I asked him the same thing
He didn’t know what I meant
I didn’t think he would
He said he believes in Jesus
and nothing else, not himself nor humanity
He said he believes in the written word
I said I believe in the spoken verb, Love
The separation that exists was a criminy
The fear he released was absurdity
Love knows no race, gender, creed
Unity is thread of a universal weave
Language tangles knots in our heart
It is man who divides what pulls us apart
It’s a whole man’s mission to untie division


You Come And Have A Date Night With The Holy One Who Took You Down

trying making mistakes,
bearing through the heartache at stake,
never sinking low because that haults the growth
stunting mirrored imagery, personified the whole of me,
no hole to wallow in, gift of marriage of holy breach,
sending bells of wedding mail, delivered in the love-o-gram,
set to send to an honored land, the heart of me,
town of strength and siege, apocalyptic me,
converting union into we


Pink Is The Color Of The Universe

Pink is the color of the universe
We come into this world flesh and bare
We exit this life in a gentle glare
Dust we came and to dirt our bodies remain
The color of love and the celestial plane above
Galaxies immersed and the tone
of our inner realm of myrrh
To this pigment we came
and forever enveloped
should it remain


That’s The Truth And That’s The Shadow

pearly white gates waiting for you in the depths of the dark
though my words are harsh, it’s blunt to hide and stay
in no way will I remain lacked in a cornered cage
locked far away from indigenous play
soul right responsibility, if offense
is something you see, perhaps
dig past your sleep, it’s deep
in a shallow world, raw
spirit will shake your
core of concept
notions, growth
open, now it’s
your call to
mend your