The apples are here [oracles]

I have to defend my energy and safety around you. It was the fuck around of times—it was the find out of times. Cleaned my birthday suit. Barbara badass.

Remix literature – what else are you going to do.

Poet among nature.

Decrease in my value [A.C. in vision]. Dude what the fuck dude –Man in sleep. Electronic stimuli.

I just thought it was tone differences in the shade.

[Leave me the fuck alone]. Alright – weighting decisions. Dog throw up…Haircut too much trim. Dog went to throw up and fell back as I didn’t catch all the way good – blood and throw up still/and him gagging for us to get his throat clear. I let him do whatever he wanted to my hair – me trusting he’d do as I’d say and get a trim. Hell of a lot of reflection. Older than that to shed way tear of that. Fully asleep at the wheel. In grubs and stomachs. I think it’s going to get swept under the rug because she’s embarrassed.

We’re watching LA Pentacles – it was my fault.

I’m fast with it. The ability to answer any questions are _x_x_. Woman – Admin. Being so blind to changes that we are in. Dog was without food or water. They … – Roman natural way. All speak different languages –Woman/me?

Are you happy with yourself is the question.

My brother is a hornet’s fan –claim 75,000$ annually. Something about Place was. Dig advance. Take a walk but I didn’t publish it. Codify. Brandyn will be there around 7 tomorrow. Like careless in the face of danger.

Over twisted insight on everything.

You’re not allowed to say dead.

Shuttered my way back…The — store. People that are fire. Never find love.

Is doubt that energy, is bleed out.

I was impressed by the door’s painting.

Themes overall themes – I love being in prayer.

And it was in the oven [me breaking before it broke]. A little patience here and there. Donurea. Strange and sad –dreams, 2…Empowerment/card [vision].

A band of energetics.

Because I stood up with my writing.

We’re just on anxiety levels –Man and Woman. Have you done for less money –yes. I need to be here home with my writing. A gentle sway on the personality – I don’t like it –Man? Yeah yeah that would probably be a good thing →Schedule shake. Oh yeah I have to write tomorrow.

The apples are here [oracles].

A little higher up Italian hamburger. Anything can happen –Dog. Manifesting myself alone. He has unbelievably pencil or trust. That list is what gathers me. Busch or Gardens?…/Starbucks… Anything else?…I think that will do it. I wish people would just stop talking to me. What image to look for –Dog.

Based I’m in multiple Sun signs.

Head of the Summer boards.

Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know…And hopefully you’re blessed enough to realize. My only fundraiser this year. Mama did have a nightcap.

100% clueless without her.

Giving us charisma/inflammation – me?/General type.

Overwhelmingly winning.

I’m finally starting to come off music a little bit.

How beautiful the Moon…It’s in Scorpio.

The life of that party is over –Woman/past phase. Get off the biggest tour bus of my life. Side steppin’.

March 11th, 2023