I’ll tell you if I have any Sunscreen techniques –mesh like. Feels like it’s in eternity –visual beam

Most people think that lonely-ness. Divine harmony. Don’t do anything stupid or foolish. Couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Trial and error.

Ahh get to a point – streamline my mind.

Today was fine – I didn’t jam myself. Cacophony. I think your dad shaves both mine and thousand love of the serge. Not down the river. 9 for the record 1.

You should think like your computer.

Paper towels are in the corner.

You are my wife – I can add the comment card. Alphabetical. Thank you for your effort. Lohan. I’m hung up on something that I can’t get over. A month that already knows $2000. Hearts been making old understanding [maps]. [And you swore you’d be there]. Got to leave, you won’t find nobody else like me. All well and good. Looking for some priority thing. Friday for a Monday role. Be witty—be charming—be resourceful. That’s what’s got me excited about. Is a huge problem –call outs? This avoidant – trying to pay bills behavior –Man.

Or put you in the same picture you did before.

Thought you might want to come and talk to me.

I’ll tell you if I have any Sunscreen techniques –mesh like.

Feels like it’s in eternity –visual beam.

Run into this cold… . Annihilate – special forces. I’m doing this for the benefit of mankind.

Put my balance back in my body.

God, someone let me in.

I’ve been there before…Cancer changed you. Mumford and sons. I know the intestines was almost running out of room. Totally pointing in the right direction.

Open noises. Pep 1. To be fair.

Am an angel just to get this thing ready for the week.

Noticeable ingredients. Muscle juice. Frequent flower. Stone cold. Blooming effect. Then I’ll do my lucidal thing later.

Treasure chest. I just ate.

Triple goddess sake. Everyone else remembers.

And I always envision no trespassing. Dominant forces.

And my daughter is never home. That really impressed me more than you know –project. What are you doing?…–Man. Mediocre response. You finding your groove up there –Man? A fruit coffee mug.

If it’s me you need to turn to we’ll get by…’.

Energetic support.

Lunic as cold. Totally recognized for your work.

March 7th, 2023

You’re good, just let my vision take shape. I’m critical and noteworthy. The Sun’s laments | {So important to me} So much so I got to sit out in the Sun | I’m riding death, money, Sun~ | They rise to climb ability, now I’m claiming Kingsday | You are a twisted human being, you are the tortoise of the shell | I got torched by the Sky on a warm Sunday | But twist is the truth and love is the torch

Drinking In The Sun

* contemplating the sun * wishing the sky had rules *
because I’m too kind and I’m too sensitive to wreck this
~….~….~….~….~team haze~….~….~….~….~

:Vision: King holding baby girl

:Next Vision: Skeleton holding girl grown

[writings from 2013–2022]