That’s The Plug Unplugged

Plug in at Night, I’m going
to stay here for a while
Now what about the woman
who was on the Left Hand side?
Violent eyes, I learned her wise
in between the cries
Wide and loud she shouts,
long and clear and loud
I heard it with power,
un-timid, not coward
What’s the reference Number?
Taking in Left, taking in Right
Plug in at Night, I’m going
to stay here for a while


My all time favorite piece of literature

Thunder, Perfect Mind

I was sent from the power
and have come to those who contemplate me
and am found among those who seek me.

Look at me, you who contemplate me,
and you who hear, listen to me.
You awaiting me, take me to yourselves.
Do not banish me from before your eyes.
Do not let your voice be hateful toward me,
nor your hearing.
Do not be ignorant of me,
in any place, at any time.
Be alert; do not be ignorant of me.

For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored and the scorned.
I am the whore and the holy.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am <the mother> and the daughter.
I am the limbs of my mother.
I am a barren woman
who has many children.
I have had many weddings
and have taken no husband.
I am a midwife
and a woman who does not give birth.
I am the solace of my own birth pains.
I am bride and groom,
and my husband produced me.
I am the mother of my father
and the sister of my husband
and he is my offspring.
I am the servant of him who fashioned me,
I am the ruler of my offspring.
He [produced me] with a premature birth,
and he is my offspring born on time,
and my strength is from him.
I am the staff of his power in his youth,
and he is the rod of my old age,
and whatever he wishes happens to me.
I am silence that is incomprehensible
and insight whose memory is great.
I am the voice whose sounds are many
and the word whose appearances are many.
I am the utterance of my own name.

You who hate me, why do you love me
and hate those who love me?
You who deny me, confess me,
and you who confess me, deny me.
You who tell the truth about me,
tell lies about me,
and you who have lied about me,
tell the truth about me.
You who know me, be ignorant of me,
and as for those who have not known me,
let them know me.

For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shy and bold.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am tough and I am terror.
I am war and peace.

Be attentive to me.
I am disgraced and great.
Be attentive to my poverty and my wealth.
Do not be arrogant towards me
when I am thrown down on the ground,
and you will find me
in those [who] are to come.
If you see me on the dung heap,
don’t go and leave me thrown there.
You will find me in the kingdoms.
If you see me when I am thrown out
with the disgraced in the most sordid places,
don’t mock me.
Don’t throw me down violently
with those in need.
I, I am compassionate and I am cruel.
Take care not to hate my obedience,
but love my self-control.
In my weakness do not disregard me,
and do not fear my power.

For I am the wisdom [of the] Greeks
and the knowledge of the barbarians.
I am the judgement of Greeks and barbarians.
I am the one whose image is great in Egypt
and who has no image among the barbarians.
I have been hated everywhere and loved everywhere.
I am the one called life,
and you have called me death.
I am the one called law,
and you have called me lawless.
I am one you pursued,
and I am one you seized.
I am one you have scattered,
and you have gathered me together.
I am one before whom you have been ashamed,
and you have been shameless to me.
I am a woman who does not celebrate festivals,
and I am she whose festivals are many.
I, I am godless,
and I have many gods.
I am one you have professed,
and you have scorned me.
I am uneducated,
and people learn from me.
I am one you have despised,
and you profess me.
I am one from whom you have hidden,
and you appear to me.
Whenever you hide, I shall appear.
For [whenever] you [appear], I [shall hide] from you.

As for those who have . . . foolishly . . . ,
take me away [from] their [understanding], from grief,
and receive me, from understanding and grief.
Receive me, from low places in creation,
and take from the good, even if in a lowly way.
From shame, take me to yourselves shamelessly.
From shamelessness, and shame,
put my members to shame within you.

Draw near to me,
you who know me and you who know my members,
and establish the great among the insignificant first creatures.
Draw near to childhood,
and do not despise it because it is small and insignificant.
Do not make what is great turn away,
part by part, from what is small,
for what is small is known from what is great.

Why do you curse me and honor me?
You have smitten and you have shown mercy.
Do not separate me from the first ones,
whom you have [known].
Do not cast anyone [out]
[nor] turn anyone away . . . .
Turn yourselves . . .
. . . do not [know] . . . what is mine . . . .
I know the first ones,
and those after them know me.

I am [perfect] mind,
and rest . . . .
I am the knowledge of my search,
the discovery of those who seek me,
the command of those who ask of me,
the power of powers, through my knowledge,
of angelic ambassadors, through my word,
of gods among gods, through my counsel,
of spirits of all people dwelling with me,
of woman dwelling within me.

I am honored and praised,
and scornfully despised,
I am peace, and war has come because of me.
I am alien and citizen.
I am substance and a woman without substance.
Those from union with me are ignorant of me,
and those sharing in my being know me.
Those near me have been ignorant of me,
and those far from me have known me.
On the day I am near [you],
[you] are far [from me],
and on the day I [am far] from you,
[I am near] you.

I [am] . . . a lamp of the heart.
[I am] . . . of natures.
I am . . . of the creation of spirits,
[and the] request of souls.
I am restraint and lack of restraint.
I am unity and dissolution.
I abide and dissolve.
I am descent, and people ascend to me.
I am judgement and pardon.
I, I am sinless,
and the root of sin comes from me.
I am desire outwardly,
and within me is self-control.
I am gearing adequate for everyone
and speaking that cannot be repressed.
I cannot talk or speak,
and plentiful are my words.

Hear me in gentleness,
and learn from me in roughness.

I am the woman crying out,
and I am cast upon the face of the earth.
I prepare bread, and my mind within.
I am the knowledge of my name.
I cry out and I listen.
I appear . . . walk . . .
. . . seal . . . sign of refutation . . . .
I am [the judge, I] am the defense . . . .
I am the one called justice,
but violence [is my name].

You honor me,
[you who overcome],
and you whisper against [me],
you who are overcome.
Judge before you are judged,
because in you are judge and partiality.
If you are condemned by it,
who will pardon you?
Or if you are pardoned by it,
who can detain you?
For what is within you is outside you,
and the one who fashions you on the outside
has formed you within.
What you see outside you, you see within you.
It is visible, and it is your garment.

Hear me, you listeners,
and learn my words, you who know me.

I am hearing adequate for everything.
I am speaking that cannot be repressed.
I am the name of the voice and the voice of the name.
I am the sign of the letter and the indication of division.
I . . . light . . . and [shadow]
[Hear me], you listeners,
. . . [take me] to yourselves.
As [the Lord], the great power, lives,
the one who [stands] will not change the name.
It is [the one who] stands who created me.
I shall utter his name.

Look at the words of this one,
and all the texts that have been written.
Pay attention, you listeners,
and you also, you angels,
and you who have been sent,
and you spirits who have risen from the dead.
I alone exist,
and I have no one to judge me.
For there are many sorts of seductive sins
and deeds without restraint
and disgraceful desires
and fleeting pleasures that people embrace,
until they become sober
and rise up to their place of rest.
They will find me there,
and they will live and not die again.


-The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

My Music Is Her Ear

loud 3rd world song
it’s from my ear search

I’ll tell you a few stories
if your tongue hurts

I’ve encountered
mountains and 5th streets

neither of which my
soul seldom seeks

though this I’ll lend
words from a friend

relayed supple forged
to borrowed in lore

finding the divine
timing in all

 it’s from my ear search
loud 3rd world song


Blissful Sting

Words from my husband, Jesse Robertson – Winter 2014

Feeling the blissful sting of snow on ones face is a beautiful feeling. Winter… Winter is a time for reflection, a time for meditation, a time for prayer. The cold blankets the land in a slumbering embrace, just as it blankets my soul. The Feminine Divine rules this season. She is a majestic Queen. She descends upon ones ear with a distant whispering lullaby. Listen to her, go under her spell of sleep. Hers is the song of infinite wisdom, the embrace of tender compassion. Inspirations cultivated within the womb of beauty and love. Winter is a time of physical frailty, accept this form of weakness with all ones heart, for in it is a much deeper strength, an eternal strength. The strength of the shadow. Underneath the cold, lies the heart of spring. The power of the Sun lying dormant, stirring, yet dreaming that which a dreamer must dream… The cycle of life, ever seeking to balance oneself. I look forward to spring, the return of the masculine divine, strength and power, The King of the Wild. The extremely powerful kind of power, the kind very few have the insight or ability to harness and control. Very few have the courage to walk the path that leads “there”. No real man can maintain through all seasons, as nature forbids it. Only those who live through the flesh, but they are weak. They maintain weakness, with an illusion of strength. No man is beyond his nature. Yes, spring is in my heart. When the wild horns blow, and the hungry hounds howl through the night… but for know, I embrace my Queen with a silent passion, she visits my bedside with a tender, ecstasy filled touch. She is bliss, My eternal lover…

When The Soul Finds You, His Heart Nanny Is Withered In Decline

Your death faintly renounced itself. Nobody wants to know where their destruction is. Nobody wants to know where their reward is. The world is harsh, keep yourself grounded and guarded and your temple will endure. The lion and the core seems quietly plush. Good things are strong! You are hiding how good you are. The subsequential denial of utopia. When is the death present? That is the beauty in it! Enlightenment is a true biological personification. I’ve made a mark, I’ve killed myself on every side. Into the pleasure of Their fame, mad and estranged. It’s my responsibility to train, it will destroy everybody. You reign your force into it, it responds to your diligence. I’ve got that in a double way for all to know. This is the first time he had ever tasted the rainbow, it was so wet. I’m wondering what’s going on… you totally recommended me to the wolves. You projected on me last night, go home now. Think that hard and you’ll get a murderer. I’ll be honest with you, life is bloody. Love protects here! I’m going to do some cooking through the corners. It takes Spirit form, I want to work on these trash lines. I can’t believe this, but then again of course I can. It always comes down to a flying goodness man… an over the top over your head. Why doesn’t one person stay stronger at least for the benefit of all? This could be our down fall, never trying to overcome our base faults. Because I walked around with the weight of Christ, I can mentally handle anything. Understand nature. My lens is not dirty as I live in You. Hemisphere of God in me! Write your pastor of love so love can love. One more step as I clash clint that. Be careful who you reach, be careful how you teach. You let the team go without freedom packaging. Freedom in the park, we margin form. Your ends hold me, I am supported infinitely. Your writings are too long, I can just catch a little. I know if you wanted it short too, it would be a raw reflection of you. Call on heaven, alert in your dreams. Feminine Divine expression, needs to sing out in relief! You’re not going to break me. I feel strange for some reason …from me. Fire Knight! Fire Knight! The Tree of Life is worth sacrifice. Holy dice and a love for what’s right. La da da and scream, this prophet’s sleepy. Oracle yogi in a fishbowl… I’ve come to write the new codex, my Guide told.


A Spirit’s Reflection

I find so much beauty in Nature

She is my mirror

My aspiration of inspiration

My roots, branches & leaves

The soil I long to integrate with & breed

A reflection of a well so deep within

That only She can reach

What She has done has

Enlightened my vision and speech

An inner sprout to feed

My heart, desire, devotion of creed

Everything in me is expressing the need

To breathe in ever accord with Thee

Lasting always in the cycle of the seed