If I date an East sign in a cosmic West

Again to cook, it requires action. How to … protect your loved ones. Crystals everywhere throughout Place. You get 10% … . Dinner kinks but working on it. Would you believe it if I tried.

The Sisters of Falls falls asleep in war.

Could build on the lies of the favor we build. Hard to function at max capacity. I realize now how much she care –Man. That smoke from outside people. As silver as we were. Away to defend yourself. Sometimes water has to be constantly cleared.

How you wrapped up your bow and made it special.

To bring lightness into a dark situation –me.

… cards with … . The ocean of the observer. Specials and from India. There was an extra special wave. Little trauma packages. Trench space universal code written. Just keep those things separate last year—Just keep those things separate next year.

Crossroads in a statement.

Dad paying … . A structure seed. A young hard bullet fell out. Say if you can though. Rollie leaf money tree. Build your honor back. To get them to act on their legend of fear. Hand on your fog. Outrageous—a lot of people in control and in fear. Error ways. To plan basic planning. Jesus aid guess it wouldn’t happen.

Having your trust and trusting it too.

You avoid a $5 pickup fee if you use the work tarot. Going where no people have gone before. Bridgette Marquette …  .  …Cancerous trolls. Thank god it’s only been that fresh. Security codes. We find this room apartment stretch.

Good energy for Saturnian tea.

The fat makes ’em smell different. Give me 1 small answer—give me 1 thing crawling off your back.

When I’m overwhelmed just like you.

A millionaire making tools in your life. Toughest assistant in the universe, flexible I’m flexible. Be prepared beforehand. Sink your toes into—dive. Hot as a cell phone. I connect to your high bill.

Life points to such annihilations of the leg.

If I date an East sign in a cosmic West.

The circumstances of one of your babies. I need your presence in the south of Texas.

March 4th, 2022 [unpublished writing]

Is that your 1 crystal – because my work is fulfilling people so quickly –Large pink missing crystal staff, thick. ←Was hidden in bed and I didn’t recognize it. Think you’re the best – she’s sloppy yes – initiate my voice and reason and medicine. [from April 12th, 2023]
They’re all shapes –no we make ‘em shapes –pillow/s contour. Because my parents made my Jesus Christ Nazareth. We’re doing a side step of November. [from April 12th, 2023]

Saturnian Queen — from February 7th, 2022

≅¤≅By her heart and resilience—extreme shadows≅¤≅ — lines from 2015–2022

Always represents tea when you go to your Guide

Gun in their way. Maybe a dentist or something. It’s all in your name—all the heavens in the Sun. Buyers beware –mats and all. They have home improvement channels everywhere. The selling of numbers. 700[,000,000,000] billion dollars. Gone with the good ol’ days. Choice of designers—keep it simple. We’ll be grainin’ a lot. Strike the heavy mark. I’m here to do lunches. If you knew that ship to a seller that’s wire. Ray water– spraying in beginning of thunderstorm. I learned the alphabet the hard way. It synthesizer. Upside down sideways. A flowing river. It’s going to cast too much money for you. It just has to be buried in the sand again. Would you love those at those lights you sign the jacket. Do you like- delayed entry here? Delayed entry: bullshit. Consummate. Get me through the life changing things. Yet children we are being pursued in speech. Debby downer—supply chains demands.

Viking jeweled man. –me: you have no idea. They want to say something but don’t know how. From rejoicing to the world. No jealous of- no jealous of fine- you’re in your own schedule of. I was just filling out your stable din-ante. My giant world turn. So many times I have asked you to be comfortable. How do I make it up to a stranger to. I understand it is my life. Hope you heard out the man ….. to see you. His fire- muscles care—His fire- muscles slam. In more ….. if needs to stand out. Care instructions on anything. Sea of rebuked. There was no more cash to throw: lion. Covered in Bob Marley to tales. You should go if doesn’t make sense to you- so it doesn’t make sense with you. We don’t start putting weed in your car. Thought I was on the phone with her –he didn’t give a fuck. Alright dad, we did it a bit careless. You almost can’t apologize. Get a life if they don’t have your job anymore. Most Greeks are orthodox Christians. Bucked up with manifestations.

The cut is not frayed. The worst registration ever known to mankind. I just really slurpee. The way you just milked: you’re depending on us. Then I’ll take the 3M out tomorrow. Wanna stand up and reach out all the stuff. Way better chess player. Whose name down do we sign. I don’t know how to make it up at this point, I really don’t. Ever since he was tripped in survival. Talk about payday. Thank you with all my harmony. It feels natural being here with you again. –Anvil. And insert it with a name. No expectations lower than reversal. A stern tomorrow. Answers: I’m just having a lot of soul questions. And it needs to be an honest face with him. Thank you- You’re welcome to even consider this. –on books/vision.

I got over asking people to aggregate their land. Isn’t it funny I was really tired. Blondie, don’t lost your pajama pants– do what you want to do. Come out: This is the similarity between you and I. Show yourself to me—reveal your true nature. I apologize for making us late. Glory the reward. Post-sivity. It’s been happening for over 2 years now. Human dinners. Thank you God, I want your name to be revealed. Essentially true. Can’t stop a tsunami—assembly line. You didn’t have too much going on here last week. Pressutta. Priced right. How long have you been around for the band? My husband’s an artist. We got so many call this afternoon. Fruitful legacy. Give me the strength to endure.

Your rope you sat next to in bed. This is your book, God- let me be a pure unified medium. Ready for that one– but I don’t know if this one is going to do the job. You are so casual on my allowance. Hurry up- it’s coming- we got to be ready. Great God of the sky and almighty. Cute counselor. You’ll have to excuse me. Just someone your spirit loves. I would do anything for you to not be a crazy bitch. Lord God- I can’t take anymore of your separation. At Austin Powers. So you see what’s happening here: something’s happening here. I’m asking if you believe in spirit communication? I am freaking out Lord. Pathway Vega. Beholding. Full blown glory divine. Save yourself tonight. I’m uncomfortable. Always represents tea when you go to your Guide. This is a warning sign for you. You put that out with class.


If you have all your stage and ash pieces

Made it through the volume vocabulary. Having been prescribed the world soul. I own an owner. I was an impossible situation because of the elders… . Steep decline. I’m a big rebel—comes from my family’s spirit. In garbage but trash and calculated jewels –the family knew me. Way stronger than that—so similar. That’s nothing too personal. You’re good, just let my vision take shape. I’m critical and noteworthy. The Sun’s laments. The master at making stuff up. She’s hauling ass. I can’t concentrate that deep at night. I don’t have the right light supporting me –reading light. Behavior: annoys everyone’s interests. Your little fingers being programmed. The life of the party. More than life itself – Medallion. It’s becoming A-symmetrical –needing shower cleanse. A woman leans down in silence. The demigods. High risk– scary method. Burnt in a small business sense. Pleasure bold and slain. Airtime creator. Blows my mind. A big cookie girl –ease girl. I don’t want to burn the candle at both ends. Sacred cut and the bliss energy as you dream. Not well received. Want it to be a family tie and tie everything up. Why’s that mother fucker in our pocket?…I’ve been holding onto him.

If you have all your stage and ash pieces. Decent vehicle of operations –Jeep. James Woods. Similar concept. Share them with your people. And I take a nap– I just want to be natural. Being neutral. Obviously I’m looking for a new beginning. Guiding me distribution. It’s the funnest thing I’ve done in America. Call –him appear. Delete everything she said– Be an element of power. Yesterday it was finished- it was gone. I know what it takes, God. An energetic bandaged. The world’s most worse words spelled like… word soup. All this unnecessary spending. I knew there was something deep in your dream. Puzzling. Enamoring. John Denver. Contextual shop master. I trance like I do breathing. I was really tired, God. Leaving this the twins but this 1 red case of wood. I just ….. a few ….. for sale. Daylight saving time—Maxie’s Chamber. Search warrant. Pussing escape. Leads coming through. Linda wasn’t here the night before. Help making sense of my daily life. A firm owner of never being lazy –Dr. Carlson. Bandages bandaids for the broken wounds. Situations getting stronger—Intuition listening. No one’s ever ready. Your and the trash can in the Justice. Living in a corset. If you’re not sure just need some help– I’m sure Matthew’s going to be around. One heart beating. Another baggage claim company. Always pursue the right steps. I went to Jamestown fiction—there was a fraction there. I don’t know what they want. Everything. Still tiger my eyes. Very rare chemotherapy. Your dad’s going to be money broke.

I’ll be the paper towel queen… I need to get the edges real good. Therapy time—because therapy does help. Internal bleeding. We had so much time on our hands. A business write off. Soaking wet. Doesn’t ….. around your ….. . The slaying connectors catch us sleed. Was not offended – cultural pop. I’ve got a hand for beat this equation. Easter. Exile. Fulfillment. If you can get delivered. It’s very important to work as little as possible. Make a paint– work as little as possible. Bread onion –hold on let me slow down. The happy hours. Instinctual. Message room. 2 feet in both worlds. Our table is full. Have you reached your little paranoia bar. Your dinner’s ideas. Basement’s all Norse military. All who accept it are not lost. Battle a hand gun. Absolutely no control over the situation. Is that the entertainment arts? Aceptions in the quality- make sure it ain’t slippery- don’t trip. There’s an aception of the quality. Very thing you like tomorrow- If you need some height. Right now I’m at a crisis point. And I’m not okay if I can’t write. Interlude. Make sure we don’t make anybody mad at each other. I don’t want to hear the reason. As an excuse. Pictures are my wounded words. Your limit is will your door not get open to the ground. Claudia.


Most important Guide—especially when I fashion an art piece

Let’s get your spirits into the goods now. Souls net around her. Clear respite. With a heart and a human body. 24hr vet CV. Myth in your Sun may happen. White first films very expensive. Now that we have a death certificate. I have to answer to Chinese writing. I feel like we don’t have room to set up. The God almighty. Whose so high role it is. The God, streets around today. How way ….. with other side. A brain scan. This just includes shocking ….. protect. Hip stars that are beating equivalent. Fertility. The binary world.

The business we are is clean builders.

I’ve been thinking about some things. The growing demand of your popularity. Deep sense of urgency to them. I don’t care whose site it is– Rainbows taken rainbows. You’ve been around for years landing my heart –JLo to Ben. They’re in the closet– would you rather just give it to them. I was ready to hit a corner somewhere. Man these are perfect natural games. And I kept getting the reward. Justin Bieber’s door closed. The Neo sports. Deluxe stone printed. He does that in a good way. Top and bottom– they would have long parts to. If there’s no news—call him. Humans are hazardous. And the buy I helped transition. I would love coconut from clear design. Get the designated strawberries. What’s in the visions. I just need people more like me.

It makes you high– it makes your hands feel protected.

With the 11,000 square loads. Political built up things. Getting the ang[e]l[e] in there and cutting… . Lay strong foundations in the rain. I just had a year now. From my perspective: are they flipped – I’m more fine with the company grind. Metamorphosis. Ice friendly. I’m not dealing with the struggle anymore. Tomorrow’s winged challenges. A large 9 crust pizza. Little Jonathan with the general assembly line. ‘Cause I think Tuesday’s a Thursday and won’t 6 days. If I left, unfair. You’re about to press out the chicken juice. Truth of three things: Little pizza. Well, we’re next on going to Maryland.

When they don’t want it to be that you don’t respect.

What life-prison you connect with. The importance of building …in small cities. Out dated information. Mentally intelligent he’s working. You alright in – is this leaving you –somewhere get in men’s dept. . Someone waking me up from ….. member’s song. Games off and down. Each person chooses their own destiny. Plum. My feelings beyond words. Are you old enough to let me win? Show us that nasty look on her face – enjoy a potent free site. Little girl bra ….. somehow. Black Archery. Museum exhibits. A good fit of designers.

Eating while all the cemeteries are half yours.

Don’t act like you wanna run to your chips now –Joseph Campbell. Falling idiot. And will call if it is break you. The holly fork vision. Death in the details. Detachment email. I was the secret to you. Give me your truth. Words closer. Done with detachment. It maybe sunny in the afternoon. And have words of wisdom passed down. I wanna push you in my space –Song. Mom ugly me—why do weed I said ….. I don’t take pills/medications. Always get in it and go for it –Janis. Certified Anvil. Really good donut from my meads, my heart. When I’m gone carry on your way. Wow—running down behind purple/uncommon mid-century staircase and design. Mother caught playground on with fire by knock box light over there. Others on staircase in front below/behind moving/rushing quickly.

A few things could save you —Wildwood— on back- read off lady’s underwear attire.

And just stares at the trademarks [Jesus vision]. I put new furniture on things. It’s kind bedded giving and the situation –restitching every seam on chair/furniture. 3 star player. 21 neutral. Drug base mail forms psychotic management. Moving this thing is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in business. 65% leads. Loved up from some in his white write night. Me give her white book all un-read. Is it rude if I use dad’s toast and his going to pay me back anyways. Birth records how: new dime turn—reinvention. Her spirit all to you is human. Your masterclass is in exam for review. Most important Guide — especially when I fashion an art piece. I have got to be in the presence of my 2 angels. Adds up on the inside. Running your mouth shut. Beating you down. You should come work on every window you can. Supply and demand. Half entreprenuers. It’s inevitable– how you’re going to roll again. –With letters. Releft his ….. today.

Don’t ever think we’re losing our faith because of you.

Me transcribing a knowing. I can’t look with someone over my shoulders. Physical entry making me late– their benefit, me not ready. It wasn’t so much about her honor situation at all. His job is to run a baby. I really don’t mind extra shit laying around. Wise considerate. Did it get all up in your sleep. 1 there’s too much going on today to change a. I long to build perfect energy. Feel secure about our lives. Flip flops in briefcase. Organize– vamping across auditorium –keep to yourself. We wait for biology, for more of what legacy puts into you. The number 9. Annual percentage rate. A gloves can pay the rent by hand.

Nails and the Sun came back.

I can barely use bandages. After my divine inspiration left it was just insanity. Tune me to. John’s 5.5 year public reunion. Thank you Reed and thanking my guide. In the presence of your Angels. I want to start be one pop teachings. Reed on the inside. Cause of death still unknown. Railroad check. You can’t do it without the peace. Built 2 different accidents. Flyin[g] time. Ma’am you’re taller than that gate– what I’m looking for is gates. Jelly bean central. Enclosed harmony. ‘Cause if it gets New York in there, I can’t compare. Owen. Water on the streets. Free verse prophecy. Give me your towels ladies.

Belove climbed the nature of Buddhist.

Tell me the truth with a story at first. I’m looking it up on the internet like it’s going to win something for me. Sage-a-see. Truthless flame. I don’t have to say it or draw it. Here for the right reasons. Madge. Trident in the sky. Otto.


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