Jesus is kind of an extremely bitchy person

Me and halfs are having fun about mediums.

When they say that they are blue collar. The baggage train. I’m just trying to be a decent human being. But her name’s West. His bodybuilding technique. Build what last forever. Snooty wood. Manager discretion.

To the name’s character.

If it’s not for me it’s no longer here.

Sage advice.

To the reservation that didn’t go successful. How do you even stay put. New color lasted.

Jesus is kind of an extremely bitchy person.

Your car’s your minimum return.

The whole shaded thing. Shaded sung.

I find comfort in my depression.

Words of focus not wisdom. Half the folds you criticize. There’s a bunch of kids in there, that’s all. First getting wild. A legacy. When I first fell asleep on the stones. Super quick and female principles. You were looking for gallons of paint. I couldn’t be myself in front of an audience. Recrimination.

The Northern Neck in general.

excerpt from February 21st, 2023