Blissful Sting

Words from my husband, Jesse Robertson – Winter 2014

Feeling the blissful sting of snow on ones face is a beautiful feeling. Winter… Winter is a time for reflection, a time for meditation, a time for prayer. The cold blankets the land in a slumbering embrace, just as it blankets my soul. The Feminine Divine rules this season. She is a majestic Queen. She descends upon ones ear with a distant whispering lullaby. Listen to her, go under her spell of sleep. Hers is the song of infinite wisdom, the embrace of tender compassion. Inspirations cultivated within the womb of beauty and love. Winter is a time of physical frailty, accept this form of weakness with all ones heart, for in it is a much deeper strength, an eternal strength. The strength of the shadow. Underneath the cold, lies the heart of spring. The power of the Sun lying dormant, stirring, yet dreaming that which a dreamer must dream… The cycle of life, ever seeking to balance oneself. I look forward to spring, the return of the masculine divine, strength and power, The King of the Wild. The extremely powerful kind of power, the kind very few have the insight or ability to harness and control. Very few have the courage to walk the path that leads “there”. No real man can maintain through all seasons, as nature forbids it. Only those who live through the flesh, but they are weak. They maintain weakness, with an illusion of strength. No man is beyond his nature. Yes, spring is in my heart. When the wild horns blow, and the hungry hounds howl through the night… but for know, I embrace my Queen with a silent passion, she visits my bedside with a tender, ecstasy filled touch. She is bliss, My eternal lover…

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