Week of our threads for our heavy mental career

Week of our threads for our heavy mental career

Eyes in the Mia/mind of Jeremiah.

Hate the world of the wicked and the consistently unwell.

Talented multi-thinker. Love her body to failure. Responsive heater. … sidewalk is not clean or dirty. They look for the next door visions. Paulina and Paula. One of the most … who was on Youtube.

Week of our threads for our heavy mental career.

Heaven is facing angels.


A clock of when you’re born. Chunks of star wars. Would make it stick. The aliens has risen. Magic life.

‘Cause we’re going to talk peace talks and we’re going to talk poor.

A match made in heaven.


A pre hurricane weight

Great love searches great drink. Reserving what I set want. They wanted off Saturday through April. Suffers great loss.

Man who suffers in the moon.

Pete’s not in a response over there. Kick harm into you. Exuberant abundant spirit side. Better from than the other.

I was inside today and worth those pants.

Have an inner circle of making our way tight.

So many things in the world are bad for you.



Palacey peace giving. I skipped it skidded. When apologized to the public. Food’s not free.

Options of paperweights.

Visible black guy. 2 hands no fear. Druidess. A pre hurricane weight. Peace treaty.

The hoods or tiger woods. 


And I just had to hand hunt

Find his intuition.

A bunch of stuff I not in the mood before. Kill the last den answer. Kill the last … . Lunar roll—Solar roll. My troubled Taurus. Liquid healthcare.

Greek above you – lucky owner’s hat.


Never paint ditch here, put film up when she’s here. Bounce not on heel but on foot. Not inspired enough.

Shape men the Bible.

Radiant heat jobs. $764.00. Very acutely unaware. Your cheeks cross finish.

I don’t just have a stopping point.

I see where these round headed chicks have gone wrong.

You can like snow storms.

This sick runs in the family. Luck and inner. A more focused period. Calling her drunk wisdom. Close to death but they burn a ___ again. I forced Lowen too many Lowen trees. Nonly trees.

It looks likes – like it’s wheat time.

I haven’t doubled the excuse.

And I just had to hand hunt.

Countless new days – too many days alone. Parkbench.

It’s trust—It’s service.


Like the key commissioner to the attractiveness of my words

Fuck 2 visions villaining. Scene cutting.

His struggles of challenge and lonely man.

The moment for Aries.

And my Autonomy says it all.

After seeking a council. Blood range.

Blue sunshine forever knight.

Be heard, be brash.

Aubrey’s Arch retirements…60 total likes. Italian fam. Medium water price. Under the same power of ancient sun. She skilled with blessing.

Dark secrets of my life.

I go over guts than glam.

A little bit more dismissive over it over my life –herb.

Like the key commissioner to the attractiveness of my words.

Tomorrow’s heavy retirement and then great focus remains.


Composed the thought – it takes a required mind

Darby. Those black pandas. The good scarf—The pedicure.

The Astral generation.

You know when he’s spoofed me. Moore’s just celebrating for a reason. Going glam. Socialite. Speedway electrical speedway –company vehicles parked in carpool area. 

Provision all the way.

Is channeling hear my heart.

Channel predictions.

Working your ass off towards 1 goal.

Unveil it in your night sky. I’m turning mill at 23. Some customers value shop fee required.

They say this will happen over and over again in your lifetime –Feelings.

Beg for one another.

Composed the thought – it takes a required mind.

In romantic history –Kim/Pete. Whatever it is it’s happening strong. Trinity favorite ab workout. Me vitamin for me/sister – cook want more from person –me fine. Coming back to things. Plastic room.

Magic interest—Magic entrance.

The coy cows are superstitious.

Triggers and anticipations.

Resume add. Me spell Kathleen name wrong – Me other worked April. I was like looking up answers. Today’s job was moving slower for me.

Things are the most powerful when there’s water to cleanse them.

Viewing your only foot.

Hear my voice.

Do we all agree it could be reading.

I thought it was close, it was final.

River run. Think about that. Sinful in many ways. Digital capital on the world. I’m getting up on the next can of leprosy.

You’re dead at an art.

Clueless. More afraid of hell for whatever reason. With unfolding. Hard of hearing. There’s a 2 person crumble right now.


Into a future ride with this money making book

Venus in her exaltation of Pisces April 5th-May 2nd {heartbeat in the sky you see}

Somethings bad’s going to happen. To remove retract. Life invented us a brand. That’s the guy that unliked the alter. Wainscot. The queen of pop. If you don’t see what … expertise. This is citrus rising –New Moon. 

Yours forcibly going against mine.

Mislabeled [after sunning it right].

When we find ourselves smothered in a goal.

Sergio. Serendipity –annoying as fuck.

Pure body never hired in the wrong peace of mind –Sun chips.

Go back, you’re not that far.

Then you’re going to “blow me off”.

To help the denominator in a certain code.

Move pretty tight about and that bags you. Hey Wino, why don’t you give tough ___.  Foot and frame. I have the next back 2 days to wonder. I felt pretty good for an amazing soul.

Words of a Savior.

I alter at Sea.

To put the fun back. Multi-media organization. I couldn’t see and have Travis Barker.

If someone was never meant to get healthy.

Would you reveal to me, how you climb that thing.

Haven’t given up hope.

Into a future ride with this money making book.                                          


The past is fast – The Cadillac leads to nowhere. Wish I had my jacket a little numb and break. Jared and I did those other stops on Jared’s time.

Automatic power.

I build a tall building around it.


We gotta left results of an Ace of our work

It felt like it was invite.

Everywhere I would go I would care for you.

We gotta left results of an Ace of our work.

Emotionless. I dig down deep. Pussy willow. Choice hotels. Chelsea hotels. Every ___ announced his separation.

If I don’t get embraced, my husband will not let me come back.

Just being late, that’s a terrible thing.

Okeus. Shaft. So spiritual. Arm and order. The only reason I stopped… . Mutual understanding. Clear as day –speculated. She makes things happen. My work has some kind of hippied. Raised Moorehead.

I went through a season of a really dark period.

Sergio. Glass stout. 

| Only When You Are Empty Are You At Standstill And Balanced—Joy and Sorrow + Two of Pentacles |
raising one’s hands to lift
raising in surrender
raising your head


A diet-full deity

Different spells out Spanish in disguise. | Johnathan’s powerful engineer steering. | Thrown away with your boat and stuff [S]he’s an engineer. | Red along the eyes—Rainbows among the engineers. | Brave she stands out—she has no desire to plop in. | Everything’s a Spanish and highly skilled engineer.
When I have it ready and it’s good [writings]. Nirvana yet that place to run over. A death, sex, and taxes thing. When you brought this up: What… The Sunflower’s radiant?

Would you help, Uriel continue to expand direction.

He won’t ever come to a reckoning. In healthy in terms of use. That’s when you make ends meet. Relinquish control yet do not forfeit your will.

Oh my gosh—God are you old news.

Emotional sponsor hand written in the sky. West Indies. Baby gap. Since he’s in high schools.

If you have someone who’s not going to try their hardest.

Underwater game of let’s do so don’t die.

Thanksgiving over Holly fork – Uncle, mom, dad—me clean dishes so all clean eating—burn 2 incense—K95 or The Eagle on?…country or soft rock? Immersions. Control. Me hug uncle no vax…unspoken—Aunt ate with girls earlier and uncle no where to go.

In the Maybach vehicle pulled up to convenience store…me and other + driver – thought about or was suggested to peel out and make mad escape→but I knew the guy would come back for revenge and do away with us given his personality and style.

Dad, weed share. The table was moved to center for us to eat, me clearing way.

7… when I write some holy wars.

Logos of the land. | The d.j.’s in the deity. | Soul vacuum of inherent nature. | Your fate is aligned in the cosmic code. | On the cosmic side of things — Forces. | Young people are addicted to the age gap.

Keeps him addicted and feels sloppy. …Heal the mind. It’s okay because I’m older than you. Never been in a bed that young—or if you fake it till you make it. A diet-full deity.

“Legacy this” “Legacy that” [Everything I do].

Chances, chances are [Bob Marley]. Hey hey hey—where’d you get this jacket. Lord Karma. Because you’re holding a key. The kind of people that went for it –timeshare. He’s a silly person. Not stepping foot in Croatia, did she go on to say why.



I don’t carry it around like a weight—I don’t do that anymore

Japanese world castle. It expands so big it comes back to me [Aura protection]. Idyllic. 5 pounds – it is enough to cry and enough to get over. A little dangerous like exclamation Amazon. Widing under the first level.

Twin… when that flame bring romantic fling –romantic flame.

We never found anything legit [in their revolution].

It’s like an obligation—Till I do the bloodwork for you.

‘7 Vessels’ by Jesse Robertson, oil on wood panel

Wealth management. I’m not going to make a scene and cause drama. Most tourist pass don’t even built… . … World history day. The title goes through the brain. I’m helping to help my answer … . In every … . Seeing distraction. Will of here or a hope place to be. You chose no intentions. “Waving” a porch rest. Brief manicure. You’re safe now. Jesus is worth it–. In retail space.

Line of the dream—very important fruit to win.

In a quarter mile make sure everything… has been revealed. Talking to a client. George Clooney. Third party oxygen machine. Naturally infatuated.

My crazy limb power.

More calm and reserved in a noticeably relaxer state –CBD. Not going to accept returns –private refunds. Once I get my double rest I find normal interest. Silver’s gone right now.

It’s hard to figure what you want it even if you’re best all the time.

Famous couples. Compulsion training. A high empty state. Outlets are fun. Crown bejewels. I was made to be honest with you. 7 weeks ahead. Aims at the center of finding memory. Emotionally fatiguing that’s for sure. Your source of relied everything that equals each other out. … .

[Give your life over to God] I have given my life over to God so many times.

Listen to Aeolian Heart for a year. …You’ll get bored. I have THC toxicity all the time [CBD]. Well it’s good, but I want the apple and the drink. Like my anti-psychotic drugs. Official leader. See if anything else happens in your private life.

The life of a Revolution.

Now, all of our legacy is everywhere [Apocalypse – still the crossover from war to peace Because they [good] overthrow, we [good] conquered]
Hope happiness – Sinclare. Listening to this –over you. Indian rice—that’s bugged me for decades. My opinion about the Washington memorials. Severn. Shirley. Being sober’s not a bad thing [no CBD].

It’s pretty big not to be noticed—you’re the one in there with a knife.

I don’t carry it around like a weight—I don’t do that anymore. It’s hard for me to visualize the coming and going of the direct change. Emeralds in. Sin city. I’m to keep to myself. Closure: SunDance of Virginia has closed.

From this moment… until death do us die.

Corresponding changes. Lighting in a bottle. Little antidote [spread] NE in live—bird big—spread soaring burnt. Catatoism – that he doesn’t understand that word. Alica Silverstone. Migrate east.

Give me the Friday night examination.

You’ve done a lot of commission.

I’m an extra person.

A new Sophie’s money tree.

He don’t send saints… [front cover magazine]. Bri Larson. I’m a genius at any topic. My element’s “dream worker” –3 similar looking guys with medium dark brown hair. Afflex.

Too much was revealed before I was honest.

No one was born this year right –Mom. I roasted a whole people about getting dirty this morning. Well I wish I would of—I can’t even figure out myself. Bottlenecking. Wanna chill?…Wanna see? Balls kicking in. Just red hook. I do agree Nelli’s personalitys. Could hit me at any moment. Renting the rentable. Plenty of … . Its opposition is on her social media page –Sister. It is a hand gel and foot cream –not oral/internal but topical solution.

This is my time to shine [in dreams/aura bright].

My meditation practice. Elixir, I dream dreams of you. Katie’s first virgin ice breaker. Spoils the truth. Filled with the Holy Spirit [and beyond].

Let me start off by saying let me finish plugging myself in.

I’m clearly not going to give up until I have more information.

Once again, this is one of my favorite ones you’ve done.

Coming to the wonder distracted. I longed deeper exploration. Who has not received a rose ceremony yet. How bad I need you for life [and beyond]. Remove myself from the earth completely. God help us help ourselves. Romny. … Are you overwhelmed with food—or you know what Sophia is. I’m going to text sister in the meantime.

Right when he woke up then we’re going to start making stride.

Winding up/down this session. Neutrally distracted. Hearing problems –evidence you believe. My Dad’s 29 again. My own thoughts/feelings and you completely look the other way.

I am sincere in my mission to find you God. Lifetime advocate.

I can do anything you want me to do worthy of your displeasure. Oh my good she took her off her speakerphone completely. Stop using me like that I really really desire GodToday there was no ladder in the house. Leonardo DiCaprio [da Vinci]. Locks all over the place.

Wanna get a good night’s sleep but the rain’s up.

‘The Danaïdes’ by John William Waterhouse, 1906


Clarity, wisdom, maturity. Dent in Jeep—I guess it happens normal days –casual dent. Is it going to be too much for you, Dad…No, no, normally it is –Yoga sessions and all. …I have the heart to heal. Imagine picking up fragiles?…That’s what company has done before. What I wanted my whole life. …Time with you. Absolute certainty.




‘Cause she had it so made in the shade by the Sun.

Raising of the glasses. Inertia reigns supreme. Details. Monarch. Influencer[s].

Jupiter and the Holy Spirit.


I’m reading it clearly [but] I’m reading it in such dark studies

‘Circe Invidiosa’ by John William Waterhouse, 1892

Sight unseen. His temple medium. Under all divine tabs in my life. Unfamiliar—unseen. In the pur[suit] of pursuing history. Confused when the Sun goes down to explain her nature. Always dating a writer. On being and a job. Arm cheating – I’m glad doctor evidence. Yesterday was a call to the wild.

Everything’s a Spanish and highly skilled engineer.

A new Sophie’s money tree. Work shadow light.

You told me to wonder Jesus—to baja his excuses.

As I cased about in display. Vortex daughter of her throat. My righteous wrath.

Talk to me through the Bible.



People who are in debt know enough about a fortune cookie.

Those minerals outside are doing great. I’m reading it clearly [but] I’m reading it in such dark studies. Quiet and reposed. [Nothing was] Sent to bother you: Sex, death and magic. He picks his own weed. Amusement alley. Paracelsus.


Heaven shows us where we are going even when we lost the first key

‘Pandora’ by John William Waterhouse, 1896

Mystical and unspoken for me, unbearable you see. Heaven shows us where we are going even when we lost the first key. Rebuilding the brand. I can call over. 2 worlds manifestations.

When did my spelling get so backwards.

Words keep laying around me and I’m in live in here. A retired angel above the clouds –Richard Bunger. Your curves been added to me. The flow of perfection.

Forget who you are because it’s not a choice of brethren.

Reset health ideals. The own speak of their own remodel. Tea is. A very private room locked for they.

Here we are, false or not we are here to paint.

To steady suggest your prime importance. A roman, a whole connection—A Dionysus in lust. Tea is a beautiful … . Come on I need to draw some of this source inspiration.

1.5.14 [in remembrance]

Have not been willing to die young on this legacy

Me in my youngest heart, me in my numerous soul.

Complete revolution. Let this season begin. At peace about it –post. It’s my dog clearly. German shepherd. While I’m bending your balls please don’t let them make fun of me.

And in E = English means mystery.

Central litigation. Intoxicate myself. I’m really sorry. Growing demand. Systemic approach. What regrets can we ask you out. You know I can fucking work your ass like a charm. Have not been willing to die young on this legacy. Have our legend love one need.

I move silence and work in 3D.

After my eating instruction. I hold …  . That triple layer…dive. Peter’s little depression. …Talk about. You’re coming with us but these guides are. Broken promise. The normal gene has lots of muscles –different do not. And is she … . I just need to … . Earwax … . I’m a big lonely—effects my family’s part.

Because we both have a woman to sailboat too.

Against you but will move in your favor [Creative Legacy]

I never am okay with his words. Why?…So I can enjoy the peace of my day [Set up with out you] Why?…So I can enjoy the peace of my dad.

Everybody who is standing above ground.

I have hearing problems. Your dad needs to pay us on repeat. Really high to quality—my soul over vision. Soaking wet nature of all those things. Might get up early to avoid any foreign disaster. They’re outside … the food but they’re hungry.

The human soul–Tarot card – I aim to serve many.

‘Jesus Goes Up Alone onto a Mountain to Pray’ by James Tissot, 1886-1894



How bad they want to block and use you. I’m being very careful on who [how] I say it to my dad. You’re alive in. Craftwild – getting in the small way. There’s tapping root into.

New paper moon.

Alliance. I like it it’s not supposed to be there.





Jesus levitating with his white feet off the ground [bright] toes slightly angled point.

‘Jesus Transported by a Spirit onto a High Mountain’ by James Tissot, 1886-1894


All old to choose. A look back in time.

Nancy Jitters. Causation to my effect on – your brave gets going…now over the sea. Missionary control—data freak control. Square is his sharp item.

Do you tackle 6 figure income?

There was something freaky—I liked the show. The walt before. Second hand rate. Everything’s will is funny to believe. General cookin’ in our window. Multi-prism.

The almond charged with in 24 hours.

Guys I have a problem—I am dealing with it accordingly the best I can. Guys I have a problem related to visions.

I just want you to like take away all the pain. Stuff gets suicidal. I just want to be very clear so this messed up mentality doesn’t get me when I’m older. There goes the financial support. Hurt the needs of the paws [so bad].



I split between our parents when I split between our empty carafes.

“The wetland of mosses”…you’re headed out from. If it’s pinkish I’ve never in hell. Just moving forward with a sustainable life with her.

God sightings hear voices.

[1.1.14 excerpt]
Don’t tell me I don’t do this that well, secretly you want me to fail. I need to go through the evil one, fix me. Quants of quantity. Multiply issue sublime issue. Open your easy eyes your fair. Y’all see in wax watermelon in a coffee cup. Captivated among the wise, foolish among the readers. Heed thirst like you need a seed. A dying breed. Where my highest attentions to all that you are lunes. Does your body make no use for the suburbs. –Path of an empath Path to the self. Her soul seeks me when I find you. Jesus said to me I am his soul! You have always been the highest standard seed–. Lets the maps be present in the van. I had one of you oven … over my head. Re-sang it and his fruit appears. Many of my dreams were water manifestations.



Never to let out. Farmed raised pupils. Me uptight. Brandyn, you have been valuable since day one. Touché touché. I still feel like nobody—it just feels different. This is too sentimental to keep. Domination run … . Why not it bank account me. First in line. Open … . Inner class wars distributing … . Owner—I am running away. I hate [income] arm balances so much. My friends chill. Ingress all over your party. Remain in the basket not in the goldmine. Infallibles send answers. It’s not really … It’s everywhere. Dad I like obsessed my style to ….. to get weird. Left hand sword –Uriel. … Nice work done. [Dad’s job’s downstairs and he woke up late]. Bacardi gold. Limit my possibilities with all possibilities. It still bothers me as daughter –bad business move.


I want to send you work Saint John so bad

South of the Summer Sun. Come up to me because I listen—listen with open embrace. Do I got to please to ever enjoy you. … Basically I’m having an issue on the cargo…with them. Tara-psychic traits [psycho-psychic traits]. Dancing and destruction. Astonished.

Maybe it is a Thunder event.

First John of the Baptist

Cast the shadow. No…the ego on the air. My cotton fabrics all interwoven. [Damn…] This year has good memories. That lady. How often do you take that mold off of your neck. Oh shit I just came to get hors d’oeuvres. Man hole –To Bear, To Carry. Scary—let it be –Mindful newlyweds on cliff.



I want to send you work Saint John so bad.

Everyone knew each other’s cosmic boundaries.

This is the day that we’re here in the Sunlight.

[That’s fantastic] A good Robin Hood there.

This day, Masculinity.

Carol and Eve.

You really have to be a nobody for somebody to like you. [10…15] 20% is the strength of a job. Hailing from Mary California.

Getting there with all my craft and my tools.

Weapon of destruction. Breeds contempt –bald black lady back of head dyed fiery red—walking mission back of head. Good things separate. Devastated…Noting I was heart broken. On every level rise…And to fall to your knees. Covenant. My oldest son had a butane addiction. Susceptible to ward off influences –black and white portrait…thorny Jesus saying. Where did this paradise come from. I got a fair amount of space. You are just about: Space cadet. All this is an emergency.

People were standing there the whole time—it wasn’t about you.

Saint John the Baptist, Angel of the Desert [17th Century, Russian]
That ability to heal. Whimsical nations. The crazy profound winds. Why can’t I feel it. … Rose ‘n English… I guess you could be my swimmer—east and west meets.

I’m going to travel, If I can devote my life.

I don’t even know what to do, I have so much to do. I will get her on an empty stomach. Firecracker syndrome…Firecrackin’ all over the place. Emotional Cancer. Wake me up and put me through.




If anybody has to suffer, I will gladly take it away.

A guy with an orthopedic surgeon. Rough rollercoaster. What are totally dreads –2 females at Target saying. I’m not very hard for you tonight and I miss you being this jerky.

Brave she stands out—she has no desire to plop in.

Be expected for a tombstone or a throw stone | Tombstone for almost every grave | I was set for a tombstone or a gravestone


Because it’s not healthy to track around so much –healthy eating habits. Consummate.



My time in Revelations.

A mediocre lifestyle. Geppetto says the woman. … A family secret. Pedaling around. It takes time to wrap around his masculine energy. It was kinda making my heart blow clown. Snuggles playtime dragonous fevers. … Beat up on Toyota. Unhappy marriage. Between water campground. His visions that he would love to take care of. I take a moment to invest with the gate song. Sculpture mood.

Man, sure a lot older than the playbooks.

I wrote all the death valleys. Was player the –just in time. Cancer shots. Straighten up… . Displays about madness. Cased about in display. Intuition is the same bright spot.

Classic ancient songs of the Vata.

A pillar for the universe.

Built without morality. Alabaster Florida. I still am very sweetly relaxed in. Haverty. 1 more line from the empire:




The work of a saint—A very stressed saint







And we’ll schedule snuggle because we live here

‘Artemis’ by Arthur Bowen Davies, oil on canvas – 1909

Good I want you to little behave –Mom. Are we up to anything by any means. Me out of body—got pulled back into bed – We work with you there. I was about to yell at husband … . Back into bed—out of body experience my first. Cankersore. Frezno, Dardin—deliver me the angels. Divine information.

I’m pleading with therapy to saw the chains of death.

“Because I listened to her” –on money being dipped—over winter – she had straight—she was him/straight. Wendy’s closed early—struck out. Didn’t need it anyways. Or text only. I don’t want to work private at Anvil. A justice scale. No honesty going on here. [When he herd the word] Herd it artery and a knife. Parent’s living room and hello Anvil. Cute dress to refresh. [I have a channeling ability that I need an]…Prince to help me out… .

The backyard/universe — list of comparisons/metaphors





Being driven in the school bus by black guy. Big, I am feeling convinced to trust. Can’t do alone—everything relies on the Source. It is very rude to the vehicle. Girl who was killed—her parents intervention. …she smelled—but like how she smelled. …And you know what—I like it. One sided search.

You look at God – Why haven’t we been.

Calling them stimulated under origins. And that’s a visual state and I mean that. Exploring human thoughts. That’s the only way it could work because I need so—in 1 at a time. On fame and equality. Who cares about… nobody from our fuckin’ church.

There’s a replacement piece—There’s a perfect example.

Makes 3X the bed you lie in—like I could of cared less than to save my soul – because I couldn’t ego rage—I spirit disintegrated on my own accord – to my own demise. The life ending we partake in when we give sway to the opinions of others…[willingly/unwillingly]. I felt invisible—therefore I saw no way – it wasn’t about my inner strength of relationship—I needed those ego likes to feed me. To validate me. That is the opposite of what is called to do.

Head first—into the monster – the monster is you. …you just deny your part.

I don’t care what you think of me anymore – God knows I know language tangleds. It’s something I can’t do alone–. Does your bag … . I need to be focused to be here. Build electric or electric plumbing.

God connection X3—You have a lot of phone justice.

A hard time expressing my computer based feelings. And we’ll schedule snuggle because we live here. The cow will key out of caring. Save me. Makes on times and packed … . Rescheduling meme of…19 thanking in the sky. Know not … get go. Here, … . I might black, brown and blue next week. Figured no purchase. To load my base comp. all over again. Graduation thinking generally confused. God will wait until then.

Because they theme me messages anyway.

Self sacrifice. You’re in the inspired shot—I’m not. Whoaa!…Trivial pursuit.

Outlaw: A drag-in — A dragon.

I’ll give this to sister though. Reasons to migrate. Ahead of mine and want my walnuts to catch up with me. Let’s be friends –foe friend. Great lakes. Catch your tail waggin’. What do you want us humans to know?: At large.

Balloons, deer or thunder | Artemis Awards | Hunting for the Moon for your personal excitement


Privacy in your eyes again

Det music. Job might be coming up for you real soon. Blank water. Magic burden. Valerie Bertinelli. My back-up is huge. The building permit there. Birthday … . I can’t dismiss this. Soul call. And beyond. Drive!!!…not too fast –husband driving [too many details]. The most personal question I’ve ever ask you in your life—the most courageous too. I like your cut station up there –fingers pointed to where [upfront]. Our west gods.

From destroying it everyday to destroying me—I just want to be home with my baby.

Like to have kids one day. No one’s dogging to listen to me – everyone’s going to fall asleep and die. Little catch is over just as soon as lunch. Every single object hold valuable for me. … When they sent yesterday morning. Very low … . You’re missing one point here – the call’s coming from a person of unrest. Niece, nephew, sister, myself tinting—in convenience store – when turned into hostage [sister was husband] – we knew it was only a matter of time before this and would we make it?…[sheriff’s office right here]…had to locate niece and nephew before. This is the hard help I needed.

When we’re really progressing or even when we’re low on the ladder.

Cover you from this advancement. The devil searches: let you find up guilty. Lay your weary head to rest. One year promise-use [promise-youth] in my night’s sky. To build– … that again. Me telling mother… . I’m there but I like there too much. Wild about you. Fleeted debate.

Or is that the historic line that we’re doing it all night.

Just know that you’re here with me thinking of ya. A constant hello. [I can’t what going into debt brings up].

They had a drama of folding them gods.

Water swimming in lake. I was sent out of my want to be to see again –me to brother -never again. Easy to see her with lighter point. Got to interview my dad. Power tower tonight. Got to interview my dad’s power tonight. Talented pool of existence.

Take away all the pain, all the pleasure that we go through.

It really just isn’t anything that where the Bible is –mom. Of course I saw a cress in the moonlight [across in the moonlight]. Across the pregnant line and into the city. I’m not sure if it’s too sense to taste –CBD.

Look at my interview with a vampire.

All these pieces that we have to do or I’m going to fall out.

Privacy in your eyes again.

You know how things just don’t workout. Rare breed. Tearsday. Debt… wouldn’t that suck if that mutual manifestation… . Stir in my soul. I can give anything too. Improvement statues. You are the processor aren’t you. I’ll order off their install App. One of the most profound things I have ever listened to –Gita. Suppository. I work on this as a … . Help this habitat.

Don’t let the cold shower get in your way.

I can’t believe it—I call you when I get there. … That stone—cattail—cat perched. … anything that does serve the highest good … . I guess I’m always going to feel that way –on bad business move. … [He’s the bachelor] He might be the only one with a shock answer –Blake Moynes. Shock moisture like that.

I’m not claiming to be anything but divine.

I wanted to be with someone like you –Odin. [To] Set the record straight. Not many men around… . Willing to accept their fate. The fate of the gods for those who wait in silence. [Odin speak through me] What is it you want your warriors to do. Have to step up to the plate.

[I have dreams of you] It’s called titanium.

[Odin I am pissed for you]. They just sat around and listened. They got cusswords coming out their mouth. Different reign of supreme. Warrior elite. Valhalla. Tongue in your mouth—holding that much cheek. A couple gates open. Lick my plate a little cleaner. Show me what you see here. Befriend or foe. You could cut it off and cut in…[senses]. So you can clean up your mess over there.

[What would you like] Everyone to sync their review.

You had the feeling that this was going to happen—fit in wise. Black raven near [vision led]. Your attitude says it squares. Please not to push ’em on the side. She needed a thermostat for her granddaughter’s funeral. A band of witches it is. Can I put my cart in the handicap ben. They don’t have what I am looking for.

You gave me a new…to do till my 40th birthday.

So I want to continue dreams filled in.

Make a magic of men. Court cards.

For 1 second…our lives seem strange [fixed-mindset duo]. Think you’re fired. Healed again. 17 years old in my life all the time. No back swingers. To cooperate. Miss Angie’s list enlisted. Off you go to Connecticut. Framing individuals left and right. I need to be protected from his madness. It drives me crazy.

[Enjoy your life] Left side bear [totem] face facing NE.

You came through today. Strengthened my will. Proper dosing. I have a table cloth for you. Necessary in their evolution [parents know]. We move not in time and space but in dignity. Second alarm [rate]. Leave your mark. Odin, is there anything else you want to specifically say to my husband –no. Clueless remark.

My subject’s a little bit uggh than yours.

Thank you for working so hard on our behalf—so technical. The powers that be are above her. Disheveled human being. I like your energy. Ballpark estimate. Highly regarded. Gifts from the spirit—double income. Meatloaf touch you then you disappear. Making it more Insta private.

February 2022
on a midnight snow stroll in 2014


As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other

Nutritional. Dealer’s book. That’s weird to me. …What part? …Everything. That’s weird man. …Devil’s trainee. Decided as a witch at 60—you’re paying for it at 45,000 miles. You really need money that greatly real? …Thank you Lord. Talk about 2 year 10 months ago. …April 14 2012. State like dream trance [vision]. Brain farts—no big deal…[hunched over writing]. Lost summery. Even 10 years ago in my evolution.

Can you read us through the writers.

Watch out for the Moon. A thousand houses. Nero. Willing legend. Guessed on that—3 pictures I took yesterday.

It’s nothing like honesty to make things right.

Kahlil Gibran says the Alchemist. Took my money and run. I finally feel strong enough. For Jesse’s wire and visible brain farts and Marilyn—they got married 2 days ago. You’re allowed to speak your truth. I have the exact same valuable thing.

Natural disaster flood in Louisiana…”Earthquake” cause flood…3 females comply.

2, 50’s—2, 1’s…money flew out of wallet and flew towards drain…me quickly run and grab—caught by wind…the 1’s I grabbed…[the 50’s were safe] from gutter. The youngest master of intuition. He took hit to kill then thought should of coped… -then drop off to see them- His magic was lost moment took hit then was going to drink, held back. Increased dream activity.

When you can’t process someone, you leave a film there.

We got frustrated boxes. Balancing down hill. The automatic country singer die intelic suicide. I don’t know what’s going to happen—let’s see what transpires. I love my life.

You got a hiccup the size of your head.

Show me the way—Intuition guide this journey.

This will be the story – Open spiritual and life [Pregnant vision 1/3rd the way…body facing East].

Nape of Italy. Did any pass an inspection?

Embodied so much I am so.

I wanna work so hard and so good. A lot of work I haven’t experienced throughout the body. As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other. Karma’s what I base my life on.

Metaphysical mindset. An outcast in society ‘cause you can’t conform. Reform-Nation.

The Sermon on the Mount. God incidentally knows. A lifetime of understanding. Hateful motherfucker –foe friend. Everything I do is an example. Copenhagen. Tiring voices. … Where are you at?… I am right here doing all the work I’m supposed to be doing. …You kinda trapped me in a sticky situation—in a hot spot. …Why? [How]… Florida rings. He’s had a difficult time aerating the desert. I want to know…If I don’t see clearly. Just for a second. Multiplys by 1. Channel escape. West sky mountain double. Any news? Voice of table. Ascension ladder. Hollow grave.

Wanna keep it a hard male thing [Astronaut suit].

Facing destruction. What’s wrong with you. Best muscle in there –please. … around too much. We’ll do a check of you never heard of physical paycheck before. Hey move the maybe number – play deer pressure today—it’s not raining. She’s literally like the sharpest tool in the shed. Memories fade.

Keep the elevator running 100%.

From a disadvantage point of view. Do-more – with approaching us around the same time. Elevator noise. Supreme hello. High gravity vibe. Intentional training. Not meaningless no more. Praying for a strong season. Open fire. Impede. [I love you] Yes I love you too –Dad. A king without a crown. You need to get off on Friday.

The most historic iconic rise.

Voice inside. Let me sing to the heavens. Mercy all my days. Which ones have cased about display.

My welcome to casual healing phenomenon [Black bald lady saying to me sitting at desk on upper portion].

Relive it scene. I have failed thus far—Let me not turn back in vain. Relive it again…Speak the truth all over again.

What I am under my influence.

What I’ve come to be. Tainted chi. Align me. New mystical phase. God help me see. Listen and weave. I’m going to chew through this gracefully. So much talking going through you. Turn it on—turn it off. My main date night couldn’t of end this hungry. Salute you till the call.

In the throw zone—Be careful [2 black birds crossing each other looking West and East].

3 minutes—The working class. Ritual experiences –good samaritan. ….. journey. Cool cool that’s what I’m saying. It’s shook me to the core. …The hardest part expenditure.

A bowl in a China shop letter leaf.

Due to these attorneys are winning a loser. They look white—I’ll get you guys miserable for you –Dog’s teeth been brushed. This is profound what you told me—you guys melt in. I got another 10% the rails. I have a very light family over the… .

Greatness and sweetness are filled with things I need –Song melody.

Heralding –Sun king.  And life after death. For all who proceed. Make it worth it. Can not be redone.

Written in the book of life, the akashic records show.

Grind me and dine me perfectly. I know you have high levels of cooperation distinct to your own. How bad I want this done under a kindred spirit. That’s fine with me.

I always remember you. The presence of an angel shows. Heaven knows I need you. For life and eternity. So be it done.

Level of servitude in the divine realm of men.

Holy sacred trend. Do I get patriarchs…Speak to me on that? Take anything seriously—you get what you came for. Camp out traits and villas. Surprised I feel you. But I don’t in genes, I do in seams. The highest one invested in one. Jada Pinkett Smith.

Chris is one of the higher strengths of the country.

There was enough room to play in the country. You respond to our demand. Talking about mom’s running personality –gets gray. Probably doesn’t matter. Depressed you. Indemnity squad. I need your reign. It is attainable. I just don’t believe you –foe friend.

I am a crabtree ornament
[At the movies] I will be fed 13 year old popcorn with an ornament Moon