‘We are responsible for what we are; and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves.’ –Vivekananda

Sea bass. I need the social security number. It doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter how I feel—that’s what pisses me off. Ultimately mature wise up get stronger faith. I began singing at it with the beauty stones. They have fish and they were going to let go of something. Cheatness of plan. It is pressed with integrity. No but it’s not enough. Steep decline. Naive. Alright God, it’s you and me. In between his spirit. I always enjoy them. Estrada. Shaving the beard off. Sick of your judging and me not being enough.

Your symptoms were nice and olympic.

Set it off. Conclude. Spiritual psycho-continental war. Remove from double concern. A line of infraction. High diversity scene. Varsity blues. Prophetic weave. Deliver the same page and channels. Pretty much a move just as famous as ever. Saturnian Queen. Roots beyond the sun. Oracle whisper. Summoned the dead. Bleak contact. Every drawing’s an intuition. The mind of relics. Dream healing therapy. You deserve better. Nervosis. Trusted them. Once I move don’t associate it with death. Trinda and Sophia—oracle version. Rebuke. Fragile wings. Modern myth. Let’s discuss this. I love finding Capricorn. It’s your turn to grow up—oracle wind. When I move don’t associate it with death. People having to excuse themselves it’s lunchtime. Deaf quality –no dream recall. [Miss] Having absolute insight and mastery.

I’m nervous myself because you never settle.

Dreamt an all night thing. A storybook and a cinema plot. Something was here now. My next phase into intuition. As a security gate –herb. Rocks in silence. Discord with my ocean. That really strong, clear, energetic Brandyn. He’s blocked everyone from her atmosphere. Civil right. Mythopoetic. Airiad. Really connected to the source and an infallible guide. Nose draining. I need to have full control over. Judy. I would have served, I would of known what happened. It was my fault so bad. Sway and dance. Keep that secret to yourself – secrets make you stronger. Everything that relies on your happiness relies on my initiation that’s not fair. Did I get a warning – year ending traits. Contagious in the skeleton years. The life and repercussion of: . Never stops moving. Okay groupie friends.

I always agree at the Santana Barbara between us.

Are you going to rent Christmas Eve on New Year’s Eve. Haven’t been nice, no surprise. Write books instead you hiding it from me. Your own ruled out house. To the soul universe. Yeah I’m not that precise, however. Well probably not today but when I come back. 9.72 offered to you because of free shipping –crystals. Generously amused. Takes a time to adjust the difference. Get thing while extra looking. Groundhog Day all over again.

It’s probably different for each mind who reads it.

Infusing more rodanction. Cambridge. Modern mystic men. Jupiter. A cat snuggles in spirits. Inner world…do I feel it? I might appear lazy but I am sleepwalking through this life. Desperate can. Blues arrhythmic. Turn around or is this going to be his treat on home –Phoenix. No progressive at all. Peak CA thugs. General complexity. I am practicing self harm. There’s a basic understanding missing between you and I and I can’t give it to you. Like you want something that I can’t give you.

‘Saturn was the most important planet to the alchemists. They equated it with the ​First Matter​ and considered it both the beginning and the end of the Great Work. Within the darkness of saturnine energies, the alchemists saw all the possibilities for change and healing.’ –Dennis William Hauk