Take a sharkie out his business and absorb a character into it

Take a sharkie out his business and absorb a character into it

Like a razor blade in my eye. Lynx [totem].

‘the beauty’s in the bravery’. Let it be – let it be.

I trance better, I tint better. I tint better, I trance better.

Take a sharkie out his business and absorb a character into it.

Responsibility [card R]. Responsibility card see and heart. Forever – eliminate 100 coupons → Ancestor and Charity card, … to me. Blood flowing through his veins. Don’t confused – don’t say no. And I just felt very passionate felt for around my emotions. And I just felt very passionate when. Not a good joke.

Active bitch. A critical forever. Feed the cat.

A harmonic sensation of her anger.

Looking for that stuff to frame the mind. Painting side building. And it needed second coat. Finish your address and don’t come in. Cats in dad‘s house – brave was. These are final words then. Absolutely terrified the past year. I have to get in line with Anvil. And can choose a different gun but I can’t choose a different job. Preschool – faith is your worker. I’m moving something. You kind blow my mind. It’s magnetic without you. That was me … the boundary.

I can’t do anything outside my Moon.

Attracted to me – as I naturally am. Me say but am not. Man rake … . And I do feel you on an extremely best friend level –Woman.

The waters of a positive life.

Oah it’s supposed to be 97. Fire hazard I didn’t relay but knew with leaves/sand/Man but with a tree touching to the sky and it was a fire hazard. As much as my equals are too. I knew but didn’t relay hazard.

Give people love – you give people flavors.

Let’s not and say we did –on particular text.

If I’m challenging, maybe he needs a Christian.

It makes me feel all laid out. Oh, you’d rather have it cooked though. Nothing is matters. Things got real clear. Don’t want to ___ with Place ever … .

And that’s for a medium, high grade neighborhood.

Y’all are not my people. The lymph nodes.

Indifference due to being fired.

There’s a sail to me boat.

Relinquishing. I don’t love the remnants there. It just was not getting me somewhere. You have to measure me up – my whole life –Husband.

Me drinking water from granddad.

For you to make hard plans – wash for yourself.

Little girl, if you can’t find love.

A 4oz stick we found you in Vegas. A lot of alone time. A punch in the gut –to him, those final ones. See what you’re made of. Me got used to flashback dream. He doesn’t live in a mortgage –Man. Workman’s Comp. issue –Woman? Their education flaws –Man and Woman. [The …] On the brickmaster. That he doesn’t necessarily need or want [–me now]. ‘Cause you see what you’re missing and you’re not. I just don’t have much time to waste or rush. It’s the truffle—It’s the truffle. Can you just go, you’re going to face you about yourself. With Sister having your results in Friday.

Separation anxiety –him.

Running away when there’s a problem.

Some things are bigger than a week break.

See your ghost as girlfriend.

And they got mad/bad at me for wanting to get the water hose straight.

Terrible decision […to let her go].

Point fuckin’ blank we won’t get to listen to any more Justice.

Too many… . There’s a ton that’s in the vault for you. Highly employable. [She’s] 1 person at Jamestown. Dementive. Diminutive. No bullshit. They want you to come back. Turned down –me. Differences in opinion. I can’t convince anyone otherwise. Fully human. Fully divine. Cyclistic romance. [Get] 2 fingers out of your mouth. Humidity in here. Meet him [‘em] in the middle. Close that door – another one opens. Assistant manager. Makes it hard for me to address it now. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. A lot different than me [call/mission].

Want to do something forcefully so time doesn’t remember us.

Guided. Repair work. Damage control.

Swimming in her majesty. [What the fuck].

Egoless – no shame about my feelings.

Direct heart link – I am here. This is my life, proof of. Weaver fate destiny. Based on sitting positions. And I’d do it again too. Too late it’s over now. I don’t know.

[July 4th, 2022] Lynx figures you sit on the outside. Substance. Perfect gift – the perfect gift of prophecy. Wild river

April 5th, 2023