When The Soul Finds You, His Heart Nanny Is Withered In Decline

Your death faintly renounced itself. Nobody wants to know where their destruction is. Nobody wants to know where their reward is. The world is harsh, keep yourself grounded and guarded and your temple will endure. The lion and the core seems quietly plush. Good things are strong! You are hiding how good you are. The subsequential denial of utopia. When is the death present? That is the beauty in it! Enlightenment is a true biological personification. I’ve made a mark, I’ve killed myself on every side. Into the pleasure of Their fame, mad and estranged. It’s my responsibility to train, it will destroy everybody. You reign your force into it, it responds to your diligence. I’ve got that in a double way for all to know. This is the first time he had ever tasted the rainbow, it was so wet. I’m wondering what’s going on… you totally recommended me to the wolves. You projected on me last night, go home now. Think that hard and you’ll get a murderer. I’ll be honest with you, life is bloody. Love protects here! I’m going to do some cooking through the corners. It takes Spirit form, I want to work on these trash lines. I can’t believe this, but then again of course I can. It always comes down to a flying goodness man… an over the top over your head. Why doesn’t one person stay stronger at least for the benefit of all? This could be our down fall, never trying to overcome our base faults. Because I walked around with the weight of Christ, I can mentally handle anything. Understand nature. My lens is not dirty as I live in You. Hemisphere of God in me! Write your pastor of love so love can love. One more step as I clash clint that. Be careful who you reach, be careful how you teach. You let the team go without freedom packaging. Freedom in the park, we margin form. Your ends hold me, I am supported infinitely. Your writings are too long, I can just catch a little. I know if you wanted it short too, it would be a raw reflection of you. Call on heaven, alert in your dreams. Feminine Divine expression, needs to sing out in relief! You’re not going to break me. I feel strange for some reason …from me. Fire Knight! Fire Knight! The Tree of Life is worth sacrifice. Holy dice and a love for what’s right. La da da and scream, this prophet’s sleepy. Oracle yogi in a fishbowl… I’ve come to write the new codex, my Guide told.