Voiceover – I still do write premium songs. They have to know the difference. Reading out was a tough one [bleeding out]. Follow the yellow brick road

I’m going to speak like an animal kingdom because I need to.

I’ll take the insults ‘cause insults aren’t funny. Pack it up so much. Moving the cats right now. Nomadic. Western philosophy. Dreamsicle. It’s a big responsibility –Place. Stampede of magic mushrooms. Splits in 2. Blades of grass. Galvanized away. Asking for calm papers. Ascribe to none. It’s too precious for this world.

Start a secret safer in 6 months.

Heart-tifact – life – ____ . That it irregulate my immune system. It was sleeping while talking. Wide range of critics.

He has no questions barking with other humans.

1 way. She admitted to throwing major daisys.

He has this dark condition.

There’s a discount on there as well. Get to know the man. Why I don’t express weed in the 1970s. On the clothe – wire the sauna. Dance cover. Radiate – compain gentle.

1 of Roman law and natural order. Stiff peaks.

You know what – you don’t want to risk a peanutbutter head.

Why I’ve been – Why I couldn’t handle it before—Why I’ve been on ladders.

He’s looking for emotional connection.

This and that. Unneeded well. Gotta lift something up. Presence of the divine. This is a roof nearly did 10 years ago –Aubrey’s Arch. Unique experience. [Brandyn A. Robertson] Pigments of gray. The sales pressure next year. Indulgent maybe something sweet →Writing. Bowling ball chair.

Voiceover – I still do write premium songs.

They have to know the difference.

Reading out was a tough one [bleeding out].

Follow the yellow brick road.

Cat’s claw. Tandem. This spiritual date…Plan. I am always swift now –Man. That abundantly clear. ‘Your dreams stay big – Your worries stay small…My wish for you…’. ‘All that you want it to’. Stop making new appointments. ‘Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small’. Still shirt tomorrow. There’s something kinda sexy about Jack Frost. Okay I get 1 life [in this body]. When I acquiesce it. Wu-Wang. Resident change. And it seems though – we never hit that button quite right. It just didn’t feel as beautiful –fox grapes/who spoil.

Who I am – I’m a very strong person.

Dig actor then that—yes you are. Side steppin’.

March 10th, 2023

You protect your life over anything

{August 2016 evening woods-walk to abandoned house}

Want to do something forcefully so time doesn’t remember us.

Just be beautiful then ride the energy on us~

I will transform

my heart memes

into herbs

I’m going to

camp out

this time

Jesus Christ~

I dropped a

blade of grass

∞ Magic joke inside ∞

I turn my practice to this alignment.

Her sections

in her blades

Same curriculum.

But I am the Jesus I am.

Let’s do all this housework.

United way.


was a rough year for me

It was


[excerpt from August 16th, 2021]